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It is an unusual talk in that we are letting the audience listen in on a conversation that is not being prettified… Arch-Nemesis, @garrettlisi, dropped through the Portal. I have talked about our unusual relationship a bit befor… would love to have this hashed out as I see it somewhat differently. Even so, I do hope you win this argument.
Don’t do that. Look at the lesson she took from the WMD inspired reason for the Iraq War. Whether she is right or…
@tj_keel @dimanovikov Cleaning is even worse in three dimensions. But still... @mattriggo You mean Dab Rig. Agreed: @dimanovikov Boom: delivered for under $100. Equations sold separately. Perfect holiday gift for your brilliant child needlessly… once even saw a woman in a German luxury car. She wasn’t frowning. Where should I report myself for thought crime… twitter finds out that there are literally catalogs full of boats or that Monaco exists, it is going to freak.
End/ I’m calling on @AndrewYang, @BernieSanders, @TulsiGabbard & other Mavericks to LEAD the charge asking about th… Learn to listen for the “sounds of silence”. Silence around @AndrewYang and @TulsiGabbard. Silence around Ghisla… Q3: Prince Andrew’s interview is close to the most bizarre thing I‘ve ever seen on video. Those questions were a… What‘s the emergency? It’s the silence & bizarre behavior around Epstein: Q1: Ghislaine Maxwell has a passport… We would never have learned about our own Government crimes against MLK Jr, Dick Gregory, Jean Seberg, Fred Hamp… With the inexplicable “Perfect Storm” death of Jeffrey Epstein & likely govt direction of our corporate press no… WE NEED A NEW CHURCH COMMITTEE: Fred Hampton Edition. Today is the 50th anniversary of the US assassination of… @Grammar45180005 @DavidDeutschOxf David is always welcome. We have, however, not met yet ... at least that I can remember. @annakhachiyan Oy.
One of the greatest minds of our time, Michael Atiyah, eulogized by his true still-active peers including Witten &… advances. Thank you for your service. @sublimecowgirl So cool! @JumboShrimp787 @AndrewYang @HillaryClinton @TulsiGabbard Well, you disproved a theory inferred that I don’t hold.… @LernerMark @TulsiGabbard If it is Mayor Pete, I don’t feel he is being suppressed. And Bernie is a non boomer as w… Why are we not talking about bringing back mandatory retirement for academicians who have prevented two generati… think since @AndrewYang got deliberately and repeatedly dropped from media graphics and since @HillaryClinton sta… Trump, Clinton & Bush were at the beginning of the Baby Boom, It is theoretically possible (though it won’t h… Should we start talking about bringing back Mandatory Retirement to stop involuntary inter-generational wealth t…’s the problem. It‘s time for Millenials to start becoming univ. presidents. Yet only a tiny number of research… oldest of these Millennials are now almost 40. In my original area of academe and science, it is time for GenX… following is mostly millennial. I have a lot of contact w/ them. As a result I know something I wouldn’t know o… Can we finally talk about this? Because...and this is actually quite funny...when we used to bring this up yea… @SarahTheHaider @ragepillpodcast Had I said “we have to make sticking up for Yazidis a higher priority” no one woul… @SarahTheHaider @ragepillpodcast We now have to compensate for our own dereliction of duties of protection while we… @SarahTheHaider @ragepillpodcast It’s like all the wallowing in talk of crusaders & whiteness & colonialism ignores… @SarahTheHaider @ragepillpodcast Sure. But the point was more like “Something weird is going on between the relativ…
@ragepillpodcast @SarahTheHaider It’s weird. @SarahTheHaider Really?? C’mon Sarah. Love ya.DeClintonification was and is almost never used in discussion of the Democratic Party. Which is curious considering… @striderincity @ExplainEric This is probably closer. @DSartworks418 I thought at times it was just me. It freaks me out. It makes me feel like I’m being pranked or I’ve gone nuts.How weird do you want to get? I‘ve been talking about this to US Christians for years now and...I feel funny saying… are often a vulnerable minority (e.g. in areas of the Middle East, Asia and Africa). Those of us who liv…
