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Erkhyan Rafosa @Erkhyan Antananarivo, Madagascar

“Horny soit qui mal y pense!” Born, raised, and am still living in Antananarivo, Madagascar. (formerly DarHan) He/Him. 🌈 Speaks: 🇲🇬 🇫🇷 🇺🇸

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@MrMandolino The PlayStation and the PS2 still dominate here, for that exact reason. @Engineeredd @untimelygamer @GarethFouche @caravanmalice Same here in Madagascar. My first console was a Sega Mega… rabbits done while waiting for dinner 🐇
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @OnlyGemss @RosarioLaBonne @HugoThePinkCat @CantMakeItUp43 The bingo is even more complete now, with “accusing othe… @OnlyGemss @HugoThePinkCat @CantMakeItUp43 Are we playing the Conservative White Stereotypes Bingo here? So far we…
Loki, Mobius, and B-15 are going to walk in at any moment now. the thing they don't tell you about writing a really long book is that then you have to EDIT A REALLY LONG BOOK.
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaNothing quite hurts like seeing a photo of a magnificently restored WW2 plane, then reading that it was accidentall… L. Jackson holding MLK’s father hostage one of those things that constantly reminds me how we aren’t ‘far removed’ from shit
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @AngeloFalls Nowadays I just skip the hassle and create OCs in pairs. 😏do I need to explain
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaAaaaaaa @Doc_Wolverine Reminds me of that one anecdote who thought he could hit on a medical student by asking her to ident… proverb: “Ny trosa toy ny rambondanitra: kely atahorana hipaoka ny lamba, lehibe ahina handrodana ny tran… @TiberiusRings @HugoThePinkCat Blame the Celts for that one!Pause 🐺💕🦊
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @TiberiusRings @HugoThePinkCat Imparfait du subjonctif. You’re welcome. @oddthesungod Well, THAT sounds familiar. 😛 @Chirenbo Same. Same. @Grimmy_Coyote … This sounds like a trap.Excellent commentary on current cyberpunk writing being ableist and how we're literally moving towards the original…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaHah, whoops, I actually forgot to post this. Here are August 2021’s uploads. (I heard that the algorithm hated li…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaWell then! the replies for all the geekbros who swear that the fictional galaxy that has posh Brits from Coruscant and C… @worshipfuIness I expected to find a bunch of “ackshually there are no Latinos in Star Wars” replies and was absolu…’s #WhatIf episode where it starts with “what if Coulson was still alive?” And then they just play the entir…
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @Fanaphoenix @arthur_affect @prcarlos47 @B_Sputnik @BraddockBessie What I’m saying is that the single greatest thin…
@prcarlos47 @B_Sputnik @BraddockBessie @arthur_affect I consider identity and memory to be the two most precious pa… @Werwolfram @Werewolf_Doctor @FireHazardCat Look, we’ve named an entire family of flowering plants after testicles.… @AmonOmega Mood of moods.Random Star Wars silly headcanon: The Emperor used the Force to make everyone remember his words as “Everything is… @BraddockBessie @arthur_affect “All the transphobes in the story are shown to be evil and harmful, and the trans wo… foxy.
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaBump! @RWC1188 @SuperDemonBoy @moveablejaw There’s a saying I’ll paraphrase: “You can’t possibly know which piece of med… @DoctorFruitbat @SammyWestenber3 @GaryViews I think we’re dealing with a bot, here.Gregorio: "Podemos dançar junto"
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaEvery three years, the Graphic Artists Guild publishes a handbook of the most recent practices and prices in the il…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaEntirely by coincidence just yesterday I was thinking about how both JK Rowling and Terry Pratchett looked at the s…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaHah, whoops, I actually forgot to post this. Here are August 2021’s uploads. (I heard that the algorithm hated li… @arthur_affect And this is why so many missing children in Madagascar were last seen in the company of a well-dressed woman. @HerrWozzeck I bet their behavior is because he’s managed to convince them that we want reparations and a share of… @HerrWozzeck The nicest thing I’ve ever heard about him from a relative of mine was something my late cousin said:… @jasonbirn @EllieOwlVA @sailorrooscout Send us vaccines, then. Or else, teach us how to vaccinate my country’s *TWE…, should I mention Paul again? western world already blames much of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the South Pacific for having the temerity…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaSaint-Denis, Réunion @oddthesungod The new Vulcan test of emotional control has just dropped. @skylos Reminds me of a character in a Star Wars novel once wondering why Isard’s office looks luxurious despite be… just asked if Egyptians who spoke both Greek and Coptic were called Helle-Copters and now I don't feel too well
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @RandomFlake @arthur_affect @lawnerdbarak @IMJackRudd Because I just had to look it up: Four Kings of Númenor; Pri… @keeppss Ouch. Du coup, moi aussi.I went swimming in a swamp near my house for fun. I didn’t remove my school uniform beforehand.
