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Basically 2020 in a tweet @Sportando glad he's found something after his final James Bond flickThe Great NBA Insider/Salary Cap Guru @EricPincus Joined Us @globalkidmedia On Zoom For My NR Hour Sports Podcast…
Retweeted by Eric Pincus @zerojuantwo3 @OMagicDaily The challenge is the more teams spend the less all players get @WagnerSBranco @Original_Gio Are we assuming the Lakers are under the cap? If we are, then Anthony Davis is leaving… Header Today On Zoom With Vedant @globalkidmedia 1. @EricPincus 3:00 Pm Eastern 2. Angel Reyes 4:00 Pm Easte…
Retweeted by Eric Pincus @MRMIO9 A week 9r 2 after the draft, maybe. Very tbdExhale👍 @SportsOptical @dean_garg @basiceconomics1 I didn't bring up those names
@SportsOptical @dean_garg @basiceconomics1 Asset management is subjective. If they lost out on a No. 28, who by mos… @SportsOptical @dean_garg @basiceconomics1 I'm not going to get into it but a team never has to keep any draft pick… @SportsOptical @dean_garg @basiceconomics1 That not true either. It only pertains to future firsts. Once a pick is… @dean_garg @SportsOptical @basiceconomics1 Point is its illegal nonsense @dean_garg @SportsOptical @basiceconomics1 The issue is Morris, how is OKC trading another teams FA?OuchThis game tonight, stressful fun
@basiceconomics1 Not legal @JabariDavisNBA @joelbrigham @DunksDiscourse Of course @joelbrigham @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse And yes Joel is the GOAT @joelbrigham @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse Coaching girls hoops has been tremendously rewarding, sharing the love… @joelbrigham @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse I DJ'd Nelly's agents/business partner's wedding. They had 2 DJs, I wa… @DrewMaresca @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse We are all over the map, but I think it's a case by case basis @DrewMaresca @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse Tbd, only Minnesota for sale currently but we'll see if other teams end up selling @afirmandi I'll work on the mic positioning, thx for the feedback! @LakerTom @MIM_mmelo Yes it would if they acquired a player via sign and trade @LakerTom @MIM_mmelo Apron is the issue, watch the first stream on my YouTube channel its pinned to my Twitter feed @LakerTom @MIM_mmelo Issue is the hard cap if they use MLE and BAE. Easily get to 139 if KCP and Rondo paid enough @LakerTom @MIM_mmelo And where do you project the tax line and the collective salary with KCP Rondo and those contracts?New @DunksDiscourse: @EricPincus was kind enough to join to discuss SVG’s hiring in New Orleans and what the futur…
Retweeted by Eric PincusFnA Podcast: @EricPincus on CP3 to the Lakers, LeBron's legacy after ring #4, the Ty Lue hire, PG trades and more……
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@WagnerSBranco @ShamsCharania @vkillem @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium Sounds like they're arguing an earlier start date m… @WagnerSBranco They can customize any rule they choose toWant to know where the Lakers' offseason is headed? What would it take for the Purple and Gold to unite LeBron Jame…
Retweeted by Eric Pincus @JabariDavisNBA @DunksDiscourse Ask him how did he become "great?" was he born that way or did he have to work on it?
