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Sen. Steiner Hayward @ESHforOregon Beaverton & Portland OR

Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward MD

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Oregon 1 of only 6 states w <50/100K deaths from #COVIDー19. Thanks to healthcare professionals & every Oregonian wh…
COVID-19 measures also suppress flu—for now
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThanks, Oregonians, for making tough choices that lead to Oregon being one of only 2 states where #COVIDー19 cases a… @CourtOfDisaster Not to my knowledge.Good morning. @dantesinfernal @bernybelvedere Ditto re giving him a try (I follow many thoughtful conservative commentators) and… with insurrectionists after the Civil War led to an end to Reconstruction. Unity with segregationists during…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @wlnsvey Well said. Completely agree. @RepLisaReynolds @wlnsvey @djgrayber @doctormaxine @RepZachHudson @KhanhPhamForOR @rruizoregon @JasonForBend So great you got this photo!
@tapogna @ECONorthwest What’s next for you? @djgrayber Welcome! We’re very happy you’ve joined us. I look forward to working with you.
Hatfield joined the party of Lincoln. We still have some in that party, but many today are in the party of Trump/Cr… Senator @DebPattersonOR ! We’re honored to have you on our team. @ORSenDemocrats @IlhanMN @israhirsi It’s been a few years since my youngest had that experience but I’ll never forget it for any of… historic day for Oregon as @manningstl is sworn in as the first Black President Pro Tem. I had the distinct privi…
Racism threatens us even while we’re being born. #orpol
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardPowerful statement from one who knows how democracy can be undermined by lies.
About time ⁦@Twitter⁩ suspended Trump’s account. Might have avoided much of the violence & division if happened yea…
Where is the outrage from everyone who was outraged when protesters in Portland were simply putting graffiti on a f… @AskingAmy Ugh. I’m so sorry, and totally get it. This is what happens to me when I push immunization policy.Great news for @CityofBeaverton. Congrats to @laceybeaty for this historic accomplishment. 5th lowest in the nation for #COVID19 cases/100,000 (scroll down in article) . Keep up the great work, peopl…
Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. This kind of anti-Semitic propaganda from an elected official is i… thanks to @ORStatePolice for protecting the Capitol today as we convene for the 3rd Special Session. Violent protest is never ok.
Out of the mouths of babes. Read the whole article, please. It’s worth it. So much to think about here, especially…
Need health coverage for 2021? The deadline to sign up is TOMORROW, Tuesday, Dec. 15. Get started with the…
Don't forget to register for our Town Hall tomorrow at 5:30pm with @doctormaxine and @RepKenHelm! Register here:
Grants available for businesses in Jackson and Josephine counties. Jackson county opened today, Josephine tomorro…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThis job posting is great. I love how it calls out a common problem that routinely keeps women and POC from applyin…
Thx to Aragonez family for PSA about large family gatherings after 15 members contracted Covid-19. Don’t let your f…
Great news. Janet Yellen has the knowledge, experience, and perspective necessary to guide Treasury during our econ… @oahhs webinar shows that hospitals in every region of the state are almost at capacity for ICU & general beds. PLE… @RepDexterOR, @RepKenHelm and I on Dec 8th for our next virtual Town Hall! RSVP & register here: disconcerting to see hard data on how dramatically disadvantaged Oregon’s lower wage workers are in the pandem… @jessicsm It’s long, but I always say “recognize the validity of science,” for exactly this reason.It is quite possible that my mother will not recognize my children the next time we see her in person. Yet we are n… are 7 things Biden can do by executive order on Day One: —Reinstate 125 environmental protections —Rejoin t…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThis is exactly what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around. If Democrats were that good at fraud, why didn’t we w…
I just donated to this important cause. #BlackWomen have much higher maternal morbidity and mortality (they have mo… @choo_ek @BlkMamasMatter Done! Thanks for posting this. I’ll repost. @KielyforOregon @SenatorKnopp You ran an awesome campaign, Eileen! @choo_ek Or maybe “she’s WADAO” @choo_ek LOL in NADPreach!
