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ernest @ErnestFN_ Brooklyn, NY

15 | @jojiFN @JamperFN | i stream on twitch

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@Izzyy____ So is WAP. @Izzyy____ Açaí is gone. @Izzyy____ Let’s just say, the dolphins are gone. And the rabbits. And the fish. And the cats. AND the bees. @Izzyy____ No. It’s not “😭” it’s actually “☹️” @Izzyy____ Dylan did good? woooo (missing izz </3)
Retweeted by ernestSold the qual but it’s all good ☺️
2021 duo dreamhack for funzies @alexalols @jojiFN Bf tweet 😭 @alexalols @jojiFN Still didn’t del the tweet for joji @jojiFN Too easy man 😎 @Frystsama We could just play ig 🙄 @Frystsama Damn @Burst2g Damn @jojiFNThis is why I love joji @jojiFN @jb4rr_ LMAO @candihotti @jb4rr_ lmao he gone @klssyXd With? @Unknownmute1 What a hater @saetiaaa @Frystsama <3 :(Gtg to class 😓 HAVE A GOOD DAY @code_abe ❤️❤️ @jojiFN Oh goodnightGoodmorning @BenjysHypeMan @anneivyy Happy birthday Annie @yungcalc Suddenly I’m a femaleGoodnight everyone🙃 @ivyIuvsyouthe gang 💯💯💯
2021 hey @BotReporttt Nice @JnrSzn @LazarFN Jnr 😭 for myself 👀 ——————————— HQ: @itsbeasto Valid lowk @Thunder1x_ Yo @whofishy You unfollowed me 😔 @itsbeasto Goodshit tho @itsbeasto NoGiving away my Finalmouse Air58 since I prefer superlight & I got a starlight-12. Steps follow me: @stahtfn tag @…
Retweeted by ernest @stahtfn @Anthxny999 @Jonikfn @DeyyFN V @wonderthetour Do you like not go to school 😭 @wonderthetour Just got out of class @Dxrkbtww @Ironboy_ll 🤔 @Ironboy_ll Cuz I’m still looking and no one wants to playOk so who am I playing dreamhack with lmao @mopyfn Lmao vouch 👀TenZ fortnite edition @BughasHypeman @FortniteGame One dayLfd lolGood morning 🌞 @savannahxtb Heyyy sav lolWait Charli Damelio turned 17.. wasn’t she just 15 a few months ago LMAO @Packsmokee are you going through something we need to talk abt @jb4rr_ @Jonikfn @jojiFN 🧢 @Jonikfn @jojiFN Vouch @Jonikfn @jojiFN @jojiFN😐thanks for 350 followers 🏆 @LazarFN @atomsbtw .
@Crampzy1 . @LansonFN Vouch 👀 @LansonFN @SmixFN @Runaans_ Please I wanna see this @_nathanlol @FortniteStatus In comp @FreyaF0x @StephenCurry377 LMAO @FreyaF0x @StephenCurry377 no shot you ain’t in here 😭 @SwRPlat @opsqt oh my fault:) @paper_fn @apazo_ @opsqt ❤️❤️ @jojiFN @opsqt Wow ur the goatRt or tag him so he can see it @klssyXd only ws💫 ~~~~~~~~~~~ art for @opsqt @wonderthetour @playboi_cozy Nothing!!!!!!! 😀 @playboi_cozy @wonderthetour ... @playboi_cozy @wonderthetour Uh @wonderthetour @playboi_cozy Um I saw it... @flukethagreat It is bru @noshfn WThe Box is still a bop @Rainz1x They are prob going to make a map change before fncs and it’s prob going to be Gotham city @Ironboy_ll You’ll seeCan’t wait for the epic games to add Gotham City right before fncs @1xontop Man who tf gave unknown the password @ThreatsFN V @Packsmokee @Sceptic No no it’s ok!Nah I’m not even trolling I just woke up and it said “Sceptic replied: Cringe + ratio” idek @Ironboy_ll @Sceptic @HdjdjaaG 🥲I had a dream @Sceptic ratioed me for no reason @fnstrep Happy birthday goat @Rainz1x @ClixHimself @bugha @FaZeBizzle Bet 😏 @Rainz1x @ClixHimself @bugha @FaZeBizzle Shut before I kiss you @Rainz1x @ClixHimself @bugha @FaZeBizzle Nah nah nah chill @Rainz1x @ClixHimself @bugha @FaZeBizzle Ion know lil bro @Rainz1x @ClixHimself @bugha @FaZeBizzle 🙄