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Eric Fisher @ericfisher Standing in the rain/snow/wind

Beer-Weather-Sports, not necessarily in that order. Chief Meteorologist @WBZ w/reports for @CBSNews. Deep greens & blues are the colors I choose.

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@whatdoweseehere When does the cherry blossom countdown start? @AlexRSaenz Now. Ready right now.Opening effort for the weekend system. Not looking like much of any snow maker in eastern MA. Odds would more stron… very cold morning tomorrow, but a better bounce. Tons of sunshine and highs well into the 30s. Should be a… @AlexRSaenz At least you've got fried chicken, tho. HBD @JayTKenney @tornadokid3 February? Maybe? @HULK_315 @gmPacheco Yes...but unsure how much at this point @antmasiello Hmm makes sense. Weak Nino winters are reallllly hit or miss here. Some of the biggest and some of the lamest winters. @gmPacheco Even the southern ones are probably toast for the coast, but would drag the snow line down a bit. 4 days to go still @EZembeck It's the circle of liiiiiiiiiiife @HandfieldRick Thinking farther NW than Metrowest at the moment but it's still quite a ways out. @KenanVV_wx Yeah ticking NW over the past 24 hours. We'll see if it persistsWatching the trends today...not exactly a favorable storm track for much snow near Boston. Might be a good one for… @shawnmilrad @ChrisNWBZTV @myTV38 Yassssss @jejharrington Anticipating some great video of falling iguanas for tomorrow's newscastI picture this like Farley and Spade freaking out in Tommy Boy when the deer woke up...only more tropical @mjordan507 @sarahwroblewski Still here and still awesome! Working on weather/climate reporting, CBSN and WBZ newscasts, etc.
The Zack Attack moving to #WBZ mornings on a consistent basis. Has been a great addition to our #WeatherSquad ⚡️❄️🌧️ @AndyMbhd Has only happened 2 times since 1936 (Logan)....the last occurrence being in 2002 @c_jagielski Typically, mid to late January, yes @4cast4you @Kay_Breezy22 @STEVEBURTONWBZ Excellent. We will air the side-by-side at 8 ;-) @4cast4you @Kay_Breezy22 @STEVEBURTONWBZ Going to need the full clip immediately plzTonight’s Smashing sunset at First Encounter beach in Eastham, Massachusetts. #capecod
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @GoAskAScientist Thanks! I had to re-do a line from last night's (re-posted this afternoon) so if you do end up usi… @msmoneypenn @epawawx Hey sorry just saw this...thank you! I actually had to change a line so the fixed one is up (… @SeqSevereWx Chilly! These are average temps though (high + low, /2) @pendletonsarah Thanks! Please share the updated one I sent out today...unfortunately I had to re-track a line to fix somethingPart II of our series on trends in the Boston area during the most recent decade and beyond. This one looks at chan… @jscherkenbach1 @BillOzanne Mostly rain is what it looks like for now @RyanMaue Climo, basically. I'll #lockitin @RyanMaue Out in voodoo land that far out. Certainly have had plenty of +EPO this winter @SusanPSpeers few degrees below the norm...chilly @MattBurgner1 @HurrMark5500 I think we're missing how the math works out here. There's nothing in the outlook that… the coldest day of this winter season be on December 19th? It'll hold up through early February, at least. #wbz @HurrMark5500 For temps? That's more than 2/3 over. That ship has sailed. The snow, of course, has not. @lubrind CorrectNothing like a little vitamin sunset!!! Much needed sunset time tonite! #boston #nantasketbeach #colors
Retweeted by Eric FisherTwo Skies at Boston Sunset taken from
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @mattalltradesb purdyThat EPO forecast trend 😳 Pretty much have given up on any shot of a colder than average winter. Not giving up on… @BSmithwood This one looks like it may push to 495 but we'll see...quite a ways outFlorida cold is the best cold. #FreeTheIguanas starting to look green in the south @BobWx08 Nothing worthwhile, no. If one were to occur weeks from now, there wouldn't be any impact (if at all) until March for us @PMancaniello same @paul_villani Basically climo. Looks to continueA whole lot of 'meh' in the temperature department over the next 7-10 days. Arctic air is gone after tonight for th… @totallywillma No quite