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Ethan Benard @EthanBenard Michigan, USA

It’s Benard, not Bernard. I make YouTube videos and stream at Business:

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@FionnOnFire Wardell @LanjokTV Awesome. If FinalMouse weren’t so limited at this point I’d probably have tried one, I’ve been floating b… @LanjokTV Is it that good? Never got my hands on one.
@Ikuorai I remember getting Windows 10 Edition for free through my Java copy but I’m not sure if that’s still a thi… @Ikuorai I started a Realm in Windows 10 Edition this week if you need a place to chill. It’s a survival server and…
@Wario64 If I buy this and put it in my series X will it receive the next gen upgrade or do I need digital?
👀 @PlayVALORANT @ValorantEsports I don’t know what this is but I love it
@RiotMagus 🔥Next week I’ll be back on a streaming schedule. All of the momentum I had built up this year is gone, so I’ve tak…
@Nexus71c @Wario64 The black one is great, too! That’s the one my dad uses. @Nexus71c @Wario64 I did in-store pickup haha. I’m just gonna take the L on this one because I really don’t feel l… @HardsuitLabs PLEASE make a new Blacklight game. I need it in my life right now 😔 @VikingBoy_ @Wario64 Same :( @Wario64 Wtf I just payed $65 for this yesterday 😔
@RiotPHRISK The process of acquiring cards this time around is unbelievably stressful @Average_Jonas Do you have any video examples of this? I do notice that my voice when I start my morning stream i…
Sum up your job using a GIF. @kruzer Ayy I see that VALORANT aim coming into effect with some of those clips 🔥🔥
NVIDIA RTX 3070 Giveaway! 🤳 Like & RT ✌️ Tag Two Friends 💬 Reply #EthanBenard 🥰 Follow @EthanBenard ⬇️ Click Here…
Retweeted by Ethan BenardNVIDIA RTX 3070 Holiday Giveaway! 🤳 Like & RT ✌️ Tag Two Friends 💬 Reply #EthanBenard 🥰 Follow @EthanBenard ⬇️ Clic…’ll be live with a VALORANT stream tonight. I’m really excited to stream again :) Also launching a huge giveaway… @RiotPHRISK What is diet milk?? Skim milk? Soy milk? 1%? @AliMiller Happy Birthday, Ali! I hope you have an awesome day 😁 @Keeoh This was/is my experience in Gold 💀 @kruzer You can watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy while waiting for the scope to aim in in this game
@PWYFF @Improbableio @PlayVALORANT @riotgames Looking forward to see what you accomplish next! 😁I honestly feel like I’ve failed as a creator thus far, but I want to change that. I was streaming 10 hours a day,… time I seem to gain momentum life just hits me like a truck. In October after 2 really good months of strea… the foreseeable future I’m putting my physical health / weight loss journey at the top of my priorities and put…’m really excited to create again. (Thread) These past two months have pushed me to my limits physically / mental… @Reforgg I definitely haven’t acquired a taste for that stuff. It’s disgusting and I don’t understand why people enjoy putting it on things. @mozidesigner Nice :D @eevux @RiotNu All of the reviews I watched showed the mouse weighing in under 60 grams. I have the Razer Viper U… of Us Part II is miles above everything else on this list. Easy W for Naughty Dog. @OfficialDabier Nope lolNew king of wireless mice? @AliMiller AYY Welcome to the “real name @“ club 😎 @VoiceoverPete Hey Pete, you should probably include a link or at least say the name of the product lol
Streamers now have the ability to purchase affiliate status... I mean, not that it’s a very special title to have… @Sauronpr I am stating I don’t like his response to Scump here.This response to a piece of feedback from a professional player is a major yikes from me. Imagine slapping someone…
@RohdeScott LOVE Astros Playroom. Had my dad play it and he was loving it as well, teaching him the basics of usin… @Keeoh :)
DAMN 😏🔥 😳 we go 👀
