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We had a nice chat with Utah RB Zack Moss about the upcoming g draft @yabo171 @971thefan @MGolicJR57 @wingoz @mspears96 @RealCJ10 @McShay13 Actually, others have said that already, I h… @Stugotz790 Yep @TurnerSportsEJ Oh boy!!! @CoryWise1 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz My pug Harry @NoQuibbling @MGolicJR57 @wingoz @espn @Disney Not in our pay grade to know
@ahansen314 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz @espn @LeBatardShow From your lips @JamesMcEwan2016 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Above my pay grade @bigbird91470 @Stugotz790 That looks like a good challenge @pittgirl7 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz I’m with ya @scharich24 @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Well done!! @secondpete17 @MGolicJR57 @wingoz I may take a run at it @mcpetela @TonyBrunoShow Really enjoyed my time on air with Tony, we had a lot of fun @jwoh2001 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Fair question @charliewolfe408 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz I would agree @seanunger330 @dariusrucker I sure did @dariusrucker Oh man, that’s goodMaybe someday we will be on tv again!!! We will keep hope alive @XFLBattleHawks Boom @JediNinjaHawk @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz @espn I would imagine there is a way @SportsD24733772 @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Not a bad look at all just because he didn’t tell you he did it.... sorry but that ridiculous @SportsD24733772 @MGolicJR57 @wingoz And you can’t assume they haven’t.... @tonyd31446740 @nancy_cocco @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz I wish there was..... above my pay grade.... I’m not… @TMcVOLS01 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz We are not the ones to ask @JediNinjaHawk @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz I wish I had an answer for you @markentner @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Thanks @SportsD24733772 @MGolicJR57 @wingoz How do you know they haven’t??? Just because you don’t see it on social media… @rblaker71 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Above my pay grade @nancy_cocco @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz Thanks, we wish we were on, wish I had a good answer for you @Namssa69 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz 🤷‍♂️ @bearsfan8553 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz 🤷‍♂️This is starting to feel normal
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After announcing pay cuts for salaried employees earlier this week, the @76ers changed their stance. Sixers Partn…
Retweeted by Mike Golic @sudbri @NDmom @wingoz I think you know the answerI don’t know what to say guess I should have bought the bigger cake. I’m not sure how this is going to go. The show ends in 5. Wow it was…
Retweeted by Mike GolicI bought this little cake when I picked up breakfast for the guys this morning. It was suppose to be for @espngolic
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo our little man can’t miss even while sitting down for a rest
Retweeted by Mike Golic⁦@GolicAndWingo⁩ - Best $12.00 purchase during the quarantine. #girldad
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo SJ working his speed and agility
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Arithmetic and exercise... @MGolicJR57
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo My 6 year old daughter listening to skate board for the first time
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@CollardJeffj I am neither an executive or an engineer....haha @GolicAndWingo @espngolic still a little cool in the north so had to hit in the garage
Retweeted by Mike GolicDaughters playing a little inside basketball @GolicAndWingo
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, there’s always time for a dunk contest. #wegotthis
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo My girls laxing around #girl dad
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Our weather is beautiful, so one is pitching and the other batting! 🥎
Retweeted by Mike GolicHey @GolicAndWingo a little work on the old in-line skates till the ice rink opens again.
Retweeted by Mike GolicIf you’re getting sick of your family it’s definitely time to check out our family’s podcast. You’ll realize your f…
Retweeted by Mike Golic⁦@GolicAndWingo⁩ dance moves to keeping up with exercise.
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Working on her handles.
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo My husband and daughter during her at home PE class.
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo getting their toe touches in while staying active.
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @espngolic A little field hockey/street hockey mix. Got to keep those skills up.
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Sisters getting along on the pitch!! @USWNT @MGolicJR57 @espngolic
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Working on his form @GolicAndWingo @espngolic
Retweeted by Mike Golic @TheRealMcCoy134 @MGolicJR57 You may want rethink that..... those are 2 completely different pieces of equipment @GolicAndWingo my 11yr old son getting his lacrosse work in..
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Keeping in shape while quarantined
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Filmed 1 pitch a couple days ago just to get his toothless plate pounding...
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Kicks @JonnyBones would be envious of! *hiyah!*
Retweeted by Mike Golicdo people call baseball purists “seamheads”?
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Today is supposed to be opening day! Got so BP in yesterday!
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Pole Vaulting
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo Future track star
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"Wherever you start, you progress through fundamentals." #WednesdayWisdom brought to you by 🏈 dad @espngolic.
Retweeted by Mike! maybe? we'll see!
Retweeted by Mike Golic @barstoolsports We just keep redefining stupidityinternet TV with @jasonfitz starting... now?
Retweeted by Mike GolicI’ll say it again @SydGolic PSA about spring breakers is absolute gold soon the pugs and I are not the only ones who get to see these guys in my basement. @GolicAndWingo 🤷🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Mike Golic @NDmom @CoachMahoney99 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 Ohhhh, ok @CoachMahoney99 @NDmom @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 Huh?👍🏼👍🏼
Retweeted by Mike Golic13 year old.... like a teenager she did what she wanted and just made up a new team. @GolicAndWingo
Retweeted by Mike Golic⁦@GolicAndWingo⁩ thanks for the fun activity - my son had a great time coming up with his own Celtics logo!
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Football parents are you looking for some fun ideas to get your kids moving while we are all at home together? Chec…
Retweeted by Mike Golic @ChrisPloof280 @GolicAndWingo @MGolicJR57 @wingoz 🤞For tomorrow at some point during show @Yooper_IA Oh I think you will enjoy itNot really our last edition.... I believe she meant latest...SYD lights up the podcast with a PSA for spring breake… check with @jasonfitz on youtube and the ESPN app now!
Retweeted by Mike GolicHere’s the link. Check it out!
Retweeted by Mike GolicTune in at 3:30
Retweeted by Mike Golic @CollardJeffj @dshman9 Yes they are going to do it was great @svdavis56 @NDmom @sweet50munoz @DowntonAbbey Soooo sadStarting today at 3:30 eastern, you can come to YouTube and hang out with me & @MGolicJR57 every weekday for 30 min…
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo did a little thing this morning asking us to have our kids give their rendition of our favorite team…
Retweeted by Mike Golic @thesportsprojec @GolicAndWingo I agree with that completely, my comment was about head to head ratings @JennDuffyBurns @NDmom @DowntonAbbey We love we don’t have kids to home school, so we do have some time @GolicAndWingo New logo for the falcons
Retweeted by Mike GolicThe binge watching of @DowntonAbbey spilled over into my dreams last night. By the end of the quarantine…
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo My 12 year old nailed the new rams logo
Retweeted by Mike Golic @GolicAndWingo My 5 year old Zeke and his rendition of the Baltimore Ravens...
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IN FORCE911 is an application for teacher’s and faculty’s phones, tablets and computers that sends an alert DIRECTL…
Retweeted by Mike GolicWe are here for you in this time of PJ’s all day. Come hang with us...
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@CollardJeffj We are looking to have a guest on tomorrow about that @norcalskinsfan @dariusrucker Absolutely LOVE that song @nolablelsdefine @lornemlawrence I’d like them to go on as scheduled as well, but between, not knowing when the pan…