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I are coder; I can brain. Literally anti puppy kicking^H^H^H^HFascism. Using 'lame' disparagingly is ableist. (he/him/his)

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@DrSeanWilkes Ooh, I gotta go with Bobbie Draper (#5) on that one. Simple, classic, but still distinctive. If we HA… @danielpayette @DouggieJones @JacksonBockus @the_moviebob What the fuck does that even mean The "proper transporta…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @KBSpangler Not really a joke, as such, but did you know every time you flush a traditional toilet a flapper opens…
@lasrina (I'm flying to New Zealand in 6 months; I have a passport. 😉) @lasrina Crap, that reminds me, I need to renew my driver's license before by birthday in two weeks, but I never go… @lasrina If that's your biggest adulting failure you're doing better than me! 😆 I've been "planning" to email a cou… @KameronHurley Read The Mirror Empire on a long business trip a couple years back. Bought Broken Heavens on releas… @Elli_Trans Yeah, being offered something then having it taken away can be worse than never having been offered it… @rival_elf *grasp, dang it...ADA compliance is NOT OPTIONAL A transit company should not look into paying extra to have a separate ADA complian…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @rival_elf "OK, so I think I have a basic graph of elliptic curve cryptography now, but can we talk about Andrew Wi… @kinkkink @KaraNSlade @danielstroud @netflix Well sure, if you wear the vestments properly you open up a direct lin… @NeolithicSheep And the trademark gives the Wi-Fi Consortium legal teeth to get non-compliant vendors to remove the… @NeolithicSheep And to licence the trademark you have to prove compliance to the standard, yes. So that when consu… as a father of two who works hard to provide for my family, fuck this dude! Wife is absolutely NTA. @Halftongue Sorry, missed the tweet #GretaNotYouHaHa @jephjacques I mean, *I* wouldn't kick Yay out of bed, but their mere existence isn't all THAT sexual...We had an idea to demonstrate the impact an artist brings to a comic script. We gave artists a one page script writ…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @jephjacques Or maybe just joint pain. It's a crapshoot, really...I love our clients some times. "The conveyor won't run! Critical off-hours support request! We can't work! Fear! F… @KBSpangler I'll take that bet. He's never cared what anyone but the Fox talking heads say, and they're too busy in… eBay us up a random bunch of Pentium-era PC hardware. Day 1: trying to get a dozen or so PCs built & running.…"Ladies and gentlemen, yes, my client handed the bank teller a note saying 'this is a robbery, give me the money or…
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@UrsulaV STET: Grammerly is for cover letters (which you'll be needing soon), not for novels. @NeolithicSheep I got you; check your Paypal. You deserve something fun to wear after your morning.My 20-month investigation into oil & gas radioactivity has just been published. Waste spilled, spread, dumped acros…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @UrsulaV I mean pedantic is one thing, but that's just SLOPPY. @UrsulaV STET: What is this, middle school?! I've been a professional writer for longer than you've been ALIVE! 😆Neat! (Note that the teapot is food-safe, just don't try to eat the pot itself! Alpha radiation is shielded by a… @KBSpangler @jephjacques Ball in cage! Can't reach ball! Is crime! Who crimed? Was you?! @laurelyn_ Enh. Given the way the DCCC has treated AOC & Crew, I'm not sure being a capital-D Democrat is all it's… @cityofhysteria @harto @BernieSanders @ewarren They both stood up for themselves and the truth as they remembered i… @NeolithicSheep 17 and I've lived in a (Northern) city my whole life. I am an adventurous eater, though! @Halftongue Hey, Spoilers! 😉omg beibei danger noodle!!!!!!!! SO fierce. blep
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @harto @BernieSanders I've been waiting for @ewarren to run ever since she fought for the CFPB in Dodd-Frank, and I… @AngryBlackLady Considering that most of my fellow white folk seem to think he would approve of them just being nic…
@randileeharper Don't blame ya. It's a real risk. @randileeharper Alternatively, if you can get the remote apart without damaging it, you can break out a magnifying… @randileeharper Yeah. You might be able to get a SDR (software-defined radio) card and start trying to work it out,… @EthelMercaptan @EllipsisGoblins Yep. Van Eck INTENDED it to be disquieting. He succeeded. So much so that a centur… @sarahkendzior @PattyArquette Everyone knows the opening of the Fifth Symphony, but the fourth movement is probably… @AngryBlackLady Everybody knows the first movement of the Fifth Symphony, but the fourth movement is probably my al… fun fact and reminder: a lot of advertised products/services that people claim “are for lazy people” actually gr…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @Tim_Kimber @KameronHurley Also, I think in some ways she finds this season's political maneuvering MORE stressful… @RevDaniel Yeah, I can see where you've reached a level of Twitter pseudo-fame where you need to be ON all the time… @lasrina You cleaned them. The smell is gone. Therefore there's nothing to be ashamed of any more!
