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I make music with my computer | Monstercat is pretty much my religion if I’m being honest

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@a_campos64 @nocontxtsonic @sonic_hedgehog I’d rather they keep Memphis Tennessee if only because he’s such a stupi… @MegaLegoLuigiEX @sonic_hedgehog Well, sonic does at least, he seemed to know who Elise was at the end of 06 lol @sonic_hedgehog The shitty Sonic character PNGs in the background lmfaoooo @HumanSnook @ChikoritaCheez I mean they ARE electric MICE... hmmClassic @megatronraid I love this game more and more every day, I always knew this had wack TS but this is ridiculous @nescartridges This is a mashup I didn’t know I needed until now This is fantasticI’m losing it @YouTube Clearly y’all aren’t thankful for them considering how you treat them lmfaoWhy is PETA horny on main
@kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys And no, making Pokémon big and OP doesn’t count as an innovative new gamep… @kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys When I say the gameplay is dogshit, I’m talking about the reused gameplay… @kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys I’m not talking about the stupid tree, I literally could not care less abo… @Darlington @variendarkgirl Legendary @iamsnowghost @Rezonate_Music Most of our dads were probably gamers at some point in their lives My dad was big on Namco arcade classics @kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys You’re entitled to your opinion, and if you enjoyed SwSh then that’s great… @kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys When I say “high quality” I’m talking effort put into every avenue of the… One has been the only good cinematic (movie) piece to come from Disney, ever This movie is GLORIOUS and it’s… @uhlastname This is completely and utterly fact and anyone who thinks otherwise needs help @zaire_mcfarlane Is this even a debate? ANYTHING is better than Rise of Skywalker @kaitlynnliz @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys Setting records doesn’t equal quality, I don’t care if the games are the b… @ChikoritaCheez I feel mildly threatenedIs this not the third wave? I thought the second was in the summer... Either way, it didn’t have to be like this.… @SEFBDragon @Pokemon @Macys Quite fitting for the current state of the franchise lol @YungZoomer @Harrisnt_ Fuck off @PS5StockAlerts
@osnapitznay_ Never heard of it and it seems like a pretty dumb rule @etalkCTV Are these mutually exclusiveThis is hitting different in 2020 I- @NetNobody @Darlington I think you mean I KNOW @ogminyunkiwife @almahbubyanwar @MooncakePuff @RecordingAcad @arca1000000 @baauer @disclosure @KAYTRANADA @madeon T… @i_oofficial Fuck Rest In Peace man, this is awful
@NrettG @NintendoAmerica I don’t really think this has anything to do with accusations. All the accusations have be… up Nintendo: Emulation is NOT ILLEGAL. Piracy IS illegal. Emulation is NOT. Especially when it comes to 20 ye… the end I don’t think I could ever run away from my love for the games Nintendo puts out, Smash included. Howeve… man This MAN!!!!!!! @7MinutesDead <3
Are you tryna tell me that GameFly is actually still a thing and somehow still in business??? If you prefer rentin…
@RAVETAYTAY uh<3 today is a good day @NintendoAmerica Don’t pull this shit. Come on. You have a dedicated group of people who LOVE what you have made an… was born on my 13th birthday @smosh Smosh is the best game ever Hmmmm<3 many fond memories of these two’s videos
@shea_cheyennee @felipeismylove As in they should give us the credit for taking the class without the BS test Or a… @KLW_79 @ShadowOfBuchko @Volcanron @TheMeowtasticDJ Nice list, you got a link to the template? @welcome2bishu pssst: if there are any examples of good 2013 Trap you wanna send my way I will gladly take them 👀 @welcome2bishu I do NOT miss 2013 Trap that genre was near garbage during that time lmao Maybe I’m just not lookin… @felipeismylove Now, if we could get AP tests cancelled, I’ll be interested... @felipeismylove To all of you here saying the test is super easy, yeah I agree with you. But also it’s not that sim…
