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Congrats on a million friend @CSGO tonight's EU #MDL Playoff Matches we have @NexusGamingRo vs. @WislaGames at 19:00 CET Powered by @GameFuel T… with an A stack, @bobaconan is able to take down all 5 with some quick reactions and an AK #ESEARankG
This week's #ESEAClips had a little bit of everything with deagle, m4, and ak action. If you missed any of the high…'s one way to close out the game and the series @officialstadodo #MDL @ESLCS @zywoo *CSGO UPDATE: Nerfed Zywoo*.@sAwggofficial takes map one 16-14 in the series, up next we have Dust 2! #MDL comes in clutch with the Deagle to give @sawggofficial another round #MDL're now live with some more EU #MDL Playoffs powered by @GameFuel! 🎙@Tombizz & @deanbrownie for another night of the EU #MDL Playoffs powered by @GameFuel! @sAwggofficial vs. @sproutGG at 19:00 CET T…'s the weekly #ESEARankS fragmovie with some great positioning, movement, and aim from Dayos^, Mitt, and…
NxelA uses precision to take down all 5 attackers on train including 4 headshots in his Train defense #ESEAClips like that @sAwggofficial take the series 2-0 over forze #MDL in the dark @xsepower leaves a mark #MDL take away forze's map pick of Inferno 16-13! Up next is Nuke #MDL Tune in: A 1v4 FROM @fl1tjocs #MDL're now live with the EU #MDL Playoffs powered by @GameFuel! 🎙 @DarfMike & @deanbrownie Tune in:…'re going to be kicking things off with the EU #MDL Playoffs powered by @GameFuel! @sAwggofficial vs. @forzegg've got some of the top plays from some of our @ESEARankG players in this weeks fragmovie. Make sure to check out… as @YuZCSGO precisely takes down all 5 defenders on Inferno with his AK-47 #ESEARankS
Have you signed up for ESEA's 1v1 cup this weekend? Make sure to sign up now for a chance at some sweet prizes! Si… creeps into lower tunnels as he catches the T's off guard with 4 quick headshots and finishes the ace wit…
Chode makes a lot out of not much as he takes down all 5 attackers with his m4 on mirage #ESEAClips sure you're signed up for this week's #ESEAEvents with out 1v1 CUP! 🥇 Bowie Knife | Crimson Web (FT) 🥈AK-47… all you need is a deagle, armor, and a little luck as mitt takes down all 5 on the A site attack… 2 quick games, @teamoneesports are your NA #MDL Season 13 Champions! GO TO #ESLPROLEAGUE #MDL 🔥🔥🔥The winning moment that gets @teamoneesports the NA #MDL Season 13 crown! 👑 @teamoneesports 🔥🔥🔥🔥ACABOOOOOOOOOOOOU
Retweeted by ESEAThe no-scope finish from @b4rtiNfps! 👌 #MDL Tune in at: geeee it's @pesafps catching the whalers by surprise in mid! 😋 #MDL Tune in at:
The first game goes to @teamoneesports putting them on Championship point! #MDL Tune in at:'s deagle time! @prtfps finds some, @pesafps gets some too 💯 #MDL Tune in at:'s just something about watching @bwillsCSGO 💥 #MDL Tune in at: 4K from @bwillsCSGO to give his side a much needed CT round #MDL Tune in at:'s time! Who will be the champion of NA #MDL Season 13? @teamoneesports and @whalersgg face off to decide the vic…’re now live with the NA #MDL powered by @GameFuel! 🎙 @DarfMike @JRTTVee @lazz_tv Tune in:… is the NA #MDL Grand Final powered by @GameFuel! @teamoneesports vs @whalersgg at 18:00 EST Tune in at:… @launders 💪 @launders Have you tried clicking this button? you could choose a name for the next @CSGO operation, what would it be and what new features would you add?.@Autograf_CS shows the power of the five-seven as he takes down all 5 on an eco round! 💪 #ESEARankG
We need a "QUE OTA" in the chat as candy gets 5 deagle headshots on an A site defense #ESEAClips @CSGO what you doing today?From up on his perch, day0s^ decimates all 5 T's rushing banana in this clip from our #ESEARankS player @itszeb You mean you're not spending your lunch break gaming? @14thluke @IRancid_ must be true @14thluke @14thluke All the time is gaming time..... @BARKSQUAD Still awake thoOnly real gamers are awake at this time
All it takes is a Mag-7 and a good flank for 1Aimless to secure the round as he picks up two with the shotgun, and…
Here are some of your best #ESEAClips from this week as we highlight Circe, Krupt, and SIayr in this fragmovie! Mak… any of the #ESEARankS action this week? We've got you covered with a frag movie of some of the top plays fro…
