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A real piece of work in progress. Opinions my own. And even then, likely temporarily so.

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@ekanerva @OneChrisEdwards @veilletteTO @willmckinley Im guessing it was not boring. @OneChrisEdwards Half-full! @Wegthorn It’s not that they CAN’T... it’s that they don’t want to. They’re both tired and beaten, and then they sh… @OneChrisEdwards “Series” Either my autocorrect or my spelling is getting worse @OneChrisEdwards @veilletteTO @willmckinley @ekanerva He had a Batman aeties not too long ago which was, uh, batshi… @OneChrisEdwards @veilletteTO @willmckinley @ekanerva I wonder if the toothbrush also thinks the Earth is expanding… was the last time we won anything as a war? Not only should we not fight COVID-19 as a war, we should fight…
Retweeted by erikmissio @fodderfigure Yoh teddy bear heads up.
@EcstasyOfGoble Yeah. Took the almost-six and almost-ten to the theatre months ago and they both loved it. Carey cl… tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for the novel coronavirus—and six other big cats are exhibiting symptoms c…
Retweeted by erikmissioFrom the artist formerly known as Ethan Rilly (and now Hartley Lin), Pope Hats was great right from the first panel… @MrBitterwitter Sounds like someone is adopting a pet bird when this is all done....Hi there. Yes, you. If today was hard, I hope tomorrow will be better. 👍🏼 You are doing great. You really are. 🏆…
Retweeted by erikmissioexplaining to my friends w kids under 6 how it’s been isolating alone
Retweeted by erikmissio @MrBitterwitter Yes, and pretty much everything not a grocery store or pharmacy has shut. I’m working, but from hom… have been emotionally affected by every comic I own by @ohgigue. This one, a concise, smart, uncomfortable, prett… @Nanaaba @westernuFIMS 👋 @MrBitterwitter Loved the Hobtown books! So creepy. Are you under quarantine or is it physical distancing and self distancing at this point?This weekend is #quaranzinefest, an online art book fair for zinesters all over the world to share and sell their w…
Retweeted by erikmissio @MrBitterwitter It’s a rough time right now everywhere. You’re doing your best. I wonder if there’s a pigeon owner… @MrBitterwitter I am following this wraith bated breath. When are you online ordering a cage already?As a j-schooler who started in magazines and moved into comms, ain’t no shame in taking the reverse path, either. @anotherglassbox GunDAMN. @biancawylie We say this and mean it and don’t follow through, but let’s get together and/or go for a hike when we… @biancawylie Sames. Everything amplified—ups & downs. Got anger and nowhere to put it, finding beauty where I didn’… @biancawylie Hey. How’re you? @zacksoto Had no idea Kirby drew him! Also, now I want to return to my Kyle Baker Justice Incs... @OneChrisEdwards Your kind of content @OneChrisEdwards Don’t question Joe Kubert.
Published by @Short_Box, Daughters is my favourite of Bianca Bagnarelli’s comics, but really, all of her stuff is s… remember in vivid detail me buying this comic in 1990 at a mall store that wasn’t my usual shop. It’s probably a… Carroll (@emilyterrible) comics aren’t always darkly haunting, but they do always have this lasting, immersiv… comics of Andrew White (@whitecomics) can challenge me in all the satisfactory ways. Quiet, poetic, cleverly la… The only super-hero comic that matters. All hail @MichelFiffe who happens to like all the same stuff that go… @Nate_Powell_Art Nice! I also remember there being a super-fun Carlos Santana short I gotta dig out. I really do lo… @Toon_Dreessen Quality Canadian content there...Everything @Nate_Powell_Art does is so good. I love all his big books, the thick-spined, award-winning tomes... but…, I’ve completely stolen this idea from Zack Soto (@zacksoto) whose comics are all ace and will inevitably pop up in this list.) #sdccOk. I changed my own rules. I’ll just tweet one photo of one random comic each day for as long as this pandemic las… @OneChrisEdwards @KrissyT_13 I’m only lukewarm on Mr Brown... save for the lightning/thunder. @OneChrisEdwards @KrissyT_13 Best Seuss? My favourites have always been McElligott’s Pool and Scrambled Egg Super,… @KrissyT_13 @OneChrisEdwards @fodderfigure @yesterdaydances It’s an Argentine thing, but Nat and Lorelei drink club… @urbannaturestor Hi... hypothetically are you doing curb side (Don Mills) or online orders or neither at this point?Distract me, please. @OneChrisEdwards @fodderfigure @yesterdaydances We use our sodastream several times a day. (Sprung for the bougie g… @lesserredpanda Yes! Was blown away by that. Even the title scene visuals are a direct lift. Love realizing things… this time I want to offer you one of the purest expressions of grief and faith I've ever seen, which is a Kr…
Retweeted by erikmissio @thesuperjcast Holy gods. Great footage. I’m jealous and love it. Hope you and yours are well. I miss listening to… @thesuperjcast I love this! Would also love 30-second clips of water monitors in the park, but I guess this is probably nicer. @davidmissio We were there!
