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Author of THE NIGHT CIRCUS (2011) & THE STARLESS SEA (2019)

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According to the Steam achievements, only 12.1% of Hades players have pet Cerberus ten times or more. Please rememb…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @samuel_mcqueen @CanYouPetTheDog I pet Cerberus EVERY TIME, how could you not?! I get upset when he's not there for pets.
@AnnSeiLin1 I'm playing on Switch & it came out a week ago or so, I think?This whole thread is Accurate @EthanMAldridge Seriously! The character designs are all so delicious. Poseidon? Artemis? Swoon. @QuickerMcWild I thought I did but looking at the screencap it seems like I didn't? All I remember is being all "wa… @kurometarikku More Dragon Age/Skyrim/Bioshock/BOTW/Ghost of Tsushima/Horizon Zero Dawn, etc? I'm not usually a dun…
@McFlyCahill90 It's kind of addictive, isn't it? I am fond of my eternal spear since I've had the best runs with it so far. @AndrewTurnwall I am contemplating ordering the soundtrack on vinyl already. @EthanMAldridge There are romance options?! I am oh so very beginning-y.I’ve started playing Hades & I adore it, even though it’s not my usual thing. Got past Megaera for the first time w… @carrollastrophe @MARIADAHVANA @Powells Such perfect book company! I finally got my hands on Maria's Beowulf and I am obsessed with it 🖤Hey you:
Retweeted by erin morgenstern24- Sinister #Swordtember
Retweeted by erin morgensternCritical! Role! Foundation!! You guys!!! Critical Role Foundation!! The amount of love that has gone into this is u…
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@Aureha It's the base for all their chocolates, I think, & the ones I've tried are amazing: from here. Related: Endorfin Foods Golden Mylk Chocolate (turmeric cardamom black pepper caramelized coconut m…
@EthanMAldridge It's the acrylic version & it's gorgeous! I'm going to hang it eventually but I wanted it somewhere… queen of the underworld returns to Hades 🍂 (I wasn't able to finish this in time for the equinox, but figured…
Retweeted by erin morgensternDark Magic in my photography.
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @erikaishii We used to keep them in the library but we moved them to the front hall so now I get to see them every day & they make me happy @SEBerrow @EthanMAldridge I got them years & years ago at the Morikami Museum in Florida but you can find similar s… Autumn, Blessed Mabon, time to rotate the season ladies again! 🍁🍂 (They have a fancy @EthanMAldridge backdrop…
Art is not a fixed thing. A book whose text never changes hits you differently at different ages because YOU are di…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @TheAnnaJane @VintageAnchor I don't know but hopefully someone at @VintageAnchor will be able to clarify!Today @VintageAnchor is launching #TheStarlessSeaFanArtContest Submit your art by posting a photo of your work of a…
Retweeted by erin morgensternI have said it before, I will say it again: I am grateful to live in a world that has Allie Brosh in it. 🖤 @charmirie @VintageAnchor I'm not 100% sure but likely because it's being organized by my US publisher & the prizes will need to be mailedpumpkins! 🎃
Retweeted by erin morgensternToday @VintageAnchor is launching #TheStarlessSeaFanArtContest Submit your art by posting a photo of your work of a… chatted with beloved blogger Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half Brosh chatted about her new book, her fans, her…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @darklockhart Oh, that's gorgeous 🖤 @drruthbc I have not & it sounds like something I would love, thank you for the recommendation! @randallham 🖤🐝🖤
"All of our pre-orders have been claimed, but we’ll email you when yours is ready for shipping or pickup" is a kind… @runwithskizzers I have it in my cart & it just won't proceed to checkout, sad face @runwithskizzers I've been sitting in Best Buy checkout purgatory for an hourSony I really want to give you my money but I've been sitting with a PS5 in my BestBuy cart for half an hour and it won't let me check out
ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney dot gif
Retweeted by erin morgensternI love the original but yes, this this "just take my money, Sony" PS5 presentationIt’s okay that you’re not okay. That’s not your brain misfiring. Your response is that you’re not okay because thin…
Retweeted by erin morgensternAll that matters is that your demons think you're pretty.
