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@RyanOttley The best guts guy in the biz. @JD_Oliva I really can't wait for them to go down. @askUHC Already called you guys twice and you said there's nothing you can do because I didn't meet my deductible a…, Zuckerberg cuts his hair like that because he is obsessed with Caesar. Who wants to tell him how that story ends? @mynameisreb @whirringblender I'm an Italian American from just across the Long Island Sound in southern Connecticut and we say MAH-ree-oh. @LitUpOnTheMoon New York City, man. I didn't even get an IV. 6 hours later they were like, "huh that's weird any way we'll bill you." @LitUpOnTheMoon I mean, all I had was a fucking fever and they didn't even cure me. I cooled down on my own because… @LitUpOnTheMoon I also have United Healthcare and they fucked me too. My stay was almost 10K and all I had was a bl… more days 'til Halloween! And only five 'til HALLOWEEN WEEK at #NitehawkWilliamsburg, where HALLOWEEN III wil…
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀I'm really trying not to complain, but I have very serious life goals that I'm saving for and as an insured person… went to the doctor twice this year, a physical and a short emergency room visit, and i have insurance, and its lo… Spoke With Legendary Black Metal Artist The Crow
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @deeinagi I shall!It's a Brian Eno day, so I'm going to let my mind birth a tiny universe inside my head while I work.Confirm - Danzig was full of shit when he saw MSG was the last show. Color me shocked. waged a campaign to have the Central Park 5 killed. He claimed Barack Obama wasn't born here. He called Naz…
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let's open this motherfucking pit
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @AdriCowan @AgentM @ronxo @alexl0pez_ @jennxlai @aperiplatypus Of course. Congrats to all of you! @chaos_orbison as long as i can get that crunch, guy.Frontman Heavily Influenced by Strummer, Reznor, What Others Think About Him
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @chaos_orbison you can put hot sauce all over some cauliflower like these perfect celebrities do on Hot Ones. @TheDaveOliverio Here's the thing - flats have too many bones and you leave too much behind. With drums you run the… @chaos_orbison you bet, young fellaIf I were on Hot Ones, I would ask for strips instead of wings.Millennials, quit whining. I paid off $150,000 in student loans and own a $400,000 home, because I SAVE. It’s not t…
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀How good do you think the coke was? Bruce Willis paying off a tax bill or something? it's actually more than just a fart
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀A new podcast but it's just me laughing at my own jokes and every few minutes I tell you about a great new mattress. @jupin Really excited for all these people to be dead in 15 years.This article doesn't mention anyone who actually does this amazing work, so I'll do it. Congrats to @AgentM've also technically never won a new business pitch, either. So there's that.I've been working in advertising/social marketing for almost 14 years and I've never won an award, spoken on a pane… our friends across the pond say, that's a fit bird. @MissHardcory Why, does it give you feelings? @MissHardcory Yeah. It's one of those albums that was special at the time, but I don't think I ever need to listen to it ever again. @KrystiPryde Reminds me of being a 19-year-old weenie who was bad at everything. @MarvelChampions I know we already have a Tech class Spider-Man, but I really wouldn't be mad if you added Spider-Man 2099 to the roster. @AgentM It's chuggy! @AgentM sounds up my alley. Checking out now. @nagles @stephensajdak Sweet. My real holiday screening will be with my dad three days later on Jewish Christmas. H… @stephensajdak I just feel bad for sleeping on it. I was Johnny on the Spot for TLJ and had amazing seats. But at l… @stephensajdak Well, at any rate, if you're going to Alamo Brooklyn on that Sunday morning, see you there? Also rem… @stephensajdak I hear you. The holidays are super unpredictable. @stephensajdak you trying to sell them? because i totally slept on buying tickets.Maybe BATWOMAN should have thought twice about casting an Australian who cannot say “Batman” in an American accent,… is bad show, but it’s made worse by the fact that the main character looks and dresses like Justin Bieber.Threepio. Goddammit. 😭 #StarWars @jaymorrisdesign Maybe one day when I feel like being depressed. @jcohn29 @enr702 It was so depressing! @enr702 Ann Dowd was 100% though. @enr702 Also it was horrifically depressing. @enr702 I did. The first season and part of the second. And it was more of the “WHATS THE BIG MYSTERY?!” bullshit that plagued LOST.Watched WATCHMEN. It’s heavy. Also it’s Damon Lindelof so let’s not get excited. Also don’t read the cast list on I…
