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Erin Caton @erin Toronto, Ontario

Product and chaos specialist. Single feminist mom to two awesome kids, one passed. I can run a better tech company than you. Let's make a non-profit dare on it.

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@KidzFirstPtbo Live sea urchin petting zoo. @catonclass Hi! Extra support to the Caton teachers. 😜 @SimonMagus Most child owners are regulars. @Sflecce Parents support teachers. Every time you post one of these, the ratio is clear. Try doing your job.
@LidsRodney I need a certain level of tidy for my brain to function otherwise my ADHD takes over. So that’s an esse… @LidsRodney I was referring to people judging me for my food intolerances, not you preferring people who like veggi… @agraybee @ScotchOikos @RogueNotary Ooohhh you’re one of those. @LidsRodney Lol, I have a chemical sensitivity, so a host of products make it hard for me. I also have a lot of foo… @Imani_Barbarin Also, when more people use a product, they make better and more price competitive options. I have g… @Imani_Barbarin They literally changed the definition away from aspergers to autism level 1 in Canada. My sister an… @TO_Fan_Shay @ilikemints I’ve got some of them there (they also have good prices), some from stores in Seattle and… @ilikemints I bought new bugs today... @Glitter_brawl (I had a binder of university applications as of grade nine because I held onto escape for dear life.) @Glitter_brawl Made a chart based on population size and pure conjecture about the number of boys who were remotely… @aschmugge @eff_yeah_steph Ugh. Would have been good for the parent to give a heads up, but this is us. Worse on th…
@mialoira Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger is stellar. The other series are a bit more sexy, but this one w… @Remember_Sarah My mom said if a van full of guys with guns pulls up, do you get in the van or risk being shot. The… is asking people with Down syndrome to "donate" recordings of their voice to train its voice-recognition sof…
Retweeted by Erin Caton @PMsCopps @ONTSpecialNeeds The custodian is an adult trained to use corrosive chemicals at work and is paid. Kids p… @ONTSpecialNeeds The cleaning products schools use have material data safety sheets. Custodial staff are trained to… guess I’m buying gin today. @pegs Cool, thank you!Is it possible to select multiple languages on iPhone? Did I miss a thing? Auto correct typing in French while in E… @livlab Can’t it be both?? I have no suggestions other than no compromise. @willcarless @LouisatheLast @reveal My dad was a racist cop, this does not shock me at all. @pennig I’m twitching for no reason...
@juliaelman Hand me your baby and go pee. I am here for you. @Ms_Gear_ @western161 @EleanoraLilly1 Looks awesome, but you mis-tagged me. @DavidRobertGor1 Who do we thank for your appearance? I feel bad for your mom, so not looking to pass blame there. @Nataliew1020 My daughter died at birth 3.5 years ago. It’s never good, but you’re in the worst of it right now. Gi… engineers of the Montreal Massacre generation are changing the world
Retweeted by Erin Caton @BernieSanders @JustinTrudeau I can wait for when my son needs braces because secondary insurance won’t do a policy… @BernieSanders @JustinTrudeau I moved to a smaller town a month ago so I can afford physical therapy, having used u… @BernieSanders @JustinTrudeau I waited two years to buy an extra leg for my lymphapress machine as I’m a single mom… @BernieSanders Right now, in Canada I do not get a medication because it costs $26k a year. It is not on the Trilli… @beyrima @gghamari @MacLeodLisa This is a travesty to politics and rhyming. @hownowinternet @TenantAdvocacy @TorontoTenants @maritstiles Add affordable accessible housing to that. Physical an…
THIS is one reason why you need diversity on your teams. A team with even just one marginalized person on it could… @soledadobrien This is the first time I’ve heard him. What a shrill little hate goblin. @solonaarmstrong Oops, yes. It was a ‘late for school day’ so my brain isn’t on yet. 😜 @solonaarmstrong Damak is a Canadian company. @solonaarmstrong Is that the Damak one? If so, I have had two of their bikes and they have big brake issues. Have h… @ZachInglis Yargh. I know a lot of people making a killing with not real jobs. @sdbcraig Premier Timbit it is.
