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@104vets IKR? I love erza so much
@Kokureno *erza 🗿WAIT? Isayama drew Erza Scarlet from Fairytail? OMG @Kokureno IKR this made me miss fairytail i like ezra sm♥️ @mikasaheIos same it just doesn’t make sense sometimes, but it depends with the execution tho
@ackergone not sure but probably somewhere on june? let's just wait for announcement tho @JYAHUMAN nooo i hope she's alright tho🥺 @haiseaki HELP😭😭On Betsumaga live, Kawakubo said that Yams is now on the process of revising and adding to the extra pages and that…
Retweeted by X @MIK4SABOT HELP😭 @peachicyy 😭 @MIK4SABOT @levicuult I imagined him making long threads or posts about what went wrong in a movie or series😭 @melodikasa why do I imagined armin will be posting long threads about plot holes or how the ending should have ended😭I really hope that the leaks will go off until the official release, because I still can’t figure out how to judge…
Retweeted by X @MiguelM48_ idk what to believe anymore😭 @arminstoast I'm still in denial😭 @sh_a13e very true indeed 😭 @pieckev i will be so speechless if this will happen🗿 @eremikvs the denial intensifies😭 @104vets I AM IN DENIAL WITH THIS ONE😭👀 @FrickMikasa same tbh @Kayle93516449 yeah me too, it's kinda hard especially when you got so attached to it :(free yourself from the shackles of aotFor example, in the case of volume 33 Inside cover = 1 page Characters introduction = 2 pages 4 chapter divider pag…
Retweeted by XFandom overreacting due to ✨out of context✨ Again.
Retweeted by X @mksayuu gonna wait for the official release before I say anything @AttackOnFans very true indeed
@iluereh free mikasa from toxic fans @levisalive i do hope so it sounds too ridiculous tbh @thekidd203 I'll probably wait for the official release 😅 @fujiyolkart I'm literally chillin' here haha @thekidd203 it's just extra pagesFor the last time, I will not believe the leaks until it officially comes out. I need to remind myself, that I have a life outside aot— a thread of what is happening in the philippines , india and palestine.
Retweeted by Xselective activism isnt activism :/ educate yourselves, spread awareness and speak up abt palestine, india, philipp…
Retweeted by Xyall pls stop comparing the issues happening rn. "why are yall talking about this but not that" THIS IS NOT A COMPE…
Retweeted by X @luvkeijii take care beautiful soul I'll miss u🤍 @sirezeke wishin you the best, take care always 🥺🙏
@Youjiyunai this is beautiful ♥️ @kyuujuuhachi i just came back janelle😭
@nobarockugisaki take care beautiful soulyou all need to distance yourselves from social media and fictional stories for a little bit. the way you guys are…
Retweeted by XThere is nothing wrong with pouring out anger against Aot, however, to guilt those who finds a pleasure in remember…
Retweeted by X @erenhaslice welcome back :D
Anime and Manga made me happy more than the people around me irl ever did
Retweeted by X @aslanbabie this is so sad :(( @AoTWiki @kasumi_kasa " We'll see the end. We'll be the end.."
@levihantrash @LevihanFiloWeek sabay sabay tayo magsabi ng SANA OL @levihantrash @LevihanFiloWeek AHHHHH ANG GANDA I LOVE IT😭♥️ @akigures @LevihanFiloWeek HALA ANG GANDA😭♥️
@snkpiku i hope u get ur old acc back , love seeing u on the tl @sawneyyhange love this♥️
@hourlylevi Yes omg @LEVIDlCK Yes banger omg @Giossic thank you so much🙏✨ @eremikvs @MIKASACKERMANBF tysm 🤍 @7ENITSU zenitsu, tanjiro, probably akaza after reading his arc, and literally almost all of them @ackerfreedom tysm :D @rareheartzz @jeansschlong welcome to adulthood becca 🔥 @jeansschlong HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA ilysm beautiful soul❤️❤️ @LEVIDlCK so true and welcome back :D @AoTWiki “ We’ll see the end. We’ll be the end..” @dialectuz take care beautiful soul @ClverAlt take care beautiful soul I'll miss you🤍 @ackerfreedom tysm :) @aot_doodles they’re so precious @chili_aux Tysm beautiful soul 🥰 @104vets Tysm 🥰 @rareheartzz GORGEOUS
@fujiyolkart I love your artworks so much❤️ @Seentax_ ANG GANDA AHHHHH❤️ @TheGhibliFamily Beautiful ❤️ @kyuujuuhachi SANA OL @kyuujuuhachi Kasi “Hange” means “gift of God”, OMG bagay😭 @loeycity tysm beautiful soul 🤍 @arminstoast tysm kind soul 🤍 @eremikvs tysm beautiful soul🤍 @levisalive awww tysm precious soul🤍
@hanjizens ANG GANDA♥️ @spicygatas ANG GANDA AHHHH♥️ @thexanwillshine @levihannnn NAPAKASAKIT 😭 Pero ang ganda po nito ate xan I LOVE IT😭♥️
@HelloJekyll @chili_aux this is so beautiful 😭❤️
@mikasafreedom i hope you're feeling better, take care always brave soul🤍 @ehlsup levi, hange, mikasa @__sa_tori @jillyboojay this is so beautiful ❤️ @youseebigDel Tysm for this 💯 @Giossic Thank you for this💯 @atIaverse @chili_aux Levi literally has the biggest heart, no matter how he lose so much he still keeps on loving😭 @hunnymzdraws I love your artworks so much! This is so beautiful ❤️ @ClverAlt FR? again? I hope you do get your old acc :( @AoTWiki “ To you in the future, You are Free..” @hunnymzdraws you’re so beautiful ❤️ @Giossic Thank you so much🙏🏽
@AttackOnFans "We'll see the end, we'll be the end.."" We'll see the end, we'll be the end.." #AttackOnTitan #ThankYouHajimeIsayama @MangaMoguraRE the walls are now gone😭 @AoTWiki gonna appreciate this official art before the comment section will be full of ship wars again 😌 @jaegerbun </3 @mekoomie crying