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You don’t say! Say more? this very interesting moment, I would like us to consider the totality of things that could happen now to keep h… younger Brother has a plan. I told him what I thought: It’s crazy. I also told him that crazy and stupid are… @RubinReport Formerly Liberal.... @RubinReport There was a tension within the times. It appears that the tension is no longer significant. The NYT h… by the way it wasn’t said to me. It was said to someone at the top of another occupation who fit the epithet. T… the rhyming whisper campaign against mid career Caucasian men doesn’t exist?? I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t come… @chadloder I would include the in-thread second tweet as well from the original poll.
@declanganley With you brother. Just a spot of bother.For some reason I just never get up in the morning and think “How do we undo the legacies of Dick Gregory, Rosa Par… else notice that the Paper of Record seems to be actively trying to foment division at like...oh...every pos… always raise the “this is biased by your audience” argument. Please retweet from accounts that are likely to… @BradleyGeer Prove it by running the same poll from a different account of similar size. @GadSaad Actually I don’t because the question I’m asking is designed to understand perceptions. I understand your… a person legitimately not support, or even strongly oppose, “Black Lives Matter” for reasons that are in no way racist:My experience is that the NYT has simply rapidly changed what it is. I spoke to them off the record not long ago an…⁦@EricRWeinstein⁩ is brilliant, and this is my favorite podcast going (further explanation in next tweet). But this…
Retweeted by Eric WeinsteinTo commemorate the Mayor’s order to clear #CHOP, in the space provided below, please rationalize the decision makin… the police who every good progressive wanted to defund 2 weeks are now in a surprise move being called in to cle… me guess: this is absolutely incendiary? Did I get it right? #2020
People think that the US has lost the ability to innovate. Yet it took only 5 years for the US to catch up to ISIS… me. But the relentless fresh delivery of giant heaps of ‘stupid’ everyday drive me to distraction.Adults? Are there any adults? Anywhere? Adults. The answer is grownups.
I have been relentlessly critical of Molyneux. I do not know him and he frightens me. But if Stefan’s worst views…
@brookedallas @LBStone @boqu @boqu and @LBStone will not be spared. @z3nblack @brookedallas Word up. @LBStone @brookedallas What ‘yep’?? You’re outed next hotshot... ;-)[@odi_logan I believe is the creative force behind many of the clips themselves. Please let Brooke and Logan know i…[If you have any ideas/skills, the amazing @brookedallas is coordinating a terrific team w others. I’m picking on h… you haven’t subscribed to the team at the Portal Clips channel, they are releasing all kinds of highlights. Just…
@Communipaw_Farm I don’t like it. Of course.
Those who want to see everything through a lens of race and class, judging individuals based on immutable character…
Retweeted by Eric Weinstein @ShotnNuage @esstheman @MattWelch PSB?
@elewrockjazz Perhaps.I appreciate your desire to reduce racism. I share it. I am sure you appreciate my desire to avoid chaos and colla… respectfully disagree. Put bluntly, even MLK progressives are now worried about the entire well meaning progressi… @MarcBodnick @chadloder Huh. Say more? I’m more worried about a slide into fear and hysteria which will become self-fulfilling. @LoganTheBlackD1 @BRLong1010 Explain the issue from both sides please? I don’t tow. @androog Huh. Okay. I don’t know about such things much. Thanks. @eigaiwuna Ok. But that is a fair amount of inference. @mr_analytic I don’t know it is not a noose either. That was my point. Thanks. @MarcBodnick @chadloder I’m worried about panicking people into thinking everything is racist to the point where no… @MarcBodnick @chadloder I don’t know about this. I’m not a sailor, stock car driver or boy scout. If it’s highly un… does this woman know with such confidence what she is seeing? I would have guessed a rope for towing. How doe… am not focused on NASCAR. I’m looking at tweets like this and it is breaking my heart that we are making ourselve… time in the next few days, we‘ll discover that Los Angeles has a state beach named after an obvious racist who… short, many of those cut outs would turn Into Black faces. And Latino faces. And mothers with kids would be seen… don’t remember anything from week to week. We don’t connect the dots. We just argue emotionally like we are doin… weeks ago we had #shutdownstem. About black Americans. In Science. Let me be clear: Lab heads explicitly refer… @cryptoknyte I was being intentionally ridiculous. As I find this labor market argument by emotional pictures to be ridiculous. @PeachesJenkins4 No shit. @varchar You are missing my intended point. The point is that they are using pictures in an emotional way to repres… @PDugov No. It implies you aren’t being shown a labor market. If I showed a picture of a flat boring scrubby desert…, notice the number of black faces in this photo in proportion to the number of black citizens in the American… is not at all how labor markets work. But it‘s very emotional. Notice that if I replace the word “Lab” with t… New York Times everyone.