@theBicyKyle I’m very sorry that happened to you. @ThatEricAlper Food intolerances and the dilemma of ‘IBS’ as a secondary issue in most chronic illnesses.It’s not like we even have a similar device being made in Canada. Fleecing cancer survivors seems like the only point here.We have huge holes in our healthcare system. I want politicians to do their jobs.Medical devices are expensive. I’ve been using one leg for four fours a night for three years as the last one cost… @JustinTrudeau why are there $269 of import taxes on the lymphapress leg I need so I don’t spend four hours a da… make a ‘Numbers for Drake’ app for child starlets. It has a bot that simulates a conversation a 14 year old… @IWriteAllDay_ Who even gave him their numbers? Can we punch that person too? @CBI_Rocks Hi, I’m a disabled Erin in tech and you should really delete this and rewrite one with the correct attri… like a school strike tomorrow. I stand with teachers. #onpoli
Neurotypicals: omg social scripts are bad and "robotic" and make you sound like [ableist slur] Also neurotypicals:…
Retweeted by Erin Caton @amynw Would watch. Put on Netflix now. @amynw Massive record scratch, 100 heads turn. @helen Read the room Helen. Assuming you got your name due to neuro divergent script using muthafuckas. @KrisKohl @USHGNYC They would appreciate a proper reference I’m sure.There’s a giant crow that lives near the house next door and I am determined to become it’s friend. @sm @Jason @Serena In my family of four siblings, only I went to university after having to move out at 17. Went to… @Jason @Serena Jason, I have serious doubts that your 90% of kids choosing to and having the option to stay at home…
My favourite white wine vinegar, with which to make fake cheese, is out of stock everywhere. Also not listed on the… @mayli We have an epic number of fancy dresses between us. It would have been a tragedy not to.Me, upon seeing 20 litres of pickles in my cold storage: This is not nearly enough to last the winter, I will perish.
@LennaLeprena @kcarruthers @jchimselfbigpo2 That would be ideal and a great goal to lobby government reps towards funding.I'd like to cover the application fee of two disabled writers who are thinking of applying. Send me a DM!
Retweeted by Erin Caton @LennaLeprena @kcarruthers @jchimselfbigpo2 People who need electric oxygen and other devices to stay alive would d… @MintPossum @girlGeek @moby_dickhead I’m glad you grew up with enough options to be able to do so. I have a medical… @MintPossum @girlGeek @moby_dickhead The point of these kits are for kids to try out a large variety of tools. I wa… @MintPossum @girlGeek @moby_dickhead Really depends on the kit. A lot of kids don’t know what their preferred mater… @girlGeek Seriously. No poor kid is thinking their present is crappy. I’m not an artist, but I loved any kit I coul… @mayli Both appropriate and inappropriate. It is good.
It’s 2019 & disabled people get paid below minimum wage, don’t have equal marriage rights, can’t access many public…
Retweeted by Erin Caton @hayxsmith I just had all my sides and back shaved off. It’s glorious.I used to lecture on Black Friday that we don't need to buy things, but thanks to Twitter I learned many people (es…
Retweeted by Erin CatonLadies if he: - contains your hopes and dreams - makes you scream - claims to be available 24/7 but freezes up whe…
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@MouthyWench @misfortunegame @LianneThePinup @Amonk_13 It happens a lot. 😜 Enjoy your game! @MouthyWench @misfortunegame @LianneThePinup @Amonk_13 (They mis-tagged me @misfortunegame, so I’m sure this is rig… @laurawritesit Leaf pressings, you sandwich a leaf in thin paper and use a peeled crayon to create specimen art. @MouthyWench @misfortunegame @LianneThePinup @Amonk_13 Not so much. @maxjrosenthal I feel included. This was hilarious. @KayaKathir @hilgal2016 @GJPetersTDSB @Sflecce Teachers are cheaper and more effective than buying every kid a tabl… @KayaKathir @GJPetersTDSB @Sflecce Not everyone can afford computers or home internet. Not all teens can do e-learn… @Sflecce I’m sure you could get some budget if you all only had a 1% increase on your pay instead of 14%. Or stoppe…
@HBrazda Not the correct Erin. @tamikanewhouse @4WheelWorkOut Nope Loaf. @randyhillier @StandingHannah We are still waiting. @Toby_MacD @Toon_Dreessen @Fix_Our_Schools Most older schools have asbestos maps. @antichrista They truly do not all show up there. I have fax apps, babysitting apps and more that do not follow thi… @antichrista Not all subscriptions show up there. Most of mine do not.
I should be able to cancel subscriptions to apps bought in the AppStore, in the AppStore. There are many subscripti… @ECMcLaughlin Long live the iPad battery. Right there with you. @ErinMays @niaabeauty_ You don’t need the @ here. No Venmo for you.Hey @torontocomicon and @FANEXPOCANADA I have unsubscribed from your emails for months. I don’t know that your serv… you imagine training your kids to be school shooters? @lex Loads. @erinblogan I am to the annoyance of many, on twitter too often. Cheers to a great Erin! You will snag the next one. @amynw This makes me very pleased.
@alicegoldfuss Tea Witch.