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Author. Queer Afro-Fabulist. Three-time Lammy Finalist, Moonbeam Bronze Award, Silver IPPY. Novel in progress: HAIRSBREADTH, serialized on Broken Eye Books

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Ready for more Halloween goodness? @ConTinual_Con, has you covered with a great panel on Reclaiming #Lovecraft and…
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Boo! past couple of podcasters have mispronounced my name as "Greg Gidney." So I googled Greg Gidney. One of them is… talk about my story, “Myth and Moor.”
Great review of the SLAY anth! politics of Black hair/ white beauty standards comes to literal life in this horror-comedy set in the 90s. Murd… READING: “Magpie Sisters” first album review of my new 'Starlings & Crows' is this lovely one from author Craig Laurance Gidney 🎶👇Thanks…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney1000 words on HAIRSBREADTH. There was even a Title Drop Moment in today’s session!
My favorite Lovecraft book is a centerpiece of my favorite author photograph. Whenever people say my fiction is Lov… @slickhop @JohnsonJoshuaP @ColleenBrynn My themes? 1. The thin membrane between the ecstatic and the horrific 2. H… would watch a show that was based on true stories of cops fabricating evidence and sending people to jail. This…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyNew review of A SPECTRAL HUE..... @NBallingrud Congratulations!
MUSIC REVIEW: Chloë March’s autumnal “Starlings and Crows”
@nkjemisin Did you prepay them, like Donnie T allegedly did :-)#writingtalk This month I’m having a MOMENT. It has taken me more than 20 years to get here. Other people have acco… audio story is up. Produced by @NightlightPod : STORY: “Desiccant” on the Nightlight Podcast Chat Special: Authors of SLAY – Craig Laurance Gidney
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyJust putting this out in the universe.... I absolutely would not hate it if @fiyahlitmag started publishing books..…
I am UNSPEAKABLY EXCITED to be working with @Tiff_Liao and Holt for my YA horror debut. This story is so close to m…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyShort fun interview with Horror Addicts about the Slay anthology story..... Bites: Craig Laurance Gidney on DC, Hanif Abdurraqib, Miranda July on Music, Rebecca Roanhorse, and More
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I had a great time collaborating on a spooky story with Jessica Guess, Clay McLeod Chapman and Jonathan Mayberry th… Once Upon a Halloween Night is happening "write" now 😝 @StMartinsPress Hosted by @ChristophGolden &…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyToday's entry in our #ComeJoinUsByTheFire author series is by @casskhaw, writing about mourning a loved one through…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyTONIGHT! 5:30 PM ET: Together with @StMartinsPress, we present: ONCE UPON A HALLOWEEN NIGHT! @ChristophGolden and…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyOnce Upon a Halloween Event… and other links @GordonBWhite @ejlarocca Thanks @GordonBWhite !
@scottwoodssays @nkjemisin Wikipedia lists me as an Afrofuturist. I have never published a piece set in the future. And I’m not a SF writer. @nkjemisin Also,LOVECRAFT COUNTRY isn’t Afrofuturism..... it’s cosmic horror and set in the pastMy essay about my (free!) audio story is now up at the @TorNightfire blog!!!!“Love Hangover” by Sheree Renee Thomas is a melange of music, myth and horror all told with beautiful poetic prose. again to everyone who has enjoyed my fiction. This always lifts me up from a bout of melancholy.
FYI — Part of A SPECTRAL HUE takes place in DC. (For people who are interested in the book after reading The Washin… @mattkressel @silviamg Thanks! @erinmorgenstern I want that cat! That surprised expression!!!!Thanks to @silviamg for the shoutout to A SPECTRAL HUE in the Washington Post today!!!! of the underlying themes in the #FIYAHCON panels I saw: publishers/agents who talk about increasing diversity b… at my blog, I've got some updates, including my forthcoming 2nd novel, my limited edition novella from Thunde…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyNew Author Photo (not!) and Twitter outtake
A flash fiction magazine that focuses on weird and queer fiction. (weird as a genre is really fun, check it out!)
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney @TheNuminous1 Thanks. I wish that dude got more empathy. Or had a anvil dropped on his head. Either works for me.Good morning #FIYAHCON2020!!! Tune in at 2 pm EDT today when @ElleHM @ilaimarie, @laviecestmoi, Tiffany Davis and…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyUsurping Lovecraft at #FIYAHCON2020 was incredible with panelists @pdjeliclark @AliciaMcCalla @djolder @EdenRoyce a…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyI have a longer piece about the inspiration behind my audio story SPYDER THREADS but here's a piece I left out..... author photo???? book was so good! If you like your stories queer and weird, definitely pick this up.