@besttrousers @ZachWeiner @californiaweed Huh. Whatever. Be well. @besttrousers @ZachWeiner @californiaweed Sorry? Is that a response? I could say the same thing about the quadrati… @besttrousers @ZachWeiner @californiaweed Until then... @besttrousers @ZachWeiner @californiaweed “Cups and Balls”? Trick?? That’s adorable. Let me know when you finally… @besttrousers @californiaweed @ZachWeiner End/ This partial vs general equilibrium is a dodge. You aren’t dealing w… @besttrousers @californiaweed @ZachWeiner 3/ I treat workers as having rights that function as constraints on what… @besttrousers @californiaweed @ZachWeiner 2/ Then we get the idea that the government will distribute the kidneys a… @besttrousers @californiaweed @ZachWeiner 1/ Nope. It’s you who don’t get the argument. You‘re confusing two issues… @besttrousers @californiaweed @ZachWeiner Oh? @herendrea I don’t think that is where this is. I have no inside scoop and am not a general Clinton Body Count guy.… @chadloder @afspnational Didn’t know Steve Bing was suicidal and not at peace. It’s been years since I’ve seen him. So surprising.
@thegman519 I’m just surprised that Steve Bing wasn’t at peace. @FriedrichHayek Suicide is not always a suicide problem.Steve and I graduated in the same class from the same high school in Los Angeles. I must say that I never saw a d… can either respond to these tweets below in thread, or send privately to where my producer… Portal: I'm getting ready to record an experimental new type of episode, where I answer questions from liste… we accept and choose otherwise, that is....We are all Mr. Anderson.’ve met @slatestarcodex in San Francisco. Smart, shy and nice as could be. He’s got to be entitled to have a psych… individual is outgunned at all times. We cannot easily fight back. But this is ridiculous. So many great people… have been reluctant to put things behind paywalls and all that retail stuff, but I will now set something up to a… @slatestarcodex and others go off line, I’m changing tactics. I need to move to become unfirable and uncan…“Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute Order 66.” -Emperor Palpatine Another lighthouse goes dark. Another vo… @ZachWeiner @bryan_caplan If you have new arguments, I’m game. Find me in my DMs. But I am bored by the arguments I… @ZachWeiner @bryan_caplan The issue isn’t about bleeding heart liberals. It’s about employers who use bleeding hear…
@ZachWeiner Zach: If you have new arguments I’m interested. Did not think highly of your “pure villainy” claim. It… @ZachWeiner U) Immigrants revitalize our nation! V) Have you read the poem at the Statue of Liberty? That’s my Ame… @ZachWeiner O) Immigrants are huge philanthropists! P) Immigrants pay an enormous amount in taxes. Q) Immigrants… @ZachWeiner J) No person is illegal! K) Americans are bad at hard things but Asians are great at them and want to… @ZachWeiner E) Barriers create inefficiencies! F) Science and Technology are global! G) Some blue ribbon study c… @ZachWeiner Wait. Let me guess! A) Markets are the best for allocating talent efficiently! B) STEM fields need th… an incredible claim! Imagine: all you have to do is find out that someone is any anyway opposed to unrestricte… the evil H1-B program would/will cause a tremendous amount of short term damage to the US and will be pa… audio essay on race and the Blues begins this episode: average intelligence of the woke in a single picture. Evil, sanctimonious, angry, stupid and violent is no way…
Why is Ghislaine Maxwell so anti-interesting to our media? To our FBI? To our CIA? I mean these folks do *not* want… people seem confused who don’t know that the tweet author works at the NYT as head of the #1619Project.… @MichaelKiel17 @mickytorro Thanks. This is getting exhausting. @HugeHogMan The author of the Tweet works at the Times. @1LLMATIX The author of the tweet is at the Times. @JeanClaudeFox2 @toshiahope94 Thanks. @SmashinGrab The tweet author is from the Times.I want us all to think about this interaction between the New York Times and us. We are being lead over the edge to… @DozaVisuals @ZachJoachim It’s a good simple start.