It's been 17 years and the Postal Service still makes me want to carve my own heart out.I watched this maybe 50 times. my goodness @JillPantozzi right?! They could have at least put a wig on him.This is a Very Good Joke™️ confirm, the Misfits show was 100% fucking great. If we never see the originals again, this was a proper send-o… Bloodshot is basically just Universal Solider? Not that I'm complaining.The thing is, the city of Cincinnati showed me a lot of good times with wonderful and decent people, and I won't tu… now that they are in the toilet, it's been tough to keep defending them. I hate bandwagoner sports fans, so I h… I've been a fan of theirs, they've never been a great team. They've been middle of the road at best. But they… Bengals are really giving me a crisis of faith this year.As a Bengals fan, this is the saddest thing I have ever seen. films used to have brains. Now they're right-wing drivel, @sadydoyle writes.
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀We just did the hora at my cousin’s wedding and it was FUCKING CHAOS.
@JD_Oliva He’s currently in his suit standing 5 feet from his 80 inch TV watching the Packers game.We’re leaving for a wedding in a hour and my dad is just chilling in his chair watching Kill Bill Vol 2 at full volume. @ericszyszka He was itty bitty.On a train back to New Haven for a wedding. It’s always funny to see other passengers who all start in NYC and who… @catjonessoda @2M2LN @mrjordanolds Totally. I started thinking that maybe tickets were $200 so that Jerry can wreck… @catjonessoda @2M2LN @mrjordanolds I couldn’t tell if Jerry’s bass breaking was a gimmick or not. Maybe he hates be…“Penne?! Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight!?!?!???”
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀Any time I actually have sex
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @nagles Yeah. The teach us stuff like that but not, like, personal finance.Confirmed - Danzig is even more tiny in person.I saw The Misfits tonight and now I am very tired.
Can’t wait to see the next article on how many people got robbed there... 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @GregBellavia ✅ sexist ✅ antisemitic ✅ homophobic ✅ works for WWE Yep, he sucks.A character on @bigmouth said “yay New Haven!” and now it’s my favorite show.Bushwhacker Luke and the greatest elimination in Royal Rumble history...
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀I just want someone to look at me the way Arsenio Hall looks at Randy Savage.
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @badcoverversion Cool! Just need to learn how to play instruments and arrange music. No biggie. @badcoverversion For example: “I got something to say! I pet your puppy today!” @badcoverversion I think about this all the time. When I’m a dad, I don’t know if I’ll able to handle corny little… @JD_Oliva This is a major bummer.
Just read about who Tyson Fury is and holy shit, fuck that guy forever.Big Reminder - @Shudder at Brooklyn Horror this weekend: • Jeff Barnaby's furious zombie film BLOOD QUANTUM on Sat…
Retweeted by Eric Drumm Wants Your Skull 💀 @KrystiPryde I'd watch it!So is Triple H going to Kratos for Halloween or what?If I were famous, I think the only press I would do would be Hot Ones, Maron, Colbert, and Conan. I would very acti… @jaymorrisdesign It's fun how the celebrities always tell him that he's a good interviewer. @jaymorrisdesign Its fascinating. Also the wings look good as hell.One day I hope I'm famous enough to be on Hot Ones."And this asshole expects foreign dignitaries to come to fucking FLORIDA? Come on." - me, standing next to a cowork… weird a fashion label that i really respect and like also sells a $148 pair of tie-dyed sweatpants.