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28, a Criminal Justice major and I love philosophy. I graduate in March!!

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@RachieRach429 ❀️❀️ @RachieRach429 @gohomejasmin Happy Thanksgiving mi amor ❀️ @gohomejasmin @TheBratOGEyEZ Beautiful ❀️ @TheBratOGEyEZ @fuckgetschwifty Happy Thanksgiving ❀️ @fuckgetschwifty @CassThomps13 Pretty 😘 @CassThomps13 @sweetonme81 You deserve happiness, love, and affection at it's fullest babe ❀️ @sweetonme81 @turtledumplin Happy Thanksgiving love ❀️ @turtledumplin @mistrustme1 You're my beautiful temple babe where I meditate ❀️ @mistrustme1 @RachieRach429 You're absolutely beautiful my love 😍 @RachieRach429Happy Thanksgiving πŸ˜πŸ¦ƒπŸ @lanni_1503 Happy Thanksgiving love ❀️❀️ @lanni_1503 @sweetonme81 Happy Thanksgiving babe ❀️ @sweetonme81 @velvetwords1 @mistrustme1 Happy Thanksgiving babe ❀️ @mistrustme1Good morning happy Turkey Day 😊 πŸ¦ƒ @turtledumplin Sweet dreams beautiful ❀️ @turtledumplin @dysmorphia_wb Like fun-sized chocolate πŸ˜‹πŸ«πŸ’™ @dysmorphia_wb @RachieRach429 Nah πŸ’™ @dysmorphia_wb Hehe β€οΈπŸ˜‹ @dysmorphia_wb @NEGirl711 Sexy :) @RachieRach429 Thank you my love πŸ’™ @RachieRach429 Happy Turkey Day Freckles ❀️ @RachieRach429 @mmmmermaid Carne asada tacos porfa :) @mmmmermaidYes, why? I'm curious :) @TheSuccuBish Lol @Lilblack_heart Yesssss πŸ–€ @Lilblack_heart @gohomejasmin Orange, green, dark green, peach, purple, and pink ☺️ @gohomejasmin
πŸ˜πŸ›΅πŸ’™πŸ’› @sweetonme81 Lovely and thoughtful ☺️ @comes_night Yep lol. Hope you're well love :) @comes_night @comes_night I find the concept of an open relationship dumb and it tells that whoever agrees to one really isn't r… @mistrustme1 Yummy babe ☺️ @mistrustme1QDEP Maradona πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸ’› @dysmorphia_wb 😍❀️😍 @dysmorphia_wb @mistrustme1 Deep-fried is delicious @dysmorphia_wb LMAOOO @dysmorphia_wb @TattedSass I'm here for you my love ❀️ @TattedSass @NEGirl711 You're beautiful sweetie :) @NEGirl711 @TattedSass You ok sweetie? @TattedSass @sweetonme81 Mesmerizing ❀️ @sweetonme81Gracias por todo, Diego
Retweeted by Ernie HernandezStretching, meditation and exercise done βœ”οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ͺ☯️ and walked along the balcony and climbed 2 flights of stairs 😁 @mistrustme1 @sweetonme81 You're welcome my love ❀️😍 @mistrustme1 @TheBratOGEyEZ @TokeoJ Hehe :) Good morning ☺️ @TheBratOGEyEZMy #WCWednesday go out @mistrustme1 and @sweetonme81 for being genuinely loving women and sweet in every way ❀️😍😘 @sweetonme81 @tattooed_bee @mistrustme1 @gohomejasmin You're welcome love ❀️ @sweetonme81 @mistrustme1 @tattooed_bee @sweetonme81 @gohomejasmin You're welcome my love ❀️ @mistrustme1 @emmbsss Good morning love :)Good morning happy Wednesday 🌞😊 @MellyOreoh I'm here for you mi amor :) @MellyOreoh @tattooed_bee @mistrustme1 @sweetonme81 @gohomejasmin ❀️ @medic_sarcastic LMFAOOO @quarenqueenlily @fthptthhhh Love it! @LadyWTFx Sweet dreams ❀️❀️ @LadyWTFx @turtledumplin Beautiful voice ❀️ @turtledumplinSin querer me convertΓ­ en mi personaje favorito
Retweeted by Ernie Hernandez @LadyWTFx I'm extremely close with my brother and I love my nephews and we're only like 15 minutes away @LadyWTFx @medic_sarcastic Feel better love πŸ’™ Blue is my favorite color btw ☺️ @medic_sarcastic @AdorableGirlRed Mom bods 😘😍❀️ @AdorableGirlRed @SoulGoddess1111 Mmmmm Aphrodite ;) @SoulGoddess1111 @TheBratOGEyEZ Prayers and vibes ❀️ @TheBratOGEyEZ @sweetonme81 Hugs you tightly and kisses you ❀️ @sweetonme81 @nerdyncurvy Beautiful ❀️ @nerdyncurvy @turtledumplin My condolences love. Stay strong and much love πŸ–€ @turtledumplin @Lilblack_heart You beautiful fighter and lover πŸ–€ @Lilblack_heart @CassThomps13 @darkworld85 Trapeze Swinger by Gary Alan Isakov @TattedSass You're right @LadyWTFx Sade also screams baby-making music to me hehe @LadyWTFx @mmmmermaid You could be wife ☺️😘 Creme puffs are yummy and you don't need makeup @mmmmermaid @sweetonme81 Oh ok. How have you been btw?? :) @sweetonme81 Do you smoke herb hun? @sweetonme81 @LadyWTFx Those are a lot of words to say sexy :) @LadyWTFx
@SweetAsMoscato Yep lol @mistrustme1 Crash into me ❀️ @mistrustme1 @SweetAsMoscato LMAOOEverything happens for a reason
Retweeted by Ernie Hernandez @MellyOreoh I love chocolate chip cookies love hehe :) @MellyOreoh @dysmorphia_wb Diggin the flannel @AVenezuelan19 Someone finally fucking explained it lol @kiiimdaaa Pretty ❀️ @kiiimdaaa @mistrustme1 I love the real you babe ❀️ @mistrustme1 @TattedSass Beautiful ❀️ @TattedSass @5ReasonsSports @SamuraiiRadio Relegation and no playoffs @JJRossReaders LMAOOO @semperdiced Holly shit Hannibal @JJRossReaders LMAOOO I laughed too hard at this @blonde_sandiego Lol @mistrustme1 Your emotions are beautiful my love ❀️ @mistrustme1 @turtledumplin Pretty eyes for days ❀️ @turtledumplin @TheSuccuBish Cute ☺️ Adventure Time! @TheSuccuBish @mistrustme1 @tetsr21 Nice. I do my stretching, meditation, and exercise and I walk along the balcony and climb the stairs babe @sweetonme81 We're not all bad you just gotta keep looking for that person that matches your beautiful vibe. Good m…, meditation and exercise done βœ”οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ͺ☯️ and walked along the balcony and climbed 2 flights of stairs 😁πŸ’ͺ @LadyWTFx My mom and aunts have one too lol @LadyWTFx I text my brother and nephews every day and we talk often :) @tetsr21 @mistrustme1 Nice :) Section by section @mistrustme1 Good morning babe, you're beautiful as always ❀️😍😘 @mistrustme1 @mistrustme1 @tetsr21 What's your routine? @mistrustme1Good morning happy Tuesday 😊🌞 @rms0866_reed @medic_sarcastic LMAOOO @medic_sarcastic LMAO how pathetic @medic_sarcastic