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Esther TheWonder Pig @EstherThePig Campbellville, Ont., Canada.


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Happy birthday to one of the greatest movies ever made. ❤️ 25 years old, and still perfect. ”That'll do, pig, that'… morning, beautiful.
I don't look anything like my siblings; they must be adopted. @EstherThePig I just wanna find me someone who loves me like this 😚😊😚🤗
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigI felt so cute this morning I whistled at myself when I walked by. @Kingdom_of_Aud It seems they rescue pigs too, but they don't get to live there very long. 💔😪Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow. #BeKindToAllKnds ADORABLE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigGood morning, beautiful. @TNRsaveslives I couldn’t agree more.Not all Animal Sanctuaries are created equal. 💔 dress!!😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️🐖👗xxxxxxxxxxx
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If you’re questioning your faith in humanity, this might help a little. #KindnessIsMagic had dinner at a very fancy restaurant tonight. It's hard to get reservations, but I know people.’s juice yields 15 fl has 1 peeled lemon,2 curly kale leaves with stems removed,1 gala…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigWe’re trying to teach Phil how to dance, but he's not naturally gifted like I am. a beautiful day!
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @jannarden 🙌 @E_L_James Is that how you spell ”crazy” where you live? 😉😂😱 OMG #NopeEverybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow.’m so blown away by everyone’s offers of their pets/stuffed toys/garden insects to be my new promo assistant that…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigRugged but handsome. He is The Most Interesting Turkey in the World. #CorneliusForPresident need to know where this beauty gets their hair done. 😍❤️ are so underappreciated. @KChenoweth Sending you a smile or two, just in case you're having trouble finding yours. #KindnessIsMagic founder of anti-poaching org @IAPF @DamienMander said it best in The Game Changers, "The longer I thought about…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @eliistender10 Urgh, what's the point in having windows? 😉 😍Good morning, beautiful.
@SheriWolaver @EstherThePig I had no idea merpiggies were amphibious! I still have so much to learn about magical creatures.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @JustMissEmma I am sending you all of our love, my beautiful friend. And a couple of smiles, too. ❤️ went snorkelling in the lagoon this afternoon. I didn't see very many fish, though, so I’m glad I didn't have to… am dying ❤️
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @tyleroakley And I thought I was a nightmare for asking my assistant to carry my bag and follow me with an umbrella… follows me around like a shadow. I think he's obsessed with me. @DUALIPA Congratulations, beautiful. ❤️ @NeeleTheresa Sending you a giant virtual hug, my friend. ❤️ @EstherThePig There's the swan dive, and then there's the pig dive. Who's to say which is more beautiful?😍
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigLook at this sweet boy! Being so handsome must be exhausting. 😍 had diving practice this morning, and I nailed it. @esthers_kitchen You had me at pie.Good morning! 🌞 This Lemon Avo Cream Pie was made one year ago. It’s getting made again today! 😋 🥧 Recipe…
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Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigGood morning, beautiful.
The frogs who were doing unspeakable things in my lagoon have finally moved on, so I can use it again. @milkjugalien 😂 you thought pineapple on pizza was controversial....... you have good taste!🥮
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @rickygervais There's room in my pool if you wanna come cool off? Bring snacks. @Diane_Warren Hahaha haha!!!!! If they’re close enough to read it....👍😂Why don’t I live next door to this beautiful boy? ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigImpossible Burger is available in over 8,000 stores across the US now since it debuted in Walmart stores yesterday.…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigPigs are amazing! 😍🐷
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @HEEFS_ Back off, big man. I'm the official taste tester round these parts. 😉Keep your chin up, my friends. It’s Friday. @RyanAFournier @kirstiealley Being against discrimination and racism should be everybody’s beliefs. #BeKindToAllKinds @JVS62236362 @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington Good point. But as a driver you know… @JVS62236362 @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington Then he should've put his truck in pa… @EstherThePig Donuts and an inspiring story about Esther and her dads?? Yes!!
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @pblfc61 @Frobisher75 @JohnOberg What’s your point? 🤔🙄Start your day with a smile, and maybe a donut, while you sit back and enjoy this fabulous podcast with my dad and… has a heart of gold. Pigs are such loving animals.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @waltshaub And baked goods. 😉 @OntFarmerNews Bill 156 is an ag-gag law that will be challenged and overturned as they have been in the U.S. You'r… @JaneFallon Hahahahahahaha!!! 😂 I don't understand why he can’t camera, though. 😉 morning, beautiful. @michele_foster Funny you say that, she has one but refuses to use it. We had to bring the blue pool out of retirem… @Nuttsy_7N @dog_rates @rilessteph That's home. ❤️ @agibson62 Please feel free. ❤️ @JVS62236362 @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington Here's a look at a pig gas chamber, t… @JVS62236362 @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington This gentleman works for that truckin… @Leslie_M @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington Canada should catch up with the rest of… @agibson62 @GPmedia_24 @HaltonPolice @HRPSBurl @ChiefTanner @cityburlington What is your understanding based on? Be…
@soledadobrien My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. 🙌This was SO much fun. It was an honour and a privilege to speak with Arlene, and an even bigger honour to call her…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @veganunityday @observer_iam @hilltopgina @aspirol22 @_AnimalAdvocate @PeterEgan6 @ChrisGPackham @JoeyCarbstrong @brothrstrawbrry Are you calling me chubby? 😉😂😘These statistics are so overwhelming! I can’t comprehend them! 🤯
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @dog_rates @rilessteph Hi Buddy, you handsome little devil. 😍’re so clever. 😍 @LissaKEvans It’s five o'clock somewhere, Lissa. 😉😂😘Sometimes my dad let's me have a snip of the fermented hay because he thinks I’m funny when I’m buzzed. @PredySami Oh man, what a wild few months that was. Between Esther taking herself on adventures, and the cows closi… was SO much fun. It was an honour and a privilege to speak with Arlene, and an even bigger honour to call her… @Dr_Dan_1 @rickygervais @SAMPAuk_ @DoglostUK @pettheftaware But you can go to jail for taking a pig from a horrific… @southwestvets I thought you might like to know the mindset of the folks whose campaign you have donated to, for th… you know somebody who needs a smile today? Check out my Cameo profile, and send a personalized video from my fri… @MichaelEMann I know I'm just a pig, but movements are science, are they? 🧐🤔 @KBean82343043 Oh no, that photo should have a #ThrowbackThursday on it. That's Reuben, he passed away a few years… for the end!
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @lisamajoruk Priorities, right? 😂😉My heart breaks for the family and friends of Reagan Russell. These are the people who don’t want us to see how the… pool wasn't ready, but I was so I went in anyway. is big. Plant-based meat is coming to the masses. @ImpossibleFoods @Walmart
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigThis is just how my Twitter feed fell just now. One shows a poor pig in hell (OP by @JohnOberg ) and the one below…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigIn all this chaos, I yearn for things that make me feel good. This pretty much covers it. Wish humanity could be…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @veganfuture I wish this were shocking. Unfortunately, it has become so common that it doesn’t surprise me in the least anymore.“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” -Dr. Paul Farmer. @kazhors It's starting to feel that way, isn't it? Hahaha. ❤️Here we go again. I mean, good morning, beautiful.