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just a girl with a cheetah print scrunchie around her wrist that she never actually uses for her hair.

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@davidblattman damn, @ me next time 😔Bull Durham and Good Will Hunting are my favorite love movies and I don't care that that doesn't make sense. @davidblattman For reference, this is my third glass. Decided to spice it up by adding grapes to my grapes. @davidblattman can I still join?? @UhMilliOhh Stop listening in on my convos at target“fuck sorry just seeing this” is the glue holding my life together
Retweeted by ErinThis is not journalism. The simulation is awful. My god.
biden sucks but if you don't vote bc you "morally can't" ur essentially saying "I am privileged enough that trump's…
Retweeted by ErinKevin Costner is the father of baseball movies!!!! Bull Durham? Come on, Meat! @koreysnyds my class is lucky if I even brush my hair for them tbhJoe Biden ain't it...Today’s zoom outfit is the shirt I slept in and no bra.The government on April 30 telling us we’ll be inside until May 31 but it’s for our good:
Retweeted by ErinYeah where do I buy this? just want to drink a beer inside a baseball stadium.
Retweeted by ErinYou can only pick 3 🤔
Retweeted by Erin @totallyyjulie I’m already disappointed with myselfI'm going to end up dating someone with a man bun I just know it.😔
See you LIVE tomorrow 4/7 @ 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST over on my @YouTube channel 👀
Retweeted by Erin*realizes I’m clenching my jaw rn* FINE! WHY DO YOU ASK???🙂🙂🙂 when people have their story replies off fuck u think u a celebrity I got sumn to say
Retweeted by Erin @P_Smallz Wtf. Where’s mine??using twitter on my laptop and pretending like i’m working from home
Retweeted by Erinhave people gotten funnier since quarantine or have my standards for humor dropped?oh to be quarantined in eric forman’s basement right now
Retweeted by ErinThat is really wild.
Retweeted by Erin @P_Smallz @KappaKristina Obviously @richeepeace house 6....but can I kidnap flume into there too?I'vvvveeee. just. got. one. more. thing. to. say I'm. just. pissed. off. be. cause. you. pied. meee. off. af. ter.… just laughed way too hard at this. I’ve been in the simulation too long. many. instagram. livestreams. make it stop 🙃
Retweeted by Erincrying in the digital club rn. is my favorite nostalgia travel inspo 🤍
*sends screenshot in gm w/ the girls* “Look at this absolute clown. Hahahaha, ‘hey’??? Lol men are trash.” is fine @marty_mush
Retweeted by Erin🙃 my brain is fried rn.🙃 learning is what a great user experience am I right designers??😏😏😏 @KappaKristina Absolutely.I’d follow @BarstoolBigCat into war Cafe really did that didn’t they? @ErintakesitEasy 🤍 be your own dab to your own sky. You know?
Retweeted by Erinjust wanted to check on you @totallyyjulie lol’re not asking for too much, you’re just asking the wrong person.
Retweeted by Erin @realDonaldTrump pay up. thankful for the lessons you go through or have gone through, you are wiser, stronger and way more above the bs…
Retweeted by Erinok can we talk about this incredible toto - africa edit by medasin that he dropped at digital mirage wow🔥…
Retweeted by Erinme tryna figure out ways to fund six festivals within two months this fall
Retweeted by ErinThe girls that I have in my life now will be my bridesmaids, godmothers, and life long friends. Very grateful!
Retweeted by Erin👉🏼🤠👉🏼 were meant for Texas and you didn’t even know it
Retweeted by Erin @TheStenz_ The only part of Texas I could possibly be meant for is Austin! Lol
celebrity: [sweating] i am in pain hot ones guy: lol okay. what’s ur favorite dinosaur. mines stegosaurus
Retweeted by Erinand yet here I am STILL waiting till the absolute last minute to start an assignment that is due tonightMe getting drunk at home again:
Retweeted by ErinI have started saying “y’all” when referring to more than one person and I’m worried.livestream concerts seem great but I just feel real sad afterwards knowing there’s no festivals to go to🥺T-Pain never needed auto tune. Auto tune needed T-Pain.
Retweeted by Erinall time fav drop @wearegraves 🤍 you don’t find Evan Mock attractive you are simply lying.uh? I do. @kinghenry It be like that sometimes.People without Bitmojis want to steal your credit card information
Retweeted by ErinBefore you call me out for my flaws have you considered not doing that?
Retweeted by ErinI can not believe what I just saw 🦅
Retweeted by ErinI literally thought my grandma invented this tbh. you had to sacrifice one NFL team to end Coronavirus right now...who would it be, and why the Cowboys?
Retweeted by Erin @KappaKristina 🥺🥺🥺
This is the fucking one.
Retweeted by ErinApril distance brings May existence.
Retweeted by Erin @P_Smallz ok. @memeymeeshy @JesusDaniel__ I second that “noooo”Gracie // giant burnt loaf of bread about turning my read receipts on.
Summer is going to be cancelled isn't it? @ErintakesitEasy @EkaliMusic @RufusDuSol @ILLENIUMMUSIC @NGHTMRE That’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to me 😭💗
Retweeted by ErinTHIS IS 1000% GOING TO BE A THING @chrislake @TheDoLaB @coachella @ErintakesitEasy and I will be vibing at @TheDoLaB next year mark my words
Retweeted by ErinI caved and listened to the “Scorpio” playlist on Spotify😔 @totallyyjulie @EkaliMusic @RufusDuSol @ILLENIUMMUSIC @NGHTMRE GIRL you would be on the guest list for my festival!E @EkaliMusic R @RufusDuSol I @ILLENIUMMUSIC N @NGHTMRE you know the pain I feel when I see one of your videos on my tl, The Creator and Esmeralda 😂
Retweeted by ErinMy sister lives in St. Louis and just sent me this. Apparently these two did it last week and the whole block cheer…
Retweeted by Erin
i need this as a netflix series 😭
Retweeted by Erinthis baguette dropped a no skip album 7 years ago and disappeared
Retweeted by ErinBeing around influential, creative, independent, successful women really is the key to feeling motivated for me.
Retweeted by Erinremember when I was one of those people that related everything back to when I studied abroad? well buckle up bc I… I old? I knew all of these? I really feel like I’m not “that” old. But like... one out for Suzanne @BarstoolBigCat When was your ugly phase?honestly skype blew a 3-1 lead to zoom
Retweeted by ErinI’m going to be the lovey dovey friend after this. Everyone’s getting both arms hugs. @TheStenz_ I personally believe addiction is a disease but that’s a whole other topic I’m not trying to get into over a Twitter threadGarbage taco @alexandracooper I’m an Alex for this one @TheStenz_ oof. insensitive take don’t you think?