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Eric Sammons @EricRSammons Cincinnati, Ohio

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam. Feel free to DM your prayer intentions and I promise to pray for them (and keep them confidential).

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@ReyannaRice @TKjokester As should reclining the seat. @betsybug354 Yes, I think that’s accurate.
@TKjokester A seat should only be reclined if no one is sitting behind you. @Tiber_Swimmer Yes, the Church’s understanding of the role of the pope has developed over time.I also have a back injury that makes flights painful, but I wouldn’t think of reclining my seat if someone is behin… @HeyJohnnyBoy27 Yes, that is probably the most common view among members of Opus Dei. @HeyJohnnyBoy27 It’s shorthand for an orthodox conservative Catholic who thinks Vatican II itself was great, and ou… was a fun interview. I talk about my journey from Evangelical Protestant to JPII Catholic to traditional Catho… @BruvverEccles #JustSayNoToMoreVaticanSynods @TheCatholicCrow @TaylorRMarshall I’m pretty sure the FSSP will only consider requests from a bishop, since they ca… @DominickZarcone @jimbearNJ @TaylorRMarshall @YouTube @TiberSwam2012 @OnePeterFive @Card_R_Sarah I have not read it… American bishop Ad Limina visit:
1983 called, and it wants its tweet back. @chesterbelloc3 I honestly think Frank has a mental illness. At least I hope so for his sake, as it will mitigate his judgement.Broke: February 14th is St. Valentine’s Day. Woke: February 14th is Ss. Cyril and Methodius Day. Bespoke: Februar… @PetriOP @Nationals @astros And Dusty’s now managing the Astros...Scripture & Tradition: Sexagesima Sunday
Retweeted by Eric Sammons @m_tremblay_ Yeah, it’s still stupid when it’s online, but I think the relative anonymity of the online world and t… @m_tremblay_ Not to completely dismiss social media (after all I’m on it myself), but have you ever encountered thi… @SteveSkojec I think it’s good to see how Our Lord handled his hard-hearted opponents. He either (1) ignored them;… @m_tremblay_ I’m not an expert on Trad culture, but in almost 10 years of going to the Latin Mass I’ve never heard… In this time of crisis and scandal in the Church, there are good and holy priests out there giving their… @Catholichurch10 @TimothyFlanders Tima and I do look a bit alike!
@AKelleyGolf @MrCasey62 @SteveSkojec @FrHilderbrand @ladypapist @FrHarrison @frmikeschmitz @ChrisStefanick Two poin… love the homeschooling program we use for our high-schoolers (@MODGSchool), and here it is ranked #4 in the coun… @MargoCatholic @TaylorRMarshall @meaningofcath I have not seen it, but I only mean “negative” in the sense that the… admit that the immediate negative reaction by many Catholics to Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation bothered me. It’s… @TsundokuSensei Awful. @captmorgan1956 They should be good this year!How a Catholic church went from looking like an aircraft hanger to looking like a...Catholic church. @HeyJohnnyBoy27 This is our year! (Which is what I say almost every year.)The phrase that fills me with joy: “Pitchers and Catchers report”. Baseball’s back! you ever avoid clicking on a YouTube video or Google News story b/c you don’t want to screw up your suggested vi… is like seeing someone on the sidewalk who twisted his ankle and offering to shoot him in the head. Porn is fa… out Christine's interview on the important work of @RVHealing, which provides healing to post-abortive mother… promising start to Project #DefundTheBishops @onetallorder1 @SteveSkojec @JamesTScorpio1 @SLancsChin @Papabile7 @RorateCaeli I’ve found most every health care p… is an important takeaway. The term “magisterial” is essentially meaningless today and is only a concern for Ch… “He doesn’t know how to get into endless and pointless foreign wars like me and Daddy!” @chad_durante Agreed. And I would be as opposed to imposing clerical celibacy on the East as I am of expanding the…
@AskYourHusband @DavidRobertGor1 It’s a victory like a boxer being pummeled in the ring blocking a single punch is… @SteveSkojec @RorateCaeli The envy is palpable. If you disagree with them by being too soft on Francis, you’re doin… @timotheeology @EVKLCoop I’m not convinced that his referencing the final doc means it now is the guiding light, bu… conversation on R4R about TLM and Novus Ordo. Y’all are just too reasonable!
