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Nobody misses more at the basket shots than Elfrid PaytonRun it up on them. No mercy. #NYR
Retweeted by On Deck™ @OnlyJoeCanJudge You’re gonna want to be in Queens this year my bro.
Retweeted by On Deck™the bread man cannn #NYR
Max Holloway is putting on an absolute striking clinic
Retweeted by On Deck™ JuliusThat might’ve been the latest whistle I’ve ever seenImmanuel Jaylen Quickley
Wow. We just don’t look like we’re ready to skate at allwe’ve got some TALENT on this roster. let’s fucking go boys! #NYR
quick cyph between innings at Citi Field. if you know, you know DO THIS🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 went from being sick that there weren’t enough elite Mets fitted dropping, to being sick about how many elite Met… never been the same since Ronaldo left :( #HalaMadridthis man was so underrated! seem to be the talk of the town. Man I hope we crush them tonight. broadwaybulliesAt the end of the day, QUEENS GET THE MONEY
Retweeted by On Deck™during a convo with a close friend, the year 2019 was brought up. do yourself a favor and go through your photo alb… Gov. Andrew Cuomo promises state will legalize recreational weed. More:
Retweeted by On Deck™HOCKEY IS BACK. Let’s go Rangers! #BroadwayBlueshirtsPlease thibs, let this be the last game Elfrid gets more minutes than Quickleyevery. single. time., these mini games were everything!!!!
A lot of bad fits
Retweeted by On Deck™James Harden gonna love Rivi’sRJ dropping 30 tonight I feel it
Retweeted by On Deck™ @Jun_The_Creator that’ll never change my bro @R_Rod918 forever and everyou’re a dub feelings can match slicing open an avocado and it screaming perfection when you pull it apartLegalize comedy
Retweeted by On Deck™🚨Update on Kyrie situation.🚨 I’m told he’s been “furious” at the organization for some time for not giving him mor…
Retweeted by On Deck™Obi Toppin is probable to play tonight, Knicks say.
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After Hearing About What @stoolpresidente Was Doing To Help Small Businesses Around The Country With @BarstoolFund
Retweeted by On Deck™Finally KK checks back in. Let’s get itI keep telling myself RJ is going to shoot himself out of this slump. I will continue to tell myself thisTruly happy for Gordon Hayward. Just going to need him to calm the fuck down in the second halfSon threw an in the paint alley that hit the rim. He’s a point guard. GET HIM ALL THE WAY UP OUTTA HEREWe not gonna run to pick Quickley up? C’mon fellas, get it together!
That pinstripe Lindor joint is automaticOhio State moneyline👀QUEENS @twentyonequest JIG IS UP!!! @steelers
Retweeted by On Deck™Nah bench everybody for that Harris offensive board
Retweeted by On Deck™How long before Alec Burks is back?!?!?this is legit painful to watch. across ALL levels #NewYorkForever
This Nickelodeon coverage is clutch. The wife is engaged and learning more about the of the greatest moments in television history on Tues 11am Presser
Retweeted by On Deck™Fyi, 11:00 Monday, Lindor Presser
Retweeted by On Deck™ @au_tist my goodness. shit is too crispy. Goodlooks yothe orange Mets jawn!?!? swing that my boiiiiiiiiiii have the control to fix it. do the right thing bronBRON aren’t enough mullets out in the world
Happy for that team and bills mafia. ThoroughbredsHappy Birthday, @MFDOOM. Rest in Power. #MFDOOMForever 🎨: @DUSTINoCANALIN
Retweeted by On Deck™shinsuke in that good yohji tonight was a rough onefor god sakes, crash the offensive boards fellasSheeeesshh. I like this kids game @StevenACohen2 I’ve gotta ask, will the Shea Bridge/Queens hat be available for purchase at some point? (PS- I love you)
Mobile sports betting on its way to NY? 👀
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Retweeted by On Deck™Very excited for @Mets fans. This off season has the same energy as ‘98, ‘99. Putting a Great team together is ve…
Retweeted by On Deck™Mood. 😉
Retweeted by On Deck™I know this trade seems to creating excitement but let’s get back to what matters - the black jerseys
Retweeted by On Deck™Mr. Smile is heading to the Big Apple 🍎⚾️
Retweeted by On Deck™Nothing but love and success to @Amed_Rosario and @andresgimenez !!! Once and met always a met baby!
Retweeted by On Deck™ to New York! 🍎 We’ve acquired Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. #LGM
Retweeted by On Deck™Lindor and Carrasco heading to the @Mets ! Thank you @StevenACohen2 #LGM
Retweeted by On Deck™ @raptographer’ve suffered for so long as a die hard Knicks and Mets fan. Many years of being mocked and laughed at. The fact th… AND BLUE SKIES ARE FOREVERI love you @StevenACohen2LETS GOOO!!!! 🧡🇵🇷💙👀🎯📈 SOMETHING SPECIAL ON THA WAY. #YAMMYGANG
Retweeted by On Deck™They starting to get mad out here 😂GO NY 🤷🏽‍♂️ #Knicks
Retweeted by On Deck™Shout outs to all the people who jumped ships to Brooklyn. Give me a week, I havnt even begun my rants.
Retweeted by On Deck™This Knicks team is impressive.
Retweeted by On Deck™#NewYorkForever*^}#*#+#+}^#*%+#*}^*#AUSTIN POWERSSSSSSS
Thankful for our fans. The energy is unmatched right now 🧡💙
Retweeted by On Deck™ @noramccarten Why are you and wifey always in fucking SYNC. Shits ridiculousThis vintage grizzlies court is awesomeWHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING
God Is Great! Great Team win!
Retweeted by On Deck™“I think a lot of people should be looking out for the New York Knicks this year.” — @IQ_GodSon (via @MSGNetworks)
Retweeted by On Deck™knicks making the playoffs fuck a play-in
Retweeted by On Deck™4-3 KNICKS
Retweeted by On Deck™LET'S GO KNICKS
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