Alright, NOW the studio is officially prepped for the next generation of games 😍 #PS5 and the #BFGPU have been acq… @TalkValorant @PlayVALORANT Yeah I’m 6’5” and pretty damn overweight at the moment, even when I’m done slimming up… looks sick but I doubt I’ll ever fit into any of items in these merch drops lmao @jayarrrr_ It’s crazy how good some game subscription services are now. Also, I’d recommend playing “What the Gol… @jayarrrr_ I got a free trial with my device and the games are actually decent. If I were someone who played games… @Rhoydd @PlayGodfall @PlayStation LMAO I raged so hard at this you just have to destroy all of the surround plants as fast as possible @FionnOnFire Happy Birthday!! :D
@furLy707 Yeah, it doesn’t feel fun any more like it used to. The new content is cool but I don’t think it’s enou… @FcoEnriquePerez I don’t want to touch PvP. PvP was already a shit show and now the whole damn sandbox is gonna t… hours into Beyond Light. I enjoyed the expansion, but still not seeing what this expansion added that actually…
Going live for the day chatting and playing the new Destiny expansion :)’m not going to buy the Ion bundle I’m not going to buy the Ion bundle I’m not going to buy the Ion bundle want to grind the Beyond Light expansion in Destiny today? Doing a HUGE stream today, my longest in a while 👀Wasn't planning on getting the Series X but $34.99 / month for the brand new console with a subscription service th… @RiotNu It’s easy 👀 I gotchu
@rohanlikespants If you go with either I'd definitely recommend a $20-50 cooling pad from Amazon, will definitely t… @rohanlikespants Also like the other reply said, if you can wait until late Winter / Early Spring next year you sho… @rohanlikespants Been using the MSI GS65 Stealth for over a year now. Fantastic build and performance, only issue… @GamersFitness @PlayGodfall DUDE let’s team up. I want to grind that shit.Probably going to go back to VALORANT on Friday and then mix in some Godfall / Destiny 2 on the weekend. Godfall g… schedule this week: Today I’m gonna do a long @PlayVALORANT stream. Tue: 12-hour stream of Destiny 2’s Bey…' "Brawl Talk" is a masterclass in how to engage with your community. Every time Brawl Stars releases…
Retweeted by Ethan Benard @prettychillguy Yes but only if you’re ok with ignoring the existence of all past content once beyond light releases @rekabnoraa @PlayPromod 👀
@whyhellostacy @tchelicongaming It's an input device not a desktop audio device. So it should be listed under mic / inputs.And by "VARIETY" content, I mean stabbing my Twitch channel in the back with a knife because I failed to introduce… week in gaming is crazy. - PS5 / XSX LAUNCH! - Spider-Man, Sackboy, + more launch titles - HUGE Destiny 2 exp…
@simowastaken .3 @Sylar_tv @SennheiserUSA @drop My daily driver for editing. You'll love these :DAnnouncing a new Los Angeles team for the competitive Call of Duty League in 2021. #LAThieves
Retweeted by Ethan Benard
Streamers are STILL being DMCA'd for clips/VODs they deleted. Why? They're still on Twitch's server even if you del…
Retweeted by Ethan Benard @SesoHQ yes
When all my friends are playing in Rivals and I’m over here trying to keep my channel alive @MTashed Back to Warlock 👌 @Homi_FN Yeah definitely sounds like somethings not right. Have you cleaned your PC recently? Might wanna run som… @Homi_FN Do you use x264 or NVENC for streaming? I feel like if you use your GPU for streaming you should be fine t… @Homi_FN Single PC setup? Dual? @Homi_FN What’s the issue? @MegamanTV It’s definitely possible to get a similar image for way less, if you want assistance with any of that st… @rogformer You added.. salt, to your cereal? 💀 @DanGaskin Nope doing it today :D @ASUS_ROGNA Please let us actually buy those 3090s 🙏 @RKRigney Ayy let me know if you want a team mate sometime :D @Wario64 Mine still says nothing :( @strattacaster :)
@PlayVALORANT @RRVision_ 👀This is the completed installation. It looks Orange on camera but it is lot of a red color IRL. I’m very happy wi… @MegamanTV Sony A6000 w/ Sigma 16mm 1.4 plugged into the HD60 Pro from Elgato :)I think Twitter is broken for me right now but I’m super happy with how this turned out :)We out here :) closer 👀