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Sen. Steiner Hayward @ESHforOregon Beaverton & Portland OR

Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward MD

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@nytdavidbrooks While I am only a state legislator, so don’t have a vote, based on evidence publicly available I wo… asks residents not to burn wood this weekend until our air quality improves. Be kind! Think of senio…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Haywardbe the only ones angered by your misogynistic approach to “educational” gifts. I urge you to work quickly to rectif… in the world could you consider a beauty kit an educational toy for anyone? Had this been the 1950’s, I might n… Marketing Director, As a legislator and physician who works hard every day to fight stereotyping of women, I w… friend received this catalog in the mail this week. I urge you to write to if you… @DavidBangsberg May his memory be for a blessing
Join Rep Mitch Greenlick and I for a post-session town hall tomorrow, July 8th. We’ll be in the Souther Auditorium…
Heartbreaking decision. I can’t believe framers of the Constitution expected that gerrymandering would reach such e…
Insulin costs about $7 per vial to manufacture. It is available in Latin America for about $40 per vial.
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardTaking the risk of retweeting an article on immunizations because this is hard data to counteract the myth that vac… @angiedesmond1 @cb_annen @RevChuckCurrie I have had great interactions with folks in the #timberunity group. I comp… law or rule bans campaign contributions for Senators, but @ORSenDemocrats have long observed it on principle. is why I became a legislator. Why I passed @Tobacco21 which substantially lowered teen smoking rates in its fi… @MarieB41 @ORSenDemocrats If you don’t organize w others to overthrow the government, then in this Democrat’s mind… derechos si un oficial de la ley le pregunta acerca de su estado migratorio: Tiene el derecho a permanecer…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThis conference is awesome. I went for five years as a student & resident, more as faculty. Connected w… if a law enforcement officer asks about your immigration status: You have the right to remain sile…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardThe ICE warrant on the left does NOT authorize agents to enter a home without permission. La orden de ICE a la izq…
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@la_kops @DianeSolomonOR @ohsufamilymed My apologies. I’ve been too absent from the department due to other work. M… excited by the strong statewide interest in implementing universally-offered home visiting for families with n… hope I get to vote on this bill. @OHA Oregon Health Plan provides over a million Oregonians with high qualit… was nominated by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in 2018. I serve & respond to all my constituents. I ha… to my friend & colleague @DianeSolomonOR for this well-deserved honor. @Hansell4Senate, 4 years ago my friends @camilathorndike, @patcheso16, and I set out on a road trip through Ea…
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If Senate Republicans stay out til sine die all pending legislation dies. Special session has to start over on bill…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardI look forward to voting for #ORPaidFamilyLeave if Senate Republicans abide by their oath of office & show up for w…
@BoshartDavisAg Oh I most certainly do get it! When I moved across country my CB radio was my lifeline. The trucker…
@TobiasRead @AndreaRSalinas#PRIDE #PridePortland
Great to have The Polkaticians, including @DanRayfield, perform on the Senate floor today!
What lack of access to safe abortion care means: we return to a terrible time in our history
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @MikeLMower @USArmy @AmericanLegion May his memory be for a blessing
@AnnWilson 6.5If I can gain confidence that the administration, rule-making, etc will proceed in a way that lessens that risk, I will be a yes on #HB2020I support #CarbonPricing. #CapAndTrade is a reasonable approach. My concerns about HB 2020 stem primarily from the… op-ed by @BoshartDavisAg on the media's failure to report on the contributions of women legislators in im…
Devastated by the passing of @SenatorWinters. Her immeasurable contributions to Oregon over decades of public servi…
@JWoah_uhoh @Tobacco21 Great question. The law applies to vaping products as well, but I don’t know if those were included in this study.
Very excited by the early success of #Tobacco21 in Oregon. ⁦@Tobacco21⁩ Fewer Oregon Youths Started Smoking After M…
Wishing my Jewish friends Chag Sameach for Passover, & my Christian friends a meaningful, joyous Easter. At this ti…
Access to treatment is vital to battling the state's opioid epidemic. @ESHforOregon carried a bill for more access…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardRemember the days when you could convince teachers to take class outside on the first warm, sunny days of spring? M… this is true about #FamilyPhysicians too. We chose our specialty because of the joy that comes from helping who…
An honor to witness ⁦@SenatorWinters⁩ carrying SB1008, which reforms juvenile justice & creates #SecondChance for y…
@rbryanbell @CareOregon @OregonGovBrown @ProvHealth @OHSUKnight Could you please email me more information on this?… to the amazing @KIDSvCANCER Director Nancy Goodman on your well-deserved @AACR Public Policy Champion awar… birthday to Oregon legend Beverly Cleary! Thank you for the joy you’ve brought to generations of children wit…
Congrats, Maryland! Welcome to the @Tobacco21 club! Thanks for protecting your residents. @AskingAmy I’ve always tipped housekeeping staff, but specifically thought of your tweet when I did it this weekend in Chicago. @michaeldembrow Awesome carry! @SarahBurris I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. May his memory be for a blessing.