I'd heard of snowplows, of course. Everyone has. But I'd always thought they were a myth--one of the stories we tel…
@pbrane @vihartvihart I started out that way as well, but I'm not sure that's obvious without actually doing the ma… the actual fuck, Amtrak? Even if it really does cost you $25k to unbolt a couple seats--I am extremely skeptic…
@AngryBlackLady Um, is it perhaps time for some Breath of the Wild? 😉 @UrsulaV See, you could do that, it's not so scary! Er, that is to say, I remain ever at your service, my Lady! @tinytempest Here's another non-cis take I learned from: @NeolithicSheep Thorough. I like thorough.I JUST GOT REJECTED FOR SUBMITTING A PERFECT PULL REQUEST!
Retweeted by Shawn Muses QuietlyYes, I'm retweeting an advertisement. I lol'd. No idea what the connection to the brand is, though... @kylev I lol'd @NeolithicSheep I'd be interested to know the plans to "remove mud from H.O. property" Actually dig it out and repl… @UrsulaV The button placement in that first one is art all on its own! 😆Kamala Harris just convinced Senate Republicans to put Trump judicial appointments on hold pending the impeachment…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses QuietlyMounting a vigorous defense of a shitbag client in a court of law does not make you a dirty lawyer or a bad person.… @r0wdy_ @SwiftOnSecurity I'm certain the one on the left is fake, but only because I know that's not what FedEx tra… @UrsulaV ... prized for my hardwood ...St. Peter don't call me 'cause I can't go; I owe my soul to the SpaceX store.’s law & order, I-hate-criminals-more-than-you culture is so stupidly ingrained that even the most “liberal”…
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@intelligentwat 🦔🦔🦔Christopher Tolkien made the entire field of Tolkien Studies. He made it. Without his lifetime’s effort to curate h…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses QuietlyHow in God’s name is this the first time ever? The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for 30 years.
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this is not a heartwarming story, preschoolers shouldn't have to do fundraisers to pay for brain cancer treatment f…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @randileeharper Propaganda via gig economy? I.e. somebody using something like taskrabbit to get real people to spr…
But I see Elizabeth Warren as somebody who knows how to build working coalitions, and makes practical policy sugges…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @leahmcelrath @TeenVogue Here's Rebecca Traister with a much more nuanced take: wrote about it. What could go wrong.
Retweeted by Shawn Muses QuietlyIf I had to guess where the #RefundWarren and #ITrustBernie hashtags started, I'd be looking at the same Russian tr…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @AngryBlackLady The Normalest!
@cre8astage @leahmcelrath @TeenVogue Oh, agreed! @leahmcelrath @TeenVogue FWIW, I found the article much more balanced than the headline. @KBSpangler Your corpse, a throw rug, some structural component of the house, whatever's handy, really... @AngryBlackLady Sounds to me like somebody's worried she could win.Evergreen tweet may be a corrupt ass, but he has no better reason to expect a fair trial than any of the rest of us facing the v…, insisting that if Trump were innocent he would WANT a trial in the Senate ignores the reality that The Govern… @KBSpangler Or a bad motion sensor. 🤞 @EleanorFrisch @UrsulaV This! It's not that unusual for people to find "wrong" gender underwear comfortable--bodies…
Honestly can the world just get off Lizzo’s dick already? The woman can outrun, out dance, out sing, out sex, out e…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses QuietlyEvery time I see RBG trending my heart drops, but this is very good news!
Brianna is a smart lady working hard to unseat a useless milquetoast incumbent. You should follow her.!
apparently a freight train in Minnesota was leaking corn
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @Nnedi @silas944 @soul_blacksheep Yeah, if years on this hellsite hasn't driven you to it nothing will. ;) @Halftongue Nah, Lindsey is a slippery little shit. No danger to plumbing.I'd lose my mind over a Warren/Castro ticket. My God. I'd be running through the streets howling VOOOOOOOOOOOTE
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@ejfeddes Just binged the whole thing yesterday, and yeah, there's a LOT of implied backstory. I never really felt…
@KBSpangler @NeolithicSheep @UrsulaV Collaboration! You draw the lady with the antelope boobs, Ursula draws the antelopes! @AngryBlackLady And Zelda? 😉Wow, where to start with how wrong this is... 1. There were 19 hijackers on 9/11, not twelve. 2. Soleimani, an Ir…
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Dear lovely cis people: If you're not familiar with trans people, it can seem easy to say the wrong thing. I see y…
Retweeted by Shawn Muses Quietly @Popehat Don't forget whether or not you should wash your legs in the shower... @scalzi Time to hook that drum set up to some speakers and scare the cats!