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Saw this in a movie once. A long time ago…in a very different country far far away. can often be wrong and Fauci can sometimes be scientific. BLM wants some good things I want too. James O’Keef… idea that we spent 4 yrs pretending that the simplistic opposite of what Donald Trump said was always the truth… @Choppy01080344 “From Soho down to Brighton” @alexbilz Thanks!*shining.Note: by the presence of the words “May be Seen”, the existence of indisputable archeological records in both cases…“From The River to the Sea” “From Sea to Shinning Sea” May be seen as rationalizing slogans evoking a common spec…’s no better way to destroy elitism than calling our unethical rich “the elite”. Soon folks will want average… @StephenAtHome is shocked…shocked. Why? Because maybe it is finally time to reveal that 1+1 is 2, men and women are… a scientist says what @jonstewart says here before @jonstewart says it, they can be thrown off Twitter or thro… Gauge Theory fixes this intellectual corruption problem of economic imperialism, and #btc, blockchains and Crytpo can help.P.S. before you remind me how arrogant this sounds, keep in mind, that I am willing to debate this publicly with an… the forced wealth transfers of central bankers covering up their own failures with “Relief”, “Easing”, “Stimulo… should not…MUST NOT…be adjustable to disguise inflation. It needs to be protected from the FED diluting the pow… Economics is a avoiding gauge theory, connections, Lie Groups, etc so it can retain its political relevance as…’s time to reveal that economics, far from embracing math or having physics envy, is deliberately avoiding soluti… more importantly, we have a culture that economics literally trumpets (and I swear I am not making this up) “Ec… must take CPI away from those who wish to back out a political agenda of printing money, raising our taxes by in… economists can’t yet compute a dynamic Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment or COLA or “Chained Changing Preference Ordina… is broken. Why? Think of CPI as a gauge like a thermometer. You can’t have politically motivated folks making… you have an interest in why Black Holes have taken over as one of the core models of study in physics, I think…
@DocJohnG That’s so weird because I’m actually not aware of any long term history for mRNA vaccines. Whose your fri… I ask a hypothetical? How *should* experts be *publicly* discussing THEIR concerns about unforeseen long term… the dream, anti-racism is anti racist rather than a form of racism. Antifa is simply against fascism. Black… the dreamworld you think revolutionary thinking is a pro empathy movement rather than a redistribution of empath…’s not a dig at @jack, @ggreenwald or @mattyglesias. There seems to be some dreamworld where you think “Abolish… die because of what Twitter, Facebook and Google do when censoring truth. So we aren’t going to stop. Even i… is going to break your mind. Having pulled into 30yrs of motels, diners, truck stops, gas stations in the mid… now I watch our media. And there is a steady stream of what seems like propaganda meant to distract us from **e… United States wasn’t a wall to wall hellscape for obviously inter-racial couples during that time. It didn’t au… have traveled all over the US for over three decades and 6 administrations with a “Female Asian immigrant of colo…
@trevorchodge Oh….I didn’t say that. You did. ;-)Dear @mattwridley I used your How Innovation Works to argue that UAPs can't be super advanced tech from Russia/Chin…
Retweeted by Eric Weinstein @DrBrianKeating In @DavidBrin @michaelshermer I like Cat Laser! I also discuss this as holograms elsewhere. But Michael’s point is “… innovation is always unlikely. But never impossible. We are both skeptics. But this UFO story is wei… is to say we’re not monitoring. Maybe we think that’s a waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe we think that a Gris… don’t have to take a position on me or GU. You can ask Wolfram or Lisi or Barbour or Deutsche or anyone outside… last point. I released such a theory. Could well be wrong. But I can tell you I should have received a call fr… CCP could today repeat what Witten (& friends) did building off Geometric Quantum Field Thy, the US would have Z…[Digression: If the US were smarter, we’d do it by setting up a mythic secret $B hedge fund that employs top differ… I thought like CCP, I’d create a lavish secret theoretical physics program modeled on the Russian Sharashka syst… let me show you how I could get discontinuous innovation if I were China or Russia. I don’t know those systems… you gave us E Witten, J Simons, I Singer, CN Yang, M Atiyah, D Quillen & G Segal, in a quiet program in 1975, I… it’s not that nothing happened in physics. While we were pretending that string theory was working, Witten & Co…’s not physics exactly. But Edward Witten w support from a small number of folks rewrote Quantum Field Theory as… that brings us to theoretical physics. Beginning around 1982 , the son of the world’s top employed anti-gravity… are, to me, arguing powerfully that certain people can’t exist: Rodney Mullen, Edward Van Halen, Bob Beamon, Di… there are really two metrics on innovations. Metric I: How big the incremental jump in difficulty. Metric… I’ve had the odd question about Renaissance (front not fraud) for just this reason. But either way, it’s either… challenge: doesn’t your line of reasoning prove that “Renaissance Technologies” is either a fraud or a front?