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“The dad of #CatholicTwitter.” Feel free to DM your prayer intentions and I promise to pray for them (and keep them confidential).

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Whatever your thoughts are about the SSPX, it’s clear that its priests responded to the Covid outbreak like you’d w… Catholics should give a dime to Peter’s Pence this year. @davidpaulyoung You’ve taken a single example in history as the only way to evangelize. Every successful Catholic e… @davidpaulyoung +Barron is the public face and point-person, for the U.S. Bishop’s evangelization efforts. As such,… @davidpaulyoung I’m curious what exactly about my response you think is “vinegar.” And falling all over ourselves t… @davidpaulyoung Obviously I’d gear what I say to the person asking. But in the situation like +Barron faced—a frien… @davidpaulyoung This is how I’d talk to a Protestant. @AlexMaccabeus The ones behind me are from a Protestant asked Bishop Barron if he should become Catholic (see +Barron's answer here:… you describe yourself as “anti-racist,” it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re racist.
If you believe abortion should be legal, you are anti-Catholic. @AndyLou777 Polls have shown that over 65% of U.S. Catholics believe many religions lead to heaven. That error didn… @azbillfathauer @TaylorRMarshall I would also add that the “extraordinary means” are truly extra-ordinary; i.e., th… @whiskydoor @TaylorRMarshall It’s what any non-Catholic listening heard.+Barron’s answer is the New Evangelization in a nutshell: a preference for Catholicism, with anxious reassurances t… have already decided that I will not believe any scandalous story about Amy Coney Barrett, no matter what “eviden…
Agree or disagree with Barrett on judicial issues all you want, but if you don’t think this is an absolutely beauti… @Jcristero1 @TaylorRMarshall I figured the Scalia’s would be tough competition. @TaylorRMarshall If nothing else, that has to qualify as the most amazingly beautiful family of a Supreme Court nominee ever.Big Catholic families are the foundation of the renewal of the Church...and thus the world. @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane Finally, I think ignoring the loser brigade is the best method even if it is much bigger… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I also think things are shifting, particularly in the Francis era. Traditionalism is bec… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane ...I do think number of followers matter. One guy with 15k followers like you is *far* m… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I wish I could find a study I read about the outsized and toxic influence a small but vo… @hilarityjane @SteveSkojec Ah yes, the anonymous twitter accounts with 100 followers and 6 followers are the face o…
Catholics: we need to do penance in reparation for sacrileges committed against our Eucharistic Lord! @AaronBorgerdin1 @TaylorRMarshall @YouTube Interestingly, you can defend the possibility of the salvation of non-Ca… @PumpknSpiceSoul @TaylorRMarshall @YouTube That’s what I noticed, too: he recognized his critics and was more caref… @TaylorRMarshall @YouTube Perhaps I’m being too optimistic, but I actually think this is an improvement for +Barron.Somewhere in the depths of hell, Margaret Sanger is giving a little smile. @SteveSkojec Twitter doesn’t allow for a full treatment, of course, but I’d say converting from Protestantism to Ca… of the worst developments in the Church in the 20th century was the downplaying of the impact of Original Sin o… from Ron Paul: "I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern."
Retweeted by Eric SammonsWhen your wife is your editor, you get brutal honesty. Paul is one of greatest Americans alive today. Pray for him—he apparently had a medical issue (perhaps a stroke?) during his show. @midnightchow @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane And to be clear: it’s not that I think it doesn’t exist (it obviously does), I just thin… @CVoeltner @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I’m saying that social media allows a small subgroup a disproportionate voice… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane *”found to be”, not “always to be” @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane When I was more involved in cryptocurrency, I saw this a lot: “countless” small accounts… @hilarityjane @SteveSkojec That just proves what I’m trying to say: an anonymous twitter account with 300 followers… @takesoftruth :) @fideveritatis I have the same desire. When you just go through the missal, you realize almost every line either qu… parish nearby zealously temperature-checks anyone who enters. One volunteer was temperature-checked three times i… traditional Latin Mass is far more immersed in Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, than the Novus Ordo Mass. Change my mind. @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I think you get more of these comments because you engage with them and they know they b… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane Thank you. @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I also think the loser brigade is slowly and surely being drowned out by the mass of new… @SteveSkojec @hilarityjane I think you give it far more weight than it deserves. Although not as much as you, I’v…’ve found that Catholics who beat the “dialogue” drumbeat the most are also the most likely to avoid dialogue with… @hilarityjane @SteveSkojec I don’t understand why you two are beating this drum right now. Other than some fringe f… should the people watching the police tase and arrest the Ohio woman without a mask have done? What should ha… @tara_gratz It was a free-ranging conversation that covered a lot of topics...and no elephants were ignored. @JamBran44 I was just there in attendance.
