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man in a monster suit. he/him.

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@emersontung @JoelAVollmer#KJMM2020 day30 follower's choice (#varan) suggested by @ericjschuster #artwork #godzilla #ゴジラ
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️A bit of history on how Willis O'Brien's dream project King Kong vs Frankenstein became the 1962 film King Kong vs… final #KJMM2020: MONSTER BATTLE! King Kong vs Frankenstein, Willis O'Brien's dream project that was subsequentl…, behold the pre-Photoshop era of comics coloring in all its Pantone-coded glory, with 1994-ish BUBBLEGUM CRIS…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @Makio0001 Images that preceed legendary events @DanielHartles Give that man $10,000! @kim_huehuehue (oh and toilet paper of course) @kim_huehuehue At the grocery store I work at the first things out are always dried pasta (pretty much all of it It… popular demand this horrible thing--PIGMON Honestly, I feel like I did the best I could considering what I had t…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Oh shit Master Mode is basically a second save file?!#KJMM2020 drawings, 17-20 Okay, I really know nothing about Ulraman. I maybe saw the show once or twice as a kid. The real appeal he…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Good evening from Minneapolis
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @EliotRahal Just listen to the LPOTL boys' episodes about it again @taterpie I had this VHS AND the faux backstage doc @Peter_Wartman Ultraman!!!
@MikePolillo I love that he's drawing Ultraman kaiju and doesn't know who any of them are, he just appreciates the wild designsA portrait of his wife Roz, by Jack Kirby.
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Whoever the hell this is. Giant Lobster-Crab Man
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️レッドキング
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️I'm buying the Breath of the Wild DLC just so I can run around in Majora's Mask @MsFeatherWeight I revise my opinion on his tweet after reading it this morning and am now on your side🐉🤖🐉 #KJMM2020 29 - Gloria/Colossal Monster #monstermarch2020
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Currently working on the inaugural issue of the FREE Void News newsletter/fell missive/dire keening/salacious night…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️🚨🚨🚨 For self-employed/1099 creatives who have lost employment due to covid-19: everyone is fixated on the one-time…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @TakuMargi Varan!Ultraman Monster #1 I have no idea what's going on with those arm wigglers. If anybody knows his actual name let me…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @highway_62RAMPAGE 🌏🐊🐺🦍
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @AdamAttley @Peter_Wartman @seanlunchperson @EliotRahal @humanmgn Anko!Voltaire said, "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation." Snake, sometimes the tried and true strategies ar…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @PracticalMecha This is the same dude that made a colorized Godzilla too I presume?#ultraseven is cool.
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @elbowrocket @FRENDEN Yeah they're basically the Webster brushes for CSP, that's a good way to put it! I've been tr…
Not that there ever was any pressure in this game but after defeating Ganon it's even more fun just to level up all… @zacharyjohnson At least we ain't missing any nice weather 🙃it's POOKA!
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @elbowrocket IDK about that one specifically but @FRENDEN's mega pack is my favorite thing ever, some good textured inkers in itHail to the King! 🐉🐉🐉 #KJMM2020
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Hail to the King! 🐉🐉🐉 #KJMM2020 @schweizercomics This is incredible#HaruoNakajima on a smoke break during a #Godzilla shoot. Commission for a Patreon backer.
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Decided to do what a lot of other people are doing, and made coloring book pages. Six pages total, print on your o…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️I picked Breath of the Wild back up after beating it a few weeks ago and it felt like when you jump back in the poo… 🦍
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @Sumelunga Handsome!drying off doofus 🦍 @Mulder64329674 I feel so bad for my author friends since Blogger died...#ThrowbackThursday: An illustration from 2012. "My words are poison and I'm sorry."
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @tptAlmanac @mrotzie Old Man Coffee her life in shambles, race car driver Jemele Reid accepts a job of a lifetime that leads to a world of mystery…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️🤖🦖 #KJMM2020
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @smokincatz Guiron! He fought Gamera in a movie that was a on popular a popular episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000
#Batman TAS Mask of the Phantasm piece from a while back. #ink washes on A3 paper #dccomics #brucetimm
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @taterpie Imma be drinking that exact thing in about 2 hours 🌊 @D0PEP0PE Dude this rulesApocalypse! #marvel #dopepope #zbrushathome #keyshot #badguy #supervillain #mutant #Xmen #comics #badass #ugly
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @BradicalPearson I want one!It's #kaijuartfriday! day27: #mechagodzilla Sorry for the recent lack of posting, I was planned this drawing since before march…
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️it's POOKA! @BradicalPearson It's not as outrageous, but probably the segment about it in the Orson Welles-narrated film about… @BradicalPearson IDK man it's gonna have to try really hard to be the dumbest thing I've heard about the Kennedy assissination🤖🦖 #KJMM2020 the thing I miss the most about doing pixel art is that all the file sizes were tiny @tatianawrites @kenlowery Sporty @tatianawrites @kenlowery yyyaaaawwwnnn🤔
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @ogbillybatson Dorohedoro has one! @johnnysmooth NEVER 😼 @sdshamshel It's not like these are films with absurd budgets they need to make back! @EdGreerDestroys badass Max Simian, because who the fuck doesn’t like to draw badass gorillas?
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @Peter_Wartman I'm glad you waited the hour for the poll results before indulging @Baragorah I almost put Kurt on the list! He's a really great entertainer who had one of the best first years ever.… @Baragorah Thanks! What're yours? @simonsherry Now I HAVE to do it 😅 @simonsherry a great idea!Runner-up is John Cena, who is a really excellent big match guy. I'm not sure if it's fashionable to shit on him an… 1. Chris Jericho - I'm amazed at how often he's been able to reinvent himself 2. Jushin Liger - Mayb… drawings 13-16 @ForkKnifeSpoon UnrealSome Muppet drawins friend Misch is a nurse. Here's the wishlist for the patients in iso and quarantine tents
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️Opening up this ~30 pages of unpublished Orc Stain post, for my fellow quarantinies
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️some more doofus content
🦀 #destroyah #KJMM2020
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️ @HTOP1997 Now I want a Generations game where the space/time continuum gets messed with and they all have to team up! @zacharyjohnson @tacobell fuck.My favorite bit of bizarre video game lore is that it's been confirmed that the Doomslayer is the son of Commander… out Professor!
Retweeted by Eric Schuster ⁉️🦀 #destroyah #KJMM2020 @AOLNetScape ABOUT TIMEI really want to help connect unemployed Minnesotans with jobs. Now. So I’m collecting job openings and sharing the…
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