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Eric Swalwell @ericswalwell East Bay, California

Dad to Nelson & Cricket | Husband | Congressman for CA-15 Working to End Gun Violence Once and For All

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@WilkersonCaleb I see you call yourself a Christian in your profile. From one to another, God Bless and have a great day.Worked #InYourShoes as a page at #SanLorenzo Library. One patron stopped and said, “Well, this is quite different t…‘Is it not racist to say these things?’ — Democrat @RepSwalwell was called ‘unparliamentary’ by Republican colleagu…
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I’m done listening to lectures about being un-American from the party whose Kentucky senator just blocked a bill to save 9/11 victims.
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#BREAKING! But Trevor had it wrong: I do give a #&$%. I care that this racist befouls the Oval Office & America’s good… @sashacharnin Sorry NY 🤷‍♂️
‘Is it not racist to say these things?’ — Democrat @RepSwalwell was called ‘unparliamentary’ by Republican colleagu…
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.@ericswalwell claps as @SpeakerPelosi words are read back. Rep. Doug Collins wants to "take down her words" pointi…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellAlthough @realDonaldTrump did not march at #Charlottesville, his presence burned in every torch. Today’s condemna…
He’s not dead (says he)! But thanks, @cheddar, for posting memories from the campaign and see you on the Congress… @derek_mafs @RepJeffries @realDonaldTrump That was just last week. C’mon.I’m old enough to remember when it was edgy for @RepJeffries to call @realDonaldTrump the “Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”The government shouldn’t make a single cent of interest off the back of any student’s loan. A student loan is an in… He’s not better than “that.” He stokes “that.” He stirs “that.” He is “that.” And “that” is why we must beat… why @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP say 0 about @realDonaldTrump’s racist tweet? It’s a smash & grab presidency. T… are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You…
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You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You are home. You… @ericswalwell @ConanOBrien I sure do! Conan, DM me and we'll get it sorted out.
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellGet a hold of yourself, @ConanOBrien. Besides, @ewarren has a plan for that. Senator? @edhenry Great to hear, @edhenry. It was a selfless act that I hope inspires others who can, to do. Best wishes to you both.Same
Must-read thread honoring Jaime Guttenberg, daughter of @jguttenbergot & @fred_guttenberg. No parent should ever ha…
But do I get a golden parachute?
It's time to open an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. (1/)
Retweeted by Eric Swalwell"There's going to be an accounting for what he has done ... He's doing this for one reason and one reason only: to…
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"There's going to be an accounting for what he has done ... He's doing this for one reason and one reason only: to…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellThank you, @ewarren. Your campaign is elevating many of the most important issues to the next generation of America… you for doing this, Scott. Block by block, you are making a difference to #endgunviolence., Cenk! @TheYoungTurks has been pivotal in making ending gun violence, reducing student debt, and cleaning up…
@michaelhoeweler @POLITICOMag @meganamccrink Better than I deserve to be portrayed. Thank you for sharing. @mattdizwhitlock For someone you’re not worried about, you’ve obsessively spent the morning already attacking her.… lot of Dem presidential candidates were asked how they’d work with @senatemajldr McConnell. Lots of different app…, @CoryBooker — I’ve enjoyed working with you on the trail. And it shakes me every time you share a story abo… you @ericswalwell for advancing gun violence prevention and millennial leadership at the presidential stage —…
Retweeted by Eric Swalwell @crookedmedia Eric Swalwell: "Today ends our presidential campaign, but it is the beginning of an opportunity in Congress."…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellThank you, @amyklobuchar — enjoyed crossing paths with you on the trail and excited to watch your campaign as the r…
Thank you, @KamalaHarris. It was an honor to share the stage with you. And I know how much you care about the fight…“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” Louis L'Amour, Lonely… you, @ericswalwell for your commitment to our democracy and fighting to bring your vision forward. I like the…
Retweeted by Eric Swalwell#ThankYou @ericswalwell @RepSwalwell for running and making the issue of #GunReform #GunControl a centerpiece of yo…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellI want thank my supporters & friends, my staff, & my family for making this journey possible. I’ll never forget the… @daveweigel 🙋🏼‍♂️We need more young moms in Congress! Let’s build off our midterm success that shaped the youngest & most diverse Co… No words to describe the feeling I get when I see these words come across my pager. Heroic efforts we…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellHealthcare is an urgent issue. We need this generation to step up and solve these problems.
