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Let's hear some of your predictions & questions for this weekend's #SpanishGP 🇪🇸 We'll go over as many as we can o…
Lewis Hamilton really walked off with Max Verstappen's P1 trophy yesterday 😂🏆 huge "what if" scenario - Ross Brawn says Nico Hulkenberg was next on Mercedes' list behind Lewis Hamilton i…
Retweeted by ESPN F1🥇 x 87 🥈 x 40 🥉 x 28 Lewis Hamilton has equaled Michael Schumacher's record of 155 podiums 🙌
Race wins in the last two years: Verstappen: 3 Vettel: 1 Verstappen holds off Lewis Hamilton for his first win of 2020! 🏆 right now is like the final GoT season. You remember - vividly - how good the show was, but it is just getti…
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F1 Twitter will go into meltdown if Hulkenberg ends that record of his tomorrow. Here's a look at the major talking…
Retweeted by ESPN F1August 12, 2019: Gasly dropped by Red Bull. August 8, 2020: Gasly out-qualifies two Ferraris and a Red Bull. months out with only 6 practice sessions and 2 qualis, Hulk nails P3. A tenth clear of Verstappen. He's still g… Hulkenberg will start from P3 tomorrow. Will he finally get his first podium 👀 is going on with Vettel? Out of Q2, qualifies 12th. Was 10th last Saturday.
Retweeted by ESPN F1Alfa Romeo qualifies 19th and 20th (out of 20) at 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. Qualified 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 1950 British Grand Prix
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Lando Norris waving whilst overtaking other drivers today 👋😂 looking for Ferrari's pace this season ... reason why Racing Point have been deducted 15 championship points and fined $470,000 ..., the way Racing Point designed the rear brake ducts - illegal. The design itself - not illegal. Hence w…
Retweeted by ESPN F1The FIA has upheld Renault's protest against Racing Point. Team loses 15 championship points (currently has 42) and is fined $400,000.
Retweeted by ESPN F1Nico Hulkenberg will replace Sergio Perez for the 70th Anniversary British GP this weekend after Perez once again t…
Charles Leclerc said he is fed up with being labelled a racist for his decision not to take the knee ahead of races… Magnussen explains why he joined six other drivers in not taking a knee at the British Grand Prix.
Retweeted by ESPN F1George Russell's pit board for this weekend. You can hear it 😂 (via @WilliamsRacing) Valtteri Bottas is staying with Mercedes for 2021. commentary legend Murray Walker believes Hamilton is better than Senna and Schumacher because he doesn’t share t…
Let's hear some of your bolder predictions and burning questions ahead of the #BritishGP We'll feature as many as…
Lewis Hamilton and Will Smith. The dream team 🙌 Norris casually pulling up at McDonald’s in his McLaren after the British GP 😄 (via @FiftyBucksss)
The reasons Verstappen pitted - and Hamilton didn't - in the closing laps of the British GP and why the finale play… that we've all calmed down, lets take a look into how those wild final laps unfolded... (1998) & Hamilton (2020) 📸 Only GOATS can drive on three wheels 🐐 broken by Lewis Hamilton today: Beats Ayrton Senna's record for most races led from start-to-finish (20) 🏁… energy 💥 #BritishGP one race where he didn't say his tyres were gone 😂 #BritishGP Hamilton's front left 👀 #BritishGP Hamilton wins the #BritishGP with three wheels. What a finish 🤯 on that last lap #BritishGP"Hello darkness my old friend..." better organisation in anti-racism protest before British GP. Magnussen joins the original six who did not kne…
Retweeted by ESPN F1Potentially the most on-brand Hulkenberg moment ever. He's out of the #BritishGP before it even started, due to pre-race car issues.
Retweeted by ESPN F1BREAKING: Nico Hulkenberg is out of the #BritishGP before it even begins, following an issue with his car.
Lewis Hamilton becomes the first driver to claim seven pole positions at his home Grand Prix 🇬🇧 The record was pre… NORRI 5 Albon/Hamilton crash is looking more and more like a Sliding Doors moment for his career. His season is just c…
Retweeted by ESPN F1Which F1 driver is this? comes at you fast 👀
Well played 👏 Hulkenberg's 'special, crazy and wild' 24 hours unfolded ahead of his shock British GP call-up
Retweeted by ESPN F1Nico Hulkenberg will make his return to Formula One at the British Grand Prix for former team Racing Point in place… Perez insists he followed FIA protocols during a two-day trip to Mexico before the positive COVID test which… and Grosjean spoke for 45 minutes after the Hungarian GP to clear up a misunderstanding over F1's anti-rac…
BREAKING: Sergio Perez will miss #BritishGP after testing positive for coronavirus. F1 confirms Perez has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the British Grand Prix this weekend.