My brother ( drew @lulupencil_gtmv and it’s perfect. cc @EmiSakura_gtmv @gatohmove…'m sure it'll be easy to stuff this genie back in the bottle.
Retweeted by erikmissioThis is such a thoughtful and kind piece of writing. I've tweeted about the ways in which some parents have used so…
Retweeted by erikmissio @OneChrisEdwards Girl Meets World? Nice. But yeah, the only Disney animated film I have on DVD is Robin Hood. We h…
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Retweeted by erikmissioThread: I’ve been pretty quiet the last few weeks. It’s because I had #COVID19. I’ve been off social media focusing…
Retweeted by erikmissio @lesserredpanda Yoooooooooooooo. was at this show (at @markhamfair grounds!). This is my humblebrag applicable to 0.05% of my Twitter "audience."… @OneChrisEdwards We did on launch, solely so my wife/kids could get the High School Musical cinematic universe. Sin… someone with two grandparents with complex health needs who both caught COVID-19 in a facility I am torn by this…
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@OneChrisEdwards @fodderfigure @KrissyT_13 @AlCreed My NJPW Podcast (uh, that I listen to... not produce) was recen… @mattkindt @comickult @PaulHChadwick And there’s apparently more coming!!!!Top 100 of the 2010s: #62. Aama by Frederik Peeters (2011 - 2014) In the distant future, Verloc Nim wakes up in the…
Retweeted by erikmissioThis should be an event at the goddamned X-Games
Retweeted by erikmissio @fodderfigure DID YOU REFERENCE THIS OFF-CAMERA?One of my favourite comics, full stop, the year it was released. So good. Free. Read it and revel in its wonder and… this book and I will autograph this page., I think she said a swearword to a former prime minister's son on national television this morning while sitt…'s one of my favourite people on the planet. She knows more about Canadian music & Japanese wrestling & finer… @survivorcbs—this is gonna come off glib or maudlin or whatever, but: thanks. For last few weeks, the hour I wa… @OneChrisEdwards Suplex
@OneChrisEdwards Used book shops are essential services? (I mean, they are in MY world.) nice score! Was it on sail? #dimetrodonsofinstagram @ekanerva What about endnotes, Ed? WHAT ABOUT ENDNOTES? @heatherwestpr See, now we have definitely have to nail down a time to talk! @markhamlibrary Hi. Love & miss you. I don't know logistics of such things, but if you can attend, you should! (And…, but without the apologizing.
Retweeted by erikmissio @ElSub I don’t think of Patreon as a store to get stuff, speaking solely for myself, but as a way to throw cartooni… @hannorg 1. I don’t know what that is yet, but the music has been killer thus far. 2. No? @elaina_adams @spetersaunders Only two in, but it's soooo good! I hope the corgi sticks around! (No spoilers; I am weak.) @kylepinion @sethhahne Planetes? Or Vinland? @Jon_Ore I just went to Wikipedia and will now blame you for the nightmares I'll have for the rest of the week. @sethhahne @kylepinion @spetersaunders Oh, I love love love VS (the comic). If the show is basically a recreation,… @spetersaunders But I can't hang out with her right now... @kylepinion @spetersaunders I’m only two episodes in! But I will! (Although I think I want to try Vinland Saga next… theme song makes me want to save the world while looking cool. am watching Cowboy Bebop for the first time and oh good god. (Couldn’t you have told me about this more forcefull… @MatthewBogart If it helps at all, I think you’re a great cartoonist and I’m cheering for you. @CapsOffside May be an ugly one, too.
Do you have access to a 3D printer? Please consider responding to this Canadian call for 3D-printed PPE.
Retweeted by erikmissioEvery time I see a CW cover (which are fine), this is my first thought. @fodderfigure I thought this was in response to the photo of myself and was all bashful... but now that I see it’s Naito and I fully accept. @OneChrisEdwards Missile-io was his name-o. @OneChrisEdwards I wish. sharing this purest of photos, I have blessed your timeline with good luck for seven years. You’re welcome and c… @kylepinion If I didn't have kids and a very busy work-from-home schedule, this sounds like the ideal way to pass a… I know please buy this--the only super-hero blind spot (mmmaybe Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four? Rude/Baron Nexus?… @kylepinion Oooh... I haven't played most Sierra games since they were new, but I remember digging Conquest of Long… @kylepinion QFG forever and ever and ever amen. I’ve played those five games a billion time’s. Kickstarted the revi… the town near me (Llandudno) the mountain goats have moved further down out of hills and have started wandering…
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