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Eric Fisher @ericfisher Standing in the rain/snow/wind

Beer-Weather-Sports, not necessarily in that order. Chief Meteorologist @WBZ w/reports for @CBSNews. Deep greens & blues are the colors I choose.

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@BobWx08 not that I'm aware of @DarrylJohnston All the snow @CassieJHill Not reallyFor casual observers...the GFS got an upgrade to the FV-3, but its ensemble system was not upgraded. It's old. Now,… @PeterLovasco @TimNBCBoston Indication of a good snack for a local birdArctic ice continues its disappearing act late-summer night moonrise in the Berkshires, and lucky enough to catch a rare “moon dog” (paraselene)…
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @Jackson_Dill Pretty ridiculous @JoeySciarra may have been a delta aquariid @29_Beckster @Grahampoo @splillo The spelling and grammar hurts my eyes @JKF1897 Everyone hated Unitil's guts just a few years ago. Memories are short :-) @Grahampoo I remember the days of having a well....power outages were not funBeautiful. Wouldn't plan on much tomorrow. Maybe some showers in the afternoon/eve @MichaelPageWx Western Mass is beautiful. So many great spots @HurrMark5500 Winds were similar to Sandy in a lot of areas but more outages. Clearly something went wrong in prepa… lookout is one of the best perches in southern New England @AZweatherchick @wildweatherdan live in AZ lol. Massachusetts is a far cry from the Arizona desert. Pret… Jersey has restored power to over 1 million customers since #Isaias hit Connecticut....struggle bus. Not a fun… @wildweatherdan that's....intense
@wildweatherdan Already starting to notice that decreasing daylight but lots of good times still to come :-) @geofffox It's true, and it's trueJust a perfect evening. August hits a little different. More mellow than the other summer months. @reubenvarzea the brightest ones but always best to get away from city lightsTypically one of the best meteor showers of the year, the #Perseids will ramp up early next week and peak Tuesday n… @Nancy_Eliza Every day breathing is a good day @AlexRSaenz I've been meaning to come by for a lunch visit...vacay soon but will make the trip later in the month @AlexRSaenz How has the foot traffic been over there? @zbw_atc I still have no idea what you're asking for but check back in on non-IPA day 🍻 @zbw_atc Eh? It didn't track through CT @jasonarroyo1 Pattern looks hot for quite a while. Can get them in September, tooDry, hot summer. Driest part of the region is Cape Cod and the Islands, which have had paltry precipitation since l… @kpick38 October says hi @ryanhanrahan 1993 is the da real SuperstormA little break next couple days then another heat wave in the works. Some towns may get there Sunday but the core o… owl sighting in Allston 🦉 and NHL doing a pretty awesome job under the circumstances @VT2SouthShoreMA Summer water is pretty stratifom because there isn't much weather so surface layer warms. Mix it up and it cools @Bellhorn12 Nah just that time of year @JkpWeather Pretty strong seasonal signal...particularly at nights but the avg highs keep heading up too @JkpWeather 11 years agoA little over 3 weeks to go in climatological are the rankings to date. Hottest on record in Hartford… @capecodweather Looks pretty bleak next couple weeksLol...perfect. That soaking would fit nicely over SNE, but alas. Pretty much the only shot we have for a while, too. @TollandKev @steveginx I'm going to assume this is some sort of weird message board thing? You guys speak in tongues sometimes. As you were! @RobertBraga7 @Oasis65 2016 foliage was brief but incredibly vibrant @steveginx I duno... phrase since forever? @wrighthydromet @ScottNogueira And hundreds of inches more snow, etc etcLovely morning in the Boston Public Garden! So green and peaceful! @FOPG @bostonpostcards @bostonparks
Retweeted by Eric FisherIt'll be pouring rain over the ocean tomorrow but will any of it hit us? Dry begets dry so I wouldn't bank too much… @jbhostage Good would have to ask Walter Benton Gates. It was downtown instead of far side of town a… @Brady30951303 Yup it's temporary. Summer water is pretty stratiform since there aren't a lot of storms. Warm up to… to see the path of #Isaias. Churned up and cooled the waters along the east coast. This shows the average 3-da… than a few shark sightings today some good sleeping weather last night. Burlington, VT ended its record streak of nights above 60F at 41 str… @wrighthydromet @ScottNogueira Pretty much always a givenPlenty of shark food, a/k/a Grey Seals, sunning on a beautiful summer day in #Chatham, #CapeCod. @ericfisher
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @ScottNogueira 👍 @mattalltradesb They usually set in early but roast during main winter (Jan to Feb). Not always the case though just one piece of the puzzleBeauty of a day tomorrow. Cool day on Friday with clouds and some showers south. Heat ramps back up for the start o… @nishmanweather that was a pretty wild storm @CraigSetzer I hope you are being a huge jinx right now :-) @PC_Coms yeahhhhh....insane isn't it? @Kevin_Arnone You too! @CraigSetzer yessir @CraigSetzer unfortunately looks like ridge over troubled waters later this month instead @PC_Coms @Kevin_Arnone Amazingly my mom never lost hers, either! In 2011 it was 2 weeks though (Oct) 😬All good here @PC_Coms It's really expensive @Kevin_Arnone Yep...miserableTweet from this time last night re: power outages in Connecticut Current tally? 679k That is what we call...sub-… @jcolman22 yeah I'll take the snow @islivingston I would gladly take a dumping of snow all winter if we went straight torch at the end of February through April @capecodweather will be tough to beat +9.1 from this January @capecodweather If it's not April go + @JHill_21 I think they'll open personally...but probably limited access to lodges. Maybe no rentals? Hard to say @WeatherOwen lol....that would be something.(These are just silly for fun, before anyone gets all worked up. I generally trust the seasonal model guidance abou… we just lock in the winter SE Ridge now or do a few months of hand wringing first? year. Not in the Top 20 to this point, though. As for the season, summer of 2016 was much drier (had the least… @Ryan_B93 @AMSweather Going west coast...nice @steveginx @PeterLovasco I wonder...have there ever been 3? 1954 comes to mind but Hazel was a lot farther south @ortizwalkoff @LiamWBZ @LisaWBZ @RochieWBZ @growingwisdom @zackgreenwx Nice!Storm cleanup doesn’t have to suck. #isais ⁦@tjdelsanto⁩ ⁦@ericfisher⁩ ⁦@jreineron7⁩ ⁦@TimNBCBoston⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Eric Fisher @PeterLovasco There have already been 2 Northeast landfalls which is a lot
@BILLWALSHTV salsa incoming! @zthaynac I know it...hard pass on that. Even if it's a "dry heat" Will visit in November :-) @Eweather13 I hear ya. I did see some forecast maps that mirrored it though that ended up being way off. Like you s… @steveginx @Eweather13 the ensembles def > op, though that is often the case I suppose @Eweather13 Wayyy overdone vs reality. I thought it did close to the worst of all guidance for this storm @Nighthawk60 probably in fall @jaygardner549 The plants I put in during the spring are on the struggle bus trying to establishOne of our longtime weather spotters Bob in Mills reports 15 of the last 19 days reaching 90F or higher. It's been a hot summer.Outage check at 5pm...down to 83k customers in Massachusetts. Majority are in central and western parts of the stat… @ambrosca_d 30 for both @JoeySciarra @RachelFrank_CT @Eweather13 swallowtails are great @ryanhanrahan have an outdoor studio and have been WFH this whole time? I call shenanigans ;-) @Nancy_Eliza I think that's one of those things you just try not to think about. Animals are always crawling around… break from the 70F+ dewpoints. Downright comfortable tonight and tomorrow and nothing crazy through Sunday. Ea…