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🎭: Destiny 2’s Ana Bray, Dream Daddy’s Amanda, Fortnite’s Radio Yonder DJ, #PlayAvengers, & more | RPGs | Reps: @a3artistsagency @bohemiagroup1 | she/they

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@sweeetanj @RoxyCarozzo @UPFitness Excitedddd @jaktnova Right? I’m going to keep wearing them. @kellyAREKAYyeo @topheroriel Thank you and OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. @TheeLegit @topheroriel I make sure to work with talented artists!If you met yourself, what would you say? I mean, I’m not the only one who would make out with myself, right???💋 Lov… @sweeetanj @RoxyCarozzo @UPFitness GOT DAMB WOMAN. Ughhhhhhh the amount of definition you can get! So jelly!! @TweetneyMoore O-ok @AlexWard777 Hahaha amazing! @AlexWard777 Dearest Alex. I really don’t want to dunk on you but I have 4 total spread over 2 computers, plus a TV.
@TweetneyMoore Uhhhhh I meeeaaaaaan 😳🔥 @CspiderMx HAHAHAHA @erikaishii
Retweeted by Erika Ishii @jesus_spicy Thank you!! @joestarr187 YEAH I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT OCCASIONALLY. STOPPED CLOCK AND ALL THATFELLOW NERDS. It’s Voter Registration Day. It is not hyperbole when I say this is a matter of life or death. Vote.… the surface lies a secret. Are you bold enough to uncover the truth of this frozen wasteland?…
Retweeted by Erika Ishii @erinmorgenstern @EthanMAldridge Oh goodness I love these!! @NotaKaptin YES!!The 4K Akira remaster is gorgeous. The color, print, sound, all perfect and iconic. So glad to see one of my favori… @MatthewBent17 @Tisairi One day....KANEDAAAA! @johnnyyongbosch came by to introduce the screening! #Akira4k #ad #SonyDriveIn @ForsakenBorg @Jennernugen Porsche! @Kofiekats Absolutely @Lasselelle Gooorgeous!!!Who wants to join @jennernugen and my motorcycle gang? Red leather mandatory. #ad #Akira4k #SonyDriveIn @AdriosaGaming Thank you!! @MjolnirMK86 Honestly I’m so grateful. It means so much to me @justnickisok OH HECK YESSSS @bluejay_712 Thank you I WILLL @Neko_nyaah It’s all thanks to Akira! @bluejay_712 AWWWWW THANK YOU LADY @Lasselelle Love the manga so much!! @brucerockac God I want a bike @BaphometJack I love thisss @sldfspectresix OoOooo! @justnickisok You’re in luck! Now’s the time! @Matt_Grigsby Thank you!! @Tisairi I want that bike so bad @Aeriqui KANEDAAAAAAkira!!! The film that inspired my entire aesthetic is getting a 4K release and I was lucky to be invited to a driv… @Xanderrific XANDER WHAT IS GOING ON ARE YOU OK??? @Xbox @bethesda @XboxP3 Whooooaaaa!!
@happyattlive Thank you so much!! This made my day!!! @KrystinaArielle ALL THE ERIKA ISHII IS FOR YOOOOU. 😘😘😘an erika ishii fancam for u all on this fine #d21st
Retweeted by Erika Ishii @happyattlive Oh my god I love this and love you ahhhhh @GeoffBisente I’m just a dumb word-sayer. If you told me to buy a literal potato to talk into, I’d trust your judge…
@KeichiOkami @TheTreavor @CosBlade Haha yeah, we met through.. I want to say pirate friends?? @stephaniesheh @RandyCoppinger @actor_morla OH! AYYYYE 👁 @RandyCoppinger @actor_morla What?? @actor_morla SAME @actor_morla PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! It’s on my list now too! @MargaretKrohn You are so sweet always! And ohhh my gosh please I want to see you decked out in her stuff!!! 🥺✨ @crafty_dragon_ Awwww thank you!! @justwesley I looove @LIV_Body! @BrizzyVoices Meee tooo @Hidefininja @CosBlade @AngelicRockwood @ItsDaniCarr @BenShumanVO @LizForkin @ItsDanoba @vincecaso I MISS YOU @vincecaso @CosBlade @AngelicRockwood @ItsDaniCarr @Hidefininja @BenShumanVO @LizForkin @ItsDanoba I MISS YOU VINCE @CosBlade I miss you, you scallywag. I hope we can pirate again soon enough. @geek4u77 Sir, it’s 2020 not 2005... @Manzinat0r 😭god and when you roll in with a crew of 🔥Hot Nerds🔥 and people don’t know what to do so they just kind of go along with it. @CosBlade @AngelicRockwood @ItsDaniCarr @Hidefininja @BenShumanVO @LizForkin @ItsDanoba @vincecasoIt’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day and I miss me mates. I miss sea chanties. And I miss annoying all the normal p… @diamondsong Ahhh thank you! I’m learning to eyeshadow! @OnlineXander YES IT IS SHE @ericalindbeck One of my greatest fears is friends worrying I’m only friends with them because they are somehow us… @DragonLady2679 Thank you!! @025_Ajax Both? @RiseBeauyasha Awwww thank you!! @theJocelynbee Me toooo @BudsCallMeSeige Thank you! @KtObermanns 😘✨ @TheRileyOMalley Thank you!! I’m trying to learn!! @DevLizPat Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to do this and share with us all! Aghhh I love this poem so much!Handmade copper & aquamarine pendant by my friend Katya was the perfect touch for gothy virtual date night outfit.… @verykirious OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY PERFECT
@BudsCallMeSeige Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and for letting my reading inspire this. @XavierWoodsPhD @satinephoenix @dazey32 Thank you.Democratic donors gave more money online in the 9 p.m. hour after RBG died — $6.2 million — than in any other singl…
Retweeted by Erika Ishii @CheriPark5 Thank you for listening. And yes. Tomorrow we fight. @CheriPark5 Thank you. But not just you. @SamMaggs Bless you for returning to this dark website to bring joy. @mariacomet We will get through this. I promise. @JusticeVanCho THE GOOSE @KevinAllensays Ok! @JusticeVanCho You have Chocobos? @nickfolkman @digitalgain Burbank is ok. Not too bad. @joshscherr RIGHT?? @BudsCallMeSeige I’d love to see it!4.6 magnitude in South San Gabriel. You ok, Los Angeles? @BudsCallMeSeige Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. @KristaVernoff Thank you so much. tribute to the extraordinary life of Justice Ginsberg, I’m matching donations to this fund up to $10,000 tonight…
Retweeted by Erika Ishii @highspeedmerge I am the moon, I merely reflect. @Jenirah @rbray18 Hahaha! Awww. @rbray18 @Jenirah Gosh. Knowing that you all have been there for me for this wild journey brings my heart joy. 💕 @ktpendergastt Thank you 💕 @MairghreadScott Thank you so much, Mairghread. From someone who is a professional at words, that means a lot. @Jenirah I am forever incredibly grateful for our generous, loving, kind community.