.@EricPincus & @JoshMartinNBA discuss the possibility of Chris Paul coming to the Lakers on a brand new…
Retweeted by Eric PincusNets guard Spencer Dinwiddie has parted with Roc Nation agency and is seriously considering representing himself, s…
Retweeted by Eric PincusGreat time on this one! Thank you @AlexKennedyNBA 🤗
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I streamed on Luol Deng, looked at the CBA itself and went through the argument the Lakers would need to make to ge…, if you're interested in the actual numbers and such, I highly suggest watching @EricPincus recent YouTube str…
Retweeted by Eric Pincus @LakeShowYo_ He's klutch so a chance🚨 Check out a BRAND NEW @hollywood_hoops Podcast by @lineups hosted by @EricPincus & @JoshMartinNBA 🚨 - Making The…
Retweeted by Eric PincusLatest @hollywood_hoops Ep 208 w/@JoshMartinNBA Making the Case for Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers @lineups @SeanWeathers @jaywiggle14 Strong rebounder, offensive rebounder - younger than Dwight - realtively equivalent prod… @jaywiggle14 If the Cavs aren't paying him to stay - maybe taxpayer MLE ($5.7 mil) - I'm sure he'd want full MLE ($… @jaywiggle14 there is no room, lolHere's my 2nd YouTube steam: The Lakers Can't Get Luol Deng off Their Books, Right? We get into the actual CBA lang… @antnymedina @ankollatos they're exceptions to the salary cap - not that complicated IMO. Any complex system is a lot to learn initially @tmersola not relevant to the conversation reallyThe Sixers have hired Jameer Nelson as a scout and assistant GM for the Delaware Blue Coats, per @JClarkNBCS
Retweeted by Eric Pincus @antnymedina because Moz didn't leave the Magic and then go play for the Heat or something and then Orlando asked t… @Capn_Barbosa51 noThe 25 game threshold is more complicated than just playing 25 games - I cover it in detail in my stream - but I th… crushed that - I didn't even have to look - just the crack off the batYESSIR! No don't dislocate his shoulder please
Live on YouTube - streaming: "The Lakers Can't Get Luol Deng off Their Books, Right?" right now - check it out: @iitsPat you can hit me up otherwise any time - just right now preppingGoing to give my second ever stream a shot at 4:30pm on YouTube. Going to look closely at the Luol Deng situation.… @iitsPat I'll be streaming at 4:30pm if you want to join in - prepping now @YourLeastFavBFF Fitness to Play Panel @lottyjavi That he tried to play in Houston and only last 2 games? I mean, this is a normal NBA rule - where's the… @AlexHolling @LakerCentral365 hit me with an email at @kingnick1st no @thechad684 I didn't @SloanImperative up to the NBA to decide that - certainly is a stretch for the Lakers but it's not prohibitive their attemptThe Bucks case is much stronger, flat out. Jon didn't go on to play for another team. I can argue why the Lakers le… @SloanImperative If passing a physical was the sole line - then any player passing any physical and signing with a… @SloanImperative Missing the point - it obviously has the intent to say that a player CAN pass a physical and play… @SPTSJUNKIE @Matos614 Amnesty is a direct result of rule changes regardling the luxury tax. If there is a relief gi… I expect the Milwaukee Bucks to apply for relief for Jon Leuer's salary (haven't learned if they've already a… @heavenliftmeup Omer Asik I believe @SloanImperative yes but implicit within the rule is possibility that another team will clear the player via a phys… months'm planning on a follow-up stream to talk about the Deng situation specifically at roughly 4:30pm Pacific, still TBD based on my scheduleIf you're curious about why shaving $5 mil off the Lakers' books (Deng) would matter this offseason, check out my s… @Matos614 @SPTSJUNKIE wny would the next CBA have an amnesty? Are you predicting a change in the rules for the luxury tax? @RYuvi79's precedence of the NBA taking contracts off books - there's precedent of the NBA not takking contracts off b… @SloanImperative There's a standard that exists, whether you're privvy to it or not. It worked with Asik. It probab… @SloanImperative @Anthonysmdoyle @TheArmoTrader The Lakers would argue the reason they got out of a massive obligat… @hoopsjock I don't agree. Thx though @SloanImperative If the Lakers prove medically he was no longer healthy enough to play, that was the career ending… @hoopsjock False, if proven medically. Other teams have done this, like Bulls with Asik. It's common, relatively speaking @The_Zack_Barnes Thats an argument. And one they'll consider. But you and I don't know the Lakers medical evidence.… @The_Zack_Barnes They'll look at everything. The time with the Wolves is not exclusionary. They could decide the La… @DCarter8 That's not material if the Lakers can prove medically he had a career-ending injury before then. Not saying that they can @LALTITLE Yes, hard potentiallyI'm going to stream later today, possibly 430 pm Pacific on the Deng situation. Exact time TBD but I'll tweet it out when I know @HollywoodTastic NoSimilar to what I've tweeted, it's up for the NBA to interpret based on the medical records. They could easily reje… @diegogrico @ddpage369 @MpjLakers Check out the stream on my profile @The_Zack_Barnes Why does Achilles matter? And he was listed as injured on the Lakers reports regularly @The_Zack_Barnes That's up to the NBA to decide. Based on the Lakers medical they contend he suffered a career endi… @The_Zack_Barnes Lakers contend he suffered the career ending injury with them. What's the question?Likely to see several different interpretations of the CBA language. What matters is the league's interpretation, i… @TravLyleCzech No @diegogrico @ddpage369 @MpjLakers It's consequential in terms of what exceptions they likely have @The_Zack_Barnes His time with the Wolves isn't relevantI was asked, why didn't the Lakers do this a long time ago? Well, they weren't going to do it when he was on the Wo…