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@jakenanez @furcimusic link to cloak n dagger in bio!!!!

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@okapplejuice @010I0C jesus u aint eva lie @aIIthisway whatever this is i stan it frme n @glaiv3 on the @travismills show tmrw @ 4 pm pst!!!! b there :) grown man fathers who are not going to let their children associate with jojo siwa after the whole coming out t… @glaiv3 go best friend @glaiv3 DUDEEEE LMFAOOOOTHE HIP HOP AND DONT STOP RIGHT ERIC? WHY DONT WE GOT FETCHA A CHAIN OR TWO???just say you hate minorities and go bra DAMN😭😭😭😭 @anglwntr stan acc
they know nothing abt this @fuckbenj1 @userikus that ill never b usersukitell me i aint pop off bro idgaf im proud of dis song 👨🏿‍💼👨🏿‍💼👨🏿‍💼👨🏿‍💼
Retweeted by thing with wings @userikus yea yea yea we get itbabs and wells humor is like so advanced that i’ll never be able to understand it, i thought i was kinda funny but… @viraldan so real danpico day 2021 @cursewords3 weed actually @dontfwpendejas preciate ur responsehow do y’all put up w me... @prodbyBNOISE i was in giggle room, the geek monster, in the infinity gulagsent a lot of dms wen i was so to say “in the giggle room” last night.... im afraid @b4byfrog stop @itsKaylaErin mommy........... @1roxas shit obese frwild high @theneedledrop are you okay @010I0C NAH IM DEAD @taihgah ong @contradash fo realfantasize (2021)
i’ve been working very hard for the past few months and today i will be showing you all what 2021 will look like :)7:00 PM EST @naturaIIytrash too long @naturaIIytrash sheesh @cyberjuju here we go @itakezoloft @fuckbenj1 he is fr @fuckbenj1 @itakezoloft ur godson pack in the air @no9mi being alive feels like dis @itakezoloft @fuckbenj1 weak ass dogdude @itakezoloft @fuckbenj1 @locoshark yes @glasearr im obsessed w it @doukyousei die in a war, go skydiving by urself, get a tattoo and piericing, sign a deal with no cosign, purchase cbdme and john finna turn up tmrw new attack on titan @awfulshawty LEVI SO HARD YOU SAW THE BLACK SUITS IN THE LAST EPISODE???im blocking every person on selfie twitter no one is allowed to b attractive anymore until i say its oki yet am just a thingy with wingyssometimes i wish i can be a faceless artist cuz whew do i hate looking at myselfstill on stream... if we get a nice dono ill play a unreleased song for this year 😝😝
stream for #gaming4gaza w/ @glaiv3 @kuru8k and more come watch and @ericdoa joined forces for a new record called "Cloak N Dagger" [@glaiv3]
Retweeted by thing with wingsrickie we r literally unstoppable ever justlike u know like make a song and @ericdoa makes it the best song of 2021 that same day like u know like omfg u know??????
Retweeted by thing with wingsIM THE MOST CREATIVE I HAVE EVER BEEN HAHAHAHAHA DUDEEEEE @_reddishblu this definitely on a forever 21 shirti made so many good songs in like 48 hourstoday was so amazing
@Mochila777 @glaiv3 anything for my brother @ihatepolar @glaiv3 we both did!!! love u @ILY4LEN @jiccjucc yescloak n dagger w @ericdoa out now
Retweeted by thing with wingsGUYS ITS NOT CHRIS THAT FUCKED THE DROP UP LMFAOOOO ITS OUT NOW DOE SHEEEEEESHim high as giraffe nuts rn @txchach why would i not @cr9ves yea nah they lost their brainy wainydude
at the barbershop said if you cried to driver’s license ur exempt from getting drafted @awfulshawty i thought that soup was deadass called fuck @SnoweyFoxx ofc!!!! if u hav the lil thing that shows the song ofc @glaiv3 the voted him off Already #AirpodShotty @glaiv3 @0rch_id this the hardest photo actually of all timehappy bday bestie @glaiv3 i hope 16 treats u well my friend , love U 2 death #SheeshTeam am 16 years old now :)
Retweeted by thing with wings @1roxas i do... i rlly doheres an old video of me sneezing @1roxas ?rip capital steez dudemy nigga eric stepping out
Retweeted by thing with wings @midwxstv2 damn
im tired of hyperpop i wanna go home @exoduss1900 two valid @tositex nah u officially lost ur noggincito @jiccjucc yea this crazy
@glaiv3 sheeesh @glaiv3 Hi queen 👸hello guys i hope ur day is going well and i hope u had a great day today, tell me what u plan 2 do tn :)this is out btw happy mlk day
Retweeted by thing with wings @furcimusic wait.... shorty to ur right kinda bad @b4byfrog o2l was unfortunately apart of my life @b4byfrog listen dude @bskulldragon1 idek bra just popped in da old noggin3C cypher (w/ ericdoa + roxas + me + gail + claymore + angelus + noki) prod wifi.... the real lightskin cypher 1/18…
Retweeted by thing with wingswatching promised neverland rn and i just remembered when i tweeted that i didn’t fw popeyes and some girl literall… @furcimusic YEEEESH LETS GOOOOO