Retweeted by Eric Sammons @SteveSkojec Dude, you are definitely more Iron Man than Captain America.Usually ⁦@SteveSkojec⁩ is right about this stuff, and he might be right again. Yet everyone expected PF to put marr… @_Mrs_Farnum Honestly I don’t know. The Vatican says it was completed in late December, but I take everything the V… @marylanestrow I try not to play 4D chess. :) @fabius10scudi @SteveSkojec I’ll admit that I haven’t seen those reactions, and I do think it’s improper to celebra… @CathyCeiger My dad was superintendent of my school district, so he was in charge of calling off school. He just le… @SteveSkojec I see it more like this: We are outgunned and outmanned in a major battle and our side is getting its… @SteveSkojec You’re a real Debbie Downer, you know that, right? :) @SteveSkojec Oh I don’t believe for a second that this issue is going to be dropped now. But I’m thankful that at l… Roman Martyrology is another one of those buried treasures you discover when you embrace a more traditional pra… the Amazon Synod many Catholics prayed and fasted (and dunked idols). We believe these actions can have an i… @CauseofourJoy Yes, and words are more prominent based on how often they are used. But I found word “Jesus” - it’s… @davidtheking100 Word clouds give a good sense of a document, any document. That’s all I meant. @CauseofourJoy I’m not sure, but he uses the term “Christ” 22 times, and “Jesus” 16 times.I have long been a critic of Pope Francis, but I am thankful that he didn’t expand the use of married men as priest… @davidtheking100 I know what “poisoning the well” means; I just don’t know why you think it applies here. I find wo… @davidtheking100 I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. @davidtheking100 Yes - I put the doc into a word cloud generator.Here is a word cloud of the pope's latest Apostolic Exhortation, Querida Amazonia. It gives a sense of the overall… @dapperinhilo @SteveSkojec If someone is busy parsing the latin of Benedict’s statement while ignoring the reality… @AeMa323 The rubrics are for a priest, so it is when he makes the sign of the cross over the children. As the fathe… see people stressing about how vicious some people on #CatholicTwitter are. Two words of advice: 1) If a “Cathol…
Stretching the phone cord to the bathroom so I could have private conversations. @SteveSkojec I’m going to check it out now. @SteveSkojec Actually, if you take the letters of “full freedom” and convert them to Hebrew then into Roman Numeral… son was in a debate for school (on whether Richard III killed his nephews), and during his closing arguments he…’s be honest: having two forms of liturgy within the Latin rite is as conspicuous as having two living popes! Ch…
Retweeted by Eric SammonsOne day people will look back at the insane transgender movement and wonder how on earth it was able to transpire a… @RyanLEllis @SteveSkojec If someone is constantly hitting my TL to make sure I know he disagrees with me, then he’s… @austinruse @SteveSkojec I’m just getting started—only 14 at this point. For a long time I just muted annoying peop… @SteveSkojec I’ve converted to your view of blocking. I want my time on social media to be fun and hopefully helpfu… proof of my lack of obsession w/ politics, I didn’t realize when I picked red & blue as my color options that so… years ago today Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. I was driving to give a talk at a parish when I… to you guys talk about VII & culture as reasons for ppl leaving... My mom left the Church cos of the cul…
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Evergreen tweet: “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help. When his breath depar… @AskYourHusband Thank you! @PlunderingTime’m encouraged by all the Catholics rediscovering the more difficult past Lenten penances. But a word of caution: i… @juventutemDC It shows how little I think of politics that I didn’t realize that myself. But I like your analogy better. @NWcarol28 I just picked those colors randomly. I’m talking about traditionalist infighting. @NWcarol28 I’m not talking about secular politics. I’m talking about the Church.Culture: 24/7 incessant pushing of disordered sexuality and mental illness as normal. A few brave priests: This is… Which of the two heavyweight Apostles is your favorite? • St. Peter: Apostle to the Jews, leader… house is burning, but too many traditionalists are busy criticizing other traditionalists because their water b… for Catholic dads: I highly recommend praying this powerful Blessing of Children from the 1962 Roman Ritual ov… @kaitbagley I had the same feelings after I converted—it took me almost a decade to overcome them. My solution was…’m excited to be on Rules for Retrogrades with @timotheeology and @DavidRobertGor1 today at noon EST. I’ll be talk… @hilarityjane To be fair, I was Zmirak’d before I knew who Zmirak was.
@JasonBramleyFIC @family_catholic There are two parts of the HOF: the historical part (which should include everyth… @maryjoanderson3 have constantly said Rush Limbaugh and Jordan Peterson are horrible people, simply because they disagree w… is not to say that every papal social teaching is without merit, but it’s been such a hodgepodge of various—an… @juventutemDC Yes. It’s not to say that no papal social teaching is without merit, but it’s been such a hodgepodge…“Catholic Social Teaching” is a Catholic political amoeba and has no practical value. It usually just means “Let me…
@family_catholic I don’t require saints, but I’d keep everyone out whose actions significantly harmed the sport. So… @bobvanoni1 I don’t want steriod users or cheaters in either. And Rose did far worse than Trump suggests.