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Ethan Alexander @ethanthird Sydney, New South Wales

Finance/Management Consultant. Learned in Business, Finance, and economics.

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@RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP Ah yes, of course he isn't responsible for what happens in his government. I gues… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP So left protests are always in the right. Cool. Atleast nsw tryed to ban them, a… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP Should look into those more and listen to media less. Water rights were a private… @ChiefHavic @SaveOurFarmer @vera77mazz @shaunwarnock_sw @ScottMorrisonMP Yeah seems that way, shame the rants don't… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP So 10,000 BLM protests didn't impact the spread, but the couple of hundred conspi… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP Not hypocritical when his members have been directly linked to the communist part… @SaveOurFarmer @ChiefHavic @vera77mazz @shaunwarnock_sw @ScottMorrisonMP He did do well, and Aus knows it. Eden mon… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP Or not providing enough police to lock down to boarder and making nsw do it? An… @RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP If by RWNJ's you mean the leftist protesters, then yeah sure. What about the hote…
@RupertsConscie1 @DanielAndrewsMP If doing a horrible job, causing the second wave of covid, and partnering with Ch…
@ostwaldbrown @ScottMorrisonMP Its a good thing the people that believe that are the minority, next election will b… @Gurur0cks @ScottMorrisonMP I think the intention would likely be good international relations? You know, that thin… @GatoDelCheshire @MyView19238994 @saltyasvegemite @officialObamak @ScottMorrisonMP I'm not a bot and I back that co… @ShazHaitch @ScottMorrisonMP Calm down, bud. Heading to the other side of the city isn't going to affect anything.… @vera77mazz @ChiefHavic @shaunwarnock_sw @ScottMorrisonMP Actually, every single poll has him way above Labor. The…
@glenj85 @SandraRPearce1 @AlboMP @DanielAndrewsMP So Dan allowing the protests, that obviously spread it, the hotel… @RandaltsRandal @TandorSarah @last_jones @AlboMP That's reaching. Dan is responsible for the VIC protests that obvi… @SandraRPearce1 @AlboMP @DanielAndrewsMP Good luck trying to blame liberal for Dan's absolutely appalling job handling covid. @MrKRudd If she was LNP the labour would have been far more aggressive about the crucifying, and would still be doi…
@heyjimmy299 @ScottMorrisonMP @MathiasCormann Because liberal had nothing to lose and everything to win. If Labor w… @heyjimmy299 @ScottMorrisonMP @MathiasCormann Opposition hasn't won a by-election since 1920. How is this considere…
@AlboMP @KristyMcBain Why would you want to? How about stop making the people pay for bias media. Its not our respo… @BorovnianPrince @FxHarvey @ScottMorrisonMP So you're complaint is the unbelievably expensive government support is… @FxHarvey @ScottMorrisonMP So jobseeker didn't help unemployed people? And jobkeeper didn't help reduce unemploymen… @hutchesonglenn @SusanSmithAus @ScottMorrisonMP This is so amusing considering how critical of the government all m… @Ozzytourer @ScottMorrisonMP You don't honestly believe that Labor would have prevented the recession do you?
@JosephArmand1 @MRowlandMP @GrogsGamut @FriendsoftheABC Yeah, just like the 'cuts' that everyone reported about the… @JosephArmand1 @MRowlandMP @GrogsGamut @FriendsoftheABC Well the removing if indexation in 2018 is the same at this… @JosephArmand1 @MRowlandMP @GrogsGamut @FriendsoftheABC You can use the word cut as much as you want, but if you re… @JosephArmand1 @MRowlandMP @GrogsGamut @FriendsoftheABC So because they fired people you assume budget cuts? With n… @JosephArmand1 @MRowlandMP @GrogsGamut @FriendsoftheABC Not increasing something, doesn't mean cutting. How can you not understand that? @MRowlandMP @FriendsoftheABC So, he isnt cutting anything, he is just not increasing it? That's not a cut.
