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@CharlemagnumPI Why is his tweet a direct reply to Elliot but refers to Elliot in third person? Why does he pose th…
@orion_benjamin My mom did that to me the other day, & I went into a panic spiral, only to call her & have her tell… @whataremetaphor OMG! No, marketing team!!!! 😳 @TjMarksBB This is the first one I've gotten that made me instantly nervous. They're just glasses, man. Cool it with the marketing.I got an email from the store where I buy my contacts & eyeglasses with the subject line "TIME IS RUNNING OUT" & I'… get retiring Book Expo in its current form, but it's hard not to be sad. I think of my first BEA in '10, the firs… @CharlemagnumPI & the way it's treated in high schools, my god. We had to read ALL ~400 pages of Uncle Tom's Cabin. How?? Why??This lil thread brought to you by that tweet, but also because of the argument that ensued last week when I saw my… @ScribblingDrake That is really heartening to hear!Feeling like that is not anti-intellectual. It's recognizing that the canon wasn't engraved on stone tablets & hand… this is coming from someone who read the COMPLETE WORKS of Thomas Hardy as a 14-year-old weirdo. I love musty old… @ScribblingDrake Really? Are high-school English classes not still canon-centric? My partner's son is in ninth grad… feeling is that your brain should basically just shatter into pieces when you realize that no canonical works as… managed a school & library book distribution company for five years, & if I had a nickel for every time someone t… @PamCemen It did! For about an hour at my house. Enough to stick to rooftops & cars.
I was about to embark on a serious house cleaning, but then it started snowing (in Alabama! in November!), & now I… are always curious about sequels. Almost every day some kid will email me and ask, "Will you ever write a s…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~Judging by the chaos in my inbox today, we're all just gonna be barreling hell-for-leather into the holidays, huh? @ceciliaclyra Congratulations!! @BegunRiv It is honestly still so good! (Even though it’s sad.) @TomTorreD20 @jackiebbenjamin Yeah, I didn’t know all of that until I was an adult either. But it makes sense. “If…
As a middle schooler in the ‘90s, you listen to “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms & are like, what a fun & jaunty… @kianangu It’s sooooo wildly good!!
My agenting goal for my off week was to read one sub, & I just finished it, & it is something really special.Putting in a plug for @thankyou_bham! & you can also order from them through @Bookshop_Org! Happy small biz Saturda… @WordyMel Yes!! Baseboards, electrical cords, anything they can get to. They are mighty chewers.One of my rabbits was a discarded Easter photo prop, one was a humane society surrender, one was a hoarding rescue,… this for rabbits. Rabbits aren’t Easter basket gifts, they aren’t good pets for children, they don’t love bei…
Let’s be real, leftovers sandwich > freshly cooked Thanksgiving dinner @msevav Is this the falafel truck from RARE BOOKS? 👀There’s a PitMad next week?! But... I’m trying so hard to get through these subs by mid-December...
In real life I am still wearing pajamas but in Animal Crossing I put on a special autumnal outfit for Thanksgiving… @eakilcoyne If I could bring y’all some & leave it on the porch, I would! @eakilcoyne We have six people & I made a macaroni recipe for 16. I don’t regret it though, honestly. @bluish_orb He is the cutest!!Every year I invite non-Native folks who are celebrating the colonial holiday to do something in support of Native…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @bradyocallahan How are you feeling that this year’s Coat Parade is also going to feature the Goo Goo Dolls?I hope today is a day of calm & rest & gratitude for you. I’m thankful for everyone who brings books into the world… @taylortyng Wooo!!! 🎈
@bogboogie Go, Son!!! 🎉🎉🎉The bigger publishers get, the less they're vulnerable to the influence of employees, the more they can publish tox…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~One day there will be one publisher and it will be called BOOKS ONE GUY LIKES AND SOME POLITICAL SHIT and everyone will ask how we got here
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @rachelleighmann @lissiethomas It’s going to be under my skin for a long time!
