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.@cerq is too damn quick with the AWP as he snipes down all 5 T's, even getting an insane collateral to bring his t…'t even think about trying to get to the A site if @PTR_tvCSGO has an AWP as he snipes down 4 T's trying to take…
Starting today we have the Your Month of March at ESEA takeover on our website. Easily see all the events and actio… don't get much sicker than this. Stuck in the 1v5, R0b1tussin takes down an unsespecting T and then charges i… @TriumphGamingGG
This weekend we have two exciting events planned! Saturday, test your individual skill in a 1v1 cup and show off y… get any skin you want, but can only play Vertigo for the rest of your life, do you do it? route to their Cash Cup win, check out @bodyy as he takes down all 5 CT's with his glock to secure the pistol ro… CS:GO World Rankings have been properly updated now and due to their two earlier Cash Cup wins, @BnB_pt2 have m… the social media guy, it's and e not an a @heyitsFlorenceAfter getting two picks, Florance wins out the 1v3 retake with 3 more AWP kills to secure the round! #CashCupNA
If you missed the article, we have all the info regarding the relegation and playoff times for NA Season 36 availab… Trying to clutch All of my teammates yelling at me telling me everything to do: switches back from mid to the A site, but that doesn't prevent him from missing any shots as all 5 T's get…
Another month means another month filled with some awesome events! Check out the Your Month of March at ESEA calend… legal purposes this is a joke. You can always get an ESEA subscription at: day to get an ESEA Subscription in a 3v5 and the A site stacked, the CT's do nothing as @BlytzCS takes out all 5 opponents with his AK, includ…'ve done it, @ExtraSaltGG are your back to back NA Cash Cup champs! Congrats to @FaNgJC @JTcsgo @Sonic_cs 1 is going to OT after @TriumphGamingGG make a comeback from 15-6 on Nuke! @ExtraSaltGG @TriumphGamingGG Come support NA, watch the grand finals at: DBL Poney took home the win in the finals for the EU Cash Cup, we now have our two finalists for the NA Cash…
Some expert scout work from -Vulcan-, and AK ace from @aquahcs, and an MP9 ace vs a full buy from @bwillsCSGO make… @JACKZ_CSGO @afro_csgo @Djoko_13 Been awesome seeing you guys progress each cup. Looking forward to see you guys in the next one! @Pimp_CSGO Check out the NA Cash Cup semifinals tonight. We've got $15k up for grabs in NA 😁Now that that small Katowice event is over, check out the finals of the EU Cash Cup going on now with DBL Poney vs… Gambit guys are pretty goodWe had an action packed week of #ESEAClips this week with a deagle 1v5 from @GLORY_, @darkkkkzaoooo has the perfect…
Who needs a rifle when you have an MP9. @bwillsCSGO pads his wallet with an MP9 ace vs a full buy to win the round!… a great day @imorcs @zedkonator .@steelegabr oops ❤️This week we had some crazy highlights in EU with some expert AK work from @imorcs, a USP ace with all headshots fr… starts off his hold with a kill through the smoke and decides to charge into T con, taking down everyone in…
Astralis saving strats for Cash Cup this weekend @ESLCS Is there anything better than Inferno third map decider? @AstralisCS @JAMEPAIN @dupreeh @virtuspro @launders @JAMEPAIN @AstralisCS @dupreeh @virtuspro If I had to see it, you do tooHoping both teams have fun't forget to sign up for the Cash Cup this weekend featuring @Bubzkji from @AstralisCS! Play for a chance at $1…'s no secret, outside is owned by @zedkonator as he takes down all 5 T's outside and in secret, even getting a sn…
.@aquahcs storms through mid to get some entries and then charges to the A site to finish his AK ace with a 1v2 clu… @NIPGaming've got another Throwback Thursday today, this time with devour, ry9n, heatwave, sauce, and classified as runner…┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲ house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we don't ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ play Mirage ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕dARKK_ has absolutely no fear as he entries into the B site without letting go of W. With his AK he takes down all…
Make sure to sign up for the Cash Cup this weekend, as we will have special guest @Bubzkji of @AstralisCS joining u… denies the T's entry into the A site with 5 USP headshots to secure the pistol round! #ESEALeague winning the last ESEA Cash Cup, @ExtraSaltGG moved up in the CS:GO World Rankings from #49 ➡ #26! Make sure… us on the last Wednesday of every month for Wingman Wednesday powered by the U.S. Air Force. The second event…
@Osodankk @el_jack0 Hey sorry to announce like this, but we can't be associated with anyone who calls these "tacos"… is playing his match on flying scoutsman settings. Looks like he's got 100% accuracy as he snipes down all… weekend we're happy to announce @Bubzkji of @AstralisCS will be joining us for the Cash Cup! Compete for $19,…'ve been having a ton of fun hosting events for you so far this year and we want to hear your feedback! Please f…🚨 Preorder Alert!🚨 ⏰ 8pm CET 📅 Today, 23rd of Feb. 🇪🇺🇩🇪 ESL Shop The 2021 Season editions of the highly popular E…
Retweeted by ESEAHOLY COW! Stuck in the 1v5 with a deagle and no armor, 1GLORY takes down all 5 enemies with 4 headshots and a deagl… did you get into CSGO?
