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Bol Bol is 7'3'' and hitting from DEEP 👌 (via @OregonMBB)
Retweeted by ESPNRJ Barrett windmill, because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #SCtop10
Retweeted by ESPNHe tried to throw it down on Zion 👀 Pearl's hype level is through the roof for Duke 📈"I think Oklahoma, by no fault of their own, is receding from the Playoff picture." —@jasonfitz doesn't think there…"In my heart I'd want Notre Dame to beat Bama, but in my head I don't think Alabama is losing a game this season."…
Retweeted by ESPN"Ohio State-Michigan holds the key. It's really the only game that matters." —@MGolicJR57 on which Rivalry Week mat…
Retweeted by ESPNThe Top 6 remain the same again, BUT Rivalry Week is on the horizon. @jasonfitz, @MGolicJR57 and @espngolic look ah…, Clemson, Notre Dame and ... Who's your pick for the CFP’s #OneFinalTeam? (📍@drpepper)Week 13 #CFBPlayoff Rankings: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. Michigan 5. Georgia 6. Oklahoma
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! @RamsNFL #LAtogether @ESPN #GenesisHalftimeShow
Retweeted by ESPNAdrián Beltré hated having his head touched. So of course, teammates and opponents touched his head all the time. This Date: In 1982, the band was on the field. James Wiseman, the No. 1 player in the ESPN 100, declares that he will play for Penny Hardaway at Memphis.
Retweeted by ESPNOn This Date: In 2012, Grinnell's Jack Taylor scored an NCAA-record ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT POINTS on 52-for-1… touch of class from Virgil van Dijk.
Retweeted by ESPNAfter Monday Night's game, Jared Goff and Andrew Whitworth met with the families of victims of the Thousand Oaks, C… was everything we wanted and more.
Retweeted by ESPNPatrick Mahomes threw the most pass TDs in Monday Night Football history. yards. 10 TDs. 2 star QBs. 1 Monday Night Football to remember. @RamsNFL run Kansas City out of LA. GOFF AND THE RAMS RETAKE THE LEAD! 😲 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR
Retweeted by ESPNNo quit in LA. Rams retake the lead with under 2 minutes to go in the 4th. lead change of the night. The Chiefs have dropped 51."YOU GET A TOUCHDOWN!" "AND YOU GET A TOUCHDOWN!" "AND YOU GET A TOUCHDOWN!!"
Retweeted by ESPNSO. MUCH. OFFENSE..@cheetah peacin' into the end zone ✌️ #SCtop10 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR
Retweeted by ESPN.@PatrickMahomes5 ➡️ @cheetah ✌️ 73 YARDS. tonight: LB Samson Ebukam: 2 RB Todd Gurley: 0 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Goff showing off the wheels! 🏃 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR Donald is taking OVER 😳 the half: Jared Goff: 2 TDs, 172 yds. Patrick Mahomes: 3 TDs, 224 yds.
Retweeted by ESPNSCOOP AND SCORE! RAMS RETAKE THE LEAD! 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR TAKE THE LEAD! Kareem Hunt from 21 yards out 😤 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR find the end zone, courtesy of @cheetah ✌️ 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR got loose✌️ 📺: ESPN #KCvsLAR
Retweeted by ESPNFirst drive. First score of the game. @JaredGoff16 ➡️ @robertwoods 🙌
Retweeted by ESPNKey word for the Rams tonight ... "Dominate." —@TG3II over/under since 1986. Which are you taking?You know your putback slam was good when your dad, David Robinson, is impressed 👏 is Andy Reid's first game in the Coliseum as a coach, but it’s not his first time ever in the Coliseum on MNF… warms up wearing a hat honoring first responders who worked through the tragedies that recently struck the…
Retweeted by ESPN.@TheChainsmokers checking in from #MNF! Catch them + @KelseaBallerini during the #GenesisHalftimeShow!
Andy Reid and Sean McVay have created some absolute monsters on offense this season 🔬
Retweeted by ESPNA light 60 🚀 powerhouse offenses on Monday Night Football. Who gets their 10th win of the season?
