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Esi @esildn West London

🎧 founder @sanctuaryldn / dj + presenter @thisiswestside weekends 10am - 1pm / music.

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i love salmon so much i could eat it everyday
@airhrs @LouiseLit_ look!! 😂😥 we release our next one on Weds, have a listen to our chit chat with the VAMP ladies - especially if you wan…
Retweeted by Esi @RaiTheDJ keep goin boo @Oloni he’s still my fave 😭 @TheRealAlika @MNELIAA 2 faves 💕 @reggieheavee i get so many 😫 have to dedicate an afternoon to go through everything @IamJoyceK yes plsss can i see x @IamJoyceK how is your whole family talented like this 😭 we thank god honestlyJoey B shot by me for @rapinpaper
Retweeted by Esiwho can do a ponytail in west? half up half down @vintagedollrisa don’t worry she’s doing it well! picking up where riri left offi’m 100% here for saweetie being a fashion girlshe was so young and her voice is so high 😭
Hey sis. Stop overthinking. If it’s God’s will it’ll happen and nothing will stop it. If it’s not, He has a better…
Retweeted by Esitime for me to get passion twistsaww uncle snoop lool. he was right tho (minus the bill cosby part) all night baby when we gonnn slideJoin @MsChynaJohnson for THE WAVE tonight 11pm - 1am with the incredible @TeedraMoses Listen:…
Retweeted by Esieveryone talks about their favourite kanye songs but always leaves out “real friends” @StavrosBoss looool @hnnhrbcca i didn’t put it together lool i’ve never seen a mink irl! @faiza_BABY i can’t believe it 😂 but i’ve been educated now lool @Just_Lola_So i didn’t really think about it you know. i’ve never seen one looli thought mink lashes were just extra layered and fluffy. i’m wearing animal fur lashes?! what the hellwait. a mink is an animal? tf 😂 @Mojzyo like gimme a break 😂 @JAYVERSACE LOLasking me for christopher walking and u can see/hear i’m playing vybz kartel. pls
@levselects @reggieheavee yh a cocktail of vocal excellence 😂 @DJSCYTHER i’ll send u my parking tickets then yh? xx @reggieheavee beyoncé and brandy @JayKnox amazing!! thank u i’ll save this @lemsjnr i followed jayda cos she had nice wigs, little did i know the drama came as a bonus @lemsjnr 😭😂omg the ghetto @KaylNesbeth 😭 @KaylNesbeth i’m making the cross country journey now 😂 @rachkaydj omg is thereee! i’ll remember for next time thank u x @loredanacampizi sigh train it is! thanks xxguys is there anywhere to park at boxpark croydon? or should i just get train“You got less way to travel then from where you’ve came. What I mean by that is you reach a point where you closer…
Retweeted by Esi @Oloni u can always smell spritz and pink lotion straight away lool @THECLASSICMANNY yep i agree @levselects LOOOOL SHAMLESSok i had a mini seafood boil last night and the sauce just tastes like soup your granny makes 🙂 but i don’t wanna g… We realised there’s a lack of quality wave brushes in the UK So we’d like to introduce the solution…
Retweeted by Esilovers and friends fest...we need this in the uk please. bare minimum paris or amsterdamif i’m being real the type of influencer i want to be the most is a nail influencer. i take it v seriouslyLIVE on ur radio until 1pm 📡 @thisiswestside😥❤️! 15 mins in places outside london means 15 mins on the motorway
@Teeyoung_ girl i feel like jessica is gonna walk away from mark!tbh once i start watching netflix during the day it’s a wrap. i cant let this become a habit lol @sosyyy__ yh shes a nutter 😂i still feel like i’m anna give carlton a hug ffs @WaleAkinOne truuuuu @Missfalusi it’s addictive trust meeeeethis show is insane and i need a season 2’m so upset cos they were really my favourite couple
@Shortingo_ 😂 he ruined itwe’re watching love is blind now babe @_Essencex what’s his @ sisi was rooting for them ffs i actually liked carltoni don’t think gianna likes damien tbh #LoveIsBlind @melanie92xx netflix x @melanie92xx mellll omg watch it you’ll love it @BigJMusic oh godi need someone to hold me right now loool i’m in tearsssssss #LoveIsBlind @MsGenevieve_ does it get better than this @SlicVicUk stop that please now is not the timeomg carlton. such a babe i want to hug himlove is blind hive!! pls let me join you cos it’s been 37 mins of episode 1 and i can’t take this 😫 @SlicVicUk LOOL i’m in bits!!i’m such a sucker for love. why am i crying on episode 1 😭😂omg i’m with itttttti’m about to start love is blindplease this hair by Nikki Nelms in March Allure — Go Big or Go Home “It’s not there’s anything wrong with tiny stu…
Retweeted by Esi @levselects they know minimal but they know who they are stillwtf goes on in grimecoach raves in uni was a mad time lool. hertfordshire to leicester and back again all before my 9amand where tf is redbridge 😂all the girls who do sick nails are based in east. like am i really going to dagenham for a full set💢NEW EPISODE IN THE MORNING💢 ‘TAX REBATE’ ft #TheReceiptsPodcast NOTIFICATION GANG LET’S GO!!! #OFFTHECUFFPOD
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@iamjkaz when i’m drunk in the party i scream this 🤣Period! 👸🏾🥀✨
Retweeted by Esi @fee_mak yesssss that one. poor baby he was so youngone of my favourite photos is the one of pop smoke in the blue LV outfit, from the last paris fashion week ☹️ @OGFigures prob have sources who work everywhere who they pay for inside info. like in the emergency servicesFinally got to book and hear @esildn she is a bad gyal inna di mix deffo booking her for future events 🔥🔥 🎧
Retweeted by Esi @smoothfuego1 thank u 😆👩🏾‍💻 @melanie92xx i know! a baby @melanie92xx it’s crazyyyyyhuhhhh the sun comes out just reach 1 MILLION STREAMS on spotify ♥️♥️♥️ link;
Retweeted by Esi @_NOMICS it doesn’t matter if it’s the theme or not, it’s still neeky & irresponsibleANY FEMALE APP DEVELOPERS ON HERE - FRONT/BACK END? PLS RT X 👩🏾‍💻👩🏽‍💻👩🏼‍💻👩🏻‍💻
Retweeted by Esi @_NOMICS i dunno tbh, they prob feel far removed from it? he isn’t posting guns or knives on his insta story before…