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Erin Entrada Kelly @erinentrada Represented by Sara Crowe

I write books. // NYT bestseller // 2018 Newbery Medal // 2017 APALA Award // IG: erinentrada // Not Estrada

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@sarcasmlemons @BCMorrow DREAD NATION!!! @saraagent @GloverSchool @GreenwillowBook LOVE!!!💕📚@GloverSchool bookclub creating their own creatures inspired by @erinentrada’s #LALANIOFTHEDISTANTSEA 📚💕…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada KellyIt's a fourth star from Shelf Awareness for RED HOOD! They say: "Deeply and darkly enticing, Red Hood isn't a moder…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly(My kid looking over my shoulder as I sign an email.) Kid: You’re not a Dr! Me: YES I AM! What do you think I was…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @acrezo @Loudmouthkid62 @shannonmstirone @TiffanyElle @Kiran_MH Another suggestion: most things by Libba Bray
@acrezo @shannonmstirone @Loudmouthkid62 @TiffanyElle If you like weird, try 14 by @PeterClines. I would sit in my… @Audrey_Burges Love lemon bars, do not enjoy madeleines lolShe’s the only friend I’d skip school for.
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @Audrey_Burges OMG S A M E @juliadahl Me too.♥️
@melissamcd 😂😂😂JSYK: His answer to third question was A Confederacy of Dunces.I’m at a restaurant and the dude next to me is interviewing for a job as a talent rep. The interviewee thus far has… fact: I almost gave up when I was writing IVAN. I remember standing over my trash can, trying to decid…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @_gracegordon_ I’m here through Sunday but I’m teaching ALL DAY every day. If you happen to be in the Westwood Vill… @TheBestDavy That sounds right. @TheBestDavy More like a brief snortMe: “This area looks nice.” Uber driver: “This is Beverly Hills.” Me: “Oh, so it’s just OK then.” @kierstenwhite LAX is the seventh circle of hell @chrisriddell50 @272BookFaith I want to sit next to you!! @jasminewarga JASMINE!! 😭😭🥰🥰Last night I finished reading @erinentrada's WE DREAM OF SPACE. So brilliant. I know I'll be thinking about this st…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @rapscallison When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a Hot Pocket©️ heiress.
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly'Woven with mythological stories...this is a stunning, magical book' – @Booktrust ( Have y…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @kidstravelbooks True. She was watching Styles on TV and when he was done, she sighed and said, “Rick is much better. And cuter.”Overheard in hotel lobby: "I don't know who Harry Styles is, but I was once in love with Rick Springfield." @brandycolbert @ElanaKArnold I CO-SIGN THIS TWEETRED HOOD by my dear friend @ElanaKArnold is out today, and it’s one of the smartest, most inventive, and beautiful…
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I've been feeling pretty down lately, but I take real comfort in the fact that I've never been as bad at anything a…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada KellyCoworker of mine couldn't remember the name for ellipsis and called them DRAMA DOTS and now I will too forever thanks
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @tehlorkay 300! @dancingofpens I worry about this. It’s good to recognize tropes so you can either lean into them creatively or con… says happy evening to everyone, but especially @studiocastillo and @KidlitKat. to remind folks that I love doing Skype visits. No delays or running across airports. Plus, I can sit on my…
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"Writing is a solitary act, which is why it’s so important to build communities outside of the writers’ bubble. Pla…
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@tehlorkay Same! @acrezo That seems the most reasonable plan.WHY ME GOD WHY ME am sooo happy to have @ramondeocampo narrating WE DREAM OF SPACE. His work on HELLO, UNIVERSE was amazing (and aw… @DonnaGalanti We would have been best friends! lol @TheBestDavy Makes sense.Your students will love these #PSLA #librarian reviewed #MGLit titles: Books by:…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @DonnaGalanti I was also a chronic class-skipper! Hence many of the bad grades. Sometimes I was writing ... and som… @sharonwrote @saraoleary @stefwass @laurenmagaziner OMG! That *is* mortifying. @cmliwagdixon Yes! ... new and incomplete! @saraoleary A picture book set in a dollhouse! OMG THAT IS SO SMART. @TheBestDavy This is the most important commentary I've seen about the candidates thus far. @saraoleary @stefwass @laurenmagaziner Someone write a movie about a group of writers who come together to seek rev… @ReadKellyWrite @elockhart @RutaSepetys ooooooooooooooooooo @saraoleary @laurenmagaziner 😳 I didn't get called candy-ass, but I *was* called a loser. So maybe it's a tie?I HELPP U WRITE! MOAR DOG SCENES! ACTION: U THROW BALL. DOG CHASE BALL. REPEAT.
