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We hold our judges to a high standard... @ethoz @OvileeMay @JakeSucky
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My Simon Cowell Era Judging LIVE now @Sentinels @zekkenVAL I called zekken a cheater once and also won a tournament with him once and also lost to him i… @zekkenVAL @Sentinels SENKEN!’n @EEvisu where do I sign @thechangvin what line 💀💀 @zekkenVAL bro…. you’re not even coming ur too busy going to 100T high School @chetsingh If I see you I’m gonna get up to wait in line FOR YOU @JoeyKaotyk @NRGgg can you just be me, I want everyone to think I’m coolI’m doing my first ever meet & greet! Even though it’d be really funny if literally no one showed up I’d also be r… @zekkenVAL Welcome to NRG !!!! @TrickAIM not to mention when your team wins, everyone looks at the star player as the reason why you won, but when…
stream sniping and no comming in ascendant+ should be bannable idc @crownchannel @aceu @THESLUMPGOD @NRGgg @JakeSucky @OvileeMay I’m just happy I get to see ace tomorrow
@AidenSPhan @chetsingh @chetsingh @AidenSPhan my razed dav3 mouse jumped out the box @_tagni LMAOOOOOOO @DionShield @xChocoBars LMAOOOO
@xChocoBars IF I HAD TO SEE IT, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT, AND YOUR STREAM HAS TO SEE IT 💀💀💀😭who is running sentinels tiktok 😭 @amberliu @givenchy U R SUCH A BADASS @iiTzTimmy @WedidOfficial I’ll call a couple more banks. @WedidOfficial @iiTzTimmy I’ll call the bank. @iiTzTimmy Let’s make a team @JoshRTz Happy Birthday Josh!! 🥳🥳 @fullsquadgaming The Frick are you trying to say Full Squad Gaming?I am the God of Interviews @Nurfed @KING_BABYBAY @zekkenVAL shut upLost 1-2* sorry brain no work2-1 vs team @KING_BABYBAY in finals 2nd place, ggs to everyone we played it was a lot of fun also somebody ban @zekkenVAL
@emmyuh LMFAOOOOO GG good luck in grand finals, RIPBOZO @Critical_Val try not to cheat next time @endercasts god comp @JoshNissan @G4TV GGs brotha maybe one day we’ll both make it far enough to play eachother again 😭 @zekkenVAL Let’s Make A Team.So Many Goats call us Da Herd @Keeoh goat @texerino @NRGgg The world needs to see what I saw when you played on LAN, somebody sign him @cheven_stang @GeorgeCGed 💀💀💀💀 @cheven_stang yo @GeorgeCGed make sure u don’t miss this oneLFT
radiant energy outta this trio
Retweeted by NRG ethos @777eeiu :( ur one of the best players in the world and I want the world to see that on the big stage @flexinja 😮😵my date right now 🫣
Retweeted by NRG ethos @Nurfed @G4TV @WedidOfficial @Critical_Val @Lear_VAL LF1 for G4 rumble event One of our players got dropped. @G4TV @WedidOfficial @Nurfed @Critical_Val @Lear_VAL Ty for correction, now we can win it allTEAM ETHOS @ethoz @WedidOfficial @Nurfed @Critical_Val @Lear_VAL
Retweeted by NRG ethos @ovictoriaa Your reaction was awesome! There’s no rule book for how you have to express your emotions, everyone’s d… @vaxilia_ so amazing 💙being able to gift subs to some of the smaller VALORANT creators today was truly a blessing. I haven’t been the b…*FREE MONEY ALERT* GOING LIVE WITH @rockstarenergy. Gifting subs and giving away prizes, GET IN HERE. Tag a VA…
@Cryocells_ @100Thieves Hey I know this guy! @soulcas_ what in the world was that first clip @NRGgg @ValorantEsports That’s Lil Broductions right thereanother trash night market 😞
@Shawn12590 disgusting @G4TV @KING_BABYBAY @jessicahkim @Jollztv @GrimValorant @iiTzTimmy @JoshNissan @a2guapo2 Stream sniping my way to an easy 20k @Nokokopuffs dm @Ikuorai silly goose
@Stewie 100 gifted if you hit rank 1 radiant in the 24hr @Shawn12590 @TheRacoone bro was shit talking my duo saying he was much better than him because he had more kills in… @iiTzTimmy @vinniehacker here’s ur manI also want to say that I love Tyson and kyedae they are the best couple in gaming, I’m always anxious when I tweet…
these tiktok edits have me crying @Marche take a pic in my bathroom
@Cryocells_ @XSET @derrick_truong Fine. You can Join my Team.RT to avoid the ranked curse @Marche Bro??? @bnans You’re already on the team we have the best 5 stack in ascen(dant)sion
@NRGgg W (FRANCHISED) ORG @WedidOfficial You’re gonna have to leave first if you want to join. Can’t join what you’re already in @chetsingh Welcome To The, all the new F/A players You have 2 options: 1) wait for an opportunity 2) work to create one yourself That bei… @Pamaj hard @katiewonn @s0mcs I wanted to take this pic with sam but fair enough @AYRINval @XSET @derrick_truong Vouch he has the magic turret @39daph lemme just get one sniff that’s all i ask
@Average_Jonas @LiQuiD112 @endercasts youve hiked to the hollywood sign before you can do it again (except this tim… @edisonparklive @fuslie I couldn’t believe this at first, always here if you need to talk ❤️ @LiN_fps ur the goat, was a pleasure meeting u! @AorusOfficial full video: are my favorite moments from PAX West Thanks again to @AorusOfficial for flying me out! #ad #poweredbyaorus @_ashwise Happy birthday!!!stayed up for 26 hours then slept 12 hours reverting to gamer schedule 🫡
also whoops i meant to write winners announced 9/30*enter here:🚀CHRONOVOID BUNDLE GIVEAWAY🚀 ✅ like & retweet ✅ follow @ethoz ✅ tag 2 friends winners announced 8/30 (paypal re… @hazedCS take my money, it’s my time to shine. @ValorantEsports NRG ON TOP @Censor King shit @yay 🐐 @priusOBS @AYRINval it’s on sight next lan Prius. @AYRINval you could’ve atleast blurred out my name…
@Asunaa @ChipotleTweets im literally ordering chipotle rn because of this tweet @YoniGinsberg what does the winner get if they get it right @Sydeon @riotgames @QuarterJade @TrulyTenzin @jessicahkim @starsmitten_ @ItzMasayoshi @peterparkTV @brodinplett
@Cryocells_ Oh fuck I forgot to put xset because it’s so obvious they are making itIf only 5 NA Teams could make franchising, who you got? My predictions are: NRG (prayge) SEN OpTic 100T Cloud9 Ho…