We have become a corrupt country, run by nepotism. military parade 🙄 We should be spending that money on healthcare and on finding cures.! Congratulations to @USWNT on an amazing win! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #USAvNEDWe have the most comprehensive plan to END gun violence. We will intervene at every stage of a gun's life to protec…
We were able to get Biden, Sanders, and Harris to support our #BanAndBuyback plan at last week's debate. We are mov… will end gun violence by overwhelming the ballot box #VOTE @ericswalwell You’re a true warrior Mr. Swalwell and your day in the sun is coming. Thanks for fighting for our chi…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellWe are going to end gun violence. We are not going to end responsible gun ownership, hunting, and target shooting. Mueller Report doesn't say that the relationship between Trump's administration and Russia stopped...’re accusing someone of deserting our military? You had your rich Dad get you out of serving in Vietnam, and rep… #SummerBook recommendation. I recently finished an unsettling, but must-read account on the toll of gun violence… @BarackObama be like... the support!! That's right--all it takes is $1 to guarantee the strongest candidate on ending gun violen…
We WILL find cures in our lifetime's time to #PassTheTorch American people need to hear from Mueller himself. current political climate is a sign of the times...It's time to usher in new leadership and a new generation., how many days until @warriors tip off? #DubNation
Our patriotic pup is looking forwards to the future...are you? Join us: birthday, America! Love, Nelson wear orange to end gun violence. "While many candidates...have come out in support of banning all assault weapon… Independence Day!! We fought for our democracy 243 years ago. Now it's time to save it. will win if we look forward. We are where we are because of failed leadership in the past. We need to look towar… isn't about age. It's about not relying on politicians from the 80s, when our problems really started…
@travisakers @ewarren Fwd any response you getThe President likes to be flattered by North Korea. But the rest of us at home? We're not getting anything out of t… are going to get out of whatever contract Donald Trump has gotten us into with the Russians. is a crisis. 44 million Americans are drowning in loans. Education must be debt-free. are in cages. Veterans are without homes. And too many who are poor are sick without care. We don’t need t… deserve better. are a @Pixar Cars household. And even 1000 viewings later — including this morning’s 5AM showing, I still love t… 9/11 when I drove home from the CIA to my house in DC, my roommate and I remarked how weird it was to see milita…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellWe need massive investment in genomics, data-sharing and targeted therapies so we can find cures in our lifetime fo… don't need to fear the NRA. The NRA should fear the moms. They are fighting to end gun violence...and I stand st…
None of us can take more pictures of children in cages & mothers separated from their babies. I don’t say this l…, let me list the Top 10 occasions when quick access gun safes aren’t practical: 1. When you want your child t…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellGreat plan! And thank you for your service. I noticed none of your ideas include blowing $90m on a jets & tank para… = GOALS ⚽️⚽️ ⚽️. Go USA!The competition is ruff out there... the money for his fucking parade and send it to the VA so they can provide actual mental health care services.…
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellLast week at the #DemDebate, we were able to get Biden, Sanders, and Harris to support our ban and buyback program… you a veteran or related to one? If so, please respond and share what you think the U.S. Government could do wi…’s Palsy is hilarious! don’t agree with much of what @MrAndyNgo ever says. But that’s not the point. He should not be harmed for his vie… Here is the #PassTheTorch moment everyone is talking about. It's not about age. It's about ushering in new i… steaks are high.
It’s July 1. So for me & 40M others, time to pay our student loans. We’re not asking for freebies, just not to be g… came in hot at the debate last week and we'll continue to bring the heat at the July's debate. Are you ready? have been discussing the same ideas on guns for 25 years. It’s time to change that.
Retweeted by Eric SwalwellWe're ready to break up with Russia. Are you? Just $1 could help: thread is a must read. We can protect #2A and also protect the innocent. California just did it.…