Well this succinctly pisses me off. #DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster. Don’t let these big corporations decide how co… @Monstercat @iaminverness @DroptekOfficial @halfanorange @duumu @MeggieYorkMusic @CloudNoneMusic @directofficial @Au5music NEW AU5 AAAAAATo take a positive spin to this, this is really the best GOTY lineup I’ve seen the from the game awards in years, a… @thatbritishmc1 @ABUSlV3 @geoffkeighley This moment alone is deserving of GOTYAnd actively engage the player instead of telling a story and letting the player just kinda push the characters alo… and to be clear I only say I’m rooting against TLOU2 not because of all the stupid story decisions they made but… I JUST REALIZED HALF LIFE ALYX ISN’T ON HERE WTF??? D A W GVery solid contenders, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting against TLOU2 but it seems like a great game in its… can’t wait to use this This looks so helpful for the little details, automation is going to be SO much easier
Plus, by paying for Monstercat Gold, you’re directly supporting the artists that have worked their asses off to mak… affiliate simply means you can monetize your channel. You can make money from streaming on Twitch. In add… complaints about this towards @Monstercat are really, really dumb. I’m sorry, but they are just not legitimate.… main scary thing about it is that if I miss my medication for even a day, it’s an IMMEDIATE change from how I w…, that’s just my two cents. I’m not really as concerned about people’s perception of ADHD as they are about t… creates essentially a deadlock in my head that tears me one way and the other constantly. Not trying to make… worst, though, is when I forget to take my anti-depressants as well. In that situation, my brain is both hypera… there’s a day when I forget to take it, there is an immediate difference in how I act and perceive the world aro… heard ADHD is trending so here’s my experience with it: It caused a LOT of problems when I was little, eventuall… and @Twitch are teaming up to bring fast-track Affiliate Status for #MonstercatGold subscribers! Gold p…
Retweeted by Eschero 🦃Y’all be saying “bye instagram” I said bye to that awful platform a loooong time ago I use it maybe once every few… @luowanning Dawg I’m in school this looks sus as hell @MPLily13 You know what I can respect it BrainPop was the shit
@RealCandaceO What an awful outlook on masculinity @Yeo_Cry_Tea Or that time he cried in the closet Dude I think Norm was one of the first characters I genuinely fel… @le_woofa Dr. Samuel Hayden would like a word with you :) @MPLily13 Did Did you really have a crush on MOBY????? MOBY???????Oh boy Oh boy oh boy oh boy Yes, I had a crush on Jenny, yes you can laugh at me She is CUTE #MyRoboCrush @ProximityM 1 but both look dope as hell @treezrootzmusic I hope you recover soon my dude, being sick is never fun past elementary school
@Sam_Margrave @KyrieeEleisonn I’d imagine it’s because they realize there doesn’t seem to be any consequence of doi… @wars3na And both are equally as terrible, like just listen to the regular song my guy @simp4gio_headas binyot pls do funny SPEEeEEeEEeEeEeEeEN @YaboiFishticles @paulsef lmfao this is exactly me, 2002 is where it’s at @robhimsis My guy, parents taking your god damn door off the hinges is a bit messed up. Sure, they have the right,… @JGKelley @paulsef Hit the nail on the head with this one Even I didn’t realize this was why we act this way until you put it into words @gnawtypaw @cynimusic @Walroose64 @paulsef @Sciomancer I really don’t see how you can defend it at all. Insulting o… @yungdialectic There’s absolutely no reason to go bashing on people’s music. Music is music, regardless of what for… @ElizaArtz I love how smug Yoshi looks in literally every single render of him from any game before 2000 lmao @MrAndyNgo And FYI, if you watch the video above at ALL, you’ll see that NOBODY is specifically harassing this fami… @MrAndyNgo If you take your kids to a protest you should expect them to get upset, this is not the kind of place to… saying a retaliation is necessarily okay, but know that the sucker punch was not out of the blue; this man inst… took an hour to listen to this wonderful album all the way through and I feel compelled to let @Karma_Fields a… @TheBundyWasHere Interesting. Actually sounds like a lot of fun! @ChimpXbt @simongloom What an awful, hateful image @MunaNawabit1 I FUCKING REMEMBER THIS Oh my lord it was THE most frustrating thing @TheBundyWasHere What is it? Guess I’m a little too young ahaha @doucheygoose92 Do you think kids nowadays aren’t taught how to read analog clocks lmao @chrisludwig01 ngl actually kinda cute