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grad student in philosophy, Oxford (CCC; ex @UnivOxford); history, social thought. @AustralianLabor member

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@SalisburyJohnof arrest that man unless he can prove it isn't an assertiona lot of pretty photos from southern England on twitter today, thanks to the mist. had I my phone with me at the ti… @NMRatnam @john_ritzema @astarwormwood despite being a KCSG, Murdoch isn't in fact Catholic @john_ritzema @NMRatnam @astarwormwood I was worried for a moment you meant Rupert Murdoch @ArmandDAngour Tweets best short. @GrayConnolly What's going on is perhaps not so much not knowing what legitimacy means, as using legitimacy like a… @JBFalke @Hubei_Peasant So, at an instant t, feeling in love isn't a necessary condition for being in love. @JBFalke @Hubei_Peasant No, I'm saying one doesn't stop being in love while sleeping, but one does stop feeling in love while sleeping. @Hubei_Peasant But can one, in an extended period, be in love without ever feeling in love? Can one have the dispos… @Hubei_Peasant I presume one can be in love at a moment while not in that moment feeling in love. (Surely one doesn… @JBFalke @DrMichaelBonner @GrayConnolly Francophone Australia and Canada, the dream reallya friend who knows me well recommends that I watch /How I met your mother/. 'the main character is a bit of a hopel… Connect (which I have never watched) has such a great title.
I once heard that Sidney Hook’s first and possibly only words to Peter Unger were “don’t you own a tie?”
Retweeted by Eric Shengpersuade the parties not to duel, to no avail. Defferre took a fencing class, & the next morning wounded Ribière tw… last duel in France occurred in 1967. Gaston Defferre, mayor of Marseille & leader of the Socialists in the Nat… reminds me somewhat of Georges Frêche the socialist mayor of Montpellier. Southern European politicians ar… @NHaliloglu virtualA.K.A. Things Eliminated by Ayer & Mates @ANNVYSHINSKY reality turned out better than expectedSir Hugh read Lit Hum at @HertfordCollege in the 1930s. A portrait of Sir Hugh now hangs in All Souls, of which he… sayer of the saying was Sir Hugh Springer, Governor-General of Barbados, Registrar of the University College of… of my favourite sayings. Hypocrisy is an easy target in politics, since one can hoist one's opponents with thei… what colour is Lundy island? Orange with the rest of Devon? Seems a bit unreasonable. Is there much Covid on Lundy?Let's move Oxford to the isle of Wight. @pseudoetymology Fresher's phenomenon only. By later years one will read less scholarship, actually write short-len… @TheDuckySocks @yuanyi_z 60% non-explosion rate when deep-frying 2 turkeys in a row, but up to 90% if deep-frying 1 and then a half @lobstereo @SalisburyJohnof @PaulHartyanszky sounds like @AgnesCallard's book! @PaulHartyanszky @SalisburyJohnof @lobstereo I look forward to hearing the Faerie Queene in a Timothy Williamson voicecuriously, the map is attributed to Henrique Galvão, propagandist for Salazar in the 30s who in 1961 would lead the… @WottonLang very Benthamite-Millian-Sidgwickian of youIn 'Scorekeeping...' and 'Elusive...', Lewis notes that it's easy to raise the epistemic standard in a conversation…
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Pure anglo-saxon is intolerable – too earnest and Teutonic, too ruddy and loutish. The golden mean would be a Canad…'m England-phile, not English-people-phile @WottonLang incidentally, this claim is true even on a low standard of 'knowing anything about' @WottonLang perhaps with the help of psychedelics (not that I know anything about psychedelics) @WottonLang The suggested is experience is re-imagining oneself with the emotions of former love, not merely remembering old loves @WottonLang An externalist of a kind might insist experiencing the emotions of love isn't feeling in love unless ce… @WottonLang The impossible neurosurgeon isn't essential. One might, recollecting a past episode of love, re-experie… @WottonLang Suppose a neurosurgeon implants the warm feelings associated with love in my brain & thus I believe I'm… @WottonLang I'm inclined to say 'yes' – but only in certain far-fetched cases, not for the reasons I think most people would say 'yes'. @SalisburyJohnof in any case, being on bird site is almost automatically disqualifying @dmk1793 The FDP is also the successor party of the NDPD, the satellite party in the DDR set up to organize former NDSAP supporters. @PaulHartyanszky @SalisburyJohnof (also because some restaurants only put menus on Instagram) @PaulHartyanszky @SalisburyJohnof best suggestion so far, I'm considering itIs it time for me to read /Middlemarch/? Or /Hong lou meng/ (I got to chapter 6 perhaps six or seven years ago)? @SalisburyJohnof I have metaphysical objections to getting churchyproblem with church: I'm not churchy prob w/ fb: not for meeting new people prob w/ LinkedIn: possibly the least ba… have thus far suggested bird site, LinkedIn, fb, and church. These are all terrible suggestions! should be a dating app for people who refuse to be on dating apps. one feel in love without being in love?
