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@choo_ek That’s a rhetorical question, right? Why isn’t the US doing virtually anything right during this pandemic?… wish I were surprised by this. Keep the sign up, @pivyak ‘s sister! powerful video about the need to resolve past trauma before starting a family. House has voted to extend count by 4 months. Please call/email your Senators to urge them to do the same. Pleas… determines fed funding states get for 10 years, affect redistricting & more. Yet @uscensusbureau says…
A helpful article on some simple steps White parents can take to help their children be #antiracist
Friends and neighbors - please see the attached info on appointment-free, no-cost COVID-19 testing for Immigrants,…
Cartoonists have a way of telling stories in a way that cuts through the clutter
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardI haven’t flown since January and doubt I will again until #Covid_19 well controlled, guessing at least 6-9 months.…“Fauci was doomed from the start because he is serious, sober, dedicated, and independent, not a lackey for the Bad…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardWe must repeat it again and again. The death penalty is immoral. It is ineffective. It is expensive. It is cruel. I…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @ChristineKramar @_daneiel_ Thank you! I’m honored. @StratGleeson @OregonGovBrown @tedwheeler @SenJeffMerkley @RonWyden @repblumenauer @RepDexterOR I too was horrified… had privilege of serving on committee that developed this legislation. Huge step toward breaking cycle of people…
I will be happier celebrating #IndependenceDay when the words of the Declaration of Independence actually are true.…, this. I know it’s been said a thousand times, but this year seems much more like a soap opera than real life.
@PDXStephenG May his memory be for a blessing.
@LindsleyChris Great question. I’ll touch base with some colleagues and see what I can learn. Good news is that wit…
I am inspired by the number of Oregonians calling on Emergency Board members to fund the #OregonCaresFund. Strategi… @choo_ek Hadn’t seen this great news. Congrats for the well-deserved promotion. More importantly, congrats and than… big thing: Young people of color more likely to be hospitalized #vitals
Financial literacy provides important tools to help break cycles of generational poverty, especially for POC. Every…
Important reminder that we must educate ourselves, and not count on POC to do it for us. Plenty of resources out th… discouraging to read this. My three daughters are blessed with a highly competent, caring, engaged father who… @AngelicaKATU @HannahONews So right!Great news for @KairosPDX students - new partership w OR Bev Recyling & Oregon Treasury seeds 529 college savings a… @DenycBoles Ugh. So sorry. I hope you’re feeling better. Thank you for your care and consideration during this complicated time. @EarthquakeOreg1 Genuinely curious to know why not. @doctormaxine We’re glad to have you with us. @haydenmiller95 Proud of you for living your truth.Please check to be sure you’re not using one of these dangerous hand sanitizers. And a reminder that good hand wash… quote @Nike, Just Do It! #WearAMask
Has anyone asked the Supreme Court to intervene on this? It is the definition of voter suppression and I would thin… @HenryKraemer Ugh. That’s awful. Is it possible to get that designation rescinded? @AdalynGrace_ “You’re undermining my authority “ @ShubhadaH I’m sure others have said this, but as a family physician who treats kids & adults, I can assure you the… to @prochoiceoregon for making the incredibly wise choice to have @christel_writes as its new executive di… @kendallclawson @SRuhle @RepKarenBass @JoeBiden I love @RepKarenBass. I had the privilege of spending a week in Cub… on point. A potent reminder that good education and simple human to human contact can change people’s trajectori… @KCasimer In principal, yes. I’ve skimmed the bill so can’t commit to every detail, but the substance of it I completely support.
@AskingAmy Forgiveness heals & helps us more than it does the person being forgiven. It’s brutally hard to do, espe… businesses will only be able to stay open if each of us does our part to follow health and safety protections…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @jjcooper Congrats! I hope you’re all doing well and getting at least a little sleep... @ASlavitt Same as vaccines.Another example of #implicitbias in algorithms. We must evaluate all algorithms for coding, proxies, etc., that dis…
Wearing a mask means you care about not getting other people sick. Wearing a mask means you care about getting our… @mdnij34 AbsolutelyOregon has proven #VoteByMail works for almost 20 years. Safe, secure, verifiable (paper ballots!), enfranchises al… @monaeltahawy @rerutled Whoa! Love the new look! @LindsleyChris @OregonGovBrown @kenhelms I support this change.
