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Quick! Somebody call an anthropologist! Assoc prof @ Northwestern. MedAnthro. African studies. Pop culture. Politics. She/her. book:

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@BulldogTheodore yep @ztsamudzi @keguro_ I'm sad I missed the rest, but this is a great threadLOL @royal_t14 the problem is sometimes people notice @royal_t14 @JKaifala leave it to Nigerians to upend something as foundational as this @ISASaxonists she's so good at this. perfectly timed too @tanyaboza yeah, though I am thinking about all the things I haven't been able to read. and then learning that some… @CasparMelville and that's the BEST part of studying media. WATCHING TV all the time @jjoque it seems to be the truth. why do I bother to read anything if no one cares except to say, "YOU DIDNT CITE MEEEEEEE" @keguro_ what webinar is thisNew Hampshire woman Florida manI found myself thinking about labor in the university and how there are (a handful of) people in charge of whole da…, this is awkward @JKaifala the only time I've ever had cold palm wine was in Nigeria, at a club. one of the local breweries refined… @ryancbriggs @KarenAttiah I don't think it's stable or predictable when those points would be, so... @rhodes_dawn @KarenAttiah I mean, I can see why she didn't pretend to be black @rhodes_dawn @KarenAttiah at FURMAN lol I am laughing @wagesofwins camochimo van @JasMoneyRecords sighok, I'm being rude. time to log off and lift weights. @tressiemcphd my hand grinder is better lol @JKaifala does your palm wine have ice in it? 😂 @KarenAttiah is there another one I didn't know about? see also: indigenous @shannonmattern but that's also a feature of the 'inside academia' thing: thinking it's about you when it's ... notmy spidey sense tingles when I hear "we can learn from the LMICs about blah blah innovation." - some of this "innov… Van der Beek has been reborn @SriramofNorwell Lulz. a dime a dozen @robingnelson Can’t waste those other 25 seconds sounding silly @SriramofNorwell They *totally* show up to your house. A friend was talking about one of the MSNBC talking heads (w… @SriramofNorwell Oh god that guy. Anyway, i have to say that immediately when you mentioned Yang, I heard Return of the Mack in my head @SriramofNorwell The number of times I’ve been watching something on television or whatever and gone, “WAIT that pe… @SriramofNorwell You did lol @jasleeack @jasleeack Like, Dreher was our RIVAL SCHOOL @jasleeack Um no @SriramofNorwell I had a student who was captain of the field hockey team and she was like, “OH NO i had to hear fr… @anthrogirrrl I just like how the standardization of accents completely falls apart with foreign correspondents, es… is another story so i won’tDepends on the school. High school? Lee Atwater Xavier McDaniel Tyrone Corbin The innocent one from Sex and the Cit… is someone I can't help but get excited about anytime I read/reread him. There is so much there & like Stua…
Retweeted by Adia BentonI both love and hate it. 8.2 loves art and museums, and so i am forced to PLAN an outing for just us, which she kin… @laurenzcollins I used to love the way she said Sarkozy. A friend of mine who’s a french teacher HATED it @laurenzcollins She’s from SC, right? I haven’t bothered to look it up, just assumed. @gideunz I heard this in Bono’s Bullet the Blue Sky voice.It’s the SC frenchThe only thing missing from homeschool sermon kid’s video is the perspiration and the meandering organEleanor Beardsley cracks me up @Thurka149 YeahIs Jill L$pore the only historian NPR knows? @thewayoftheid Layers @milleridriss My work email stops completely. When you don’t change the password by the deadline, it’s sorta-kinda… guess I should change my password or I wont be able to read my email for a week (which has happened two years in… are you reconciling your appreciation of Marcus Rashford with your absolute hatred of Manchester United? Give u…
Retweeted by Adia Benton @SandmanSimonds @nanaslugdiva Stunning @SubMedina I need to show this to the surgeon @SubMedina Omg lolfiyfufyi[uohj @nanaslugdiva She’s like, how can there be racism when there are no black people to marginalize? A bold statement.… @RustBeltRebel No, it’s actually funny. I like it. I mean, the character is funny, comically zealous @nanaslugdiva I keep thinking about this like, “there was a lot of snow this year; how can this be global warming?” @DrJonathanRosa Who’s the baddestOk Good Lord Bird must be a funny book, because this version of John Brown is kinda ridiculous @graceishuman Ah, yes. The Bok center. That was the first one I think I went to. @busbyj2 I think so. It’s kind of interesting so far @nanaslugdiva “I support BLM but...” @busbyj2 Good Lord BirdMe, a couple of weeks ago: has Steve Zahn done anything lately? Me, today: Oh, there he is. @TomStreeter It’s a full on smoker thing :) I guess one also grills on itSpouse cleared out all the basil before the next frost and now we have like a gallon of pesto. The collards are lov… think I need a toddy and yoga. In what order, I do not know.Feeling like writing a Hind Swaraj style book about an epidemic but it seems kind of gimmicky @JasMoneyRecords lol ol ol @prisonculture !!!!!!This is also the first year in a long time that no one asked me to participate (I think) @ashoncrawley Dave Zirin’s podcast @EdgeOfSportsPOD but especially the episode on unionizing at Northwestern @DumiLM They are and I now convince myself that I’ll just read it when it comes outI’m both puzzled by the anthro meetings but also super interested because it’s so streamlined. @kevinbaker I’d read that
@keguro_ @laughtersfury Avaricious AND greedy @laughtersfury @keguro_ She didn’t come to play Oooohicymi: my segment begins at 32:00. They are giving away a copy of the book. Not sure if it’s gone yet, probably not!
Retweeted by Adia Benton @doctaj I feel like if you didn’t know when you first reviewed the paper, then you’re probably not *that* close to… @ashoncrawley Shoulda just stopped after “I’m a cop.” @graceishuman I'm screaming at my computer right nowI keep reading this like'VE GOT IT!!! LET'S GO ASK SOME WHITE PPL WHO THEY GONNA VOTE FOR!!!
Retweeted by Adia Benton @TheFerrariLab But it wouldn’t be because of this, no?“Work on the things YOU can change,” I was told more than once, when I said, “hey, have you considered the research that suggests WoC ...”My first thought is that they too often did not account for how race, language, gender and age shape the experience…’s cold but it’s tennis morning.So yeah I was just reminded that I did a few quarters’ worth of teacher training in grad school and during my postd… @Thurka149 I was (multiple times over) and guess what? It doesn’t have any impact in the only measures that seem to… time discussing my teaching practices w/amazing colleagues at UMD. It’s wild that many of us were never taugh…
Retweeted by Adia Benton @TeaKaGee @npseaver Wait, prince didn’t have tons of mustard and maple syrup in his fridge?!? @keguro_ I just listened to an interview local public radio did with a Wisconsin farmer who basically echoed 45’s t… @rceasara @Thurka149 @kellyrayknight @allergyPhD @lopez_wd @angelacjenks When I taught with field component, I pair… @hypervisible We do not want you to have privacy duh @YaelBerda No clue @OumarKBa @HishamAidi Wow just went down that rabbit hole and wtf
‼️Tomorrow‼️ Dr. Adia Benton (@Ethnography911) will be on a panel discussing plagues in the 21st century hosted by…
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