Retweeted by Eric ShengMy undergraduate tutor at Univ for a paper on Tocqueville, Oliver Zimmer, was also a PhD student of Anthony Smith. negatively, Batlle and more recently Mujica of Uruguay, Flores the founding president of Ecuador, and Ramos-Ho… @northumbriana Very common in Hispanoamerica. Literally dozens of president Josés. Balmaceda, who caused the Chilea…机关算尽太聪明,反误了卿卿性命 the start, I introduced a high epistemic standard whereby my statement that I knew nothing about X counted as tr… enough, I say to someone that I know nothing about some topic X. As the conversation goes on, concerning X, m… 'Scorekeeping...' and 'Elusive...', Lewis notes that it's easy to raise the epistemic standard in a conversation… aid sounds more Gladstonian than Beaconsfieldian. 'One Nation' seems to be used now just as a synonym for '… there’s a landslide for one or the other answer, I might write a contrarian paper defending the alternative.Does it make sense to say ‘I feel in love but I’m not in love’, as, according to many philosophers, it doesn’t to s… one feel in love without being in love? @SophieGraceCha1 @LauraNelson1954 @JTasioulas Williams isn't low-cost to me! @PaulHartyanszky @DuncanWeldon I'm in favour of Philosophy Pruning & Elimination
@yuanyi_z Whereas you're really a member of the Laurentian elites. @MatthewEGoldman @JacobRubashkin @gtconway3d Or it reflects well on Princeton @phl43 There's deontology for youI guess securitization is good now? how does one say 'Australian Labor Party' in Latin? factio operaria Australiensis?maybe I should write my Twitter bio affiliations in Latin (sub-facultas philosophiae, collegium corporis Christi in… the record, I have severe doubts about the French government's recent relevant policies geddit, you're very good at reading Twitter bios., en tant que white person, Ms Moore should let PoCs like @yuanyi_z speak instead of trying to silence them… WILL HATCH ON DECEMBER 15 – BUT WHAT? If you can guess the answer – or if you retweet this – you have a…
Retweeted by Eric Sheng @EduardHabsburg @PaulHartyanszky A new book? @william_whyte @Amanda_Vickery @redhistorian I recall saying to @Michael85994220 that it stands to reason that prie… @william_whyte @Amanda_Vickery @redhistorian I thought you were one of the most effective lecturers at Oxf - but pe… @SimonPulleyn @liamsims @DrFrancisYoung @theUL Still going on! (Or did before Covid.) with the Rector of Lincoln He… haiku by Count Van Rompuy: 'In a nearby ditch toads mating passionately Inaugurate spring.'
(a) those aren't 'dummy variables' (those are constants; a dummy variable is a variable that takes either 0 or 1 as… @canadianincam This is why I think Labor is more concerned than it should be about the Greens.the post has now mysteriously been deleted Anthony Eden 'liked' the Middle EastWhy not a SoS who 'likes' Asia, or Africa, or South America?I see that Lord Adonis counts 'liking Europe' as a criterion for being 'good and sensible'. Pangalos-Pangloss jokes are getting tired. anyway this man, Theodoros Pangalos former PASOK foreign minister of… means Brexit PhD funding packages should be conditional on maintaining personal hygiene for 5 years @lastpositivist @morallawwithin Political philosophy but not ethics, I'd say. There are still a lot of utilitarians… @dom_potwor He's a diplobrat who went to school in Paris for 8 years.No doubt Blinken has little sympathy for Brexit, but what have speaking fluent French and being brought up partly i… QC proposes the greatest calendrical reform in the UK since 1752, throwing the liturgical year into disarray. Et toi? @johnmcternan Michael Easson told me that Neville Wran used to say: 'I'll tell you one thing about the working clas… great note in Classical Quarterly on Yeats's favourite anecdote about Aeneas and an Irish sailor @yuanyi_z We’ll see if a screenshot of this ends up on Subtle Asian Traits on FacebookBilahari Kausikan approves of Biden picking Blinken for Secretary of State on-brand that there’s a Christ Church porter named Aeneas. @JTasioulas Deontology
@yuanyi_z @MorrisseyHelena Why not both?