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Dr S.L. Ramsden. Sentient entity. Nerd. Baker. Ocean conservationist (particularly sharks). Green Party treasurer. Autistic. Disabled. Cornish-Irish. He/him.

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To hell with this, everything on here today is just making me angry, more so than usual. Going to go read until the rugby.Oh look. I was right. I was just saying this would happen yesterday on here to people. I knew this was coming. Ne… @Tom___Scott This is going to be bad, if it happens. People talk about "oh maybe Scotland will go independent" but… @Tom___Scott Well. Yorkshire might, come to think of it... @Tom___Scott It'll be the Celtic regions where it will kick off if it does, I've said that before. I don't think an… @Tom___Scott Quite. I am half Irish and I remember very well what it was like, and the effect it could have within…"The people are revolting against us!" "Could it be anything we've done?" "No. Can't be. We've done nothing wrong… @Tom___Scott I have a feeling if it happens here, it will be similarly drawn out, given the similar way that this c… of Tory MPs complaining that they're getting abuse because of a single word used by the Labour deputy is about… @Tom___Scott It wasn't *that* quick. It started suddenly, perhaps, but it took until 2001 for the fallout to finall… @TheNotoriousRBF "The yeasts must grow!" @dimbosama I stuck with it for a while knowing I didn't like it, hoping to be proven wrong but suspecting I wouldn'… @dimbosama Despite how angry Discovery made me more or less from the start, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that, becau… @dimbosama See, I honestly didn't even know that, because I switched off ages ago in despair at how things made no…
@stealthmunchkin Ear-ly... night... nope. No, I'm sorry, you've lost me now. What are you on about? @dimbosama If you need things to make sense (and I do) then prequels are always, always a bad idea, because the onl… @dimbosama Because of course they did, because there's a whole generation who have grown up with the JJ-verse films… @dimbosama The films tried to get round that in 2009 by having a clean break with everything and saying "this is an… @dimbosama You've got a franchise with 60 years of history that's mostly gotten mangled and hopelessly screwed up i… @dimbosama Actually, the Klingon prison in ST:VI was a dilithium mine run on slave labour, I'm pretty sure, and the… @dimbosama You've got writers who know dilithium was mined, but they also knew replicators were such an established… @dimbosama Even as late on as Star Trek VI the Enterprise A had kitchens and chefs on board cooking with actual foo… @dimbosama Well in TOS they never had this problem because they were very clear that programmable matter wasn't a t… @HickeyWriter @HickeyWriter I mean, this is a conversation we've actually had before. @HickeyWriter And as I also find myself saying a lot in the last 5 years, I'd really love to actually be completely… @HickeyWriter Oh I said it before there even *was* a field, publicly, on here. As I said before, I look at broader… @HickeyWriter I say "Johnson". We all know Cummings is the one in charge. But you get what I mean. @HickeyWriter Well quite. Bloomberg and Biden were the two worst choices. Mind you, I predicted a couple of years… @HickeyWriter When you look at what actually happened, a bunch of people who seem more like BP or UKIP than traditi… @HickeyWriter Well, different thing. Also I think that potentially could have been better than the Tories simply wi… @HickeyWriter I don't share that optimism. There are few genuinely leftist figures high up in the Democratic Party.… @HickeyWriter Unless last time you predicted that a swarm of killer bees would win through a surprise write-in camp… @HickeyWriter Given how things have gone for a while now, that's... how. The worst case scenario is the one that keeps happening. @HickeyWriter Though in this case it's really just preparing for the worst, because I honestly don't see Biden as a… @HickeyWriter It is possible that my personal philosophy of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is an e… @HickeyWriter In my defence, Twitter chose not to show me that for some reason. Still, we seem to be thinking abou… @HickeyWriter There's quite a lot to indicate that Biden voters will favour mail in ballots, and Trump voters will… @HickeyWriter That in itself can create problems however because of the broader circumstances. Americans are used t… @HickeyWriter How many people actually look at the data, and how many look at what's said in the media and online a… @HickeyWriter Clinton was polling a double digit lead for a long time early in the campaign, it just evaporated in… @HickeyWriter Fair enough. But I still don't think Biden has this sewn up. There's more data than just polling; I t… @TheNotoriousRBF That'd make for a pretty rad class in D&D. Unless you're one of those who refer to a starter as a… @GailSimone You can't deny a passionate perineum, Gail. Love finds a way. @HickeyWriter I mean, I hope I'm wrong. But I really think claiming Biden is going to win this is precipitous. @HickeyWriter There's so much going on with this election, I'm not prepared to call a winner. I've not been wrong i… @HickeyWriter A big poll lead can quickly turn into a massive blowout loss in the actual election, turning on just… @HickeyWriter I don't agree with that assessment. At this stage last time everyone was overwhelmingly pointing at a… @HickeyWriter I suspect Biden will win the popular vote, but with the electoral college that doesn't mean a whole l… @HickeyWriter I still think there's going to be no clear winner and months of bitter legal fighting over it, myself… @lawprofblawg I'm not sure. Is ploonets or planots marginally better or worse than each other. @garius I think it might be generous to ascribe even that level of cunning to the man. He's so dense he could displace liquid osmium. @bOrgCastAMO @RosalindMosis I suppose his argument would be that I'm a hypocrite because I left the church, but I'm… @bOrgCastAMO @RosalindMosis I mean, I actually grew up with the man, I've been on camping weekends and things with… @bOrgCastAMO @RosalindMosis Similar arguments with mine, who used to work in a Christian charity cafe with disabled… @mikeinsdevon @Porthynys @GeorgeAylett They will have to put the cream on top of the jam though, and stop putting m… @mikeinsdevon @Porthynys @GeorgeAylett Of course, Cornwall used to be rather larger before English occupation - we… vote for them again. Any of them.