Retweeted by ESPN F1Incredible F1 images created using model cars and a bit of imagination! (via @FigsFanPhotos) Norris will wear this helmet for the British GP this weekend. Designed by 6-year-old Eva, it's pretty specia… Perez misses FIA press conference due to inconclusive COVID test. Isolating while he awaits a re-test.
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He was worried he was being overlooked in the midfield... Sylvester Stallone met Michael Schumacher 👊 Perez as Tom Cruise. It can’t be unseen 😂 (via @MPSv3) Hamilton had dinner with all the drivers that are better than him ...
Pit stops are overrated 😂 (via @ashutoshaneja)
Drop some of your bolder predictions and any questions you might have for the #BritishGP in the comments 💬 We'll…
Formula One has confirmed three new races in 2020, with the addition of the Nurburgring in Germany, Portimao in Por…
Max Verstappen got his 33rd podium in Hungary, giving him 33 points, while wearing number 33 🤯 team finishes second in the Constructors Championship 🤔
F1 race wins: Lewis Hamilton = 86 Sebastian Vettel + Fernando Alonso = 85 Mercedes win every single Grand Prix this season 🤔 Driver. Barista. Hairdresser. Mechanic. Lando Norris is a man of many talents 🙌 "2020 can't get any stranger." 2020: guys deserved to stand on the podium 👏 Hamilton could beat Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 Formula One victories at Ferrari's 1000th race:…
Lando Norris helping his team take the car apart after the race weekend. Love this kid ❤️ (via @TimBampton) the second time in two weeks, Renault has protested the legality of the Racing Point #F1
Retweeted by ESPN F1Lewis Hamilton equals Michael Schumacher's record of 8 Grand Prix wins at a single circuit 👑 drama in Budapest as Verstappen crashes on way to Hungarian GP starting grid
Retweeted by ESPN F1No one: Verstappen on the way to the grid:
Saturday proved the Racing Point hype is very real, but qualifying was deflating for anyone hoping for even a half…
Retweeted by ESPN F1George Russell sticking up for Alex Albon after a tough qualifying ❤️ apt in this modern era of F1 that the 2019 Mercedes finished third and fourth behind the 2020 Mercedes.
Retweeted by ESPN F1Lewis Hamilton now has 90 career poles! That’s more than Prost, Fangio and Lauda combined 🤯
5 years ago today F1 lost one of its brightest stars, Jules Bianchi ❤️
.@ChrisMedlandF1 joins the ESPN F1 podcast to report back on the “new normal” at the first two races, what to expec… Vettel see out the season at Ferrari? We had a chat with @ChrisMedlandF1 about Seb's current predicament. Lis… Vettel has confirmed he's held talks with Racing Point about a drive for next year, but insists there is… on his recent chest pain 💔 look at the drivers’ market: Russell confirms he will be staying at Williams in 2021. Looked his most likely option, but basically confir…
Retweeted by ESPN F1Former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, is urging F1 fans to use the hashtag #KeepCheco in an effort to keep S… close to Perez have told ESPN Mexico he is aware of Vettel’s negotiations with Racing Point and is already… would you rather see at Racing Point in 2021? 🤔 had to wait 9 years to get consecutive fastest laps! 2011: Hamilton and Button 2020: Norris and Sainz
Only two drivers in F1 history have won races in three consecutive decades: 🇬🇧 Lewis Hamilton - 2000s/2010s/2020s…
When life imitates a̶r̶t̶ gaming 😂's hear your bold predictions and burning questions ahead of the #HungarianGP 🔮🔥 We'll feature as many as we ca… two are currently 2nd and 3rd in the Drivers' Championship 🇬🇧 lap Lando vs Sunday Sainz. Who finishes higher in the driver standings this season 🤔 More fanboying/girling o… it rains it pours for Ferrari ⛈ @natesaundersF1 and @alexisenunes break down what could be a long season for… Hamilton pays tribute to his trackside fluid engineer Stephanie Travers. She became the first black woman t… look at Ferrari's humbling weekend, 'Last-Lap Lando' and why a spicy midfield fight got a lot spicier in the hour…
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Current driver standings: Lando Norris - 3rd Sebastian Vettel - 15th They grow up so fast! a minute 😳