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Erik Kroes 🏔 @erikkroes Utrecht, The Netherlands

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@GarethFW @SteveALee Which is fine @GarethFW @SteveALee I don't know anything either but so many buttons! @jeroenheijmans Velleman. That's very findable. Thanks! @jeroenheijmans So ehmm... Where are these sold? @jongold The Jungfraujoch near Interlaken in Switzerland. Because the entirety of Switzerland. management is still a mystery to me. @sanstreamed @themarcba @WskyWednesday @JulezRulez Thanks! It's fun to talk about!
@stommepoes @FriendlyAshley @yatil @Joanmarie And take everything that @stommepoes says with a grain of salt! @FriendlyAshley @yatil 🤐<legend></legend> That's all. @brucel @hellgy Expression of the third with the clothing of the first. Perfection must be a heavy burden (it's the part where you see errors and can type JavaScript) Somebody will be along to improve my code shortly!When you want to click all elements with class X on a page. Open the Browser Console of your browser. Type the f… @rulesbyrosita I wish that was enough. It was everrrywhere!Duralex glasses sounded great. When one breaks in your dishwasher... it's no party. @yatil Distance over details. Or something alikeWant cookies? Notifications? Sell your soul? A newsletter? I sincerely dislike misclicking.It might help to not ask this when people are sleepingSo school has been open for a while now in the US. What have been the effects? @alisoncwarren @iknowdavehouse @maddywhitty @asinnemaweet waar je op stemt lieve #fvd kiezers
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@jina 😳
@LeonieWatson @paciellogroup @w3c Let's hope the right people find their way to this grant then. @StuRobson Nothing a good hood can't fix? In the Netherlands we have a special "snack" with new year's. It goes in… @StuRobson Why not? I love Grand Designs. @LeonieWatson @paciellogroup @w3c Wait what.. a fund for a virtual meeting? There's no flights or hotels involved right? @ActiveB1t That's fine @Spellacy Where's the onclick? @beefan Somebody told me I was trying a filter while I actually have a way too expensive camera! It hurt. But I wa… @liatrisbian Even better, what if we can forget about how messy it is? That would be nice... @liatrisbian No "visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishi… @yatil Awesome! Now all you need is some more content :pFree screen reader NVDA has a Speech Viewer. This is very useful for presentations and demonstrations. "you can ho… 1.4.1 - Use of Color "Color is not used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an acti… know title-attributes do pretty much nothing for a desktop website. Especially if something already has an access… Failure Technique 42: "Failure of Success Criteria 1.3.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.3, or 4.1.2 when emulating links" But wh…! The no-html-image-button. ✨ CSS adds an image with ::after. JS catches the click. Developer done! 🛌🏿 No vis… I had to use a screen reader, I would probably never use random search buttons or anything that could open up a…'m live in 55 minutes. 😱 #id24
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @stevefaulkner @patrick_h_lauke @LeonieWatson @IanPouncey @aardrian Ah yes, the young ones. @benjystanton A bit of both. People can use Custom CSS or reader mode in their browser. I think no CSS at all woul… wonder what this menu will do on the mobile version. *resizes window* Ah.. it just disappears. @patrick_h_lauke Yum. Inclusive sausage.Slide deck from my #ID24 presentation: "What are accessible names and why should you care?" #a11y
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @sundress Sometimes I wish it would be easy to export biking culture. This shows a local s… @yatil It's all so logical @GarethFW @sophies_choice We'll just count on you without relevant knowledge. No problem!"Tabindex all the things!" No. You're not helping anyone with that. @sophies_choice @GarethFW Assumptions can be bad... but I'm assuming it will be good! @it_vegard It's wrapped in this beauty. <div class="page-wrapper" tabindex="0"> <div class="cookie-message" styl… any late-night west coasters, or friends in other time zones, I’ll be taking about debugging accessibility at…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @passle_ I'm always glad to contribute! @nonswearyphil Because of the hierarchy, of course! @SimondelaCourt Make it move but clickable? @daz_079 That would freak me out. @cldbrand Out of my element there! @rulesbyrosita @jashaj Yep! @it_vegard You scare me @hereinthehive Water, but no div-soup! @passle_ @jnurthen You guessed from the class? Was actually a Dutch website! @rubenduiveman @MrA11yx Awefully close! @yatil was a <span> of course. <div> is a block-level element! Nobody would use that 🙄No stream today. Please watch #id24!
@passle_ It could certainly do with some... tooling 😬 @passle_ I still grin when I think back to my first try submitting. I -had- to have a screenshot, according to the… the element! class="btn btn--blue" onclick="acceptCookies()" @A11YProject Thanks so much for sharing!"Everybody loves toggle switch on mobile, or so I've heard. But if you're building a website, how do you reproduce…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @katekalcevich Then there might not have been a Canada Post to begin with 😄 @katekalcevich I'm not sure how to deal with the travel time 😬 @danielkegel @evawesterhoff Maar dan is het niet de reden om dit te implementeren lijkt me. Waarom wordt dit geimplementeerd? @danielkegel @evawesterhoff Als je doel is om het beter te maken voor screen readers, moet je daar dan niet de tijd en energie in steken? @KlaraMiffili Can I swap my GitHub history for this?Oh my, just over 5 hours until #id24 kicks off: Schedule: I may n…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @Maarteuh Hoe maakt het paard dat open?!A spacer-gif web component is my most popular repository. Not sure what to think of that. stream tomorrow. I hope you'll all be watching #id24!
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @jlengrand UX > AWS!Designers, please tell your developers about the relationships in your design. #webdev #accessibility #a11y @mmatuzo That's like 25min more professional than most right? Good luck!No stream tomorrow. I hope you'll all be watching #id24!"Error Code: Success" Yes, this will surely help. Or maybe I shouldn't manually enable a disabled button. @zachleat Selling trained browser. Years of heavy lifting experience
🚨 JOB ALERT: Are you a passionate & talented D&I leader in Europe? Come #JoinTheFlock & help drive progress on one…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔 @katekalcevich Joining my wife in losing some weight! Weight was already going down but I might as well join her. @jlengrand @passle_ ✨ MaGic?! ✨ @jlengrand @passle_ I did! @hdv @banaan666 @Geebee Ik duim mee! @hdv The claims outnumber the ehmm numbers. @rachelandrew Keep demonstrating! @detonite @stommepoes Mostly enjoying eggs and meat so far! @detonite @stommepoes If I didn't know already, I would assume it's not for weight loss. @erikkroes Hej! I'm Damien, an autistic queer web worker using they/them pronouns. And sometimes I mention my ADHD…
Retweeted by Erik Kroes 🏔It appears I am in ketosis! 🤔 Curious to find out what the effects will be.(how) do you mention disabilities during an interview? @jorenbroekema Nice!