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @laurenmagaziner I am not athletic at all, but I also didn't try. I had THE WORST gym teacher, which didn't help. @LovaMoreno @brandonmterrell @PopTartsUS I *knew* I learned it from your house! My memory didn't fail me, lolI got bad grades in every class. Graduated high school with a 1.7. I even failed gym, y'all. ... actually, me fail…
@BooksSouthside Absolutely! @Lez_Brarian @brandonmterrell @PopTartsUS @LovaMoreno Your life will never be the same.Jo March Liz Warren about her about health manuscript c…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @MikeBloomberg 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ @JasonReynolds83 You must be flying American lol @rebstead Oscar: “All I want to do is eat ravioli and read the New Yorker. Is that too much to ask?!” @NewberyTarts @brandonmterrell @PopTartsUS @LovaMoreno They are sometimes tricky to find but I don’t know why. They… @brandonmterrell @PopTartsUS Favorite flavor is peanut butter. I eat them either raw or toasted and sometimes, when… @terrifrykasuba @garygalipio @PopTartsUS YES AND THEY WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD @ProfHsieh @diversebooks @jungkimphd This makes me so happy! @garygalipio @PopTartsUS I love blueberry. I also love the peanut butter pop tarts, though they are harder to find.… @UnIambic @PopTartsUS A life without Pop Tarts?! @thewalkaways @PopTartsUS @sawyerlovett Omg lolI can’t decide if I should read and eat Pop Tarts, write and eat Pop Tarts, or watch reruns and eat Pop Tarts. No m… @dsantat @kidlitandcoffee @rebstead @JamiesonV @100scopenotes @sljournal @bottomshelfbks @studiocastillo @CaroleLindstrom @JamiesonV @dsantat @kidlitandcoffee @rebstead @100scopenotes @sljournal @bottomshelfbks
I hope there’s a beautiful sunset where you are. If not, you can share this one. honored to see WE DREAM OF SPACE on this list! And with amazing people like @studiocastillo @JamiesonV @AnnaMcKerrow @PiccadillyPress Thank you!! 😭❤️Oh, WHAT a book this is!!! Folk magic on a mysterious, dangerous island, where patriarchal rule has all but enslave…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @MatthewEvensen @MrsB_reads 😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰
@sawyerlovett I LOVE YOU OSCO!I just read a pitch that described a book as “THE HANDMAID’S TALE meets HERLAND at a party thrown by Anais Nin” and… @mrs_cmt1489 @Nicolemens That’s awesome!! @ruthanne_snow @KristaVanDolzer Tell Louisiana I said hi! (My home state!) @MrsB_reads I hope you enjoy it! 😬😬🥰Time for some MG love! I am really excited to read a new book from @erinentrada #ewgcya
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @BrianBPK @Teach_jules @JamiesonV At what point in this theme park do we introduce acne?We were talking about POV and my 11-year-old just said, "I want to write a book in fifth person: 'I heard from a gu…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kellycamera falls from airplane
Retweeted by Erin Entrada KellyWhen I was younger I don’t remember seeing images of or reading about Black women in beautiful gowns at grand balls…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @BrianBPK @Teach_jules These tickets are gonna go like wildfire! @CherylHonigford @ProBookNerds Same! Also I love that book! Lol @Teach_jules Since I mostly write realistic fiction, maybe a Coming of Age Theme Park? Does that sound fun or whatLetter from sixth-grader: “I hope one day you’re richer than J.K. Rowling!” I’m almost there, kid. All I need is a… and mythical middle grade book by @erinentrada . After she brought more woe to her already troubled village…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @bananasplits5 @elockhart Ooooooo
Photographic proof that the sun rises and sets on my dog, as suspected. @tpheth @GreenwillowBook Yay! I’m so happy you enjoyed it.Just finished-SO good ! 💜how space means yes, Challenger/exploration, & much more. Bird & her siblings struggle for…
Retweeted by Erin Entrada Kelly @acrezo YESHow to live that full-time writer life 10% writing 50% rewriting 40% staring 40% never knowing what's going on 100% not knowing how to math @BraveIrene77 @elockhart Everything she writes is gold!