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Esther TheWonder Pig @EstherThePig Campbellville, Ont., Canada.

“The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig” ,the greatest children’s book of all time (according to my Grandma) is available now in stores, and online.

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Even as climate changes worsens, we’re doubling down on animal production. Big mistake. - New York Daily News @PippaGirl42 He’s was off doing very important Phil things, he’s a very busy man for some reason. 😉 @wordywork Exactly, he doesn’t like the snow so he’s decided to take up a hobby. @bluejaylover49 ❤️ So perfect. @IceCavern6 @Darcman @TIME That’s exactly her point, and why she’s sailing across the ocean. There aren’t sustainab… @80zFlashback You’re never gonna believe what it feels like...... 😬🙈😂 @connorfranta Aka: Living the dream. loves his little hats. 😍 @laurDIY @ParisHilton That’s one of my bucket list items. is a whole Disney movie
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @kfkeys @animalsavemvmt My god? What is that supposed to mean? @andylassner Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow. #BeKindToAllKindsI love how much exposure this awesome ad from @Zola is going to get thanks to the backwards thinking of a TV networ… puppies were stolen from a barn near Guelph, Ont.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @animalsavemvmt Oh my god. 🥺😢 @IceCavern6 @Darcman @TIME Her solution is to listen to the overwhelming number of scientists who have provided us with information.I might not look excited about our Christmas party tonight, but I’ll perk up when the tray of baked goods get broug…
@Manxkipper1 @NicoleArbour Right back at you. Have a great weekend.Walking in a winter wonderland... xo
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @LeilaniMunter @jjhanna2 @RacingXtinction @Tesla Woohoo!!! @stwg14 There are a few, for sure. But the majority say otherwise. It has been documented by everybody from NASA to the UN. @Manxkipper1 @NicoleArbour I’m not the scientist, pal. You might learn something if you spent more time reading and… @ETCanada Is there a better way to receive birthday wishes? special piggies helped wish #KatherineSchwarzenegger a happy birthday🐷
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @stwg14 So the name is what has you up in arms? Interesting. Plenty of scientists are trying to explain it to you,… @Manxkipper1 @NicoleArbour Ah, I see. So even when the majority of working scientists agree, and present studies to… @ballgirl023 He’s very busy in the Esther mail room. He likes to lick the stamps and wrap packages. @stwg14 I didn’t say that either. We can do this dance all day, she has addressed every one of your arguments. The… @FrankGillilan13 @NicoleArbour The only person ignoring logic, is you. I’m not a climate scientist, so I rely on th… @Loaner777 @StanleyKushel @esthers_kitchen Oh gosh no, there are many many plant-based meats and cheeses we can arr… @EstherThePig No matter how bad of a day I'm having, these little videos of Esther and Corno always cheer me up.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @ChrisCollins888 No, we’re actually in Ontario, just west of Toronto. @FrankGillilan13 @NicoleArbour Not a religious zealot, just intolerant of willful ignorance. All the best. @slipgman @RC777111 @NicoleArbour If you were honestly interested or concerned you’d know how easy it is to answer… @slipgman @donwalthrop @NicoleArbour The finally had to admit they were wrong, didn’t they? @EstherThePig That bird. That MAGNIFICENT bird.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @slipgman @mobengalfan @NicoleArbour There’s scientific consensus, the majority agree we’re facing a problem. That truth. @IngridNewkirk Hahahahaha!!! This is adorable.When you go to the mailbox and your @EstherThePig calendar hasn’t arrived yet:
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @EstherThePig Esther in her finery is one thing. She always looks so put together. Cornelius in his Cold Weather Apparel is next level.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @FrankGillilan13 @NicoleArbour You’re ignoring the facts presented by people who have dedicated their lives to stud… @stwg14 If you did the research you say you did, you’d know she doesn’t arrange the boat trips. She hitched a ride… @FrankGillilan13 @NicoleArbour So the only reason nobody is taking action is because it’s Greta that says “listen t… was right. Just filling my social media with dogs and other animals makes this a much more enjoyable experience.
