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monique asked me if it's okay to call me "gold star" a few days ago and ofc I agreed because it's the cutest nickna…'m two months into the game and I just got an idea and I'm gonna terraform my entire lighthouse area + orchard....… I post a screenshot from the game I realise how messy my island actually is lmaohalf of the time spent playing acnh is just for hanging out with coco moe #acnh #HAPPYFULLSUNDAY #해찬이_생일_시즈니와_함께해 🥳🥳🥳🥳 동혁이 생일 축하한다 !!
Retweeted by saki 💫I sent myself a good luck letter in acnh thinking I'll receive it in the morning but I got it just now,,better late than neverleft the house for the first time in 3 weeks (taking out the trash doesn't count) dressed in all black and I wonder… @jolynetsai gracias 💕 @diablerized mersi, mersi 😎💕💕my next exam is in 12 days, I've got this 😤I talked to my friend after each exam and we both had similar friends behaviourmy reward for today,,yes my first two online exams today! 🎉 time to sleep, chill&play animal crossingthe 5 am music is so calming. I needed this5 AM 💕
“Look I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this but, f**k that.” John Boyega.
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Retweeted by saki 💫 @princessjellys noo,,don't think like that! good luck 🙏when you start fishing because exams are stressing you out @pineshimi others complain that now there are too many things happening as if someone forces u to complete all of t…
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HOW TO DONATE TO BLM WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY! a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video i…
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Retweeted by saki 💫nonblack people please remember that amplifying and boosting black voices is much more valuable than constantly voi…
Retweeted by saki 💫stantwt is so quick to analyse everything that's going on as if they live under the same roof and know exactly what…
Matsumoto from a car
Retweeted by saki 💫Mount Fuji by Okada Koichi
Retweeted by saki 💫ahhh I can't believe this 😭💕💕 such beautiful art style and one of my favourite artists,,,😭 @mayorjersca ahh I see, thanks!! I've seen a couple posts about this already, it hasn't happened to me yet but inst… @mayorjersca how did you get her out? @plumwitch daca afecteaza bugetarii ar trebuie sa mearga si aici, teoretic...dar umf oricum functioneaza in legea l… @plumwitch eu mereu am examene la inceput de iunie >:(was surprised to see my dad home in the afternoon when he's usually at work, turns out June 1st is a non-working holiday.....since whenstonewall was a riot. happy june 1. #BlackLivesMatter #pride
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Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by saki 💫I've been slacking off this weekend and only went through half of my checklist. my first online exam is on friday,… @pineshimi I really hope she does! so many people being vocal about it yet the tweet is still tweet. she definitely… @pineshimi I've know her ever since I was a kid, I wasn't expecting this at all @pineshimi @MarinaDiamandis I'm so madThey arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four. Let that sink in.
Retweeted by saki 💫sad and disappointing some celebrities hardly give a second thought and simply tweet thingsyou see how many day6 fansites are donating and tweeting the links after jae made that tweet. don’t EVER fucking sa…
Retweeted by saki 💫i usually don’t mention this since i don’t want praise for doing the bare minimum, but i have donated in the past,…
Retweeted by saki 💫 @jolynetsai I love him!!!!snapchat lost $1.3 billion in stock after kylie jenner tweeted that she wasn’t a fan of snapchats new update. 1.3 B…
Retweeted by saki 💫After protesting, please get a test for Covid. Your health matters.
Retweeted by saki 💫So was George Floyd
Retweeted by saki 💫some ppl really be using glitter edits and fancams under a serious matter, I know the whole "using jokes to cope"…
@cronchcrossing its a diy recipe!
I really can't shake how profoundly evil it is to tear gas folks protesting the suffocation of a man by the police…
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I made someone's day and found a nice home for Julia too! I'm happy 😊
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Retweeted by saki 💫they thought making us choose a practice theme will be fun, instead the fandom found another reason to fight lmao every day is an experiencecatch me replacing everyone's catchphrases with doyoing......then everyone will see who's in charge of this islandcoco picked up an old catchphrase.....I am devastated........ @pineshimi yes i want to talk too and congratulate for this excellent choice,,,adorableNCT 127 엔시티 127 ‘Punch’ Dance Practice #NCT127 #Punch #NCT127_Punch #NeoZone_TheFinalRound #Ch_NCT #채널NCT
Retweeted by saki 💫 @jolynetsai are sens, no worries! rezolv eu 😎I'm still waiting for kapp'n to return in acnh, I'm thinking about this every single dayhonestly I'm glad my island is 30% completed and I'm always finding new stuff to do so the burnt our feeling hasn't settled yetlrt made some pointshot take, but here it is: I understand nintendo wants to keep us entertained for a long time with acnh, but there a…
Retweeted by saki 💫I delete tweets because something about me just don't sit right wit me
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Retweeted by saki 💫🌴SAMANTHA VEGAの夏コレクション”Holiday Escape"イラスト描いております🌴
Retweeted by saki 💫✨🏳️‍🌈 giveaway time!🌈✨ -rt+like to enter -each winner will receive (1) print of their choice -2 winners will be ran…
Retweeted by saki 💫thank you to my cat for being naturally dumb
Retweeted by saki 💫sat out in the rain for these but it was def worth it 😍😍😍
Retweeted by saki 💫Part I :) NCT 127 Talks New Song "Punch," Their Favorite B-side Tracks, and More! via @YouTube
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Retweeted by saki 💫meanwhile my cats sleep in the same spot on the bed for 12hrs make with home made lemon curd🍋🐭🥣🍋 自家製レモンカードで何作ろう?
Retweeted by saki 💫TWICE(트와이스) "MORE & MORE" Pre-Order PHOTOCARD MOMO TWICE THE 9TH MINI ALBUM MORE & MORE 2020.06.01 MON 6PM…
Retweeted by saki 💫TWICE(트와이스) "MORE & MORE" Pre-Order PHOTOCARD CHAEYOUNG TWICE THE 9TH MINI ALBUM MORE & MORE 2020.06.01 MON 6P…
Retweeted by saki 💫marina’s electra heart era really shaped me into the woman i am today and i live by that
Retweeted by saki 💫rn sucks for the extroverts who can’t see people but please just a moment of silence for the introverts who are never fucking alone anymore
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Retweeted by saki 💫my #AChumanization and a few extras from pchatting! thank u for the suggestions :DD
Retweeted by saki 💫omg my first manga ever 100 years later i still can't make sense of their hair
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@pineshimi I'm in 😔 @pineshimi MOODit takes me like 3 months to accumulate enough energy to post on Instagram
Retweeted by saki 💫I don't have any uchi vilaggers now,, I'll have to invite someone soon :(everyone getting cute campsite visitors and then there's me, getting gorillasif we only keep one thing from this pandemic, i hope it’s priests with water pistols
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