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Erik Robson @ErikRobson Pacific Northwest

Designer/artist at Valve. Formerly Lead Designer @ Double Fine. Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Portal2, CSGO, DOTA, The Lab, Artifact. Currently on Artifact.

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@trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous @leepetty You piece of shit, you would just Like one of theseThis is called triaging. Every game does it. Being 100% bug free is impossible.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @talleydarkstar @kcline @mollygos You’ll miss good cheekbones when they’re gone. @trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous Shit, the dog just threw up everywhere and I have to deal with that but I wr… @trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous Sure. I think there's one movie's worth of material there. 1. Neo's omnipo… @_lucasalves It was the first one I actually listened to <part of>. Because I loathe hearing my friends fight. An… @HunterBlackComx Clearly not *that* hard. <rimshot>Checking the hashtags: #DemDebate OR #DemDebate2020 OR #DemDebates OR #DemocraticDebate Not seeing any evidence o…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonThis is your regular reminder that primaries should be decided using ranked-choice voting.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @ellewoodsgolfs Jen, I'm so eye-to-eye with you here, <eye-to-eye gesture> @mattyglesias This is a weird, super-cynical take. Uncharacteristic. @trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous You know, I would! As a lifelong creator, I don't think anyone's original v… @Zexerous @toddhowardguild @trevtrev45 👍 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous @trevtrev45 He didn't like being cursed at, which is fair, but I'm pretty sure you didn'… @trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild @Zexerous I'd argue that their short-term vision was sublime and their long-term visio… @Zexerous @trevtrev45 @toddhowardguild I think, under the premise that comedy needs to slice with a sharp edge at t…'t believe that guy paid half a billion dollars to get beat up on live television
Retweeted by Erik RobsonMe watching Liz Warren take it to Bloomberg.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @kcline @mollygos omg I get Geena Davis all the time tooThe Matrix
@ClickNothing @adam_orth Fair point!HERE FOR IT, OR HOW TO SAVE YOUR SOUL IN AMERICA is out now! “A laugh-out-loud memoir that is strongly recommended…
Retweeted by Erik Robson @adam_orth It doesn't work. It just gets replaced with a different cult. @SejanusClaudius Truly a classic.This is a really big deal. Microsoft are one of the few companies with the resources and competence to tackle digit…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonExcellent thread.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @BryanRenno I don't recall, but I just found this article: @BryanRenno Doom on the Genesis 32x!OMG, put Trump and the IOC together and there's no way it ends without a corruption scandal. sad thing I learned last year is that a surprising number of publishers never respond at all to book submissions.…
Retweeted by Erik Robson @agraybee Damn straight.John Rood resignation letter to President Trump “It’s my understanding from Secretary Esper that you requested my r…
Retweeted by Erik Robson @QanonAnonymous None. It's Bloomberg's IRA.There has been talk of both Roger Stone and former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher trying to broker a pardon for Assange. Th…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonBreaking, at pre-trial hearing for Julian Assange a court has heard that he will be calling a witness who will alle…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonThis is it. Having learned from Russia’s IRA - their methods and success - we now have a formalized, above-board v… ... will the platforms require these posts to be labeled as ads?
Retweeted by Erik RobsonET. Not because it was scary. @ZenOfDesign @loudandfearless First (only?) time I was so scared that I stayed up all night. Now, of course, I adore it. @HunterBlackComx Yup. @StevenLeeMay Refusing to watch it at this point in case it contains spoilers for my life.I need a new keyword / catchphrase / emoji for: 1. I read your reply and/or tweet. 2. I profoundly agreed/disagreed… @agraybee I want to weigh in for the null hypothesis: No, the CIA did not plan the LV shooting. @WNeilrlw12 No jury would convict you! @WNeilrlw12 Yeah, that’s what folks keep telling me. @TheLongHaulers It’s very delicate and I have NO IDEA.Haha update they’ve asked to sleep in the basement indefinitely oh lordy @MattBors It’s not about being profitable, either: it’s about showing value to investors, who expect growing revenu…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonWhere my djinn/ifrit RTS at?
