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Our revenge will be the laughter of our children

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@11bigkahuna @kimalex34879547 @Hugo_Relva @piersmorgan It’s not, hope this helps @kimalex34879547 @Hugo_Relva @piersmorgan He’s spot on, every day the gimp stuck to herd immunity was another couple of hundred lives‘I just found out’ guaranteed that’s what he does all day, look up how Hugh he is on facebook🤣 @aidanarr_67 All they can do is block folk, it’s hardly like they can deny it🤣🤣The games should be played if possible at some point @P__67 That’s what I thought but wondered if I was missing something🤣Why did jimmy bell no take part in the minutes applause for jinky?That’s alright then, just tell the virus that just stick this on photos of humpty numpty in nurseries and they’ll understand why he rolled off🤣🤣
Watched the highlights of the friendly at shamrock rovers, what could’ve been😔 @TB67_____ ?G1C Will Grigg bit on Sunderland is incredible telly🤣🤣‘they’re taking the piss’ aye so proceed to up your offer from 1.2 to 3😭 @misterandrew @FreddieBailey96 Why did they do it then?That methven is a complete cunt🤮#STID2That’s ridiculous, whilst paying lawell the highest CEO wage in Britain Carlo bringing them home was class better be good @Argyll68 @alexrae1969 Think it’s appropriate for that ambulance chaserDry yer eyes ya baldy mongo @alexrae1969 her majesty so much they decided not to pay her inland revenue and customs a sentence with not trying to excuse what she did then goes on to try and excuse what she did mighty Glasgow Rangers, now reduced not only to not winning, just trying not to lose @wills1872 Aberdeen tv has a good go the other week with Ross county’s winner tbf @wills1872 You think it’s any different usually with Celtic tv? Someone once did a count of how many times Boyd wan… @wills1872 And vice versa with Tom Millers, only without the successful playing careerIt’s coming home
SUNDERLAND TIL I FOOKIN DIELmao worst rumour I’ve heard in a while wept Liverpool fans think anything they do is the best ever the champions league be a straight knockout competition, yes or yes?Holee shit, yer men coming through when ye need it most, Clough and Clough again Johansen was incredible, have to wonder what he would’ve been like under Rodgers it to those who are willing with those nonces who play instruments at England games behind it is 10000000x better than that ‘we’re coming after ye’ from that golem impersonator, this doesn’t get talked ab… @BenTheTim Limmy over chewin the fat wept how could anyone... oh wait he’s bald AND specky, never mind staff should take the same cut as non-playing staff @spunkph0ne The anti simp!Jesus wept we’re ruining this guys life😭’t ever tell me Celtic aren’t consistent in Europe got big dave’s unlimited supply👍 and I’m fucking proud of it @Crossyv15 Photo of his miss at gladbach🤣
Couldn’t have used a better photo? does realise the tories are responsible for the destruction of manufacturing in this country? a bunch of psycho Christians, Americans aren’t very Christian are they? Hendrick? Yes pleaseWhat’s your stake in the argument?🤣🤣Don’t think Adam Rooney comes into it Piero-Batigol victim out there @spunkph0ne Sporting integrity TimmyNot like they were relegated for match fixing or anything🤣🤣 @clydebankceltic Larsson, Dembele, Edouard and Van Hooijdonk all betterBecause it wasn’t socialist it was communist? How thick can you get @WTownsley @margaret231947 @Eunan_98 👍Cuba, China and Russia have done more to help Italy than the EU has, when western media bash those countries again…
Retweeted by euan_cfc @Eunan_98 Nicked from mick WallaceStill game Chewing the fat Don’t care @TN__67 Think benzema is underrated, been at the top of club football for a decade, well clear of giroudSurely nobody believes giroud is on the same planet? @spunkph0ne Only the most authentic sources!Nobody tell @spunkph0ne miss amido balde
@VadimRangers40 Sorry😔If you get the chance watch I believe in miracles, never be anyone like clough ever again @cozzamcl Aye he’s tough to beatChanges weekly but pretty sure this guy might be the biggest throbber out there Lennon not meant to have gone to see him in the summer? @DDougall4 I’m saying the racist abuse he receives is disgusting and should be condemned but not all abuse of shay Logan is racist🤣We should’ve won this game about 5-1🤣🤣 @DDougall4 Cause all the abuse Logan gets is racial😭Throwback to whataboutery 101 after Sinclair was racially abused in the cup final against Aberdeen forget how good he actually was, our second best player this century will be hiding behind the couch for Hayes failed pass to McLeanWhich of these legends would you have preferred at your club? Retweet for Gabriel Batistuta Favourite for Robert…
Retweeted by euan_cfc @ewanmac5 So because they won more trophies they automatically were better players? Na, think not, could t touch either totti or batigol @ewanmac5 Two players playing together is a partnership you mongo🤣 @ewanmac5 That’s nice, try this on me a stupid cunt because I think Gabriel Batistuta was better than Andy Cole🤣🤣 @ewanmac5 You can’t accept who were better at football @ewanmac5 An 18 year old and a 40 year old are the same generation?😭anybody who watches football knows that out the… @ewanmac5 Playing in the same team isn’t the same generation, if an 18 year old played in the same team as a 40 yea… @ewanmac5 Won the Scudetto against peak Lazio, Ronaldos inter and Maldini’s Milan in their first year together, but… @ewanmac5 So someone who’s 21 and someone who’s 30 are from the same football generation?🤣 @ewanmac5 Just a bitter man united fan who can’t accept how far superior the Roma pair were @ewanmac5 9 year apart, think not mate🤣 @ewanmac5 Yorke and Cole might’ve been better together, but batigol and totti were a better partnership in that the… @ewanmac5 Good thing Baggio and totti were t the same generation, born 9 year apart🤣🤣 @ewanmac5 Exactly, a World Cup winner and a number 9 on a par with Ronaldo vs two average players, no comparison @ewanmac5 Everything to back it up with, the best Italian player if his generation and the best argentine of his ge… @ewanmac5 Forgot they won the CL single handedly, na mate, individually and together there’s no comparison @ewanmac5 How is winning a title in peak serie A clutching at straws🤣🤣Mental how we might’ve seen the last of the greatest Scottish football tv lineup in history, switching McCoist for… @ewanmac5 Na, just the truth