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@gulabjohnny @vhsmoonlight Thank you for context. !!!!! @vhsmoonlight I’m old. What is tl? @bradvenable I miss you too if I qualify sir. @RT_BLINK I tried to lead with compassion as much as possible. The OP and I had a fine conversation today. I’d rath… @BeeTee_RUS I always did kind of want to be an Animorph though...hmm...
@JamBos419 @JEFFBM Oh gosh. It’s an important lesson for folks. I’m trying to have patience with ‘em. ...But I… @KnowYour_Enemy I hesitate to jump directly to disgusting. (Tho I know there are truly some creeps out there) I th… @max_guy05 ✌🏻I’m about spent on this topic for today. Be well. I hope you can take some knowledge from our back and forth. @max_guy05 No matter the reason for outreach, no one owes a response. Esp. on social media. If it was a nice note… my ticket to stream on Saturday! Check it out if you can. These guys write fantastic music!! @max_guy05 out on social media is pretty rude, and is likely to push people away from interacting with you. Nobody… @max_guy05 I don't feel bad. But I stand by my point in my original post. Try not to expect anything from people on… @max_guy05 I guess I still don't understand. I don't have any messages from you. To be honest, I don't often answer… @max_guy05 What do you mean when you say you wrote? I checked my messages and have nothing from you. @Tim_R_Wiedemann @orcheerios 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Thisisntflying David talks plenty, so I think on some level asking him why he's not talking more might be fair. lo… @BlueJ630 Or even neutrality. lol. @Shadowgamersix Thanks for clarifying. I think if people stick around long enough, they'll see that I'd like to hav… @BlueJ630 I know I'm not perfect. lol. It helps me remember to treat others with more compassion. @PieceOfJakey I think its important to try to inform before holding people accountable to expectations. They may no… @Shadowgamersix I won't go so far as to call people names, I just think they might need someone to let them know th… reason, no one owes anyone else any level of interaction on Social Media. These kinds of call out posts are rud… is a teachable moment: This is NOT the way to get attention. For me, it will quickly get you blocked. An Act… starting @DanMilano’s #GlitchTechs on @Netflix. No idea what I was waiting for, but I just finished episode…
@DawnMBennettVA Looks like something Cloud would wield crafted an Interactive Low Budget Agreement to allow union actors to easily work in independent video games with…
Retweeted by David Errigo Jr.Hey #IndieDevs did ya know that union talent is GAME to voice in your project? Stoked to say - I’m #in4indies!…
Retweeted by David Errigo Jr.I’m #in4indies! Excited to team up with #indiedevs and explore unique material! If you're an #indiedev use the… @billdozer777 No teas Uh bear My head Go read @ZeeEllToons95 @ashleytisdale @mmonogram Yeah, once I clicked through to investigate I was like, "Uh oh. This doesn… thought @ashleytisdale friended me on Facebook this morning. Messaged. W/ some investigation, I learned this was… @millatomlinson2 Nope
Impossibly Fun creations sent me some masks and I love them! Check em out on Instagram (@)impossibly_fun_creations… @nerdsvoteHey, fellow nerds! It’s National Voter Registration Day! If you aren’t registered already, this is your chance to j… @ItsCateTheGreat ...Anyone else kind of love watching @Jeopardy on @Netflix? @VinMan17 @mrmikeyreid (Seems unfair, purely a bastardization of a quote. I’ve never smelled @mrmikeyreid ) @VinMan17 @mrmikeyreid And you thought he smelled bad on the outside. @TheCelticTampon @TheCelticTampon You gotta get those “light glasses”. Have you seen em? They make you look like you’re wearing moody anime glasses. @TheCelticTampon 🤣 @Jackydan513 💀💀💀
@SugarFreckles_ 🤣 @Severn_Studios 🤣 @PieceOfJakey Check out my pinned tweet. It lists some of my favorite tools. @CreeLikesCats 🤣If you’re interested in voice acting, check us out in about 2 hours! @yugiohtas @BenjaminDiskin Yes. @ErikaHarlacher Gus looks so much like my parents’ old dog Latte. He was a very good boy.
@cece_373 x5 @drumfarmer Rest well. I miss your humor. @TotalStarLord @pfmmlnews 😊 @TotalStarLord @pfmmlnews I did for one. My curiosity got the better of me. 😊 I’ll play again some time. @pfmmlnews @CartoonFan12 Very fun. I’ll have to do it again some time. @CartoonFan12 @pfmmlnews Okay. Can I play? @pfmmlnews How long is a normal game? @pfmmlnews Is it like Jackbox? @ZackKrasneyVO 🤣🤣 @pfmmlnews What is this that y’all keep talking about? @KyleMcCarley Yucky. @chrisdocnee 🤣🤣🤣 @BlueJ630 Fox received. I did my work and a workout!! Thank you! All good here, just had a hard time pushing the s…
I’ve lost some of my get up and go. If you see where it got up and went, please notify me via carrier pigeon or mes…
@elaboratesunma1 @DanPovenmire @mmonogram @DisneyTVA @VinMan17 Cool style! @ashleytisdale Congratulations!🎉🎊🎈
@TheCelticTampon Makes perfect sense to me. Very straightforward. @chuckolalala @yugiohtas ...wait... @TheCelticTampon 🤣 @RyanBartley 🤣🤣🤣 @Carly_DeMille @carlybella_ @pattonoswalt ❤️ @Dwampy95 I think Diogee needs to go home. Dogs aren’t supposed to be on notebooks. (Eh, eh, see what I did there?)“It’s chaos. Be kind.” -@pattonoswalt This is almost certainly 1 of the most important things I’ve ever heard. W… @KaggyFilms Right?
@ItsCateTheGreat @carlybella_ 🤔indeed @carlybella_ @ItsCateTheGreat That phone case though...👏🏻
Watch as the cast of Phineas and Ferb The Movie: #CandaceAgainstTheUniverse explains the family tree!
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@nachiopistachio @shanehoughton Beat me to it. Lol. If only I’d read the comments before replying. @shanehoughton Oh, there you are Perry. @RealGilbertGan @DanPovenmire @mmonogram @VinMan17 @disneyplus
(2/2) have that kind of resilience in us. 2020 has been challenging for many reasons. We are on the ropes. We c… I was in class in MT in 2001. I remember many if not most us covering our mouths with our hands while we watc… @disneyplus
@Jim_Bernstein Want. To. Know. @Youssef20592236 @DanPovenmire @mmonogram @ashleytisdale @VinMan17 Aww, look at Candace! I wish we had a red carpet premiere! 😊You’ve got to see what critics are obsessing over! They’ve officially fallen in love with Phineas and Ferb The Movi…
Retweeted by David Errigo Jr. @BlueJ630 I love it! Thanks! @BlueJ630 Tag me when you finish!!
@8uster_8unny I’ve played a Christmas elf a couple of times. A) Eubie in The Happy Elf-by Harry Connick Jr. (fun… @RyanBartley I went to school on an academic scholarship. I feel ya. @tsunderica But he does good work...don’t shortchange the future...wait. Nevermind. I like to play young. Yeah. Let him retire. @TheCelticTampon I’ll take your word. Bruce generally IS a V good boy. And we love him V V much. @TheGabiType My favBut for real, anyone in #animation who wants me in a CHRISTMAS episode. I’m here. I’m ready. I’m part #elf. Let’s d… I’m that schmuck who wants to watch Christmas episodes in September. Deal with it. You’re lucky I waited this… @TheCelticTampon Don’t judge them too harshly. Bruce is a total freeloader.Wanna smile? Follow @thetinychefshow here and on @instagram!