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@sailoreast highkey atethe most likely group of people that will survive the apocalypse are women with mommy issues dont ask me to elaborate @streamunnatural oh naur.... u think he’s using akun anon? that would be almost impossible to find @streamunnatural idk if this still works dan tergantung privacy settings akunnya juga but it doesnt hurt to try. ka… @crush____on_u good luck bb!! @crush____on_u kolokium itu kayak presentasi proposal skripsi bukan sih @misspaything the feud was between my sis and the driver i am just an innocent bystander fetching her order @crush____on_u idk yg mesen kakak gue im just the one fetching it at the dooreating carrot cake and drinking soy mocha after getting yelled at by the poodfanda driver like the cunt i am arrowaygod how i wanna go through a wormhole and spend 18 hours in a planet from a different planetary system with an alie… took my phone so I’m watching the craft on a pregnancy test
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@GIVENCHIQUE a mossy mess @khansnibras must read bangetztztztz
Retweeted by eriyadion lee fw21 rtw
Retweeted by eriya @crush____on_u covid's embarassing for alumnis to get involved in college orientations. you should get a job or be good at it rather…
Retweeted by eriya @bittchlasagna @Tylerandre_ haha yeah the bodybuilders were older than an old man and i got banned from entering th… @khansnibras sama menurut gue ceritanya ga terlalu surreal kayak buku lain2nya jadi masih bisa imagine and visualiz… @urthey33tomyh4w wait a min... a whole catalogue..... 🙈 @Tylerandre_ lmfao hi...
an adderall prescription would change my life im not joking
Retweeted by eriya @pecintakejuu lol pantes. gws @pecintakejuu emg lu sering keluar2?
@olnyfanss “hes got an interesting bone structure” just say ugly...i wonder if prince philip listened to at least one azealia banks song before his untimely passing
Retweeted by eriya @realzizek we the only 3 sane people on thsi universe @xxwill_ twinsie @arikakrzn km superwholockian yi feel like im being gaslighted when i say benedict cumberbatch is ugly and people dont immediately agree with me idk :/prosthetic athletic heel by windowsen.
Retweeted by eriya @isyogal15 i used to like them so much @farhansoewarno i think shes a queen
@diemtot u cook?! @mamalembot SAMA baru beli sempaque bagus juga who wants to see us thru their screens 🙈 @savanisme go back to just nama: hobi: makanan kesukaan: minuman kesukaan: pls @savanisme this is their version of a buku biodata @s4ms3piol_ banget kalo masalah lgbt... its safer to stay in the closet @plumpotatosack teach meeeeee @grrrlinred id rather sleep on the floor in an empty room with boxes rather than unpack the day i move inshe’s so real
Retweeted by eriya @olnyfanss @badpostscavill i wouldve worn the mask properly just sayin.... mr cavill....
@alfyaaal nangis lageeIsabella Lovestory World Domination 2021
Retweeted by eriya @amourneIIy @olnyfanss @intannjhh THE STICKER?!?2)2¥/&/‘ckdkskuncovered from the deepest crevice of my hippocampus @sextaftercigs oh no u need that back cracked @h0tdumpster exactly exactly a literal phobia of mine!!! @misspaything aaaa us hanging out til our feet hurt aaaa @h0tdumpster is making out ur second biggest fear bc... @olnyfanss what about that one person u dreamt about 😳 @olnyfanss they dont give j&j in malaysia im being realistic with my fantasythey say u attract what u fear aaa the pfizer covid-19 vaccine aaaaaa im so afraid @s4ms3piol_ is**c the manlet pernah qrt gue bc i said x*ditya looked good like asap rocky karena pake babushka and… @olnyfanss u should study santet instead
i like them both but they’re calling al*xa sitting pretty in a pink attack on titan poster clad wall of a college dorm room with alie… @sundaykisseu fucking me @sundaykisseu naur because this looks like the bootleg ones they made in tukang sablon 🙈 @misspaything but i think we can all agree that if u follow someone’s non-influencer personal account but never tal… @misspaything that’s like using the freedom of speech argument ofc one can follow anyone they choose to but dont fe… @sextaftercigs r u ok? :( @misspaything but honestly the decent thing to so would be to at least inform u about wanting to follow them😪
Retweeted by eriya @crush____on_u ayo cari artistnya @crush____on_u welcome to the club selebrasinya bikin tato @bittchlasagna that closet not gonna let u back in baby @bittchlasagna oomf coming out of the closet @misspaything me following them back instead @xxwill_ its giving ugly... @crush____on_u LMFAO!!!! @realzizek STOP JWWJWHSYA @zimsimmaa i dont have the ability to categorize music @urthey33tomyh4w like we’re LOUD LOUDBloodborne by Q Hayashida (Dorohedoro)
Retweeted by eriya @urthey33tomyh4w aries moon and this is also me!!!!! especially when drunk @bittchlasagna i have no shame i will awooga my way into some dick
@BARBIETlNGZ maybe if barbie tingz was on it ...... @sodomyholes awoogaI feel Iike covid-19 was engineered in a lab specifically to piss me off
Retweeted by eriya @MichaIramli @intannjhh @nqyhamln27 menu su tom yam takdok goni ko @boutrossie gue kira sodara lu awalnya sebelum gue klink ekekwkwkwkekinside the new ‘heaven’ by marc jacobs store // via avanope on ig
Retweeted by eriya @bittchlasagna take that back @6warcry sure but this ones expensive lmfAOTHIS is my aesthetic...thinking bout this piece of garment that is the naruto corset @6warcry almost bought it terus ada yg bilang yg punya dia lama2 ga seterang pas awal2pretty privilege is real and i’m having a blast !
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@NOAHXMARAJ this and the jean vest video😭😭😭😭😭😭hm inch resting @mstrpotatohead @misspaythingi’m healer, but... (model: megan fox)
Retweeted by eriya @sailoreast first place in getting caught first @sailoreast us being a burden to the team hot girls game with bestie @eriyung
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