@stevedogma Everything the charismatic Catholic is drawn to finds its fulfillment in the traditional Latin liturgy.… @hhaganfanning I had no issues going on campus. @andyflattery I would tell you...but you don’t have a beard. :) @stevedogma He did. I was there for his talk (and to visit my daughters). @JohnLMorrell2 @TheNigerianTrad Agreed; he’s backing the wrong horse. @tara_gratz I think the vibe is still very pro-Vatican II, but competing voices do exist there. @JohnLMorrell2 @tara_gratz My experience has been that traditional students have been welcome since the 99’s, but t… @tara_gratz All the more traditional students I know feel comfortable on campus.Just sittin’ on Franciscan University’s campus reading “Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre”. #WorldsCollide @katchnoz Are you Jesse’s mom? He’s a great kid! @TheNigerianTrad He is correct, though. Vatican II was the ultimate victory of the Nouvelle Theologie, and it sent… @SuzanneHart62 Yes! @mitkw #LifeGoals @andy_ngi3 We talked about it; I don’t think he’ll be joining us. :) @BeggyRyan That’s what my head felt like!Had a wonderful breakfast this morning with three incredibly intelligent men who all love the Lord and His Church:…
Instead of dancing and competing in reality shows, here are a few “Old Evangelization” public displays for priests:… do I say these displays give Catholics a route out of the Church? Because they tell Catholics that Catholicism… will these exhibitionist priests realize that these cringe-worthy displays don’t give non-Catholics a “route o… you want to know the *real* “Handmaid’s Tale”, read the Gospel of Luke. “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord;… this is in poor taste and tone-deaf to his core audience, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Shapiro’s not Christ… am. No nation is worth the blood of millions of innocents.
@andy_ngi3 @TotusTuus It was held in the gym due to Covid restrictions. It’s normally in the chapel.The First Missa Cantata #LatinMass of the 2020 school year was held at @FrancsicanU on Sunday. By my account, it w…
Retweeted by Eric SammonsHere's a rule that should be obvious, but apparently is not: If you are a member of the clergy, you should *never*… know some Catholics are uncomfortable when I publicly bring up problems in the Church. They think doing so harms…"I didn’t become a Director of Evangelization so I could play Baghdad Bob for the Church. I wanted to draw people i… “pro-life” does not mean embracing the modern desire to prevent death at all costs. Death is part of life in… @chesterbelloc3 @TashaRoseRadMam At the very least, one should pass the citizenship test before being allowed to vo…’m about the same age as the Novus Ordo Missae, and we’re both feeling a bit creaky lately. 2019, more than 800,000 innocent children were murdered by abortion. In that same year, 22 people were executed…
@RobertHWoodman Years of data and personal experience at the individual, parish, and diocesan levels. @JZmirak @meaningofcath @timotheeology @DavidRobertGor1 John’s not wrong, but there is a significant (and growing)… @meaningofcath @JZmirak @timotheeology @DavidRobertGor1 I’m undecided at this point.Media cheat sheet: If the media calls someone a “devout Catholic”, that means he rejects the Church teachings the… Matthew, whose feast day is today, boldly proclaimed in his Gospel that Jesus is God, contrary to what many mod… @FrNajim I’m also curious, Father: how has attendance been at your parish since public Masses were resumed? I’ve he… @FrNajim I don’t doubt there are unicorn parishes (nor do I doubt that a parish with you as pastor would be one), b… the future, most members of “normal” Catholic parishes will leave their parishes either for a Latin Mass parish… @RefuteFrMartin @DavidRobertGor1 @Michael_Voris @TaylorRMarshall @SteveSkojec @kennedyhall That might be an interes… @WomenWhoThink @TaylorRMarshall I doubt most teens would be that nuanced in their understanding of religions (and m… who desires to “Rest in Power” after death will find neither rest nor power.Only 31% of Catholic teens in the U.S. believe that “only one religion is true.” Catholic parents, teach your chil… @michaelsteele64 It is truly beautiful!
@Pyrrho_of_Elis The Spirit blows as He wills.At least now I know how it would have felt in medieval times when a monarch died with no heir.