Lastly, I learned that there are different types of mathematicians. Think of me as a very short basketball player w… you really understand why a Möbius band has 1 side? What it means that the universe is expanding? Why we learn t… you understand why imaginary numbers exist in high school or what they are good for? I couldn’t get it. Did you… is good at math or not good at it? This is not the right way to think about it. If you put me back in High Sch… @UlrikNymanDK @LondonTsai Wow. Thanks Ulrik! @eigenbros “You should get the Angel Gabriel on your Podcast.” I love this man so much I’m afraid to reach out. Never even spoke to him.This warms my heart. As a B- math student in high school, I couldn’t really understand math to save my life. When I… @sunnydayem11 Welcome to a Harder Thinkjng All American. [Love the hat.] @ReluctantCharm Sorry about that. Also: Ha! @RandomFLDude Yours. @tayvano_ @rsarrow My YouTube views suggest that it is not just audio listeners. And GoT and the Sopranos taught us… @kaas347 Amen!Because corporate sound-bite FightClub format starved us for humans who think in complete human scale thoughts and… @AbdullahAlzayd We are starting it up slowly Abdullah. Come along. @jmarkwalk Thanks friend . @kkulk1 We wanted to build a diverse audience first. Look at the variety and you will see it. If we started with th… @psephocrat We had to do it in NYC in a foreign studio. Hope it works for ya. @jrefannypack Thanks brother. @BNumpsay Max and I don’t interact much. Not sure why. Lovely guy. Interesting mind. @popmental1 Get into the ark then. Bring a friend. @JaronGubernick Got the best damn audience in the world. I never let that stop freaking me out. @Cambro320 Nah. Run like hell. Now go faster. Faster still. @unsurprisedbyit @joerogan Joe is the biggest dog on my block. They aren’t wrong. But this will be different. It’s not a competition. @the_honorable_1 Glad you came to the rave. @Cambro320 They are front loaded to be the best. The next group may be harder to understand. We will mix it up. @LiveFire66 You made an inference. Many people assume FTL is the way to break the Einsteinian speed limit. @thomaswilley I get to hang out with smart people who frighten me. Thanks for coming along. @svghokage Let’s “get some” as @jockowillink would say. @JoelBrennecke Yeah? Awesome.P.S. If you are one of the loyal ones waiting for the beginning of this shift in the podcast toward science, please… are (slowly) going to get crazy. We will upload the video of this discussion shortly to start to see some of… ultimate goal here is however not art itself. It is to curate this tiny world of obscure artists with the power… future episodes we’ll be curating this underground movement of what may be termed “Neo-Escherians” & Sci-Artists… our latest guest at The Portal: the reclusive London Tsai. I’ve been tracking this brilliant mathematical arti… Portal Podcast now begins its gentle swerve towards its true purpose w/ our new episode. Having built a followi…
The duel I mentioned in my podcast with Bryan Callen. It is anomalously good for an on screen sword fight:… @davidarredondo Amazing no? Thx. @BadHombreMarcoB Totes. @rahusphere @ShashiTharoor Would love to introduce my mostly Western Audiences to more Indian and sub-continental themes and issues.A new account has arisen. Strauss had a great run while the esoteric/exoteric communication theory lasted. Those we… is possible that I’m getting this wrong if someone even more powerful is being protected in this murky soup of l… one of the @nytimes most dogged critics I want to comment cautiously here. But this reads like a pre-Clinton pre…
@_BlockReport @Carole_King No way. She’s great. I’d love to have written just one of her best songs. Dare to dream.
I appreciate the grace with which such introspection is offered. A marvelous Christian trait which spread because… @ladypieface @Carole_King That won’t work unless she knows wherever I am.I want to talk with @Carole_King. Just went on Pilgrimage to the house in Laurel Canyon where she wrote Tapestry. C… @binyamin5965 I couldn’t remember! There is some issue about host/owner/master that I remember being a subtle issue…
I don’t hate this. It’s dangerous, but I hate having to tune in to Hong Kong’s brave and desperate stand to remind… @chrizap Of course not.[My point about the different faces of Trump portrayed by the Press was real, but I think the article was a gag if… can barely remember how many different people Donald Trump has been to our press in their portrayals: Winner. St… four years ago, the liberal paper of the University of Pennsylvania was celebrating “the largest single gift… @WarrenKushner Notice the use of the word “apparently” above because I can’t vouch here. I’ve been taken in before…’m not going to make a point of this. But I‘ve a homeless follower in Portland OR apparently who is trying to inve… @TimLewis33 Ha ha ha. Funny. @DavidRBoughton Right back to you sir! Happy thanksgiving. @paranoidream Well, write them notes. Do beautiful acts. Small ones. Words fall between cracks if they aren’t archival.