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Nessa @Essabee93 California

26 Lewd PC Steamer Sometimes I'm pretty chill and extremely shy @Litunicorns_ | $Essabee93 💜

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@Spiderrbyte I told her if she knew around what time, I could check in the computer. She said I was being racist… @Spiderrbyte It was a bowling alley and we went through the normal dialog and Im like "Okay for this it would be $$… @Spiderrbyte As someone that worked customer service OH BOY I have a lot I got called racist for asking if this l… @datIuis big mountain lion waking up from a nap, meowing and giving their foot a cuddle
Retweeted by NessaWhen you play a survival game with your dumb friend
Retweeted by Nessa @DelightDaniTV “Well, remember last week when I took you out to dinner and paid for all this stuff for you, why are…
Retweeted by Nessa @noxthesplicer @DelightDaniTV Ooooof @svendsgaard Im raising money for my dogs reconstructive surgery. She has spina bifida which makes her daily life e…
Retweeted by NessaSome of you girls are only nice to pretty girls and it’s very weird..
Retweeted by Nessa @_Kenziepuff It’s incredible how Trump making a statement on something is by default able to make so many take the…
Retweeted by NessaI wanna do one too “That’s not even true :/ I’m sorry you feel like that”
Retweeted by NessaWOMEN ONLY. Apologize like a man.
Retweeted by NessaI’m rushing Newt to the emergency vet, he’s declining fast and I’m trying not to freak out but from what the vet sa…
Retweeted by NessaGirls who use "🥺" like to be choke slammed in bed
Retweeted by NessaA lovely bit of light in the darkness - a man being reunited with his dog after the Beirut explosion. Thanks to…
Retweeted by NessaBeirutis search for pets among explosion wreckage @Taylorheyman reports
Retweeted by Nessafuck maybe I am the problem :/
Retweeted by NessaHow to surreptitiously stretch within reach of kisses
Retweeted by Nessa @FakeboiTiddies @UPS do you have enough food and drinks?it’s crazy how much you’ll tolerate for someone you care about
Retweeted by NessaIm both“women are so emotional” bro u threw a controller at the wall after losing a video game
Retweeted by NessaJust Raka things Also, what the fuck @Kryptikos_tv my god his voice 😳’all be 21+ thinking being toxic is still cute. go to therapy
Retweeted by NessaEmotes for @TrueBadAsh ! #twitchemotes #emotes #twitchemoteartist
Retweeted by NessaI feel attacked there delilah
Retweeted by NessaI've already ordered the Flaming Hot and the Cheese ones and they will be here next week really glow different when they being treated right and loved properly
Retweeted by Nessa @TheOnlyMonto @FallGuysGame Oh my god this would be an amazing ideaTW: Death This needs to stop. This happened in 2018. The full video of this is supposedly over an hour long. He w… @TheDireKnight Yesssss @TheDireKnight Dog cam 👀 @SHADOWZPARADOX I just found that out today, haha. I was like ".... Ohhh....Shit"Finna hunt with @nixxxy__ and @noxy0711! Rumor has it the young @JustMeCaseyTV may be roaming the bayou with us a…
Retweeted by NessaIf you make fun of how Pokimane looks without makeup (or really how anyone looks w/o makeup tbf) I'm unfollowing yo…
Retweeted by Nessa @VicolanLHG scheduled it and got kinda scolded for waiting so long LOLFirst tweet in 10 days to tell y'all to treat people with some fucking human decency and respect
Retweeted by Nessabeing called “my love”..... yes. say it again.
Retweeted by NessaThanks Riot 👌 @YaBoyMateo This picture is the best 😩 @40oztofreedom1 Too much work @StealTow You can see SS of the videos, one is clearly a video playing, a comment from someone that knows the woman… @StealTow I'm sure my followers would not like to see that and 2) Privacy reasons. The only "virtue signaling" goi… @StealTow I don't understand why you're fighting this so hard and calling me a liar when I've provided proof and li… just witnessed a murder on my timeline 💀
Retweeted by NessaI feel like y'all are worried bout my incompetence lmaooo. ThankssI know nothing about cars so please be gentle. Mine needs an oil change ... do I HAVE to drain the old oil or can… @Cinderblockcat @Kryptikos_tv
@GlamTrashttv I also use game or window capture. Display capture only if the first two dont detect the gameCan you do a girl a favor and drop a follow if you think I'm cute 🙏💜 ps please dun fuck the quality too much twitt…
Retweeted by Nessa @Majin72 Ooooof @misslucyxx_ LMAO @StealTow If you look at the screenshot you can clearly see its a screenshot of a video being shared to a page. A… Animal Cruelty/death This woman threw kittens out the window of her vehicle in the middle of a CA highway. 3/5…
Retweeted by Nessa @StealTow How? @Aviva133 Oooof @StealTow Theyre linked to private Facebook groups from my city. I couldnt share them if I wanted to. And due to… ever just ruin a name for you?Setting my pride aside. I made a GoFund me. I just hate that I can’t fix this and make him feel better. I’m so hear…
Retweeted by Nessapositive reinforcement
Retweeted by Nessa @RissaRambles @kittyhouseknife @therealtakarita @Flopsical deserve good morning & good night texts and don’t you ever forget it
Retweeted by Nessa @JoeyyPlays @AndrewEllis__ @Horaud3
Retweeted by Nessa @EmmaLangevinXO Or even mute/block them 😁 @40oztofreedom1 I've done that too lmaooo @Ver_Melly You should totally see this if you haven't yet lmaoLiterally me healing in any MMO I will let you die @RedRibbonDT I'm so sad I missed it like what the fuck lol. Definitely sounds like a jealous child @RedRibbonDT Be cute in your stream. What the fuck. And insulting your gf. They must be a child. I would ban them for the same bullshit @nixxxy__ @FallGuysGame @RedRibbonDT I hit 4K! What better way to celebrate with a mini art raffle! This time I'll add a bonus for everyone who wan…
Retweeted by Nessa @TheGhostface6 YesAsking a woman if she is single before claiming you want to get to know her as a "friend" is not going to come acro…
Retweeted by Nessa @FakeboiTiddies @WeetieTV aren’t responsible for mending relationships with their parents
Retweeted by NessaHaving someone with a “ let's work this shit out” mindset >>>>>
Retweeted by Nessai sold my dining set on offerup for $400 and the bitch who bought it payed through zelle and then cancelled the pay…
Retweeted by Nessa @ForRealzy 🥰Speaking of, remember when your Partnership Manager, Hassan Bokhari got exposed? You said there was a legal investi… @TheCafeEla "Hold us accountable" They saidRemember when Twitch promised us communication AND action against abusers LMAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Nessa @DrawwithJoo Ahhh that's awesome. These look good! @Farabee_ Either that or he's just trying to say whatever so I get him :) @Farabee_ Hahahah I appreciate that o7I need to learn to stay off my phone at night. @heyhayrain 💜I feel I can’t stress this enough: If you think someone charges too much for something, just don’t buy it. Yelling…
Retweeted by Nessa @DrawwithJoo You can change mod icons??? :oLebanese mutuals if your ears are ringing/hurting dont drink caffiene or any stimulus drink, avoid loud noises (put…
Retweeted by Nessa @ricky09911 Literally me @FireUnderscore Uhhh 4 or 5AITA for walking out of the hospital after hearing my wife’s diagnosis?
Retweeted by Nessa @SuperAaronNova @iamBrandonTV I know. Just think of it as your yearly reminder of what use to be 😏 @iamBrandonTV @SuperAaronNova @okeebzo My exes friends hated me and talked mad shit about me, they didn't even try to get to know me. It made me feel great :)