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Erik Kroes 🏔 @erikkroes Utrecht, The Netherlands

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@detonite @timonvanhasselt Heb jij een idee? @stommepoes @paciellogroup That might just be I'm used to using android. I think pretty m… @stommepoes @paciellogroup All cookie notices seem to be evil. So many dark patterns I stopped keeping track. @MarcoZehe In the Netherlands it's English for all. French or German for a lot. And Latin/Greek for a few. In theor… @stommepoes @paciellogroup Immediate cookie changes. That's scary. Do you use an android phone? @ShellELittle I find it funny that it's different for everybody. Some people never hit 3 viewers verage, other not… @wesbos Time for the ultimate course. Pick a domain yet? @ericwbailey @hankchizljaw Speak @stommepoes @paciellogroup NVDA has confusing behavior. I opened a bug for it @Roland1976 @Marielle_typt Een bedraad netwerk? Wat een fantasie @iain_vdw Logarithmic scale does seem pretty relevant @iain_vdw Nobody specified which part of the curve! @daKmoR You don't know untill you hover assuming you can hover.Are never-dropping numbers also a way of flattening the curve?The perennial problem of accessible toggle buttons is revisited by @erikkroes.
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @paciellogroup Thanks for picking this up. Much appreciated! @MarcoZehe How many languages do German "neighbours" speak? I think there's nothing to be ashamed of (and you're not missing much, really). @zachleat I'd like a list of all the things I can't tell anyone. (Nice usecase!)Put my Twitch recordings on YouTube. Post it on LinkedIn. Mention that on Twitter. (Wish I found a good way to hand… @MarcoZehe I can read most German perfectly fine (while leaving the talking to my wife). And sometimes more content is better! @cassiecodes @hankchizljaw Time for a get poor seminar! @MarcoZehe Hallo! (I can do German like this. Very manageable!) @pthormeier @liip That explains the highly specialized measuring tools 😄me: reads documentation documentation: these options are pretty self explanatory @mbootsman Except for the menu partOuch. @ShellELittle That was fast! @zachleat I was just about to. @liip @pthormeier Requirements: A laptop, a phone and lots and lots of tape.A hamburger menu with only one item. The item is "home".
@AmeliasBrain What a mess. Wouldn't even know where to start. I hope you get rid of it fast, as much as that is possible. @AmeliasBrain I've got a reeeeeally big one. Can I help you in any way? @SaraSoueidan Worth itI feel most stable and certain with these shoes. And now I don't want to wear them anymore. Clean up after your do… virus should be no reason to not clean up after your dog. I just cleaned my favorite shoes for the second time i… @pleasantlytwstd @halfcoordinated Why do we have to make a case for not excluding people?
@mmatuzo @mxbck Very tempting @stommepoes When you pick Leen Bakker over plants.So I want to share something. I talked to my therapist about my cautiousness with Covid and how all the ableds arou…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @ProgrammerDude @Ron_Roozendaal En dat dan in een krant. @helenasometimes Quality
@coderGirlnl Might be a bit hurtful for your knees right now!Learn to walk before you can run? Mehh. I walk like an old man and I just ran and it felt great. @SaraSoueidan @zachleat Social distance high five is best high five. @WheelChairGam3r No amount of force can fix that 😕 Annoying!
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Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔It was fun! Thank you for having me Erik and thank you who joined in to watch! It was a bit of a struggle to make…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @WheelChairGam3r IMHO building PCs is all about "how subtle should my force be? @sophies_choice It went perfectly fine! Was very glad to have you join!We had a nice stream with @sophies_choice! There's a lot she still wants to learn about accessibility. We're gonna… with Accessibility? Stream going live now with @sophies_choice! She'll share some fresh observations whi… @philhawksworth @codebeast @Netlify @sarah_edo @jlengstorf I'll put this on my pile of Reddit Gold. Thanks! @Netlify @cassidoo You can't just ask people to Okay I'll clap. @philhawksworth @codebeast @Netlify @sarah_edo @jlengstorf I BET ITS AN EMPLOYEE OF THE COMPANY! @7strel Thanks! It was quite a hassle to move all the mess away 👍🏿 @asinnema Porties zijn leugens! Allemaal bedacht door big portie! @lynnandtonic I'm so glad I didn't say Frontpage. I couldn't do that to you @lynnandtonic Amazing use of Dreamweaver 😬 @Maarteuh With her camo shirt on of course 😄 @WheelChairGam3r I grabbed the first tripod I could find and put it behind my desk 😄My little girl just used her first savings to buy a toy bed for her dolls. She just told them quietly "I brought y… @melaniersumner Til!A fresh view in a few hours! #a11y #accessibility #webdev @markdalgleish Lots of errors make the screen look warmer 👍🏿 @brucel It's a little bit too quiet.Two new screens! A good reason to update with positive tabindexes! 8h30m untill we stream. Looking forward to it! @stevefaulkner @HSBC_UK And on the phone you might not get a person either 🤷🏿 @RianRietveld I found this to be an interesting question for AOM and privacy issues as well. Does making use of the… @jlengrand You and your mom?The ING Data Science Meet-up can be found online. A video with 3 nice speakers and some good questions! with Accessibility? Today I'll stream with @sophies_choice. She'll share some fresh observations while d…
I wrote about how my brain injury took away my choice of whether or not to have children for The Guardian’s childfr…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @FriendlyAshley Odds are slim but I can hope! @FriendlyAshley That looks so good! Congratulations! @adambsilver But contrast is a really complicated subject right? Not like.. some basic that all designers can pick up easily? *cough*Thanks to @timonvanhasselt for the inspiration. Also submitted it for Chrome, but it's in review. Code on Github:…🦊 A Firefox extension to enhance the browsing experience. That's something I haven't tried before. Until now:… @scottohara @hankchizljaw You need to earn it @iknowdavehouse It made you end up on twitter. Fall back! @stevefaulkner @heydonworks You can even make Web Components without JS 👀 @NickColley I think you're more than reasonable. @NickColley Yep. And also lawsuits, bad rep and all those fun things. They're very hard to express in monetary value. @NickColley Being inaccessible can cost it money though @AcoStarkana @norablindsided @PaulCreenis12 @steveschoger Banking is a necessity for everybody. Exclusion is not an option. @danielverlaan Beterschap! @MarcoInEnglish Exactly. I just stream my desktop including the conversation. People can share their screen. I thin… @MarcoInEnglish Whatever the guests prefers really. Video-conferencing tools have worked well so far. So google meet, zoom, etc. @MarcoInEnglish By asking them, and hoping they don't ignore me 😄Platform available! I stream weekly about Web Accessibility and related topics. Is there somebodies voice you want… @feather Well I can't stop you there. You're in control of your own nostrils!All my plants: stop! you're mistreating us! Orchid: shall I grow a new leaf after blooming? @feather Seems like a bit much @codeability Eternal justice
@KennoM @PlotterTweeter I was planning on streaming my journey. So very much pro-hypnotism @KennoM @PlotterTweeter I was considering not using inkscape. Even though having only a bit of frustration sounds really nice. @rulesbyrosita Yeah, I think you can. But I want them downloaded/exported/stored. Not just keep them inside Instagr… @mori4you It's so much fun. I have been eyeing it for a long time!Is there a current and active plugin to import instagram pictures into WordPress? I was hoping to import pictures,…