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I Host, Shoutcast, and Produce shenanigans for @WatchMixer at @Microsoft // ✉️: // 📸: // Xbox: Giggle Cream

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Join me today with @WatchMixer for a special charity stream to support The Bullard Family Foundation as we play…
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@asalisbury @MalikPrince @shayylatte @steinekin @steinekin @shayylatte @asalisbury @MalikPrince @tamoorh She's magnificent. @MalikPrince @steinekin What a classic @MalikPrince @steinekin Or they're dead. @steinekin @Xbox Bro you are the worst at this don't even try and pass the buck! But somehow I wouldn't want it any other way... @GreatWallofChin Hell yeah man! @steinekin @Xbox Yea that's how I know you don't love me. @MalikPrince @EternalStephHD @WatchMixer @MalikPrince Approaching means approaching Malik.
@JenEricLive straight creepin'me when I get a text that my delivery driver is a approaching, but I don't see him. @Solice Its ok I didn't get asked either.... out to last weekends Tarkov LAN Party Part 2! Having such a blast with these dudes playing till wee hours of…
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@Graphoniac Pepsi?! Girl please. @GameSpot Super Saiyan Chocobo? @_TakedownTV @_TakedownTV Always so great having you participate! @steinekin @MooseyGeek @Siefe @LuclinFTW @ForrestCaffray F @robeyonekenobi @GrimBrotherOne @Halo @bumblebreeeski_ @WatchMixer @TaingySauce Was an absolute pleasure! Action packed and hilarious,. Winning combo.… day, another Creator Challenge in the bag. Thanks to all those that came out and hosted, competed, or swu… @ForrestCaffray @IamPREZSTEVE @NickOnMixer @nicktheandersen Devastated
@SplitDaWig Oh God the irony! More of a PSA.subtweeting is subhuman @caylienoelle @WatchMixer You are a gem in every sense of the world. Cannot wait to see what is next for you! We know it'll be awesome.Didn't crack the Billboard Top 100 unfortunately.
@wcstillwell @scatterwits @Valsis_ God damn it. @CheeringXBoxer Thanks bro! @OGCryptor Yea.... @Valsis_ Thanks Mama V! @NickOnMixer @scatterwits @Valsis_ My only goal when looking for a gif reply to you tbh @Gagsy92 @scatterwits @Valsis_ I mean, I shouldn't but... @Valsis_ They think it's just tailbone damage! Could have been a lot worse, so I'm happy. @TheDivisionGame @ravenraspberry @WatchMixer Gotemmm @DeeJ_BNG @slowhed Thanks mannnn @andrewlydiard A day in the life. 😂 @LucaRager I'm sure I'm fine! I'm not 80. I'm not 80. I'm not 80! @Pahimar Too real bro @MichaelBlouin If its any consolation, You. Are. WORKING. IT.Sitting in the doc's office to get my back looked at after a fall. In case anyone was feeling old today, I hope thi… @kabbyTV Bro that game was made for you. @Qwik @Blizzard_Ent We can't either! Hurry up already! @rukizzel Yes!!!! @laurencorene @XboxGamePass @Xbox @WatchMixer Fresh! @MalikPrince @HaliosTV Gravitational pull, just today.
@Gagsy92 @Exellion_ @Supa954 @LeagueOfLegends They are multiplying.... @Robot_Giggles Wow doubling down on it! @wcstillwell 😂😂I am Ethan patron saint of the world. We are so screwed.
@rukizzel @Solice Happy birthday @Solice! One of the funniest people I've every had the pleasure of working with.
@whossnowyy_ @WatchMixer @DewTour @DmacAttack12 literally making assets on the fly! @NickOnMixer @Exellion_ @Supa954 @LeagueOfLegends Bro down the road, we could probs make it happen, hit up your PM! @Exellion_ @Supa954 @LeagueOfLegends't miss out on our first League of Legends Creator Challenge, live right now at love my job. @SpecialEffect @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd my favorite sails to rock!In celebration of #blackhistorymonth we are highlighting the Black industry professionals who inspire us and the co…
Retweeted by Ethan Rothamel @asalisbury @iCharleyMixer @mxiety I make fun of everyone! But I get it, I'd also choose Andy.
@8bitbby Best coach I have had in some time! @Qwik Some of the best in the biz! @TwitterGaming @alex_frostwolf Perfect color for a Valentine's Day gift.... for myself.What a pal @Faucius Also some of the best improv and stand up you can see in the entire nation is there. Check out Second city… @Faucius I love ice skating in Millennium Park this time of year if it's still up. Great bars in Lincoln Park and O… @MunchkinDoom @WatchMixer @MalikPrince Easily one of my favorite eps! Hilarious and stupid, 2 of my favorite things.
@skatieb Old ladies, be it ghosts or real, scare the living shit out of me.Hyped to see winter sports doing so well on Mixer!! Don't sleep on the #DewTour! This is the IRL content I like to… @misterjkr 😂😂😂Whiffed with the Prowler, saved by the Sentinel! Mirage the real MVP. #ApexLegendsseason4 @blacksuitsora @steinekin This may be my favorite. @ThisGuyTomTV Still my favorite musical game. @Faucius @discordapp 🔥🔥🔥r/PerfectlyCutScreams
@TylerMahlik Don't worry, I'll teach you the ways of a true sniper. @WatchMixer @Apple @Valsis_ @elgatogaming Just use the bottom photo and blow that shit up!! @theGaGOD James Bond: Nightfire good!!So is anyone even using a different sniper besides the Sentinel at this point?? It's too good! #ApexLegends @elgatogaming SOMEONE PUT NICOLAS CAGE'S FACE ON ONE PLEASE!!! @misterjkr @PlayApex @WatchMixer There's a typo... @misterjkr @PlayApex @WatchMixer Omg you ass. I love this @ChrisCovent That sniper is the love of my life, after my wife. @VinnyOnMixer And strap on skis! They should colab with SSX @kabbyTV 😂