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Bonus if I can play Game Pass games on it! @shieldsjames If the Xbox series S isn't perfect for a vault door design I don't know what is. Vault 360. @aarongreenberg @DCDeacon Aaron I can't stop smiling! What a day man. @CrazedLlamaz boy you ain;t kidding!I wander what the FALLOUT will be from today... I'll see myself out. @Obsidian @samuelofc @Xbox @ElderScrolls @TESOnline @Fallout @wolfenstein @DOOM @dishonored @TheEvilWithin @PreyGame @rage @Quake @XboxP3 @bethesda @Xbox up to this made my week already! @vicious696 @steinekin Perfect game choice.
@PlayStation Ya love to see it! @laurelrothamel saved by our subconscious, and dinner. @laurelrothamel So many afternoons well spent!We also grew up here @MazzzieMatt @steinekin @JezCorden Lmao you, you call me that. @steinekin @JezCorden No fear after 2 beers. @Microsoft This one hits different @Ghstfacehunter So happy to hear this.
A Titan, a hero, a true American. @BVideophile Yessir! @Vyr1s I knew a connoisseur like you would appreciate it! @ThisGuyTomTV @scottandwild And I love working together again with such a dope and approachable producer! 🥰 @AceyBongos 😊 @Gagsy92 Phew, it was NOT easy. @steinekin @CapiTanceTV was actually my TWOX debut, can't thank the team enough for including me! Catch the full ep of This Week on Xb… @impulseSV every minute of every day.The perfect pause doesn't exi.... this again for the folks in the back, Almost all Xbox One accessories will be joining you on your next gen… @Ritlua @LucaRager @HamyMelon Grind some Chris Farley movies and thank me later! @JDubbTV I love you even more now @georgeruddy9 Not in our hearts @mattkesselring Every minute of every day.Anyone else miss the phrase holy schnikes?
@Xbox TUESDAY BAYBAY!! @steinekin Reheating spicy nugs in there as we speak! @rawrsnacks FACTS!Gaming Couples who share a console, rejoice! @MalikPrince @McDonalds I absolutely did. @MilanKLee @asalisbury @McDonalds That feeling could not be more mutual. @MilanKLee @asalisbury @McDonalds Most trill? Trilliest? @MilanKLee @asalisbury @McDonalds They are dope ok! They are straight fire. Trillest meal out there. @asalisbury @MilanKLee @McDonalds LOL this reply works to my reply to stein too fyi @laurelrothamel @McDonalds I dig em! @SOLDSHORT @McDonalds Actually we did order 40 and split it between my fam! I got to 12 and tapped out. @MilanKLee @McDonalds I think if you like spicy and you like Mcnuggets you'll be a fan! If you don't like Mcnuggets they may not be for you. @steinekin @McDonalds I'm actually dripping with sweat.S P I C Y evening plans.
@LadieAuPair I CANT WAIT @lucyjamesgames The second longest runway in history! @cupecakeplays @VellyCasts Could not agree more. Although Co-op Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a big hit on my cul-de-sac! @VellyCasts wow take me back Velly! @weirdboyq hey man that is ok! Xbox has my heart too. Doesn't mean good games don't exist everywhere!Imagine being a soldier in the console wars, instead of just playing everything you like and letting others do the same.Working at Xbox has not diminished my excitement for the Playstation 5 Showcase one bit! Can't wait to see awesome…
@RocketBearLive just casually drop some dope news, I mean really Rocket!? @steinekin @MalikPrince EXACTLY LMAO @steinekin @wcstillwell @MalikPrince Its one of my favorite cameos.With friends like these... only tragedy in this story is the lack of games being snuck in during college lectures because campuses are clo… @RareLouOC I remember getting chewed out by my mom at the store for trying to get her to buy me Conker. Congrats… @thatgrltrish ay happy birthday!! I know we probably won't get to do that 24 hours charity stream this year, but ho… @rukizzel Love it bro! Nice space. @MrsLuclin @heatherfofo @WatchMixer @LuclinFTW Hahahah that's awesome!
@Microsoft @Microsoft Umm @Gothalion I know what I'm thinking... @XboxGamePass Company of heroes?! Let's goooo! Bringing the best of the best RTS games to Gamepass. @RobertsSpaceInd @IGN @Halo Still my favorite Halo. I'll never not remember Reach. @washcaps30 I would never leave @MalikPrince behind! Glad you remember that, one of our fav eps! @washcaps30 Think of the good times! @andrewlydiard Free.99 @TheSwanka Oof, not bad tbh. @LadieAuPair SAME it's the only barrier I have tbhHarnessing the power of FTL, this Mixer hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with subsecond latency. Stay healt… @KaliShane @Twitch Let's go!!! @Xbox @XboxGamePass My wife is gonna kill me... @DJFamer4 I am man, luckier than many dealing with the same problems. At least its only the garbage air and not fir… @Zachmo37 Been a tough one for so damn many.This PNW smoke has got me crushing Inhalers like I am Milhouse Van Houten
Imagine complimenting a teammate in a ranked match. Now make it a reality. @steinekin Bro we are gonna be crack pilots and cyber punks, guardians of the past and future. And I so freakin' hyped!Watching so many people on the sidelines pull down their masks to talk to one another is the only proof I need to k… @samuelofc Keep crushing it man! Good to see. @steinekin @NerdyBirdieTV
@TheTeawrex Checking in just north of you, brutal af. @norespnse Oh boy. Don't even get me started!Growing up in a hard core conservative state I was taught by many, weakness was a lack of masculinity on my part.… @PlayStation @Xbox @NintendoAmerica @PlayStation Gaming is saving my 2020 and my sanity every day.