#Juneteenth must become a federal holiday this year. We must also end the term "Columbus Day" and rename that holid… @evanmanvel @gerikkransky This is a technique I use all the time. Generally works really well. Important to frame t… a powerful segment from @KGWNews about the incredible @LewFrederick. Honesty about where we are & optimism abo…
@doctormaxine Congrats! Glad to welcome you as my partner in serving HD 33/SD 17. Is that the amazing Justice Adrie…
Great example of how the cultural competency of interpreters matters tremendously. Healthcare providers must have c…
I am CRINGING at the outcry for new task forces, committees, panels, listening sessions, reading lists that stop sh…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThis is a longer resource that I've been reading to educate myself about ways to combat racism.
.@RandPaul doesn't just demonstrate #Mansplaining, he exemplifies #Whitesplaining. @KamalaHarris provides an eloque… of my commitments toward being a better ally is to educate myself more. Here's one of the resources I'm using.… @haydenmiller95 I’m so sorry. It’s not all your own doing. There are significant external pressures now that are re… @aoglasser Thanks. It’s a great graphic.Holy mackerel. This is tough to watch but worth it when you see who paid for it. @haydenmiller95 Could you clarify? Are you being sarcastic or serious? Hoping sarcastic.Opposing racism is not unique to urban areas. Good-hearted people in rural, urban, suburban communities are all sta… of my commitments was to educate myself so I can be a better ally. This thread from @meyermt is a great start,… @tapogna This is why I admire your firm so much. You walk the walk, using evidence to promote better policy.Did you know that when Ella Fitzgerald couldn’t get booked by clubs and TV because she was black, Marilyn Monroe of…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardWe need more Black leaders in the Senate and the House. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @revsantoslyons thank you for your kind words, Joseph. I'm honored you believe I've helped, and I'm eager to do muc…
7/7 I have a moral obligation to speak up & act on behalf of those whose voices go unheard, who face barriers I can… commit to gratitude when people educate me about my errors, commit to ignoring the inevitable trolls. As a pers… and it’s long past time I looked past my own fear to the fear of others who face overt racism and danger every… Mostly, I fear saying the wrong thing, inadvertently using tropes I didn’t know were tropes, language I didn’t… in professional roles, in countless other situations. I’m ashamed by these biases, and it’s long past time I ta… that we are all equal, that people of every race hold the same potential for greatness, kindness, intellectual… #BlackLivesMattter I’m a liberal, urban, well-educated Jew, so I’d like to believe I am not racist nor hold un…
@CapitolCurrents I remember this. Such a master of repetition and silence as tools to get people to truly answer the questions.
@DenaHellums You’re caring for his ant colony?? You’re remarkable.While this is not unexpected, I somehow believed he’d go on forever; he was just that tough, and that committed to… by death of dear friend & colleague @repgreenlick. He defined public service over his 50+ years in Orego…
Have you voted? Join me in supporting candidates up and down the ballot!
@MikeSchlossberg It was about that age that I started saying the next year up 2-3 months before my birthday.Rebecca Jones Gaston, the Director of @OregonDHSCW closes with a thought provoking statement: Normal wasn't working…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardWe look forward to hosting you soon, @navsaria! Thanks for your kind comments. #PrimaryCare rocks! @ROROregon @aboutKP @aab_llc @CambiaHealthFdn @Scholastic @ESHforOregon Thanks to everyone for having me! One of t…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @AskingAmy Ditto. Also tired of people/businesses using crisis to postpone/kill policies they don’t like, or enact…
@navsaria reminds us of importance of “serve and return” interactions with very young children. Nothing helps grow…
#orleg Emergency Board starting now. Follow live at
Totally unrelated to #COVID19 except that we’re probably on social media more. Don’t help the hackers! #ScamAlert
We all must fight against this massive disinformation campaign. Let's get our info from real scientists basing advi…
Useful food safety information #COVID19
Supreme Court: We're going to delay oral arguments for the first time since the Spanish flu because this pandemic i…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardWay to go, Oregonians! Thank you for your role in helping prevent #COVID19 Let’s show the rest of the nation how…
Excellent, well-informed, informative discussion of what being on ventilator really means in the short & long term.…
Some good news on #COVID19 front.
Heads up for folks in the USA; If you're not having a food emergency, please don't go to the grocery store on Apr…
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Small business owners: Applications now being accepted for @prosperportland's relief fund. Application period close…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @hungerfreeor offers a great resource to find school-based meal pick-up sites for children and families in the mids…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @RedCross @RedCrossCasc If you stand “next to” each other each stretch out your arms you shouldn’t be able to touch fingers.#Census2020 is more important than ever. Please complete yours and encourage others to do so too. #EveryOneCounts