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Two time corona contestant 2020

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The Mummy really was For The Bi’s huh
Retweeted by Ethel @JoshRaby pervert wasps are the worstis anyone else violently swinging between too exhausted to create anything and sudden bursts of energy that make yo…
Retweeted by EthelNo one irl has a clue just how much of a bisexual disaster I am and they must never knowShe always complains that Im too attractive to waste myself dating "those old guys you say are hot" and I have to r… I curse being attracted to people so rarely but then when it happens Im reminded that it is in fact a nev… my friend if women like your lewds and dm you about them the moment you drop them because theyre "such suppo… we're friends and you want to see the worst/best picture of me and my dogs ever taken DM me
Retweeted by Ethel‼️‼️‼️‼️ALL OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS FREE TO STREAM‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by Ethel @askforcawmbyok lmao and my arm keeps going cold and numb from the radiating pain. Thanks toriesDo the Right Thing: panel show with comedy guests where people are set scenarios and asked what to do. All great, s… @_zellyn i mean, you would if you couldA sharp turn into serial killers: All killa no filla is comedians Kiri and Rachel discussing serial killers with so… @_zellyn You know I think he has done that more than onceYou have to love a man who starts an evisceration of something as offensively misogynistic and racist a SatC2 by br… Film Review aka Wittertainment with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo: His opinion of Entourage, with the appropriat… Buxton's interview podcasts: he is old school friends with Louis Theroux and Joe Cornish and the three of them… recommendations: Richard Herring's: pick a famous person you like, listen to them chat. The ones with Gre… mother is trying to do yoga and my dog is galloping around beating her with his fox toy. Order has returned to the land.Im sat worrying I have more scar tissue in my lungs and that where it's caught my nerves is going to have long term… having a hard time with the stories about how early they knew. I am nowhere near what other people and their fam… respects to these pollinating bats who clearly take their jobs very seriously
Retweeted by EthelOlyphant does an excellent insta-mental breakdown @DougHageman I liked it more than more I watched but I binged it so cant remember what happened in each season :xRewatching Santa Clarita Diet while I sketch. It took me a while to get in to the first time round.
Retweeted by EthelIt's amazing but hot people follow me so I will never be posting this to the tlIf we're friends and you want to see the worst/best picture of me and my dogs ever taken DM me @keithcalder are we really fools for hoping @damienredicamn1 @Palle_Hoffstein Palle I have the rona @Palle_Hoffstein @damienredicamn1 Yeah but that wont matter while quarantine is in effect @Palle_Hoffstein @damienredicamn1 then you should definitely try cutting it and if it goes wrong you're already happy with the hat lifestyleI dont care if you have to DM it to me if you start cutting your own hair I demand you show me @Palle_Hoffstein @damienredicamn1 Not for you, but for us @Palle_Hoffstein @damienredicamn1 its the perfect time @damienredicamn1 @Palle_Hoffstein do it palle @MetalMusicMan_ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAYES MY FRIENDS HAVE STARTED FUCKING UP THEIR SELF HAIRCUTS @MetalMusicMan_ Getting my sense of smell back has not been a 100% great experience thanks to this dog's assholeThis dog weighs 12 kilos but his elbows are the size of pinsDog please stop giving me the people's elbow when you lay down my ribs are delicate @CanadiEnby Shocking amount have a photo of themselves dressed as the joker @Frumple_James YES which does happen but so often is a guy pressuring his other half in to bullshit @Frumple_James Moving through the dating scene wearing a gillie suit so I dont get shot by a couple who wont admit… @Frumple_James Yeah like - i have no preference when it comes to mono/poly/open and take it on a person by person b… @Frumple_James [Watches a woman walk home each day while hiding in a bush] I have a primary partner but im always l… this is very far away. Do you have the budget for the air travel @CanadiEnby Yeah. Ive only seen one fish but so many men half way up a rockface. @Frumple_James Like I have the energy to be a swingerIve had a bunch of messages of people asking if I'd be willing to move countries to date someone and now we're just… at him 😡😡😡
Retweeted by Etheltfw you're hot and cold
Retweeted by EthelSmh she just wants me for my cute dog content @theharpomarxist The worst owl is a toss up between him and Kaepora Gaeboraok controller designers, what the fuck am I supposed to say when a non-gamer is holding the controller and I need t…
Retweeted by EthelDo not give coronavirus attacks of opportunity
Retweeted by Ethel @theharpomarxist Man, fuck cedricOne of my favourite games of all time. Still holds up, and there's mods to modernise the UX out the gate, and compl… @alphachar <3 <3 <3 @alphachar Its not one I recommend catching. It will be getting a very poor yelp review score from meIt is so fucking scary to sit down feeling like you have burnt shards in your chest and the best you can get is "Yo… @Ettin64 ppfffffttt :3I dont really know what social media is for anymore. It feels stupid and self indulgent to do this.Fuck it. Im not coping at all. Even being told it's nothing to worry about, the pain my chest is in, the lack of sl… far as I'm concerned Street Fighter 2 is a game where you kick the fuck out of a car and occasionally have to fight other guys
Retweeted by EthelIts been a month and I only just turned the work alarm off on my phone wait a secondTraining to become so powerful that I dissolve my own skeleton @ecclisiastamort its true @BoringDrew >:I @Ethelmonster Going for my slipped disc belt
Retweeted by Ethel @Frumple_James fuck thats goodAfter black belt they do grades in how many of your own joints youve destroyed by being too powerfulhow is this a real tweet
Retweeted by Ethel @Frumple_James trap sprung (by myself) @Frumple_James every time someone reminds me that film exists i get mad @FeiKhal Well first of all we all got told to go and catch it on purpose *puffs pipe*So england has: Shut down huge amounts of public transport Including police having a go at people driving themselv… @StevenCrampton What if... everyone hates me? Nothing has changed, but what if??? @StevenCrampton Sticking my head out the window like a big puppyEven the car ride to see the doctor feels like a luxury atm @sarahlongthorne The lure of the bed sack has broken my brainMy crush didnt follow my new insta account so I'm going to spend the day sighing deeply and looking out a window @FreyjaErlings Nice @sarahlongthorne @whitneyarner Wow this uhh wasnt what I tried to type at all @sarahlongthorne @whitneyarner Being out in the back and thrown into a different part of YarnhamThis is a rare insight in to how much of any perceived attractiveness I have is really down to how aggressive my hair isWhat is the point of having a double cows lick and a widows peak if it wakes up like this you can live the dream of someone just putting you in a fucking bag
Retweeted by Ethel @jacobisanadult @voidhowler where are you going to find a jury of guilty cats @damienredicamn1 it got worse. Season 4 managed to be so bad. Even Edward James Olmos couldnt save it. @damienredicamn1 pretend it ended there imo @BlackCheckShirt Hmmm I think the Storming of New Caprica is one of the best parts of the show but the build up lac… this started 16 years ago and feeling myself turn into a pile of dustBSG is, in total, 2 seasons worth of some of the best sci fi ever made and then some adequate to awful episodes.…‼️‼️‼️‼️ALL OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS FREE TO STREAM‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ @kurtruslfanclub what would lady nostalgia look like @kurtruslfanclub why am i looking at a ps1 controller