Retweeted by 𝔉𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔥 𝔞'𝔫 𝔐𝔬𝔯 🦈 💚 ✊🏾 @Plutoburns I started this off by making fun of conservative politicians behaving like cartoon villains, but this w… @VixL "Oh you can afford to bail out starving children can you. That's nice, clearly you still have too much money… @VixL It's a good thing that local communities have stepped up, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, with th…"MY CURSE MADE EACH OF THEM PAY, BUT ONE LITTLE GIRL GOT AWAY."Tory whips before the vote: "COME MY MINIONS, RISE FOR YOUR MAAAASTER." @InflatableDalek Literally just how he turned up on set apparently."It's very unfair that the EU would take away all the nice things when we've repeatedly told them to get fucked for… @InflatableDalek To be fair, that's also true in real life. Especially if you're walking along a country path on a…"It's very frustrating when we're trying our best to starve poor children and other people keep giving them food."
Retweeted by 𝔉𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔥 𝔞'𝔫 𝔐𝔬𝔯 🦈 💚 ✊🏾 @PieMan70 Well, it's more that a few years ago that would have been satire, and now it's some Dickensian horror reality. @commaficionado She didn't have an indoor toilet until I was 18. And only then because the council in her town in Y… @commaficionado We were pretty lucky though. My grandmother still has an outdoor toilet, a tin bath, and no fridge… @commaficionado Birdseye Potato Waffles. The small box fits just right, the larger box was slightly too long for th… @WoodIandWitch @irnbrufan @commaficionado It's really damning of our society though, that this situation exists. A… @WoodIandWitch @irnbrufan @commaficionado Pretty much all my furniture and appliances are second hand or were gifts… @WoodIandWitch @irnbrufan @commaficionado I have rich neighbours who chuck stuff out for the slightest thing, so I… @commaficionado Of course, if you explain it like this to a Tory, they'll probably just say "oh well, you should st… @SNeurotypicals "Have you considered wearing a hat with AUTISTIC in big letters on it?"That's a funny mental image, but I'm being serious here. I've already seen conservatives in various places online c… only other people who are so openly and blatantly evil as Tory MPs voting to leave poor children to starve are… @kim_crawley "Hey, fuck you buddy. I rewatched GBBO instead." THIS IS FAR TOO ACCURATE. I'M SCARED.Hi @Feeding_Britain! I see that Tory MP @jogideon is one of your Trustees. Are you aware that tonight Ms Gideon v…
Retweeted by 𝔉𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔥 𝔞'𝔫 𝔐𝔬𝔯 🦈 💚 ✊🏾 @Brainmage It is possible. But only if people from backgrounds like his stop voting for the people who repeatedly… @DrAlanRobinson I'm reasonably sure this is a global issue for dog owners, regardless of geopolitics. @InflatableDalek The main thing in the director's cut from what I can tell is that there's a much longer song and d… @InflatableDalek It does drag a bit, in my opinion. I didn't get the opprobrium over the film, it wasn't as bad as… @andrewhunterm There's still 2 months left to go yet, give it time. @ElliottBlackwe3 @SimonRoyHughes It falls upon few of us to have the fortune to be a Photoshopped barn owl. @pennyb These seriously creep me out. @pennyb Argh! ARGH! And, in conclusion ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH! @RebeccaRHelm I study elasmobranches, myself, and in 13 years of diving I've never been stung by a jelly. I've seen… @RebeccaRHelm Jellies are super important. The oceans just wouldn't work without them. I also happen to find them… @Calleenscrafts @sherie09 @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals And THEN, because I wasn't receiving treatment from Outlook,… @Calleenscrafts @sherie09 @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals And I mean NO support. My GP has been referring me once a ye… @Calleenscrafts @sherie09 @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals The Outlook Program in Cornwall (which I am intimately famil… @RunicPortent @SNeurotypicals I'm not entirely averse to words developing dual meanings as a result of art - litera… @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals Me too, sorry for all of us that things haven't got any better. The worst aspect of a… @SNeurotypicals Good grief. I suppose it must be a North American management speak thing again. No doubt it will f… @SNeurotypicals ...come again? When did this particularly daft neologism come into effect, because it's the first I'm hearing this. @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals This idea has been around for a long time, and it was wrong then, and it's still bloody wrong now. @kim_crawley @SNeurotypicals I was actually told 30 years ago that one of the reasons it took them longer for them… @ChrisBrosnahan You say that, but there are a growing number of dangerous lunatics in the UK who seem to think we s…