Retweeted by erin morgensternDaniel Kraus. You know I love you but you are hurting me & my self-imposed rule about not reading a series before i…
@ItsDaniCarr I am here for all the yelling! (Also I'm glad someone already warned you that you can't romance Cassan… @ItsDaniCarr Yay! It's my faaaaaaavorite & I have a lot of feelings about it so I am delighted that you're enjoying it! @EthanMAldridge @AlixEHarrow I surpassed unnerving pace collection growth awhile ago & slid straight into dragon-st… @EthanMAldridge @AlixEHarrow I discovered her through her first tarot deck, The Children of Litha Tarot, a couple o… @BookLooksbyB @AlixEHarrow That's how I discovered her! I'm so looking forward to her upcoming deck, too, with all the beautiful sigils @AlixEHarrow Alexandria Huntington's really wonderful. And reminds me, in some ways, of Le Guin's THE LATHE OF HEAVEN. But @erinmorgenstern is righ…
Retweeted by erin morgensternMy full PIRANESI blurb is too many characters for one tweet so here you go: Clarke's PIRANESI is out in the world today! It is a marvel of a book, so very different from JONATHAN STRA… @ItsDaniCarr Dani I am so excited for you 🖤🖤🖤
"Have you found anything weird lately?" -Inspired by the story "Once, Future" by @KatWithSword
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @cxorlando "Don't make people regret their tattoos" is one of my author mantrasHappiest of Happy Birthday wishes to the extraordinarily wonderful @KatWithSword! 🖤🎉🖤 (Vesper thinks it is a good d… am a little bit obsessed with this beautiful bumble 🐝 @ThousandKCity Oh my, this is gorgeous! 🖤🐝🖤
Week of 9/13 in Cancer: Maybe things are beginning or maybe it's all a continuation of the same. Nevertheless, ther…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern🖤🍸🖤 Night Circus was published nine years ago today. Love you, rêveurs 🖤🎪🖤 @BookLooksbyB Oh my, this is stunning! 🖤🎪🖤‘How to tell if your cat is interested in the novel you are writing’ (my cartoon for yesterday’s @guardianreview)
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@hwhittenwrites Oh, you are so very welcome! I'm delighted that you enjoyed it & thank you for reading! 🖤🐝🖤 @deena7202 @sleepnomorenyc Yes indeed! I've been about a dozen times between the NYC & Boston productions, I miss it 🖤 @fearlesssflight You are welcome and their dialogue is absolutely meant to be amusing, I giggled through writing a lot of it @tobywm Oh, this is lovely! You are so very welcome & I thank you in return for reading 🖤 @alliecwilliams I love so many things in this picture 🖤
That dusk the stories compelled all of us.
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@erikaishii That just made my day 🖤🖤🖤 (There is a bit in my notes for the new book that says "cherry blossom fever dream") @erikaishii I LOVE this 🖤🌸🖤*heart eyes*'s is one of my very favorite bookstores & they still have signed books available! 🖤 first permanent installation created by the Meow Wolf art collective, House of Eternal Return consists of 20,00…
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Me this weekend: I should get something dragon-y to celebrate the Dragon Award. Or maybe something Dragon Age-y...… @KatWithSword @Bibliogato Plenty of wasps to go around.
Automaton of the goddess Diana, designed by Joachim Friess (ca. 1579–1620). The windup device is part of a drinking…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @RyinWonderland Yay tiny Virgo! Congratulations!!!Surprised & delighted & oh so honored that The Starless Sea has won the Dragon Award for Best Fantasy Novel with su…, what?
Some Autumnal girls and their familiars 🍂
Retweeted by erin morgensternStar Catcher #spanishart #varo
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @comeonlrene You are 100% correct 🖤 @NathanDunbar @KatWithSword I don't even know, being me is weird @KatWithSword (Susanna Clarke emailed me after I blurbed Piranesi and I had to lie down on the floor)It is not the reference to the book about rival magicians in England, by the way. That book is Susanna Clarke's bri… @lunarchapter That is actually a reference to Susanna Clarke's brilliant Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 🖤 @Merisea211 There are several typos in early printings but if you have a more recent copy feel free to contact @VintageAnchor! @utterardour Even my editor didn't notice so it is much more subtle than I'd intended!They do exist in the same universe! There is confirmation of this in The Starless Sea that I thought was blatant an…
"Endings are not truly endings..." Something to keep in mind as the seasons change 🖤 @erinmorgenstern
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @glitzandshadows @RaeLoverde It gives you a good amount of flexibility, too, depending on your preferences. I playe… @RaeLoverde I stand by my early assessment that it's like Assassin's Creed & Horizon Zero Dawn had a samurai baby s… Ghost of Tsushima! With the caveat that one bit at the end of Act II was the Most Emotionally Distraught I…
“Bunnyhenge” consists of 14 large white bunnies arranged in a circle, with two even larger 8-foot-tall bunnies foun…
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@BabbleBrown The Fall! Beautiful Tarsem Singh film from 2006I love this film so much 🖤 the blog for the first time in ages with lots of links to recent things (playlist, interviews, Starless Sea…
Retweeted by erin morgenstern @cxorlando That would be glorious