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney @ClarionWest It’s a pleasure!#FIYAHCON seems to have gotten online con thing down pat. I am impressed. I will be in the Discord channel tomorrow…
Congratulations!!! To the Ignyte Awards finalists and winners!
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyBody horror and drag couture in "Spyder Threads," an original story by @ethereallad!
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney(@sentencebender is a master at exploring the social justice issues in his speculative fiction)Next Wednesday, Oct 21 at 5:30 PM EST join us with @StMartinsPress for an evening of horror short story writing! Ho…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney @NightlightPod will be podcasting my SLAY vampire story DESICCANT on 10/23. I've called it my @sentencebender story… case you missed it yesterday, I have a new horror short story out, “Prodigal Son,” available for free and read b…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney bought my next book: ARCHANGELS OF FUNK!!! and the book I write! Even sweeter, they bought…
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Also! I’ll be at @FYI ahlitmag (FIYAHCON) and will be available to talk about @ClarionWest — my experience (spoiler… 21 Event
My story about 1990s goth music and seances, "The Sound of Footsteps," is part of the audio anthology Come Join Us…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyDelighted by this reader review of Hark - thank you for sharing. This book was an important one for me to write, so…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyMy new horror story 'You Will Survive This Night' is free to listen to, along w/ 26 others (9 original) by a bunch…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney @RTByers Thanks! @ethereallad Looking forward to listening to this later on today. I also looked over the list of previous episodes…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneySeason 2 of @TorNightfire’s #ComeJoinUsByTheFire is here! It features stories by @LairdBarron, @ethereallad,…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyThe Premiere of the “Spyder Threads” audio story, signed a contract for a story....more info forthcoming....Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we reveal the cover to @ninocipri's Defekt!
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyFree creepy audio stories will become available tomorrow on Google Play.... My story SPYDER THREADS is an homage to…
I’ve been there, Carrie. High School was rough on misfits. to @tinytempest on her book deal. Most people know her as an activist. She is also one of the funni…’m thrilled to announce my participation in this unique event! @blackpotmojo Thanks!I have a story in this excellent anthology!
First up, T. Kingfisher (aka @UrsulaV) joins us to talk about the origin story of "Origin Story." Please join us in…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyContributor's copy @NBallingrud Things begin to make sense. @ethereallad Same here. Luckily, A Spectral Hue is helping me out in these trying times.
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyWriting is a very solitary activity. So it’s really nice to hear from readers and see social media posts and reviews about the work. @harbor_gray Thanks for the picture of ASH! @coleman_II Linguistics and child developmentOnly now realizing that #graysexual and #demisexual and #homoromantic are identity options. There is a power in naming and claiming. @coleman_II He has tenure....but Boston isn't his favorite place in the world live. But he's made it work! @coleman_II He broke the color barrier there when he moved to town. He got lots of stares as only of the one black… @coleman_II He lives in Winthrop, across from the airport and teaches at Tufts. @nkjemisin My brother lives outside of Boston, and he had someone scream at him for the BLM banner that hung from his property.
COVID fatigue and Seasonal Affective Disorder are doing a number on me. Easily distracted, weird sleeping patterns,…’t miss @sentencebender this Tuesday night at 7 pm est on #sturgislibrary’s Spooky Online Adult Story Time!!! It…
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Looking forward to the weekend. The audio story from @TorNightfire drops Friday, and I will be attending @FIYAHCON
Just 5 days more... including the premiere of a new @LairdBarron story! This TOC is killer. @shaunhamill @casskhaw
Retweeted by Craig Laurance GidneyI really like @solidstatedc and would love to see it succeed. up for Eyedolon yesterday to get access to Carnivale by W. C. Dunlap and Hairsbreadth by Craig Laurance Gidn…
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Just a few hours left to go for the Word Horde StoryBundle. It’s a great deal on a bunch of books to keep you readi…
Retweeted by Craig Laurance Gidney @casskhaw Positivity is important in the horror show that we currently live!!!!Many people in the Horror Writing community are sweethearts—-even though they chronicle nightmare. The latest sweet…
Thanks to my pal Thomas Drymon for the new website banner! is not an influence on my work. My interest in capturing the intersection of the numinous, the divine, an… @ethereallad CHIPCON!
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