When you elect The Joker president, *of course* he’s gonna let The Penguin and The Riddler outta jail
Retweeted by Erik RobsonI wonder if all these pardons are a run up to a Stone pardon *this week*. Like, before sentencing or just after se…, the largest millipede. Insects this large were only possible because the air was more oxygen-rich th… here we go down the rabbit hole. Gigantopithecus, the largest ape that ever lived. Imagine an ape so big you c… there once existed a giant baboon, the dinopithecus. It's pretty much just a nightmare made flesh. The top intelligence community lawyer, whose move to block a whistleblower complaint from reaching Congress le…
Retweeted by Erik Robsontangential speed is how fast a point is moving, when rotated around another point 🌪 s = ωr s - tangential speed (…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonReport: Everything’s fine. As I said elsewhere in the thread, the couple has been sort of a fixture in the neighbo… @HunterBlackComx @DiHuang If I were going to tell a big weird lie, it’d at least be an original one. @DiHuang Lol, I haven’t seen the film (yet) but it’s true. @HunterBlackComx Yep. I may be narrating unreliability tonight; very tired. @HunterBlackComx You smellers are so weird. “There’s this invisible thing that’s like poetry to your soul...” Sor… @HunterBlackComx The guy’s done odd jobs for us and everyone else in the neighborhood, so it’s not completely out o… @KatyHargrove THANK YOU @brandproctor We have a family friend who grew up in Seattle, and her childhood memory of Bothell is of "crack town… This is 100% real. 2. I'm 100% certain I will not be murdered.Hey! Guys. So. If you never hear from me again, it's because I was murdered by the homeless couple my wife and I… @HunterBlackComx @caitiedelaney (Sorry, that's how we talk in the game industry.) He's a fantastic writer, is easy… wants to #DefundTheBBC? Based on the profiles of the accounts tweeting the hashtag, a significant minority of t…
Retweeted by Erik Robson @HunterBlackComx @caitiedelaney Cool. I don't know how this is going down, but send Justin's info on over there-> He's wicked awesome.This is a good thread if you want to run a business in games.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @MuellerSheWrote @Mimirocah1 @MuellerSheWrote are you logging these?WRITERS! A friend of mine is looking to hear from staff writer level POC writers who are interested in animation. D…
Retweeted by Erik RobsonDad Unleashes Haunting Moan Of Satisfaction Upon Descending Into Hot Tub
Retweeted by Erik Robson @J5rson @FineArtAmerica Loving this one, that subtle shading in the spaces between certain branches. @TotoDarth Well, I was hoping to get through this without actually having to learn how to do anything in Minecraft *myself*, but... 😆
Wow. You go, judges. @DarkRees Hey, I like it! Good on them.People lie about who they are on the internet. Attribution is hard, even for professional teams of investigators w…
Retweeted by Erik Robson @brandproctor Thanks! @ThatTomHall @MikeJMika @netflix That one stands out in my memory for its high-res sprites, which were alternately…'re hiring a digital art director, based in New York. To apply:
Retweeted by Erik Robson30 year old Abraham Lincoln says ‘Sup.
Retweeted by Erik Robson @BroJo87 @TheRickWilson Dammit, you beat me by 7 minutes. That's some impressive frolicking by those pups.Hey Twitter - is there a mode in Minecraft that's basically, "creative mode, but monsters attack?" Or, even bette… @IwriteOK How are you always wet? @The_Rabbit42 Yes. @brandproctor Back atcha. 👍🏼 @HunterBlackComx Thx, that was just for you and like 0.5 other people. @mightyrobot @tashasounart Speaking as an anosmic: 1. They all taste the same. 2. They all taste bad. @artyfredlee @TotoDarth 😔 @TotoDarth I know, I know. But maybe she can turn him around? ...maybe?Although I post about politics all the time, I don't actually *argue* with people about politics on Twitter very of… died as it lived, Head
Retweeted by Erik Robson @justinamash He was like this in high school
Retweeted by Erik Robson
This is it right here
Retweeted by Erik RobsonCapcom VS a few years(?)