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Jack Grealish gave us literally everything and I’ll be a fan wherever he ends up.
Need to see these two face off as a superhero and supervillain someday TOTALLY FORGOT THE WORLD SERIES DEFENSE WHICH IS A MASSIVE OVERSIGHT @ASmolokoff The Suburbs episode is incredible but I TOTALLY forgot The World Series DefenseThis is incredibly hard...Jersey Shore episode is what jumps out though. Same with D.E.N.N.I.S and Suburbs is really cool - there have been so many nice stories from these games season of this sitcom is wildWhat is my life right nowKellie Harrington looks poised to win a medal in boxing. Erica Bougard is second in heptathlon. Medals guaranteed… the medal count. #TeamLGBTQ is tied with France, which is absolutely absurd Gold f… @ArifHasanNFL Who would win 1 adult man or an army of tiny liberal boysIt feels like the Japanese skaters are playing a different sport than everyone else with how much air they're getting51.47!Bryce Wettstein just laid it down tooPoppy Olsen just whipped itThat's Rush Australian decathlete just huffed poppers before jumping I swear to godPop literally plays Landale (on the Australian team) later this week @eastcoastdog They had a 13 year old win the Street event it's wildShe just scored a 49 holy cow 12 year old Japanese skateboard girl is incredible @catalie68 She seems cool @catalie68 We stan Poppy Olsen tonight @ArifHasanNFL Coose Cakus @ArifHasanNFL How did that go for you
Ana Marcela Cunha just won gold in the 10km open water swim!!!!! Add one more to the count! (Thanks for the H/T… @RichDevall NICE!!!!!! @RichDevall Who? I missed it @heatherwetzler @TaylorLorenz Weird, I guess their menu is crazy? I was always a Bull's Head Diner (RIP) loyalist @TaylorLorenz For some reason LA Tiktok extends to SF because way too much of my FYP is random LA eateries I'll pro… @TaylorLorenz I saw Elm Street Diner featured on there for its milkshakes on multiple videos and as a Stamford resi… @TaylorLorenz There's a surprising amount of Stamford content on TiktokMalik Monk is starting over Wayne Ellington, right?! Almost forgot about Jolanta Ogar, the Polish sailor, in Two Person Dinghy! Qualified in 3rd, believe the medal race is today.A little late but updated the #TeamLGBTQ doc - Still sitting in the top 10, added Nesthy P… Rubio did that what will Doncic doFire alarm happened in our building. HOW is Spain up 7?Somehow Rubio got pulled and Spain got better, so strangeSome guy named Albaldi is guarding Damian Lillard, this does not bode well for SpainSilver for Nesthy Palacio in boxingLet’s watch basketballAww the Brazilian canoe paddler named his son after his canoe partner that's adorable @freewulei Welp. DwletingThat was sub 46 and it looked like Benjamin's hammy was bothering him, he pulled up a bit on that last straightHe just won bronze lmao Courage the Cowardly Dog fanart making me cry're all livetweeting this USA/Spain game rightDiscovering that "ushijima" literally translates to Cow Island...I get the memes now @MattHarmon_BYB @RumfordJohnny @JoshNorris Have to say....I recommend Keeps @MattHarmon_BYB Welcome to the right side of 30 pal
Lonzo BullJust a reminder for #TeamLGBTQ people - we are getting AT LEAST one new medal today!!!!! Full medal count linked h… @BenjaminSolak @ringer @DannyBKelly Congratulations! @Paracelsus (Still waiting for him to make Kirishima bi though) @Paracelsus Horikoshi has no idea what he’s doing but pretty clear that the bisexual claims were people projecting… @merrittk Silent Voice @thebennatan TIL what a catamite is (break a leg though!)Makes the Titans move for Julio even better - that team is 12-13 wins easy, the people who said this was Mineta "coming out" were streeeeeeeetching @kwprime Oy, yeah, it has a lot more story and is remastered. That's the one I played. The original is still good though.Updated the medal count: Nothing added yesterday but at least one medal guaranteed today (… that "tobio" means "fly" in Japanese is life and perspective changingThe brilliance of the combat system in NEO TWEWY can only be appreciated after a few hours in the game, but it works so well.
@kwprime Did you get Royal? @TenebalMor I saw that note but literally the post above it explained a significantly more sensible way to read the… pretty obvious from the context of that MHA panel that Mineta said he fell for Deku in a "respect" way, not a… sucks but I tried to cut in a pre-game jog, felt ankle pain and know if I play today it’ll just exacerbate t… @bigracksremix @bigracks Well you have time to watch Odd Taxi this weekOn the injury list this week unfortunately, know I can't play my best with my ankle/leg feeling the way it does. Wi… possibilities are a little lighter moving forward but still some team chances + a couple of lifting and boxin… big news for LGBTQ+ Nation after the medal updates from yesterday - Yulimar Rojas' gold and Hannah Roberts/R… @reindeereks This game’s translation is incredible I love it so much
@Lawrencerberus Post-TWEWY I was gonna do Phoenix Wright but now I might change it But you gotta play TWEWY it’s an incredible vibe @ArifHasanNFL Trey is fun he’s immune to the bit @Lawrencerberus Too many good games just came out, I’m obsessed w NEO TWEWY right now thoVery excited for the NEO TWEWY thinkpieces about the translation of the game "not being relevant to the source mate… game Saturday summer afternoon Fire Island levels of gay just love the NEO TWEWY translators so much TWEWY spoiler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They didn't HAVE to make Be… TWEWY spoilers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Beat with the Stuart Scott reference, he def grew up watching S… wild to me how detailed and wonderful the little touches of NEO TWEWY are and yet you can’t control the cameraNEO: The World Ends With You Spoilers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The fact that Fret… Hannah Roberts and Parris Benegas SHOULD medal in BMX - Yulimar Rojas is a favorite for medaling in Triple Jump -… morning! Doc for Team LGBTQ+ is updated w/ NZL rugby… Also added another medalist who… @bonyromo Lol I thought we were taking about in a vacuum (but unfortunately I know too many of these people) @bonyromo Someone really liking Bill MaherOn the bright side, Nesthy Pestescio of the Phillipines is guaranteed a gold or silver in Women's Featherweight Box… i don't want to spoil but I'm so happyOK this TWEWY twist has me deadUgh Clarke with an unlucky stumble, alasClarke up in 3 jumpers, can watch here: lied I can't do itHoly cow an Olympian just broke the trampoline, his leg went right down through where the mat meets the spring He… Clarke has officially qualified for the trampoline finals! Also, in the broadcast they said that he was in… fun tooWatching trampoline b/c of Dominic Clarke and I do think this is a sport at the Olympics I could do @alex_abads It was like in Survivor when tribes are deciding how to order their castaways for a water challenge, incredible concept @MyColtsAccount Yeah that race was super fun and chaotic, they should do that for every strokeAlso coed medley was fun! Have that for EVERY stroke + include the 50s in fly/back/breast next Olympics please5th place but still