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ガマクジラ @ogbillybatson My first thoughts were Em and Open Mike Eagle lol @sclawr @GeeDee215 Thankfully he's still good feel like this winery missed an opportunity with this label @ForkKnifeSpoon I'll be working that night. I anticipate brisk booze sales. @attila71 Hell yeah this rules @EliotRahal Jason is the one slasher I'd like to take a crack at (creatively I mean) @f_francavilla When I saw the crop I thought, "Naw, no way it's THAT movie!" Great drippy rendition of this high-octane nightmare fuel film @kale_satan It's never not funny to me when I see a comics person who's schtick is that they're the coolest person in the room @ogbillybatson Dorito is a cool dude and I'm glad to make his acquaintanceThis was for an art trade with my coworker's daughter and I gotta say, I think I got the better end of this exchang… you still need to return your absentee ballot, here are ballot drop-off hours through Nov. 3: Oct. 30: 8am–5:30…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @GodzillaRound @faeriezilla Creepypasta tends to be pretty derivative, but this one (and Ben Drowned) are both top… you can take away one lesson from the flurry of recent court rulings, it is this: If you still have an absentee…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱フランケンシュタイン対地底怪獣バラゴン
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@Htop_Gunder I've a HUUUUGE crush on her going back to Godzilla vs The Sea Monster on VHSGyango for day 29 of #titanotober2020 !
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @mike_daws Commentary Magazine, I've been listening to them since 2016. I find it good when it gets more into philo… attempt to distill Skullkid's design, for a more Wind Waker-y look. Maybe I'll come back to this idea proper… Gohma ゴーマー. Always aim for the eye, looks like someone missed their shot and didn’t live to tell the tale.…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @mike_daws I forgot to add that they're down on the very idea of early voting in general, bemoaning that Election D… @mike_daws (sprinkled with some "waiting in line to vote is good and awesome and it's part of the communal civic re… @mike_daws The podcast I've been listening to is simultaneously blaming the Ds for slowing everything down by encou…, after basically playing nothing but BOTW for most of this year, the idea of a linear Zelda game in any format just seems...restrictive?Mothra x Godzilla #Godzilla #Mothra #kaiju
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @ThePartyTable This one rules especially hard#titanotober Day 29: GYANGO Those are the eyes of a killer... #titanotober2020 #ultraman #gyango #gango #kaiju
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @Kamendude LOL this is adorableOwlbear "W" sometimes a vowel?The @ValiantComics Virtual Portfolio Reviews are BACK! Submit your work now!!!!
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱NEZURA 1964 🐀 one of my favorites from this year
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱そろそろ寝ます… おやすみなさいまし。
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @ogbillybatson I mean I know plenty of anime fans you'd be stupid to try to bully lolAge of Calamity looking close enough to BOTW and using similar menus/prompts but playing completely differently is some disorienting shit @garlictonic Belial thirst, good drawings, and Nezumi Otoko appreciationI will do more of these I'm sure that I'm out of the spoiler free zone I'm looking at all the memes and they are excellentThinking back to 04-ish, walking into a McDonald's that had signs on the door assuring customers that they would in… reworked sketch from a few years ago that didnt get used 🍂
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @neillconnersart Yeah their relationship seems super weird, even in the moments where it's supposed to be endearing… @Passionweiss I foolishly assumed Minneapolis' pride in supporting its local arts and literature was going to preve… @Gavin4L Pet it and maybe it will get annoyed and leaveCity Pages was one of the last and best alt-weekly survivors. Over the last half-decade, a crucial component of t…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱NEZURA 1964 🐀 one of my favorites from this year @ogbillybatson Nah man it won't be forever, all that's required is some individual sacrifice for the collective goo… @Peter_Wartman You could just go on a six day bender?