@DrZoidb26952538 @ScottMorrisonMP @GladysB @M_McCormackMP @AndrewConstance Actually I've run the numbers, and that… @DrZoidb26952538 @ScottMorrisonMP @GladysB @M_McCormackMP @AndrewConstance No, actually a qualified mortgage broker… @EgonPhd Just like how the American blm riots destroyed mostly democratic areas lol You can't expect much from these people.... @DrZoidb26952538 @ScottMorrisonMP @GladysB @M_McCormackMP @AndrewConstance You mean like the 25k building grant he…
@douchebaggins_ Stats are stats. Can't fight the facts. @douchebaggins_ @BumpyRidePic They will stop being seen as thugs and savages when they stop committing 45% of all v…
@Click_Peace @Tioz49 Are you referring to when he turned down a pay rise, and then also didn't cut pay to anyone? B… @Hammyhamster10 @ScottMorrisonMP You mean how the government over estimated the requirements(which is what you need…
@xkrnbht @FarshadFFK @FIDE_chess Qe6 Nf7
@SamuelLJackson I think the people declared war when they literally destroyed cities. Which, if done by another cou… @emrata You mean virtue signalling, right? @chrisrbousquet @ElliotKaufman6 But chance of death by police is directly related to severity of crime, and black p…
@vorzilla @lakersfantravis @delver_rootnose @NTerryEllis @Bencjacobs Independent just means by a private 3rd party.… @saeen90_ @benshapiro He never said the word protests, he said riots and looting are evil. There is a difference @AliMortell @DanCrenshawTX Since the definition of fascism is based on the suppression of opposition, and thats exa… @hamzatter @EthanST14 @MrAndyNgo So thats 1 out of the hundreds of buildings destroyed? Not a very strong argument @ShallowWater23 @MoMothra54 @RedMenace15 @Timodc @benshapiro So if I'm mad at the government I'm allowed to set your car on fire? @VogonVerses @benshapiro Well, if good cops supporting bad cops makes equally guilty(according to every protester)… @ShallowWater23 @zubaira @benshapiro @krazyd0h You're missing the point. If the system is corrupt, don't destroy pr…
@ShallowWater23 @MoMothra54 @RedMenace15 @Timodc @benshapiro Tell that to the black fire fighter who spent his life… @z3kem0rgan @benshapiro Wait, so destroying small businesses, burning them to the ground, stealing all of their sto… @dsmoothe32 @benshapiro Do you mean that protest where the only property damage was done directly to the people inv… @VogonVerses @benshapiro Since the definition of evil is "profoundly immoral", then i think intentionally destroyin… @leslie2sing4u @benshapiro Looters are still criminals regardless of their race @zubaira @benshapiro @krazyd0h And in each and every case, destroying the property of other people living in the co… @_lynajones @benshapiro I'm sure the black fire fighter that spent his life savings on a pub in Minneapolis, to the… @MoMothra54 @RedMenace15 @Timodc @benshapiro I think the "protesters" that are burning down buildings are doing more to create a civil war
@pope_penka @huwgriffiths @ausgov You're right, the fact that we have record high budgets for education means nothing at all... @LadyPoop2 @ausgov If an artist is self employed they are entitled to the same things as any business owner.... @Lordsysop83 @EgonPhd @MarkJohnA1 @ScottMorrisonMP US lockdown began 13 of March, Aus began 15th of March, and russ… @Lordsysop83 @EgonPhd @MarkJohnA1 @ScottMorrisonMP Funding cut? Are you talking about the one that was continually…
@pkcallan @ScottMorrisonMP Yeah, he does a job, and gets paid. People without a job, shouldn't get paid. That's kin… @BlackHeart_Bish @ScottMorrisonMP You're right, all those people that can buy food because of jobkeeper and jobseek… @Chuckle89602037 @JamesCooperLo @ScottMorrisonMP Can you name one thing he could have done if he was here that he c… @SansSandwich @benshapiro He defends facts and evidence. If anyone is accused of being a racist without evidence, h…
@mels_asylum @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP As I expected, let me cla… @mels_asylum @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Tests done Vietnam 260,000 Ethiopia 59,0… @mels_asylum @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP I can't tell of you are l… @mels_asylum @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP I'm actually against the… @mels_asylum @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Not a competition, but for comparison. I… @mels_asylum @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Which country has done better than us? I… @SnottMorrison @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Yeah dude, first case of covid was 22… @optiks @SenKatyG No it's not. Job keeper post tax is 1360 a fortnight, jobseeker is with rent assist is 1320. We… @thebriarpatch @SnottMorrison @SteveVicMorrow @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP It was already in the country by the t… @SnottMorrison @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Caused by the government? Dude nearly… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Yeah the fire-fighters were doing their job. Emergency situations aren't handled by…
@SnottMorrison @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Pretty sure the epidemic double JS fig… @optiks @SenKatyG Unemployment is at 6.2, not over 10. Market expectation was only 8.3. Your stats are already way… @thebriarpatch @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP Well, keep covid cases to unbelievably… @SteveVicMorrow @thebriarpatch @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP So anytime you don't want to back up y… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP If you can't demonstrate why what he did was bad, then it wasn't bad. You really don… @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP I'm not a troll at all, and why would you report that… @ScottMorrisonMP Remember @ScottMorrisonMP the left will yell and complain about everything and anything, ignore th… @TrevorLeaman @ScottMorrisonMP You're right, helping the 3.5 million people that will get jobkeeper makes it fake.… @amiscreantmind @ScottMorrisonMP @MrKRudd Nothing? How is rebuilding everything that's happened nothing? Jesus chri… @SteveVicMorrow @SnottMorrison @vincentwight @ScottMorrisonMP And now why would he do that, when he has done a great job. @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Yet you still can't name something that he couldn't do because he was over there. Go… @SenKatyG Over estimating cost is better than under estimating. Any tax payer should be happy with this. Only Labor… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP You can think I'm a dickhead all you like, doesn't change the facts. I don't need to… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP So you gave up on the hawaii thing because you realised that didn't actually make a… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Abandoned? You felt abandoned? You're calling him weak while you're feeling abandone… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Name one action that he should have done that wasn't during the fires. Its the state… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Not a troll by any means, I just enjoy a good show. Just remember, Australia voted h… @archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP Meh, if you're dumb enough to right that first tweet then I doubt you have the abili…
@archarsolbum @ScottMorrisonMP I'm just someone that clearly understands politics more than you. But it's okay, you tried. A for effort. @Aussie_Eagle @andrewsmithinoz @ScottMorrisonMP I never said to replace them with USA @BinderFloogle @ScottMorrisonMP 116 countries, as well as Labor, supported the enquiry. A foreign government partak… @singletrail2015 @ScottMorrisonMP She fucked up and didnt properly define the beneficiaries she wanted, why should…