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edit and washed at val | @Ino_VAL

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@cloudyepriv W friend @ignovercook on my way! @ignovercook do u not remember what i sad last night @rakotag head high king @Ino_VAL U didn’t do it @Ino_VAL @ryk1nn what ino said
@aeluinn @wunjii Ok ur humor is ass @aeluinn @wunjii I don’t like u anymore @osakasx 210 @aeluinn I’m kidding make me one please 🙈 @aeluinn ok I’m done wit u @aeluinn shut up I’m just different @aeluinn everyone says that @aeluinn oh I been wanting to ask am I quiet? @anntfkk girls do that? @aeluinn what do these songs mean again 😭 @aeluinn is that why u put it in the playlist? @spoofzera @kayvalorant @wunjii @BlanketsVAL Noti @dogbackp6ck @wunjii @BlanketsVAL does it work I always wanted to try it @spoofzera @wunjii @BlanketsVAL it’s ok atleast we can be sad and depressed together @homiesrice HOMIE UPLOAD @spoofzera @wunjii @BlanketsVAL spoof I think we know @BlanketsVAL ps sorry for blowing up ur notis @wunjii @spoofzera @BlanketsVAL Creative is so good 😈 @dogbackp6ck @wunjii @BlanketsVAL yeah u gotta drink a lot of water @dogbackp6ck @wunjii @BlanketsVAL I don’t really need it I kinda just like the taste 😭 @aeluinn @vrofps LMAOO VROS A JOKESTER @vrofps @aeluinn anytime bro I mean Aaron I mean vro @aeluinn @vrofps do me averee @dogbackp6ck @wunjii @BlanketsVAL I never even used it bro, I only have had it like 10 total times and it’s because… @dogbackp6ck @wunjii @BlanketsVAL u get addicted @wunjii @BlanketsVAL I’m getting addicted to caffeine bro I’m craving pre workout everytime I can get the chance @aeluinn give one averee @vrofps @aeluinn u are she just dumb the name of the song matches her @wunjii @BlanketsVAL wait why did u spend $300 on a brand u haven’t tried at all @kokrrrrr who are u @minnieism1n1 I wanna sleep @edatercentral they immediately broke em up @notrxchel @dogbackp6ck U got bro zoned @TenZOfficial @Xtrfy kayo @cloudyerin_ 8 people tweeted the same thing out @edatercentral send fights @fIuffyzx @ignovercook that’s sick wtf @hannahhngyn @lilstarro stop stfu @fIuffyzx @hannahhngyn I think ur in ur slump flufferson @fIuffyzx @hannahhngyn how u gonna let her be a higher rank than u 😭 @edatercentral @veltomfan69520 ong @wunjii how many times have u tweeted this @Skrrtfps recover soon king @fIuffyzx they been broken don’t fool us @Skrrtfps bro I had my member ship for a year and I checked my total check ins and 3 months and a half, I haven’t really got any injuries @0jstnn damn how come? @Skrrtfps keep on being consistent it’ll go up @overcookpriv same @wwond3rkid so cute @Ino_VAL @veltqt 6 pst? @Skrrtfps what are u at rn @Skrrtfps u workout to? @wunjii @BlanketsVAL Wtf what did u get @0jstnn what are u at now? @Skrrtfps 210 @wunjii @BlanketsVAL no I haven’t but I seen people get protein powder idk if it’s good tho @BlanketsVAL my deadlift is 355 u would have no chance @BlanketsVAL I think ur arms would break off if u even tried to hold itcan some girl break my heart so I can bench 225 by the end of the year? @turtlewurdle u got @ignovercook @avalrr Here @avalrr it’s like tmr during school tho it sucks @S1SS1L W @S1SS1L how’s ur date @h2nnyu one day @h2nnyu fr @yanihighwaters it was side ways + howww @S1SS1L what would u stream @S1SS1L that looks fire asl @Ino_VAL me @fIuffyzx @luvrhannah if I could I would @turtlewurdle I am hooked i wanna binge watch it but I can’t till I finish all my essays and work 😔 @turtlewurdle GOOD MORNING @ignovercook yk what ima do @fIuffyzx hi fluffy u so fluffy @minnieism1n1 ALRIGHT HBYY @turtlewurdle hi turtle @yanihighwaters that was Velt u made me a header that u got mad at me for not using @yanihighwaters hi hyb @yanihighwaters is this koi? @AznFX u guys are so cute @AznFX one day i will find a girl that will edit and have my love @Ino_VAL @1kotaaa oh okINSANE VALORANT PISTOL ROUND
Retweeted by eth @_novaVAL play me u pussylow elo in valorant be like @cloudyerin_ @jellyfish_val u waiting for ur stars to align? @hk4ri wit what @kaidiiiiiiii omg lets be friends!!! @homiesrice homie da homie @fishszns hi fish @syIv1a hi how are you @pohluhrr puhlaroar @Time_fps hi time chan