@onevoltage told us how the @ESEA cash cups have positively affected the NA scene and will reward players to stay i…
Retweeted by ESEA @Bubzkji @AstralisCS Make sure to pay attention to the ESEA site tomorrow, when sign ups open! Be sure to have your…'re excited to announce that this weekend's Cash Cup will feature @Bubzkji of @AstralisCS! Play this week for ou… @Ahmoar @ennpeecs Rank S in faking blocks for clout @ELUSIVEza We've looked into the issue and it should be resolved, if you're still having further issues, please sub… out this clip as @imorcs makes vertigo his playground with some aggressive entry kills, and a couple kills th… @RoundCube_ If you submit a support ticket on the website we'd be happy to look into it!
CSGO past week's #CashCupNA had some sweet highlights with some clean P2000 work from FLASHBANG, @jermaine_cs makes… week we had Chirrifuuu showing off his AWP skills from party, Crazy-w0w- uses a smoke to perfection to catch T…
While stuck in the 1v4, all @Shakezullah needs is 4 headshots to clutch the round out for Triumph from this weekend… week we had some great #CashCupEU highlights and now we've got em all for you here in this fragmovie! Check ou… needs an AWP when you have a scout? Omoo shows off the power of the sniper as all 5 T's get sniped down includi…
Playing on 16:9 vs 4:3 @kscerato 🤣 you've got the best aim in the game? Show it off this weekend in the 1v1 me Bro Cups on Saturday and Sunday w… say all luck no skill, but this is the opposite as we see all skill from @LuckyCSGO_ as he gets two entry kill…
.@jermaine_cs you didn't need to do em like that 😬 With an AK at his side jermaine takes down all 5 T's trying to…'ve got some classic ESEA LAN photos for a throwback Thursday today with AZK, Legend, PEX, sunman and adreN after… the bomb down and nothing but an AWP on the A site, rAgezor snipes down all 4 CT's attempting to retake in the…
It's a party for ChirriFuuu as 3 T's get sniped down from party, he then finishes the ace on the B site with 2 more… sure to sign up for the 1v1 me Bro Cups this Saturday and Sunday for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Sho… goes absolutely insane on banana as he plays around the smoke to perfection and takes down 4 unsuspectin…
Big match coming up tonight in Premier with Funny Dear Team taking on Not Low Coast. Make sure to stop by tonight! know what's better than a USP ace? How about a P2000 ace, as FLASHBANG shuts down all 5 T's with his pistol fro… to apply bans due to inappropriate behavior. Read more:
We're happy to announce today we have our own website for you to check out all the action Premier action! With 4 s… weekend we are having our first 1v1 cup of the year in the 1v1 me Bro event this weekend! We have two differe… @tweissCS We're happy to host, and even happier to know you all enjoy playing them. Together we're all working towa…'s timing is perfect as he pops out of the smoke and instantly takes down 4 with his M4 and he later finish… you missed the coldzera style from @f1ukie, a USP ace from Phony, or a Deagle clutch from @tagzbeast this week,… to our NA and EU Valentine's Cash Cup winners @ExtraSaltGG and @illuminaRGaming! We loved having everyone…
This week in #ESEALeagueNA had some sick highlights with a perfect AUG defense from @jeorgecs, a crazy 1v5 from pau… @BLASTPremier we still love you 💙💜's not all, starting soon we also have @TriumphGamingGG taking on @ExtraSaltGG and @Recon5Org against Secret Cl… everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day. If you're looking for a date, hop in and check out the Grand Fin…
There's a new smoke criminal in town as @slightcsgo uses the smokes to perfection as he takes down all 5 T's withou… better see some more fits like this when ESEA LAN is back. players, it's not too late to be our Valentine this year by participating in our Valentine's Cash Cup starting t… week in #ESEALeagueEU we had some great plays with some crisp pistol shots from @lollipop21k, an excellent sit… and nothing but a Deagle on him, but @tagzbeast clutches it out with 4 Deagle headshots to clutch out the round…
@crowniscool 😘Don't forget to sign up to be our Valentine this weekend with the Valentine's Cash Cup! Even better than chocolate…'t have any plans on February 14th? Well we've teamed up with @ENCE to make sure you don't have to be alone! Get…