Retweeted by ESPNAnother week of @arielhelwani's MMA Show is starting now. Tune in to hear from guests including @ChuckLiddell,…’t wait! First two episodes on ESPN+ tomorrow vs. 9-1. Who ya rolling with in the regular season game of the year? (📍@madebygoogle) only thing better than the pick-six is the celebration by @EJackson_4! 📺: NBC #MINvsCHI
Retweeted by ESPNSteve Kerr says the Warriors are experiencing a dose of reality. Bears rowing Da Boat 🚣 📺: NBC #MINvsCHI Rondo broke his hand, but he's still out there on the floor ... coaching. @NotoriousOHM covered how Rondo h…
Retweeted by ESPNLeBron from the parking lot for his 51st point 😮 @Saints' winning streak is now at 9 games. The last time they won 9 straight? In 2009, on their way to winning… 4th and 7 ... up 31 points ... the @Saints pull this one out of the playbook ❄️😱❄️ 📺: FOX #PHIvsNO
Adam Vinatieri was feeling it after the @Colts' win 😂 Smith's injury comes 33 years to the day of Joe Theismann's. is on top of the AP Poll ... AGAIN. 📺: CBS #HOUvsWAS This Day: In 2006, No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan gave us "The Game of the Century." Mitchell hung out with a fan who he spotted wearing his high school jersey 🙌 (via @NBA) (📍 @DoveMenCare) on 'em 😎 streak continues for UCF under the primetime lights! burying the game-winner, Jimmy Butler gave Kemba props. "I will say, Kemba gave me 60 tonight. I will have… went and dropped a franchise-high 60 points!
Retweeted by ESPNJIMMY BUCKETS WITH THE CLOSER! ready, Columbus?! Next up, it's rivalry week and we're headed to THE GAME.
Retweeted by ESPNThe ending to the Ohio State/Maryland game was absolute mayhem 👀 State fans were all over the field after upsetting No. 9 West Virginia! (📍 @drpepper) a game! Oklahoma State upsets No. 9 West Virginia in Stillwater 😲 absolutely wild finish incoming between West Virginia and Oklahoma State. @jasonfitz and @treavorscales react…'s mascot Dubs officially passed the collar and mascot duties over to Dubs II in an adorable ceremony 🐶 (via…’s Week 12 of #TheCollegeFootballShow! Join @jasonfitz and @treavorscales as they talk about Ohio State's wild w…
HE WAS *WIDE* OPEN!! No. 10 Ohio State claws back to avoid a HUGE upset in overtime against Maryland! most clutch fumble recovery this season 😲 The Citadel is no longer tied with No. 1 Alabama. The Citadel is still tied with No. 1 Alabama at halftime 👀👀"False start, offense. Everyone but the center." 😬
Retweeted by ESPNThe Citadel is tied with Bama right now 👀 one moment, Harvard freshman Ben Abercrombie’s life changed forever. More than a year after suffering a career-…'s 22 degrees in Minnesota and Northwestern is choosing to warm up like this 😂 (via @AdamHoge)
Retweeted by ESPNOur experts say the Heisman race has tightened. Do you agree? Vote in this week's Heisman House poll! (📍@NissanUSA)On This Date: In 1996, @TheRock made his WWE debut as "Rocky Maivia" 💪 UP KNIGHT NATION, IT'S GAMEDAY!
Retweeted by ESPNIn his third season as @UVAMensHoops' team manager, Grant Kersey is suiting up for Cavaliers home games. During a…, it's times like THESE where I MISS being a reporter.
Retweeted by ESPNBrook Lopez splashed a deep three RIGHT in his brother's face 😂
Retweeted by ESPN43 pts on 18/26 FG @KyrieIrving hooping got @KingJames' attention 👀 dropped 23 in the 4th/OT 👏
Retweeted by ESPNA virtuoso performance from Uncle Drew 🔥 vs. 3
Retweeted by ESPNBol Bol got a W on his 19th birthday: 26 pts, 9 reb, 2 stl and 2 blk 🎂 starts the fast break. Kyrie *is* the fast break.
Retweeted by ESPN
Peyton Manning broke down his brother Eli's game on "Detail." Watch exclusively on ESPN+: @nuggets have added WNBA legend @S10Bird to their front office 🙌 Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous. 🔈⬆ (via @AlwaysLateESPN) all the drama going on with the defending NBA champions, are you worried about the Warriors?