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@Sassy_Reapuwu now I'm stuck here @nighttempo 同じようなの持ってる!(汚い)
Retweeted by ericaやっと直しました〜💡
Retweeted by erica @celine_dionysus @HolidayKirk something about how that stuff is presented is super soul-crushing. I think it's impo… @ChikoritaCheez gynoid interest directory
#いいニーハイの日 🖤🤍
Retweeted by ericaThe 1998 classic is back: SaGa Frontier is being remastered with updated graphics, events, cutscenes, enhancements…
Retweeted by erica @transnami it took me a long time to accept but red is actually the best color @eiritana I have this problem pretty bad tbh. when other people do brush my hair it usually hurts a bit. I need a haircut lol @countgrungeula @mirajslut I want to believe she sacrificed it to the gods in an elaborate rich people ritual @coherentstates I agree whole heartedly. Sex positivity is really important. I think sex shame causes a ton of dama… @eiritana doll time brushy brushy @SucculentBud I raise you; Oxen @ZeroJanitor Mario 64 be like @poldiscoursebot money is a poor substitute for rights @celine_dionysus Floyd the Bowser @Voxandra I'm so happy 😭 I'm been wishing for this as far back as PSP!!RT if you want to hear Nirvripana - Real Mario Music @celine_dionysus I want to hear Real Mario Music so bad @queenjoheen just try new kinks until it's funケモ耳チャイナ🐼撮影行ってきた🇨🇳
Retweeted by erica @PoorlyAgedStuff @elmsjustice she sounds fungive and receive
Retweeted by erica @GalacticFurball @LambdaCalculus I don't think so as those artworks were intended for instruction manuals and such.… @thot_piece tfw your cam job makes more money than your domme job @transnami people treating you that way are being ignorant and seeing what's in their own head rather than the real… @Voxandra That rename nearly ruined the combo system because you'd barely be able to tell which combo you triggered @nirvanahater69 I gotta give it to both TOTP's and TOPPOP's youtubes; they take the time to make a good thumbnail for each vid @Amy_Fallas "honey, could you provide an exegesis for what Santa got you this year?" @nirvanahater69 palette cleanser song about being real gay @nirvanahater69 @0xCAFEBEEF Nidoran is a good pokemon because the boys are cuter than the girls @GalacticFurball @LambdaCalculus lazy magazine editors I guess D: @BasedDrWorm I keep confusing Lost Odyssey with The Last Remnant, the latter was worked on by lots of SaGa people including Akitoshi Kawazu @BasedDrWorm a moment of silence for the fallen ... @BasedDrWorm MISTWALKER WAS SO COOL @LambdaCalculus Yeah Totally. The digitized ones are different as well. Look at that pointy bullet bill! here's th… sgi models look way different @bpdbpdboop more like batty bottoms haha. that's why you whip them @MarioBrothBlog Powerful Mario @celine_dionysus killin a long corn cob this was my nokia 6820 ringtone @celine_dionysus corbso happy this remake finally manifested hehehehe @BasedDrWorm ALSO!!! SaGa Frontier is cool AF because it continues a cool theme that the orignal SaGa games (the FF… @BasedDrWorm 👯‍♀️ @BasedDrWorm IT HAS A BUNNY OUTFIT YOU CAN WEAR IT IT MAKES YOUR MAGIC MORE POWERFUL (as they are known to do)lots of SaGa Frontier's stories have to do with hidden selves henshin/tokusatsu kill your own shadow cosplay lesbi… @BasedDrWorm it sort of has planets that you go to in space ships but its really a multi-verse one of the "planets… are all legally required to play SaGa Frontier when it comes outThat's not where he originally stood on the title screen what is this mandela effectFUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUEST FUSE'S QUES… trailer had Asellus with new dialogue in the bio labs, they're actually finishing the game, they're actually pu…
Retweeted by erica @9BillionTigers both those phrases suck imo @lessaATM @dreamlike_real @mirajslut oh no, it's not respectful to kill something sorry for the confusion it is re…
Retweeted by ericaThank you so much everyone for 1.7k on twitter and 1.5k on Twitch, I can't wait to see what the future holds. ♥
Retweeted by ericaAll bunnies secretly hold raves when you're not looking and this is the music playing can pet the Cerberus :3 @misterbonkers_ I just played 1st run and yes! @BasedDrWorm hypnos @BasedDrWorm 👍 I guess it can also be good if they didn't give you enough seeds with the pottery @BasedDrWorm yeah you can get a big bag of em in just about any grocery store @TheNPC33 @BasedDrWorm sounds a bit crunchy! too crunchy. Gotta de-bone them first I guess. @BasedDrWorm IMO, especially in drinks where it's mixed with juice @BasedDrWorm it's literally the same stuff! You get it wet and this goo comes out and it dries to the pottery! Well… @BasedDrWorm wow, finally even I am guilty of that awful "I want to eat your pet" meme @BasedDrWorm They're good for you! @coldmilkc HIPPIES ATE THEM ALL @BasedDrWorm I literally eat them @BasedDrWorm remember how good sinobuz was @BasedDrWorm I was gonna call it the gay orpheus game but orpheus don't need any help being gayI bought Hades @BasedDrWorm they're gonna have a hard time beating PSP tbqhnom nom
Retweeted by erica @BasedDrWorm the controller looks nice ?? But I can only imagine that Megaman Legends 2 isn't as good in motion but…, 1900. Victoria & Albert Museum.
Retweeted by erica @lonelytiefling just fuck one angel you get too many eyes and wings for free @ChriXCoenen I very much recommend checking out the Macrobius account of Attis then because it is very astrological/Platonic. :D Goodnight~ @ChriXCoenen I've seen some some people say that the slaying the bull is related to the Taurus zodiac sign which comes in the late spring. @ChriXCoenen Good syncronicity~ slay the spring, bring in the summer, with beef
Retweeted by erica @ChriXCoenen I believe Tauroctony, Taurobolium, and modern Bullfighting have a similar relationship as well @ChriXCoenen I also really love the gold detailing @ChriXCoenen I enjoy using this plate as an avatar in internet places that use circle avatars. @ChriXCoenen I'm pretty sure they are the origin of the Catholic self-flogging practice too. It is really interest… @ChriXCoenen In Macrobius' Saturnalia (hey tis the season) there is a solar god myth about Attis that uses the flute in such a way. @ChriXCoenen This is interesting because it has so much going on! the visual artwork often has that "instruments ti…
@ChriXCoenen oh hey there is an 'House of Atys' @ChriXCoenen I'm not familiar with Glanum but it looks really impressive. The Jean Claude Golvin books have a really nostalgic look to them. @ChriXCoenen I find Attis to be a super fascinating figure on a surprising number of levels, and Ostia has one of t… out the tank 🍭
Retweeted by erica @manicsocratic he wore the hentai hat she wore the coding socks it couldn't be anymore obvious @manicsocratic the hentai hat stays ON during sex @ChriXCoenen I can only imagine how amazing that Agdistis statue must look in person! :O @ChriXCoenen Wow! I'm so envious! I'd love to go some day!! I've only "been" through picture books and floor maps. @staidindoors Colonel, Paula Deen, and Mater have a certain energy @nicholasmasyk there definitely is an erotic element to PETA now that I think about it. @gamecovevocemag Vorld