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@MsYellowHat That family are due an explanation and this country is due a revolution x @MsYellowHat It’s exactly what I was thinking. I’ve thought about that boy and his family all the time and I’m so so angry.
My life these days consists of eating biscuits and colouring in pictures of cake.
@WildLondon Look at my garden gang. @Tim_A_Roberts Ah lovely, maybe I should post my videos there!
Look at them now! Noisy video again, sorry!
More time, they’re growing.
@SueinSpain Brazen, I think he’s after food and seeing dogs off as cubs are about. Cubs are getting more foxy now :)Sneaky dad fox
@daviiadams No a friends father in St Lucia does, it’s the best honey ever. Not great for sausage frying though. @SueinSpain Sticky! I had to add oil so I think the taste vanished.2 bottles in the cupboard 1 with oil 1 with honey from the hive. Guess which one I tried to fry sausages in? @Tim_A_Roberts Watching and waiting. @NoisyVolt It needs to be one thing or the other, this half arsed lockdown is pointless. New spike in a few weeks no doubt. @Tim_A_Roberts I love it, new life amongst the chaos. @NoisyVolt It’s actually busier than normal where I live, I think we have tourists. @Tim_A_Roberts I really like the parakeets, they keep their distance in Dulwich Park though. Owls are my favourite,… @Tim_A_Roberts They are here every evening. I’m waiting for them to grow and change a bit before posting more. Crow has just arrived! @Tim_A_Roberts My parents had a cat that used to steal things from other houses. Frozen steaks, a French stick, a w… @Tim_A_Roberts I did too, a young girl? I’ve found stuff like a toy soldier wedged in the fence where it waits and… @Tim_A_Roberts I have a crow that follows me about for food. It sits and looks through the window at me when hungry…, fuckwits all around.
Sunshine cubs 2 morning sunshine cubs @gavinnivag @SummerRay The dad has, he’ll take food from me but not the cubs.
@RozMcKenzie1 Fingers crossed we can have small visits from others soon. I think the cubs are probably 6 weeks ish… @RozMcKenzie1 They’ll be big foxes by then :( x @RozMcKenzie1 Yes, they are naughty and are out in the morning when I get up too. Very sweet but decking is a bit s… @RozMcKenzie1 I missed filming their first interaction, that cub wanted to play with the crow. Eric keeps seeing it… at the cub interested in the crow :) are 7 cubs!!!!!Crow attack time with dad.
@venetianblonde They are, such a delight. Especially now with what’s going on. @Tim_A_Roberts Oh dear it says most of the cubs die at 12 weeks old :( I’m feeding them but not too much so they don’t bother hunting. @Tim_A_Roberts Mama came back tonight, I’m wondering if she’s trying to wean them and staying away. Eric has been g… fox cubs are out right now with the dad, I’ve not seen the mum. Anyone know if this is normal for this time of…
@Tim_A_Roberts She’s well fed. Like me x @daviiadams Youngest named him a few years ago and then his girlfriend Erica. Cubs are currently called Ed, Ed, Eddy and Elvis! @SueinSpain Good :) x @daviiadams No, the dad, Eric is ok with me being out there but not mum and babies. @gavinnivag Yes :) soooo sweetAnd the last one, she’s a good mamma. parenting foxy fun @DrFraserKing @Tim_A_Roberts Apart from the one show blaring in the background. I wasn’t watching it! @Tim_A_Roberts My sausage dog keeps woofing at them!Friday fox cub cam @nurseneddy Stinky as hell! @Tim_A_Roberts Just looked at a house (from the outside) in Mount Adon Park. Might have to ‘downsize’ to get throug… @nurseneddy I feed them but I don’t try to touch. I worry they will trust the wrong human if they get too brave x @Tim_A_Roberts There was a strong smell of skunk from the bushes. It was the place for h when I was a teen x @nurseneddy I love them :) @Tim_A_Roberts Mine too but only sometimes x @Tim_A_Roberts Where am I?
@jeffbotherway Thanks, the dad fox has lived around our garden for years and the mama fox for at least a year and a… @Mossey_8 It’s the most violent thing I’ve ever seen! That fight in the pub in first episode, feck ouch. @kateford76 Aren’t they cute :) they cheer me up from my big old fug x @eops I’m swinging wildly from panicking about no money coming in to feeling grateful we haven’t had the virus. Doe… @eops I can work from home but there’s no work to do. Looks like for a very long time. I need a new career. @dottaylor56 Aren’t they :) @SueinSpain Hasn’t she just, but what a good mum she is x @Tim_A_Roberts I’m happy she feels safe enough to feed them out in the open here. We must smell safe. @Tim_A_Roberts I don’t get it either, if you like dogs and cats then what’s not to like about a fox. Apart from poo… @eops So much same! @Tim_A_Roberts It makes being stuck inside lots of fun. I love them, I want to protect them. @eops We are so excited, new life makes everything seem a bit better.Last one I promise. 4. I’m sorry I’m being a fox bore. :) part 3 watch part 2 cub watch! @Tim_A_Roberts Will try to get some tonight, it’s tricky as the parents are obviously trying to keep them out of si… @Tim_A_Roberts They’re soooo cute, like puppies. It’s the highlight of our lives right now x
:) @daviiadams Yeah they do have some destructive habits but I’ve just seen the cubs so excited to see the dad fox and… cubs! @MsYellowHat I’ve been distracting myself today by cleaning floor tile grout. And watching fox cubs :) x @MsYellowHat I’ve been the same but knowing myself, I bought an sp02 monitor for times like these. I can confidentl…
@Tim_A_Roberts They must be only a few weeks old, they still have snubby snouts. Looking forward to getting photos of them. @Mossey_8 The foxes are definitely scared of the cats but I’m sure big mamma will stand up to them if needed. Gener… @Mossey_8 Mamma fox is on it, she will scare them off. Oddly they seem to rub along well together though.We have tiny FOX CUBS in the garden. Oh :)
@SueinSpain Ah yeah that’s good, it’s just being in the right place at the right time isn’t it x @SueinSpain Yes looked at driving jobs for him and maybe a shop for me once everything opens. Will be a lot if folk… @Drinkmeforfree @SueinSpain It’s knowing how to get into that sort of thing. We are great at what we do but not kno… @SueinSpain Creative Agency / Graphic Design We design West End shows and Theatre is obviously closed for now. We h… need to get a job, after 16 years of running my own business, I genuinely haven’t a clue where to start or what I could do.
Who the actual fuck is having fireworks? I’m hating you big time right now. @Tim_A_Roberts @annawinger Same, I was upset for him as he couldn’t escape in the end. A lost soul really. @Tim_A_Roberts @annawinger I loved it, I watched the making of documentary too and then ‘one of us’ on Netflix, the…
@Rogers_AJ Pimp specialsI’ve been putting hand cream on because crispy skin, but it seems I should have done my arms too. Snakeskin :(
@daviiadams Thanks but there’s plenty of haggered here :( @Thisis_BIGAL Ah Happy Birthday and welcome to the creaky club.
@gavinnivag Yeah not sure why I was doing that! @Rogers_AJ Pa ha! :) @kateford76 Love you xAt 20, gosh it’s quite depressing