@CaseyKulla Oregon K12 funding mostly comes from state general fund, done on a per student basis regardless of dist… @DMeganR @doctormaxine @ORHouseDems @bynum4thewin I’m very pleased that the Senate Democrats elected @manningstl as… @Jen_L_F @nbcthegoodplace So appropriate this year.Very disappointed to stay home for #Thanksgiving2020. Had hoped to see my elderly mother & aunt at my brother’s hom…
Important quick read summarizing inequities in #k12 #education. We have to address these from the ground up to over… @JoyceWhiteVance Tinker, Evers, Chance (maybe not as funny as some of the other replies, but historically cool)
So the race ends as the President golfs—and his pathetic aides stage a shambolic press conference at a landscaping…
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Important information on how vote counting works, and why we should all be patient while we wait for results. Resul…
#COVID can have significant long term health effects, even in young healthy people. #WearAMask #SocialDistancing op-ed by Benjamin Ginsberg, who worked w Bush campaign in 2000, multiple other GOP election positions. S…
“It’s absolutely concerning when the president of the United States is making comments that are being perceived as…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @JoeBiden Ready to go!Today is the first day of Open Enrollment. If you need coverage or want to renew coverage, go to…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardImportant point. You can still vote in person if you haven’t mailed in your ballot. Check with your county election…, former Speaker of the Texas House. He gets it. It just baffles me that so many Republicans focus on dis… recommendations on how to approach #ElectionDay It will take time to get accurate results. Be patient. can’t the 1% understand that they too are harmed when workers face this level of inequity? Why are capital gai… Biden campaign had Brayden Harrington, the boy who bonded with Joe over stuttering, record a closing campaign a…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardAnother example of experts across the political spectrum urging calm as we wait for results. @SpencerJCox is Republ… @DanRather is an American hero. This thread is important for every single American, regardless of political ideolog… news. This suit was pure #disenfranchisement. Texas Supreme Court denies Republicans' petition to throw o… across political spectrum advise that we likely will not know outcome of many races, including the Presiden…
Oregonians, it's too late to safely mail your ballot. Find your nearest drop box and make a plan for when you'll vo… @PDXStephenG @theanthonyware Reminding him that there is no timeline for grief, and that sometimes strength/toughne…
Always a privilege to hear @RukaiyahAdams inspiring words about #racialjustice, democracy as a verb, the need to show up and engage. @vermontgmg “we’re likely to see a lot of state & local elections next week where # of disqualified ballots is high… @CSGovts elections seminar, @StefWKight points out Gen Z much less likely to believe online disinformation s… @vermontgmg warns against early victory claims by any candidate. This delegitimizes election results if claim turns… @DHSgov Matt Masterson, almost 95% of voters will have some form of paper ballot/auditable document this year.… @MikeSchlossberg @JoshShapiroPA When you find out, please post it. I want one too!On @CSGovts session on elections, @vermontgmg makes some important points: 1) with 220K polling places, even if 99.…
Mike runs a medical supply company in TX – he's voted GOP his whole life, including Trump in 2016. He saw the effec…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @KatSienk OK. I’m just glad you’re voting. We don’t have to agree on who to vote for; we do have to participate in our democracy.This is not rocket science, people. One simple act can save over 100K lives. #WearAMaskSaveALife
These @ProjectLincoln billboards are up in Times Square. #Jarvanka don’t want you to see them. They are threatening…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardReally important reminders. Also, sign up with your county elections office to track your ballot. Confirm it was ac… @ANNELAMOTT Nope, livestock truck, but appreciate the idea.Yes. Do it for yourself. Do it for someone you love. Do it for your neighbor, for the coffee shop clerk, for the ma… will work closely with proponents over the next week or so to address my concerns & hope to see this proposal bac… be very clear, I support Project Turnkey in concept. I offered a range of alternatives to the full $65M in the w…’s National #VoteEarlyDay ! Did you know that if you make a concrete plan for how and when you’ll vote you’re muc…
@haydenmiller95 Spiders are cool!Under 35? Support @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris? Your vote could decide the outcome of this election based on new polls…
#BlackLivesMatter should be an integral part of #DomesticViolence work. The idea that law enforcement would cut tie…
Frankly, I’m not sure @senatemajldr is capable of feeling shame, or any other moral sensibility. I generally refrai… is a key point. We have spent almost 20 years at war in Iraq & Afghanistan after we lost under 3,000 lives in…, really important. PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR CENSUS! Oregonians, for the reasons @OregonGovBrown mentions. And it… @choo_ek I don’t think that’s cowardice; I think that’s self-preservation. Watching all that in combination with th…
#Beaverton people, @laceybeaty deserves your vote for Mayor. Her energy, intelligence, commitment to equity, track… #TheBriefing, Oregon state Sen. @ESHforOregon makes the case for making mushrooms available for therapy: “This i…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward#Oregon folks, last day to #RegisterToVote. To register or update your registration, go to #VOTE
Rest In Peace, Justice Ginsburg. You served your country with dignity, integrity, intelligence, compassion, and passion for our democracy.Wishing everyone a healthy, meaningful & happy New Year. May 5781 bring us growth, enhanced commitment to serving o…
@AshleyRParker Ah yes, I remember those days well. Hang in there. All too soon that small person will be making you banana pancakes.
COVID-19 has changed our lives. It’s okay if things don’t feel right and it’s okay to ask for help. There’s support for you.
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None of these is either/or.