🦉🐻 study think of it like this. If justice work were a chicken dinner, 🤣 voting is putting the chicken in the oven. It’s…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱Been watching a bit of Ultra Q, the sense of weirdness and surreality that the show has is something I very much en…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱If you can, please spare a few bucks for the staff of City Pages
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱#batober #batober2020 day 28: NUDGE
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @Peter_Wartman I'm...wanting to buy that risograph even more nowMinneapolis' biggest alt-weekly. This is really really awful, I was always super proud to have them. I gotta hold o… @ChloeCumming These are great (particularly the perturbed dog in the fold)I beat Hades last night, what a satisfying game. Short enough to not overstay its welcome, but deep enough to encou… @Makio0001 He's doing his best supermodel face 🤨 @kaijuhime @RevisedDan Minilla is there for you @RevisedDan I'd be fine if I didn't see Ghidorah again🍗🍗 @somewart Pushing yourself too hard makes you burn out faster and makes you work slower, if you wanna reframe this… @somewart You're such an insanely prolific person man, don't beat yourself up over this (especially with this year being...this year) @Jovian_Sun God damn it Rob @cheryllynneaton This one is a perfect inverse of the original!Sometimes I feel like I need to make a clumpy stupid looking Minira & Friends AU and then I realize that's just Goj…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱If you are feeling low today, here is Alien Mefilas feeding and petting a bunch of Capybaras
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱I suggest, if you haven’t been doing this already, checking out the insane amount of cool and beautiful art in the…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @johnnysmooth I'm gonna be working all night so shutting out the news is gonna be unavoidable 😑 Really hope it's go… @aaronmfking Best fight scene? @seaguns_art I consider it the peak of the series @ICFAMMpodcast These are really fun! @maggiekb1 Glad to see this experience has existed for centuries @animatedtrigger He's definitely just hit you with a zinger that isn't particularly cleverSometimes I feel like I need to make a clumpy stupid looking Minira & Friends AU and then I realize that's just Goj… omen of death? Or an angel trying to warn humanity of coming doom? Back by popular demand: The man, the moth,…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @ogbillybatson I liked ShazamThe Twilight Princess herself: Midna in low poly form! A thread~
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needed a new pinned tweet. i am DAN(!)WEL. I draw people with exaggerated proportions among other fun things to mak…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @MemeLordVape Awww I love this lil spud @Farts_Johnson I love how often I see publicity stills where there's a cat involved and the cat obviously has no in… @highway_62 Can we say "History will justify the actions of the winner?" @Ligerbombz @BlkNrdProblems @Mike_Eagle I feel this is relevant to your interests4 Days remaining!
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @Prof_Kaiju_101 @ICFAMMpodcast @kaijuhime @kissyouguys LMAO fuck yeah 🤘 @ICFAMMpodcast @kaijuhime @kissyouguys @Prof_Kaiju_101 Now I feel left outMinnesotans: if your absentee ballot came with a voter registration card, FILL IT OUT. If you have a compound or hy…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱Afternoon synapsids in ink
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @highway_62 The way I've phrased it IRL is "Maybe voting that way doesn't make you a racist, but it does mean that's not your dealbreaker."SO happy that after being trolled with an April Fools trailer, Jet Jaguar is finally making an anime debut @lisanaffziger Get that dog a spiky collar! @elbowrocket Mostly it would sound outdated in the US, from what I've seen the white supremacists have adopted "Eur… @faeriezilla I think it's Gabara, but extrapolating more on the original concept art where he was a more gnarly loo… @garlictonic Never apologize for being a Wario LikerAll these platforms just want us glued to their apps and straying as little as possible. Early search engines tried…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @Kamendude I love Varan so much, it hurts when Toho keeps teasing they'll put him in some new movie or whatever and… @Kamendude a really good Varan1. Anyone in Minneapolis who hasn’t sent back their mail ballot should instead drop it off at one of 13 city locati…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster 🌱 @MinovskyArticle A private screening of Videodrome at a wine bar sounds awesome 🥂 @Makio0001 Tag team champions!