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @Acheshire1Angie I’m so happy you enjoyed it. ❤️ @EstherThePig I received this book as a gift and read it in one sitting. Made me very happy! Then I noticed my mom…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @stwg14 Right.....hence the flying comments. 👍Esther and Cornelius have way better style than I do and that is a fact! Haha. 💜🦃🐷💜
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @MajikHorse I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that. #SmilesAreContagious ❤️ @FrankGillilan13 @NicoleArbour It doesn’t matter who the messenger is. We’ve been hearing about the problem for dec… @mobengalfan @NicoleArbour You’re right, and like Greta, they’ve been dismissed and mostly ignored because their me… @donwalthrop @NicoleArbour And there are many thousands supporting it. @EstherThePig Ok. That pig is definitely smiling. 😊
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @howardwrites Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you, I just meant we should treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. @BockRoyce @maharbal57 @TIME Isn’t it amazing that there are so many wonderful people out there doing great things?… @Darcman @TIME There are a lot of people doing really amazing things, perhaps we can just be happy and supportive o… @howardwrites Just because somebody looks different doesn’t mean they should be subject to ridicule or cruelty from… was so much fun!! #CheeseBalls’re going exploring today. I’m pretty sure my dad hides our Christmas presents in the garage, so we’re gonna star… @Nandi_the_cat Heartbreaking, but true. @Audiebods Happy birthday you beautiful person. ❤️😘❤️🥂 Hope you have the best day. @hbssgcstan Happy Saturday, beautiful. 😘 @Maddison90210 How stunning are they?! ❤️ @stwg14 Or, does she find a boat that’s going and hitch a ride..... You really should try to get at least a basic u… @DemareGerry @Gettunoiu @DunwickLona @GretaThunberg What’s your background, Gerry? Because we went thought this bef… looks like a Postcard outside. A beautiful but cold Postcard, that should be enjoyed from the warmth of a cozy l… @Gettunoiu @DemareGerry @DunwickLona @GretaThunberg He doesn’t have one. He’s been trolling for days, after getting… most of you graze at holiday parties? An Esther Approved Grazing Board is planned for today to take to a party t…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @knnovick @carmelosg1 @luisbaram @GretaThunberg Nicely done, change the subject. Because, again, why evaluate our o… @spiritofanu @ValGalante_Love @amazon 🎶 Oh Canada.....🎶 🇨🇦 @Maddison90210 Oh, wow. That must’ve been an incredible trip. It seems the polar regions are feeling the brunt of t… bought this wonderful book and love it
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @carmelosg1 @luisbaram @GretaThunberg China is also a global leader in green energy. Lots of people are quick to po… @carmelosg1 @luisbaram @GretaThunberg .Why don’t you take a look around your home & count how many items you have t… @luisbaram @Narvuntien Perhaps we shouldn’t dedicate the majority of our pasture land to growing & feeding livestoc… @EstherThePig look at the joy once the ball goes into the net. #compassion #EqualityForAll #beautifulanimals
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigIncredible things can happen when you open your heart and your home to an animal. It’s the almost too crazy to be t… @knnovick Hahahaha!!! Nancy made his way back to the barn to spend the weekend with his lady friend. We’ll probably… @Maddison90210 Do you mean, until it’s happening “to me” it isn’t happening? Because that seems to be how most peop… a happy day, my friends. #BeTheReasonSomeoneSmiles climate solutions are non-technological ways we can reduce emissions and remove carbon pollution from the a…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigHow long are we gonna pretend this isn’t happening? I bet if more people spent time educating themselves instead of… @GoChelisM @CordeiroRick Greta has started a conversation all over the world. She has got ignorant adults with thei… environmental scientists published a letter in The Lancet this week calling upon world governments to reduc…
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder Pig @stwg14 This tweet is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the world. You don’t have a clue what she do… @estherthepig OMG. #somethingsmellsfamiliar Dog And Pig Have A Playdate Together Every Single Week
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigGood morning, beautiful. @RC777111 @NicoleArbour Are you ready to hedge your bets that they’re wrong? Are you ready to sacrifice future gene… @canadianlaurie I’m sending you so much love, beautiful. And a special snout kiss on Esther for your mom. ❤️
I went for a stroll to watch the sunset, so when I see my mom in my dreams I can tell her what it looked like.… @MichelleObama @GretaThunberg Talk about class and grace. ❤️ You are a legend and an inspiration. WOW! 😍👍😘 @NicoleArbour Her entire platform is based on telling people to listen to the experts. She doesn’t pretend to be a… guy's living in an animal shelter until his favorite pittie gets adopted 💜
Retweeted by Esther TheWonder PigI’m still napping..... @DemareGerry I’m a resident of Ontario, I don’t get to make decisions for it, sadly. Again, a pretty ridiculous statement on your part. @MartinHorner09 @purdygreenKC @jaqatlanticII @jaytay777 If you have concern for plants and their feelings, you’d ac… @dlriggs2 Right?? I’ve been fortunate to meet her father, he was a wonderfully kind and down to earth person. They both were. @gordycantona @Reuters @GretaThunberg Start here. And kudos to Greta’s parents, for being able to control every wor… @PopSci They just keep getting more and more interesting. 😬This is my favourite raffle, ever!!! You could win a trip, from anywhere in the world, to visit us at @HEEFS_ All…