Great advice. #ItCanWait Medicaid expansion leads to fewer heart related deaths. Very promising news.
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @boxoffice_west If you know people who voted in two states, it’s your personal, legal obligation to report them to…
Welcome to the #Tobacco21 club! Thanks, #waleg, for joining #orleg & several other states in making this change to… is class. @alexi @axios Very sad this happened to you. Very grateful you’re speaking about it publicly. This is vastly underr… @choo_ek I just want to know where the author found all the perfect gifs!!
@NotoriousECG @OPB @annargriff We’ll miss you!45 •Asylum seekers: Animals •Black women: Dogs •Black athletes: SOBs •Brown refugees: Infest •Mexican immigrants: R…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @DanRather May his memory be for a blessing.Amazing. Thank you, @MuffetMcGraw, for using this platform to advocate for women in leadership in college athletics… to the Trump Administration for delivering an average of 7% fewer new jobs than Obama even with a m…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardWhen @BarackObama was president, he released his tax returns every year by April 15th while he was being audited.…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardImmediately after pt left, I asked to speak privately w attending. Told him “If this had been female pt & male resi… 3rd yr resident, pt to attending “gee, you’ve improved the scenery around here.” When pt protested exposing his…“The Affordable Care Act restricted skimpy health plans that can deny coverage for basic services and preexisting c…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @DanRayfield Nope, but grateful you’re doing this. @nprmusic Can’t quite remember if it was Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie or Bob Dylan, both around age 10. Was w my dad…
@AnnieTheObscure @EstOdek Always have, always will. You are who you are, and have every right to live the life you… @BoshartDavisAg @SenSaraGelser Totally true.If you have any junior-year college students in your life, make sure they know about Organizing Corps—an eight-week…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @emrazz Holy mackerel. That’s quite a list for one day. I really want to know how period sex came up!#VoteByMail! Every state should follow Oregon’s example. All paper ballots so more secure, high turnout, very relia… @OregonGovBrown @OregonWBB Envious! Enjoy the game.Great thread. Thought of @SenSaraGelser being told that she’d pass more bills if she wore heels more often! @BlueSpaceSeeker @EstOdek So true! @AnnieTheObscure @EstOdek I’m really happy for you. All my trans friends over the age of 30 wish they’d transitioned sooner @EstOdek Toss up: You’re too smart to be a family physician OR You shouldn’t run for that Senate seat. It’s his (a…
A beautiful story to start the day on a great note. This is what money is for. #gratitude. woman Chief Justice of Oregon Supreme Court Martha Walters swears in Oregon Secretary of State…
Such an important tool. Oregon needs a quality longitudinal education data system too! #orleg #ODE
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner Hayward @choo_ek @NeilFlochMD @LoggheMD @arghavan_salles @davearterburn @CMichaelGibson @SAGES_Updates @JosephSakran gender pay gap is real. Women of color face even higher barriers when it comes to equal pay. Let's do better. #EqualPayDay
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Moving carry of SCR 12 commemorating Modoc War by @FredGirod Critical reminder of the many crimes perpetrated by Eu…
Dogs and cats shouldn’t be discarded after research. @ESHforOregon carried SB 638 to unanimous passage today in…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardEasy to miss in the vaccine debate: not vaccinating has a real cost that the rest of us bear. Yes, public health ca…
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@DaveMillerOPB You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait till 5 or 6! @choo_ek Welcome to my world. He spent 45 minutes w me in 2015 and tried again this year.
Once again, high touch beats high tech. #Communication makes a huge difference in optimizing patient care.… home message: intervening too much on behalf of your children hurts them more than it helps. Do your kids a fa…
Many thanks to @Chabad Rabbi Perlstein for coming to the Capitol to read the Megillah of Esther for folks here. Hap… work? Take some time to review and comment on our Draft FY 2019-20 Road Maintenance Program. You have unti…
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardPrivileged to carry SCR28, honoring Dr Donald Austin, today. Don was @ORPublicHealth rock star, @OHSUNews faculty,… can use #WIC to buy your kids the healthy food they need! You can get WIC for your kids from ages 0-5. Go to th…
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Santiam Park Fire: Burn ban issued in Marion, Clackamas, Linn counties via @Salem_Statesman
Retweeted by Sen. Steiner HaywardOops. SB638. #TooManyBillsGreat to start my day with cute beagles & committed students. SB626 proposed by students @BeavertonSD Elmonica elem… that would describe me! I get to @flypdx much earlier than I used to because it’s such a great place to hang ou…