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @arthur_affect @lawnerdbarak @IMJackRudd It’s like the descendants of Eärendil, except no one involved is an Elf. @jasonbirn @EllieOwlVA @sailorrooscout As someone from a mostly unvaccinated country: It’s because there is no pra… @AngelaVolkov Anyone who thinks the cure to a Napoleon delusion is to just tell the person they’re wrong is c) a b… two biggest human-made sources of suffering: When society forgets it’s made of individuals. When individuals… @MelanieMoore The whole thing about Umbridge feels a bit too on the nose for JK, nowadays. You know, the part where… @ULTIMAmapleTREE On Twitter, a tweet is getting “ratioed” when it gets far many more replies than likes. It’s usual…
@Grimmy_Coyote Did you do this by very quickly unsheathing then re-sheathing the top few inches of a katana blade?The local bakery gets an unusual visitor 🌿
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa-gets tattoo of tablet pen- -wakes up and it’s gone- Shit
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @JeevesBun @authorjessowen I switched to Madagascar, which is kinda logical, but also because now the only thing I … feel that the a certain group’s logic for attempting to posthumously recruit Terry Pratchett to their cause didn’… @renegade_roo *laughs in “chose an animal who lives in the general area”* @CoyoteDen Here! way
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Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @JaspersArtVault Here. was not aware I could do that either
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaThe one thing they didn’t tell me when I became a Wild Dog…
Retweeted by Erkhyan RafosaWhere does stream tiger get his money from??? I'm late for tiger's day aaa
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @RahneKallon Oh, someone should have told you to keep The Plan for last, but that’s good, too! @TanaSimensis @HugoThePinkCat I *do* remember someone weaponizing dick drawings to force their city to repair neglected streets.
@TanaSimensis @HugoThePinkCat Well, it’s a persistent myth, anyway. @HugoThePinkCat Much classier than the penises carved on Roman streets pointing to the nearest brothel 😛 @Lucian_Lutrae One step closer to being a coyottermoose. @RebelHeirPod Unfortunately, my Muppet lore is far too limited to be of any help, here! @RebelHeirPod “I heard we weren’t doing our jobs well enough!” “Well, it’s not like we could lose your heads over it, could we?” “Hohoho!” @renegade_roo Mby ndose!En direct du centre spatial guyanais pour le premier lancement Ariane 5 de l’année.
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa“Jack Nicholson smiled at you.” @Lucian_Lutrae A portal generator with a worldwide range.1. Open the Wikipedia page on the Caprivi Strip. 2. Scroll down to the “History” section. 3. Read the first parag… @renegade_roo “Mom, Ren is doing The Eyes™ at me again!” @BuddyGoodboyEsq I very briefly did, just for the sake of being able to say I gave the question the attention it needed. @jhdgcvsjv Oh, it is. It’s a very apt commentary on these situations where people are on the side of the bad guys,… @MakarDraws … … … 🤦🏽‍♂️ @wes_chu Don’t forget the replies to that tweet. A lot of people arguing that the frog on the right deserved to los…• Sifaka - All species ! 🐒💚 Can you name them all ? ✨ • The propithecus genus includes 9 species, and they're all…
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @DarkEndWrites Not with THAT attitude!……………foot fetish flag
Retweeted by Erkhyan Rafosa @skgyae @AngosturaCat @pig_tickle We all thought it.Soon, new vocabulary emerged: Voanjo = colonist; Tanivoanjo/Tanimboanjo = colony; Voanjoana (“to voanjo”) = to colonize. (3/3)With time, the term “tanivoanjo” or “tanimboanjo” (voanjo land/field) came to designate any land concession granted…, a continuation of this thread. The Merina king Andrianampoinimerina (reigned 1787–1810) once decided to encoura…úl, Ellie y Ethan
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