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Jough Donakowski @error303 Okinawa-ken, Japan

I'm not a machine. I feel and believe. I have opinions. Some of them are interesting. I could, if you'd let me, talk and talk. Let's talk about anything.

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@CalWilliamsComm @OsmosisReads You do.
Let’s do this, fellas💪🏽 #MLSisBack
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @simplyidyllic Friendship ended with Tiger King / Now Unsolved Mysteries is my best friend @ZachIsHere Papu's!When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should not be thrown out of our country.
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @radtoria ♥️ @radtoria One compliment please.
@EricTrump Okay so what's the downside? @saramvalentine You gotta hit Cairo while youre in the neighborhood. @cal_gif My emo phase was fantastic. @knighton_bob Brutal.Harry Potter had a massive amount of inherited wealth, never redistributed it to his ridiculously poor friend’s fam…
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @wickrotate Why are economists @sarahnicoleryer F @philoso_foster Adjustments lol jesus christ. @MnNiceFC I'm convinced it'll digress into a spy vs spy esque ball of teams trying to infect each other forcing the… @AlanSchrader I had to. For science. I know I've got a physics biasis but man, an R^2 of anything less than like 0.… @AlanSchrader If it makes you feel any better look at what this dude with a PhD in economics did. @BeardedUniverse Getting crushed on the highway by a semitruck and waking up and j the back of an ambulance was awful.
@jodieegrace W @jbfan911 "ass therapist" Seriously though congrats. @jennifermerr This is why taco bell is the superiors breakfast optionoh shit
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @ZachIsHere 🤷‍♂️ slide it under the door maybe???nothing is wrong with the park
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @caitiedelaney 2edgy4me @wombatk1 @AmihaiGlazer This literally took me like 3 minutes to do with Excel and Google, with a photo instead of… @thombodytolove What if it's not aquariums it's terrariums??? Asking for me. @portgarden @Lin_Manuel Definitely a marked improvement over the original. @questauthority @AmihaiGlazer I got an R^2 of 0.15 using a linear fit. An exponential fit bumps it up to a whopping 0.17. @KLdivergence @AmihaiGlazer It's about 0.15, I actually plotted it for some reason. @project_pete3 @shesajackal @meladoodle So there's a net and a ball. Got it! @project_pete3 @shesajackal @meladoodle Thank you! I just have one more question. What's netball??? @shesajackal @meladoodle Honestly I think I'm good with the mystery. @meladoodle Can confirm, am American, have no idea what the hell this is. @AmihaiGlazer Okay y'all, I pulled some quick data and I plotted it. R^2 is 0.1545. Soooooo... Yeahhhhh.... @AmihaiGlazer What the hell am I looking at????"queueing" is a fun word to spell
@LetitiaMontana lolHappy #4thOfJuly 🍑
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @endlesswario @matchafrosting First, assume a spherical economy. @caitiedelaney Benadryl works for pup anxiety.
Hamilton isn't very good. There. I said it.there's arxiv shitposting and then there's arxiv *shit*posting
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @doyalikebaileys @j_sauv Morning coffee is good. Afternoon coffee, all bets are off.Ok, hear me out
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@Shinikage221 35. @spookgeist @Bungie The helmet stayed on. @sarahnicoleryer no sonit plzNgl no matter how you feel about #MLSisBack tournament, this is without a doubt one of the funniest videos on the i…
Retweeted by Jough Donakowskibukkake Udon lol
@mitchellvii Then you have serious respiratory problems and probably shouldn't be going out to indoor social spaces… @rebeccamakkai Let's take this and put it over there. @JeanGreasy Dios trios. @Chinchillazllla Is he still in a coma in Russia or like what the hell is happening with him anyway??? @joshgondelman The wife and I have monogrammed snuggles and they're amazing.Not the honky tonks 😔 @MOOMANiBE I just miss chat rooms. @dxxnya Ugh so true @JamesStarritt If deaths spike again in the next few weeks we may elect to extend our tour in Japan for another yea…
Retweeted by Jough DonakowskiOne good sign for the stability of a country is when people stop believing that their institutions produce legitima…
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @slinan Now we're cooking."Cases are going up just because tests are going up" Demonstrably false. Here i've plotted the fraction of positi…
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Yep. English is literally dead.
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @itAston It really do be like that @medburnbook Hated computer science and philosophy @_lil_anxiety My seven year old. @shariabussy @BesGrl @custardloaf @Olive__Autist His MEAT
Yummm... #MLSisBack
Retweeted by Jough DonakowskiI love bobs burgers so much but the belcher family finances stress me the fuck out
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @settingthetable 😬 @adamscottkunz @philoso_foster Honestly I'd have rather licked the toiletHere's a quick visual summary of what got us here:
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @kendraaaleighh This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. @littlestwayne Horse @DrewLawDesign It's watching you.If I were an x-ray technician, after I took the first x-ray I’d say: “ok now let’s do a goofy one.” I think people…
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@jessphoenix2018 The mustard stains on her shirt just kill me.The fact that tin's chemical symbol is Sn infuriates me like nothing else. I can accept Au, Ag, Na, but Sn??? Not okay. 😡 @doinkpatrol The best part is the mustard stain on her shirt. @alvanderp @ZachIsHere She's holding her handgun like a god damn garden hose nozzle. @ZachIsHere The shredded cheese tweet, if you missed it (he deleted it). fragility of folks who won’t wear a mask is truly breathtaking. I lived for four years inside two internment ca…
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @cal_gif Looks like a wine rack but for like an angle serving wine bottles 🤷‍♂️ @matchafrosting I just take the square root of something. Works every time. @TheFaceOfDave @Tobi_Is_Fab I once looked up "bitch" in the dictionary. What a rush. @Jesse_Brenneman Not to excuse those who don't follow basic mask wearing and distancing advice but when politics al… Wife Waiting For Shredded Cheese As It’s The Only Way She Can Eat Fajitas
Retweeted by Jough Donakowski @andlikelaura *Gwar has entered the chat* @sarahnicoleryer I do the cleaning, she does the memeing. @ungovernabIe Did it work???
@cpoliticditto Families that had two cars @as_a_woman A grad student posted this. @Sydonahi @AcademicChatter I have two kids wait crap no that's not better ahhhhhhhhh @lydiaelise @PFTompkins Yeah, don't mean to say there's no individual responsibility for sure. Wear your damn mask.… @PFTompkins I will say the shaming of individuals instead of the politicians and people in authority who encourage… @jacob_posts Oh fuck oh shit @dxxnya Again?!?