… of all, I am concerned that the paradigm of being scientifically or technologically “centuries ahead” is all… @michaelshermer, Thanks for this. Very sober. I myself also don’t find the authenticated videos so far releas… ya get it yet? to see this conversation of my buddy Lex Fridman. Check it out! @TeamYouTube: who runs biology in your group? I would like to invite your chief scientist(s) to discuss this wi… @TeamYouTube is shutting down dissenting Biology PhDs & MDs!! What is your policy on: COVID origins? May we d… @MickWest I remember when Nancy Reagan consulted an astrologer and also advised her husband. It was a big big deal.… @MickWest Mick: you’re losing me. If the pentagon is going along with a woo narrative because woo and drones are no…
@MickWest I’ve ceded everything you asserted to get here. And the story you seem to favor is still ENORMOUS. Your… @MickWest Here’s what I hear from you: “The pentagon has lost control of a minor UFO dept. that is having fun with… @MickWest I’m not sure what is complex here. Playing footsie with a UFO narrative that sounds like “Unknown drones… @MickWest But not merely “wow this is dumb”. It’s irresponsibility around a thermonuclear military with thermonucl… @MickWest Let’s agree that 120 low quality incidents over 20 yrs is not very compelling. That’s one every two month… @MickWest I have been told it is far more extensive. @MickWest So you believe that the number of incidents that have been experienced is limited to 120 that occur in the report? @MickWest But that’s not what I am hearing. I am hearing of regular occurrences with multiple trained observers who… @MickWest So your argument is that all of these reports/incidents are a small number of rare mistakes? I want to ma… is the least interesting version of this story Mick? Forget the videos so far authenticated. That’s not the in… we are lying at a previously unimaginable level (UFOs? Really??). Or our best trained observers are totally… Let’s play it out. I’m genuinely interested if I have this wrong & am open to being wrong. I’ll start. Let’s a… China. Assume holograms. Assume swamp gas and weather balloons. Assume disinformation. Assume incompeten… that UFOs are not space aliens, the UFO story is the top story in the world. Assuming that no UFOs are ev… is about reliable knowledge. And what make it reliable stems from dissenting Scientists who are off-narrati… “Democracy dies in darkness.” But “Science dies in narrative control.” The concepts of “Anti-Vaxxer” and… @SusanWojcicki has a lot of scientific confidence. My account is back to throttled. As a fully vaccinated pe…
Auntie-Racist: @Nixxed @thew6rst I would never try to collaborate musically with Tim. But his music is in touch with our time like no one else’s imho. @thew6rst Feed us more. Would love to collaborate on anything with you. Or just keep listening. Just keep reminding…, song, film, letters, poetry, wealth, luxury, aesthetics, pleasure, delicacies, laughter, eroticism, dance,… @sapinker points out how many things got better, he doesn’t address the elephant in the room: The Twin Nuclei… may be confused, but I see a world dissolving in a rainbow of spectral Nihilism: anti-natalism, critical theory,… Henson is the best. In particular, his lyrical and playful innovations around so many modern techniques makes… @seandavidyoung Somehow this point has become obscure. Odd.1952-present is the most dangerous time in history. Think about it Alan. That’s *why* it’s so “safe”.
Checking this out: would like to think I’m an honest broker here as I inform my followers when I think you are throttling me or dive… @jack, @vijaya, @TwitterSafety: we MUST see our algorithmic ingredients. It’s as important to a free society as kno… rights Twitter has to algorithmically alter our conversations cannot be allowed to be hidden any more than… of the tells that Twitter is algorithmically altering my feed is the length of time before I see responses. As… world is so crazy right now, in my opinion, that everyone who engages the craziness, if only to fight it, becom… @StopAndDecrypt @NoShitcoinsClub @Rob1Ham @jimmysong @THEAMERICANHODL @jaygould @GoingParabolic @jeetsidhu_ @bigmarh @WbccD Hey: thank you. @Rob1Ham @jeetsidhu_ @StopAndDecrypt @NoShitcoinsClub @jimmysong @THEAMERICANHODL @jaygould @GoingParabolic @jeetsidhu_ @StopAndDecrypt @NoShitcoinsClub @Rob1Ham @jimmysong @THEAMERICANHODL @jaygould @GoingParabolic @late_crypto @GoingParabolic Not so sure. Jury is out.I agree with Noah here. Noah, at times, is the person i disagree with most intensely on the Internet. This is an… @UAPDOG You have misdialed. Wrong number.I spent 4 years calling this crazy bs against Trump by the press. But I couldn’t go into all the details on every… @RulesDid No. Not everything.