Today I read @lissiethomas’s CATHERINE HOUSE. It’s like a Dutch vanitas still life in book form, a dusty skull by a… @MacyLiv Oh no!! That was totally sincere. I loved it!Just echoing this. I’ve also had writers ask for extensions on the 2-week deadline, & that’s fine, too! This isn’t… should write a mystery novel about a precious manuscript that was thought to be mis-shelved but was actuall…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @megclark_txt Ohh nice! I’m excited to start it. I loved season one (& that’s saying something - I never saw the mo… @megclark_txt I haven’t started on the new season yet but HDM is one of my favorite things in this world! (I am a l… @ElleKeck I’d be very interested to know where it came from because I always assumed it was Southern! @ElleKeck My parents both say this & they’re from Louisiana. It’s always been a weird one to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@msevav I’m starting on my third book of the day with a Negroni in hand, watching the sun set over the ocean. Can’t ask for much more!Finished my second, too: a reread of Jason Reynolds’s GHOST, one of my absolute favorite middle-grade novels. @Megan_Manzano Always!!! @Megan_Manzano I needed this. @emmy_of_spines Yep - a very quick read but so good! @kurestinarmada I loved it! Can’t wait to pick up DROWNED COUNTRY now.Finished my first vacation read: Emily Tesh’s SILVER IN THE WOOD. What a completely lovely story. So immersive for only 100 pages. @tinyfairytales This is one of my favorites yet. 💕 @HannahFergesen This just randomly pops into my head & I get angry all over again. It might haunt me forever.
@bluish_orb 😍😍😍 @MissusM Yep! It was like well, we’re stuck with it, might as well try to enjoy it. @TomTorreD20 😂😂😂 @TomTorreD20 Oof, I definitely remember a couple of times that we checked out one game & got home to find another in its case. @JTGloryJones I sure do, but we never used it because it cost money to call, & we knew our mom would say no. Haha. @TomTorreD20 Ha we did the same thing! I vividly remember going up to the desk at Delchamps to ask if Link to the Past had been returned. @JTGloryJones Exactly! If you got stuck somewhere, you were stuck. No googling a walkthrough. (Unless one of your c… @JTGloryJones It might have been a good game, but all I remember is that my brother and I couldn’t get past this pa… @kimm_writes !!! That makes me so happy to hear!With so many video games available for instant free download, kids today will never know the struggle of going to t…
@GSBrouwer This job is truly a joy! But even joyful jobs you need a break from when you’ve worked yourself to the bone. @Bibi_Lewis I still remember going to school the day after Newsies first aired on TV (I was in second grade), & all… love my friendly neighborhood bookshop.
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @RaQiaLowo @BCinKidLit Best of luck with your edits!! 😊Of course, if your work has been requested by that agent, fine. But if all you’re saying is “I think you’d really l… thinking about boundaries, & how everyone in the book biz seems equally burned out. I’m glad to see so many ag… @Literary_Tara The Christmas lights genuinely improve my mood in January & February when it’s so gray outside & the… @emmy_of_spines I said this show is only enjoying its success because of Baby Yoda. They disagreed, but like, why i… @Literary_Tara Taking a morning or midday walk, lots of candles & my SAD lamp, & leaving my Christmas decorations u… my boyfriend & the kiddo are going to stop letting me watch The Mandalorian with them, as I basically on… @jenchentran @BCinKidLit Thanks, Jen!! 🥳🥳🥳
@taylortyng You’ve got this!! @alibelle @BCinKidLit Thank you, Alice!! @maria_regina39 @BCinKidLit Indeed! It's been a good one! @RedPenKaitlyn @BCinKidLit Right back atcha 😘 @BCinKidLit Thank you for having me! Would absolutely love to chat with y'all again! @msevav I'm so exhausted I don't think it's fully sunk in just how huge. But it was! *high five* @TomTorreD20 @BCinKidLit Thank you! It's gonna be a good week off! @RUFauxRlz @BCinKidLit Thank you!! @thedutchsimmons @BCinKidLit You smell correctly!This week in agenting, I: - got new drafts of 3 clients' amazing books - held my first auction - received an offe… @DeniseLit4Kids @BCinKidLit Thank you for the kind words, Denise! I had so much fun talking to y'all last night!!An excellent & concise breakdown from @angiecthomas on the whole traditional publishing process from book idea to p… the past two weeks I got great offers on two different projects that have been on sub since early 2019. I know…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @Jemiscoe @AsToldByTiffB Congrats, y’all!! 🎉🎉🎉
Ask the Author: Elizabeth Kilcoyne . . “WAKE THE BONES is a YA Southern Gothic about the ugliness and beauty of the…
Retweeted by Erin Clyburn ~closed to queries~ @Literary_Tara @AmandaIsA_Ram Of course! & all of JDLA! @thejeffreykate 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 @Megan_Manzano Instant nausea @TomTorreD20