different...last weekend was just a widespread fluffy snow. This is more rain, and even in… lot of bopping around with the mid-levels for the weekend system. Odds still favor hills and interior for plowabl… A look at our 'biological markers' piece from last night. Had to re-track a those who asked if the… humanity! But for reals...all weather is relative. Just what you're used to vs what you get. Cold night ahead… and UKMet taking a relatively weak low over us Saturday night. Cold enough for snow inland but will be tough t… @themoj87 @totallywillma I can't say I agree with that. We are on a roll with way more blockbuster storms than usua… graphic showing the influence of the EPO (ridging near Alaska) and eastern U.S. temps. Track each other nearl… in weather model news... @LivetotheMAXXX No idea! Not this week, anyway @mfdwx I saw the exact opposite, so...that's weird. @mfdwx I feel like the order from best to worst has been EPS, GEFS, GEPS. EPS has def caught on to the cold air fails the fastest @BillOzanne Indeed...marginal air mass setup @franksanfilipp2 Yup indeed. Just a little easier on the heating billsAs for snow, will be continuing to watch the weekend. Pretty good signal for 6"+ potential in the higher elevations… today but moderating rest of the week. Overall a mild (for January) look for a large expanse of North America… @jogdmc Saw the 7 worlds one planet...very nice!Less wind tomorrow...lots of sun ahead...moderating temps. And watching to see how the weekend storm pans out. Snow… i was there working the radar at NHC. Saw snow on radar earlier but my boss wouldn't let me report it. Told him…
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @donpaulbitsosun That must have been a sight @MarcHurBoston @queercommunist Yup! The airport on Martha's Vineyard, too. Middle of the island in the pine barrens @queercommunist In a sheltered goes calm very easily vs a lot of our other stations @NeWeathereye Yep! @mikesusz more of a breezeKeene sure does love to radiate out @webberweather @_jwall @bamwxcom @Forgeta67999644 Must be awesome to be smarter than everyone all the time. Congrats on all the success! @totallywillma A quick gander says of the past 10 years, March was snowier than January 4 times @totallywillma Only March blizzard I can remember lately was 2018 @Shipulski It was already quite busy by this time and flashing cold. Not happening this year (or probably any year in our lives)Long range weather guess: We will have snow during the first week of February. Pretty much the climatological s… is a bright staple in the evening sky right now. If you're up tomorrow morning, check out the nice cluster o… @JonOlson62 Thanks, Jon! @JohnMoralesNBC6 Seems somewhat unlikely 🤣 enjoy your winter for the next 36 hoursWould be fun for the Superbowl 😉 from the driveway in Portland, Ct. Monday evening. Single 62 sec exposure on DSLR and astroguider.…
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @DrHietanen Nice! Great weekend too. Pleasant snow Saturday night, beauty on Sunday @DrHietanen coldest day of the winter so far here is 12/19 @joshtimlin Totally. Honestly storms from mid-Feb to mid-Mar are the best. More daylight, bit milder (usually), you… @SarcasticLauren oooof that's brutal @joshtimlin Yeah that winter was total snooze outside of that event. February is usually where it's at, so we'll se… @BLibbywx thank you! @joshtimlin (Def not white flagging on snow...kinda Nino-y ahead even with few indicators favorable for major event… fun. 3 quite cold nights tonight/Tue night/Wed night will help but use caution out there. Basically starting fr… @joshtimlin Totally agree. It is difficult to communicate that milder doesn't necessarily mean no snow, that weekly… @keithbarber48 @capecodweather This makes me happy ☺️So many stories about people and pets falling through ice this year. Of course, we have not had a cold winter. Ther… @joshtimlin Heh. Nice ;-) Feb 2013 was blockier in the North Atlantic, though. Need upcoming one to slide. Then...… @dariusaniunas Thank you!
Nice! @RachelFrank_CT Thanks! CC @alliedodek @bamwxcom @Forgeta67999644 Depends on the audience (traders/energy sectors vs snow lovers). I try to sneak in a 'do… @TVsJordanSteele Thanks! @SeanSublette Thanks, Sean. Airing during our 5p and 8p newscasts as well (and on website)