@bannycs @_BrianCS Not even 240 tick servers could save that spray banny. Check out the ESEA prefire map if you need some training 😉SlayR shows the power of the deagle as he takes down 4 and finishes his ace with an awp kill #ESEAClips @ESLCS @stunna But @SPUNJ 👉👈 🥺Killer looks. @stunna has something to show the boys in the office. 😳
Retweeted by ESEACheck out some of the best plays from our #ESEARankG players this week with highlights from jitter, keegann, and… as @tweissCS completely shuts down the T attempt to take the A site, with 5 kills in the round 💪 #ESEARankS
Been cheated out of some MMR? With ESEA's new quality of life update, you all get your sweet MMR back! Check out t… to know a bit more about how the new PUG Pause feature works? We have a video to show off this cool new featur… a sick play in a match you wish you could save? Now you can with the post match clipping! Check out this aweso… will not be denied as he entries into the A site with 5 clean headshots to get the round #ESEARankG
Channeling his inner Zywoo, Krupt snipes down 5 attackers on banana to secure the CT round #ESEAClips place prize is a statrack AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge (Fac New)! Second place prize is AK-47 Neon Rider (Fac New)!Been looking to show off your 1v1 skills? You're in luck, this weekend we're announcing 1v1 tournaments for both NA… hope the new PUG Pause feature has been useful to all those that needed a pause. Check out this update and more… a crucial round @KobruhCS is able to take down all 5 with his m4a1s on vertigo #ESEARankS
Have you checked out the update yet? Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new updates and features we have rolled out… we're happy to bring you many new updates to ESEA! -Pug pauses -MMR return from cheaters -And more Check ou… mows down 5 with nothing but a tec-9 in this clip from #ESEARankS this clip of #ESEARankG keegann snipes down all 5 with an aggressive B defense
In this clip, it takes Circe less than a clip to take down all 5 T's with 5 swift headshots #ESEAClips anyone that has bought a subscription in the past few weeks, you most likely have a code for a friend! Check the… @sSencsgo The deal has been going on for a bit now. If you check out this link you should be able to get your code! 12 months of ESEA premium and get 1 month free for a friend 😏 Sign up today at:
Watch as jitter destroys this T side pistol attack with 5 crisp headshots in a clip from #ESEARankG
Check out some of the best .clips in this weeks #ESEAClips fragmovie with plays from @GeNTLeMaNFiSH, Kym, and Prizm… out this weeks #ESEARankS fragmovie with some amazing plays by @KobruhCS @biguzera1 and @rcfcsgo big congratulations to @lazz_tv for winning Season 13 of the #MDL Next Big Caster!
We've rescheduled the NA #MDL Finals due to the @whalersgg playing a bo3 in #IEM Beijing. As per the @CSPPAgg guide… that s1mple? No it's just prizmal sniping down 5 T's trying to take upper #ESEAClips out the top clips from #ESEARankG in this weeks fragmovie with action from @bnoxkox @freshieFPS and @maaryyy't try and sneak into A site vs @rcfcsgo as he picks off all 5 in #ESEARankS're now live with the next series in the NA #MDL Playoffs! 🎙@BoggsCS & @Upmind_
Coming up tonight we have the Secret Club vs. @whalersgg in the NA #MDL Playoff Semi-Finals! Start Time: 20:00 ES… you missed the announcement earlier, make sure to sign up for the 5v5 Autumn Cash Cup this weekend for a chance… weekend is the 5v5 Autumn Cash Cup #3 with another $3,000 up for grabs. Get yourself 4 others and sign up now… says the MP9 is only for eco kills. maaryyy mows down 4 with the MP9 and cleans up the ace with an awp kill… Secret Club take the series 2-0 to progress to the lower finals! #MDL Secret Club win map one 16-11 in the series, up next we have Inferno! #MDL're now live with the NA #MDL playoffs powered by @GameFuel! 🎙@Upmind_ & @BoggsCS Tune in:…'re back with another night of the NA #MDL playoffs powered by @GameFuel! @MythicRebornGG vs. Secret Club at 8pm…
Don't try and enter B site against Kym on a pistol round #ESEAClips the stealth of the m4a1s @KobruhCS is able to take down all 5 #ESEARankS like that @teamoneesports take the series 2-0 and cement their place in the #MDL finals!